Summary: It could've been different if her sister wasn't so…Crazy. Why did she send Ariana away? What did she gain? She knew her sister was crazy and got her sent instead of her. What she did was right….right?


Ariana was the girl everyone wanted to be friends with when they were little. Ariana was the most popular girl in their home town, Greensville. Spencer on the other hand was the twin who has very picky and honest about everything. Most people thought she was mean and wanted nothing to do with her. Which lead to the act where Spencer bagged Ariana to go to school as her when she wasn't 'feeling well'. 10 year old Spencer through a fit when 'she found out'. That was the first time Veronica and Peter Hastings had been so disappointed in Ariana. Later in the year about five months, Spencer had tried to strangle Ariana. Immediately she said she was Ariana and that Spencer disserved it. Once they were all in the house and her mom was calling some mental hospital, Spencer started to say she was Spencer again. That got Ariana set away until age thirteen, seventh grade. Ariana had taken the life as Spencer Hastings. She got Spencer sent away.

She had meant Alison Dilaurentis and they instantly became friends. Later a girl named Emily fields became friends with Spencer who became friends with Ali. Emily started hanging out with them soon after and with her friend Hanna Marin. Aria Montgomery was one of the weird girls out. No one had seemed to like her for some reason. This made Spencer feel bad because she understood the pain. Being left out and forgotten wasn't or well never be new to her.

"Hi, I'm Spencer". She says to the tiny girl.

"I'm Aria." She says quietly.

"That's a pretty name". Spencer compliments.

Aria nodded her head and looked down as if she was trying to hide from someone.

"Is it short for something? Cause I know someone named Ariana who went by Aria." Spencer says. This wasn't a full lie. She knew an Ariana. Her. She also went by Aria.

'Just plain Aria". Aria replies.

"Come set with me!" Spencer says hyper and drags her.

Spencer introduced them to Aria. As the years went by Aria, Spencer, Emily, Hanna, and Alison had become best friends.

Night before end-of-seventh-grade sleepover

"She can't come back! Not tomorrow!" Spencer yells at her parents. "They say she's been doing well, honey. She's been Happy and out of the phase of call herself Spencer all the time". Veronica assures Spencer.

"Of course she's stopped calling herself her name!" Spencer wanted to shout. "She wants back to send me off…Again!"

"Spence, are you okay". Peter asks worried about his daughter.

"What if she tries to hurt me again… or go after Melissa?" Spencer questions them. Veronica put held Spencer's hand.

"She's not aloud out of the house. You well have the sleepover in the barn. They won't even see her unless you want them too".

"I don't want anyone to know. I will tell them soon but…not tomorrow night." Spencer looks down at her feet. She trusts the girls with her life but this was one thing she would never ever have to speak of.

Her parents shake their heads in agreement. With that Spencer goes up to her bedroom. She changes into sweats and a tank top and put her hair up in a bun.

"You're Spencer one can take that away from you know. Especially not her". Spencer keeps telling herself until she falls asleep.

In the morning she got to sleep in sense wasn't going to her last day due to Ariana. Spencer didn't complain.

Spencer heard the door shut. "Spencer". She heard her mom call. "This is it". Spencer tells herself. "Stay calm. She can sense fear from a mile away".

Spencer walks down calmly. She had looked just like Spencer. Long brown hair, dark eyes. They didn't look different in the least bit.

"Hey, Spence". Ariana says to her. They didn't even sound different.

"Hey." Spencer replies.

"Um, tonight you're staying in my room because I'm having friends in the barn". Spencer says nervously.

"Which ones? Ariana asks. Veronica still was standing next to Ariana.

"Um Alison, Aria, Emily, and Hanna". Spencer shakes her head. "You'll have Melissa tonight." She finishes and shut down and doesn't talk.

"Cool". Ariana shrugs.

Veronica brings Ariana up to Spencer's room. This night was gonna be hard.

"Friends share a secret, that's what keeps us close. Drink up". Alison says to Aria. As she says that I start to think maybe I should tell them the truth. They disserve to know. I glace outside and I see Ariana watching me. She waves and walks up to my bedroom. I see the light shut off.

"You okay Spencer?" Alison asked concerned.

"Of course". Spencer says nervous.

Spencer wakes up about an hour later to see Alison missing. She quickly gets up and goes to her house. Alison wasn't in the living room. She ran up to her room and Ariana was also gone.

Shit! She runs outside and hears someone scream "Spencer, don't!" then she heard something hit something hard. It took her a minute but she realized that her sister, Ariana *Spencer*, wasn't gonna kill her. No, she was gonna kill her friends off one by one starting with the girl Ariana hated the most…Alison.

Present day

They all gasp.

"Is that…" Mona points but none of them touch it. It was the object that was obviously used to kill Alison. Dried blood was down the side.

"Spencer…isn't that your baseball bat you had under your bed?" Aria looks to Spencer then they all do.

"Yes". Spencer whispers. There was a piece of paper sticking to the baseball bat which Spencer pulled of carefully.

The note read

Who's next? You know what you have to do to prevent this Spencer.


"What does it say?" Hanna asks and looks at the note.

"I don't know what I need to do". Spencer said. She knew what she needed to do. It was easy. I had to stop pretending. Tell the full truth but who could do that? Especially right now.

"I'm gonna go." Spencer says calmly and turns and starts to run toward her home. She heard them calling behind her but that didn't stop her. She opened the door to her house.

"Mom!" Spencer shouts.

"Yes". She says from the kitchen.

Spencer moves closer.

"Yes, send Ariana to rosewood high. It's better for them to see then for me to tell". Spencer says out of breath.

"Are you sure?'' she questions

"Positive". Spencer said.

"Well I was gonna wait but Spencer…Ariana starts Tomorrow". Spencer felt her jaw drop. She was hoping to have time to tell the girls she had a relative or something. Tomorrow kept repeating in her head. She walked by Ariana's room which she was sleeping in right this minute. Spencer went to bed thinking 'Tomorrow can't be that bad…right?"

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