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The next day the other covens arrived. The girls were surprised when Alec turned up, without the cloak, and ran straight to Amy, who embraced him. "We used to be in the Volturi," Amy explained. "We ran away and they can't find us because I shield us. My shield is different to Bella's though. I can change it so certain people can see me and certain powers can be used." "How comes we saw Jane torturing you then?" Lucy asked. "She what?" Alec said, anger exploding from within. "It was nothing I couldn't handle!" Amy replied "I'm going to kill her!" Alec declared venom dripping from every word and his now amber eyes smoulder over. "On a lighter note, which coven are you in?" Lauren questioned eager to change the subject. "Denali." Amy replied, glaring at her overprotective mate. "So, if I change, I'll be with you?" Lisa asked from Mica's lap. "Of course!" Mica answered tickling her as she shrieked.

Suddenly, Jacob came racing in the door. "There is an unknown scent but we didn't know if you asked them to come." He explained. They all ran outside to meet the newcomers. There was a rustling in the trees as five pairs of golden eyes pierced the shade. They looked around, then slowly stepped into the sunlight. The girls gasped. In front of them was Gale Hawthorne hand in hand with Katniss Everdeen, Finnick Odair with Annie Cresta and Peeta mellark behind them. "Wow!" Lauren exclaimed. "Is every book real?" "Let's hope not otherwise there could be loads of serial killers and wizards going around." Lisa replied. Edward rolled his eyes and stepped forward. "Who are you and where are you from?" Gale smirked and copied Edward. "We are the English coven. I am Gale and this is my mate Katniss. This is Finnick and his mate Annie and this is Peeta." "England?" Lauren enquired. "We moved from North America." "It's definitely them." She whispered to Lisa who nodded in agreement. "Well come inside!" Carlisle offered. "We are the Cullens and these are our cousins, the Denalis. I'm sure you know the rest." "We heard you needed covens to help you protect some humans. Are these the humans you were talking about?" Gale asked as they walked in. "Yes," Carlisle confirmed. "Amy brought them as the Volturi wanted to use them as experiments." "Yuck, they are as bad as the Capitol." Katniss murmured. "The Capitol." Kate questioned. "They were the government in North America." Gale explained. "Every year, they would pick two children between the ages of 12 and 18 from each of the 12 districts to fight to the death in various arenas. I'm the only one out of the coven who hasn't been in." "What are they doing now?" Rosalie enquired, disgusted. "We took care of them." Annie answered. "I still laugh when i remember Snow choking." In unison, they all laughed while everyone else squirmed.

They settled on the sofa next to Jasmine and Paul. When Finnick winked jokingly at Jasmine, Paul wrapped his arms around her protectively, growling slightly. Finnick shrugged, stuck his tongue out and hugged Annie. Peeta wandered to the kitchen, and Lauren soon followed. "Can you make some cheese buns for us?" She asked. "If Esme lets me use the kitchen. . ." He agreed. "i'm going to ask her!" Lauren announced. "Wait a minute!" He said, grabbing her wrist. "What? Let go!" She demanded, struggling. "Lauren, I love you." He admitted. SH slowly turned to face him. "Really?" She questioned. When he nodded, she ran into the living room where the others were situated. "Haha Lisa, I get Peeta and you don't even get Gale!" She teased. "Says the one who wanted Carlisle!" Lisa shot back, causing Carlisle's head to shoot up from the book he was reading. "You wanted Edward!" "Most of the female population wants Edward! You wanted Garrett!" Everything went silent. "I give up!" Lauren surrended, hugging Peeta. Lisa and Emmett high-fived as Peeta and Lauren walked out once again.

Outside, the sun had gone down. Emmett rubbed his hands together. "About time, I never thought it would go down!" He remarked as he went out with all the men from the other covens including some of them wolves. The girls were confused till Esme explained; "We were going to start training but we had to wait until the sun to go down." They nodded and ran out to watch their mates train. First up was Jasper and Garrett. The girls covered their ears because of the loud smashes in combat. They rolled around like dogs till Jasper had Garrett pinned down. After a few minutes, Garrett seemed so tired he stopped struggling. "Use your gifts as an advantage" Said Jasper, setting Garrett free. Kate walked over to her mate and shocked him, Garret quickly jumped to his feet while everyone laughed.

After a couple more fights and lots more laughs, Esme sent the girls to bed. 'Go on, there's going to be a storm tomorrow so we are all going to play baseball' Alice informed them as they ran upstairs.

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