Attention, readers of the JLU Spiderverse.

I know it's been a while since I last updated, but that's because I've been trying to deal with a lot of stuff. Mostly in where this story was going to go. But so far… it's going nowhere.

So… I've decided to restart the whole thing with a different plot. It hasn't been decided yet, but I will start up again in October. Going with a different title, but it will still retain the title Spiderverse in it. So don't fret, I haven't given up on Spidey… I'm just changing it differently. So forgive me if it won't be a crossover of JLU, since it's already been done and I can't top that. So I'm going to try a different plot.

So please don't hate me for taking this story down later on. But it will return again. Like I said, no hatin' okay?