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I woke up, feeling somewhat energetic. It was a big day for me and I barely slept last night. I got off my bed and went to the bathroom to shower. After, I dressed into my casual clothes.

I skipped down the stairs and saw my sister Sandy frying eggs and bacon.

"What is up Sandy?" I said, happily.

"You seem to be in a good mood," Sandy remarked as she prepared our breakfast.

Sandy was my older sister, aged twenty. She went to live out on her own and she allowed me to come. She often calls me stuff like "little kid", "child", "juvenile girl" and so on. As if she were so mature, she still watches SpongeBob!

"I heard that!" Sandy snapped. "And for your information, I do not watch SpongeBob anymore!"

"Oh really?" I smirked. "What are those you're wearing?"

She looked down and saw that she was wearing SpongeBob pants. I looked into her deep brown eyes, the same colour as mine. She glared at me.

"Just eat your breakfast, kid. Remember you can't be late for your…ballerina classes," She slammed my breakfast onto the table.

I chuckled and patted my potbelly.

After I ate my breakfast, I grabbed my bag and Sandy handed me my lunch.

"See you later JJ," Sandy said. "Don't you dare try acting like those prissy-"

"Bye," I said, quickly and ran out the door.

The ballet classes were across town and judging by my track pants, polo T-shirt and sneakers you would not think I was going to ballet classes with pink tutus and glitter. But I wasn't going there to be an actual ballerina.

I took the bus to get there. It was a long and slow ride but it was all right.

I was walking to the big brown building when suddenly a person snatched my bag.

"Hey!" I shouted.

I chased him, pushing people aside and shouting, "Help! He stole my bag!"

Another person came in front of the robber, snatched my bag before the man can react and punched him.

The robber fell to the floor. A police officer emerged and commanded the people to back off while he arrested him.

I ran to my hero and I sighed in relief. "Thanks," I told the guy – well not a guy, a boy and he looked around my age. He had jet-black hair and emerald green eyes; he was wearing a green T-shirt, black jeans with green suspenders and black sneakers with green lacings. He looked somewhat Korean.

"Welcome," he answered and handed me my bag.

I walked off and looked to my watch. Crap! I am late!

I ran back to where I had started and barged into the dance room when the class was now about to start.

"Good morning Miss," The teacher snapped.

"I'm so sorry Madam but someone stole-" I began, desperately.

"Get dressed NOW!"

I bolted to the dressing room, ignoring the chuckles behind me.

"Now class," Madam Claudette said, coldly. "Ballet is one of the most diverse art forms in the world. With thousands and thousands of dance steps, I will teach you the art of ballet. And all the ballet terminology is in French so pay close attention. Stretch out first please."

I sighed, stretched my arms out, and pulled my foot to my butt to stretch it out.

"The first move I will teach you is the Arabesque. You all may use the barre. First we will start in a stand-up, and then we will stretch our toe behind us."

She demonstrated and we all followed.

"With our toe on the floor, it is called the Arabesque Artairre. Artairre means on the floor. Now lift your leg higher behind you to form the Arabesque Onlair. Onlair means leg in the air. Now I want you all to do all this without the barre. Now."

The first time I did the Arabesque Onlair I almost tripped due to my clumsiness. However, after trying three, four or five times my body got used to it and I did it perfectly.

"Now ladies. The Arabesque is one of the many moves I will teach you. Let's go on."

Listen, I'm not going to bore you with all these French words and ballet stuff. Nevertheless, these classes were step one to begin my dance career. I wanted to dance ever since I was a little girl.

The classes ended at three. In addition, Madam Claudette scolded me for coming late to my first class. I tried to explain what happened but she ignored me.

Just my luck.

As I took a bus ride back home, I recognized the same boy who helped me earlier today. He was sitting across from me, looking out the window with headphones on his ears. I stared at him and I thought that he looked very familiar, like I met him before but my memory was failing to recognize him.

My phone beeped from a text from Sandy. She wanted me to come home.

I rolled my eyes because I told her classes ended at three.

The bus stopped at my destination.

As I got up to walk, I tripped and almost fell on my face. Someone was pulling me back to standing position.

It was the same boy.

"Thanks," I chuckled, embarrassed.

"You should be more careful," he answered. He clearly recognized me.

I walked out the bus blushing because of this embarrassment.

"Sandy, I'm home!" I called.

"Oh good!" She ran down from upstairs. "I called Miss Rebecca to babysit you today!"

"Babysit?" I repeated. "Girl, I'm sixteen now. I don't need a babysitter!"

"I can't just leave you here alone! I'm going to the club just like any other Saturday. You can't come yet since you're just a little kid."

The doorbell rang.

"It must be him! Get the door for me JJ! I got to get dressed!"

Annoyed, I wretched open the door.

There stood a guy, about six feet tall. He was Hispanic and was dressed in a white suit with a purple tie, white shirt underneath and he wore a white hat.

I sighed. "Come in, Angel."

"Gracias, chica."

"De nada."

Sandy again ran down from upstairs. She wore a pink bra, a black jacket, black jeans and pink shoes.

"Good fashion statement," I remarked, sarcastically.

"Oh shut it, JJ. Are you ready to go Angel?"

"Why can't I come?" I complained. "Lots of kids my age to go the club! The only difference is that they look like adults! And I'm kind of tall enough!"

"How old are you?" Angel asked.


"She's right," Angel agreed. "I always see some people her age at the club. And also, the club is for people sixteen years and over."

"HA!" I cheered, Sandy groaned.

"Fine," she said, grudgingly.

I ran upstairs. "Wait for me! I have the perfect outfit!"

Sandy glared at Angel. "See what you've done!"

I laughed, happily.

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