The Watterson family just went on with their normal lives as usual, as per the bittersweet fact of life that it goes on just like that into its norm, the only difference being that Nicole continued farting her butt off, her loud gas blasts heard and smelled all throughout the Watterson household. Nicole did this constantly day after day, her fart storm filling the house up with her smelly fart gas.

"Dude, I don't want to run my mouth off bringing up random stuff that gets to be super annoying to anyone watching us or even reading this like the norm for our amazing world that we live in that we can assure all the real human people out there that is going to stay around, but Mrs. Mom sure is gassy as hell, gassier than a pink fungi that talks and is always letting it rip, or maybe just as, I don't know." Darwin stated, fanning away Nicole's fumes that lingered in their room.

"Well for this fanfic, this is the norm, so we will have to get used to it no matter how crappy the whole normal thing is around here."

Meanwhile, over at the Rainbow Factory, Yuki Yoshida was sticking her butt clad in her black suit in the Construction Men's face, farting as much as possible, her farts being visible green clouds that created a few rainbows.

"Lady, could you please stop doing that? We're trying to create rainbows out of crappy pollutants and stuff now that people know the truth about how rainbows are made here." The orange Construction Man told her.

"Hehe, sorry boys, but my husband owns this factory, so I get to do whatever I want! Now that I've harassed my farting girl friend Nicole I think I'll do the same with you!" Yuki pushed out a loud, echoing fart that covered the factory in a thick, visible green fog.

Then suddenly, the whole factory began to shake, not from Yuki or Nicole's powerful farting, but from what seemed like an earthquake, which caused Yuki to land on her big butt, which ripped another big toot as the factory was suddenly crushed with all the workers in it barely surviving, but Yuki farted to save herself, and meanwhile so did Nicole back at the Watterson house, which got crushed.

The end was here.