Author's Note: For the first time ever the chapter will be from Sandy's perspective! And it'll shift to JJ's and then to Sandy again and so on.

Sandy: *sniffles* I feel so honoured.

Song: Milkshake by Kelis.

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Sandy's POV

Thanks to Mom, JJ was allowed the freedom to dance again without hiding. Yippee – not that I cared. Meanwhile, I avoided Angel's company since the fiesta/prep rally at his boat. I was still mad at him…maybe just a little and JJ was still riding on me for that – the girl really needed to mind her own business.

For the time being, I was applying for a job at an expensive company, to be just an employee. I was still fresh out of college and the waitress job was only temporary. I went to college for a Degree in Economics, worked my butt off and got it. I still had to do my Masters but I needed a job to feed JJ and me.

See? I ain't so stupid as JJ thinks I am and I still like to watch SpongeBob. So what?

For my job interview, I needed a new outfit. My SpongeBob dress wasn't going to cut it. I remembered Taye offering to help me in fashion tips if I needed any. Looks like I'm going to take that offer.

While JJ was back at school, I walked down the block to the Flash4wrd's Headquarters, meeting place, whatever it is, walked pass the dinosaur and saw Taye practicing with her backup dancers to Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani.

After they finished their song, the backup dancers walked away and Taye turned to me.

"Hey Sandy, what can I do for ya?"

"Well, I'm going to this job interview on Friday and I was wondering if you can help me pick an outfit."

"Alright come on."

For an hour we searched through the closet and after trying on so much dress and work suits, I settled from a cream work dress.

When I got home and looked through the cupboards, they were empty. Great, I have to order takeout – again. My phone beeped with a text. JJ was coming home a little late as she was training with a certain Puerto Rican.

I yawned, stretching my arms out. Lately I haven't had much sleep. All the times Angel and I spent during our childhood often crept into my dreams and I would wake up crying. Maybe, just maybe I shouldn't shut Angel out anymore, I mean it wasn't doing us any good – and be honest, I missed him and I knew he was trying to make it up to me. Yeah I should-

No. He chose that rich girl over me. Only because she had an expensive yacht and pretty clothes – yeah I'm not rich but I still have heart right? I gave him many chances to prove himself and he wasted them. Moreover, I got the impression that he knew this.

I don't care about him anymore.

Yes you do. You always did and you still do. Anyone can tell that he feels the same way.

No he doesn't! He likes that redhead, not me. And I don't care that he likes her more than me, okay?

You go on, Sandy. Keep telling yourself that. Keep lying to yourself. I imagined JJ saying all this, with her signature sarcastic facial expression and voice.

"Gah!" I yelled swinging my fist and knocking a picture stand onto the floor hard. It fell with crash!

I quickly stood up and picked it up. It was undamaged, thank God. It was a picture of Angel and me in our skateboarding wear when we were ten, three years after we met. Angel was holding the golden trophy we had won in a tournament. We looked so young and so free. I missed those times. Not only because Aubrey hadn't touched our lives yet but also the freedom from the burden and hardships of adult life. I stroked our chubby faces delicately.

I knew you still cared, JJ's mocking voice echoed in my head.

What's wrong with me?!


In Angel's boat, I was trying to out-dance Angel's backup dancers but I was losing – badly. I stopped, glaring at them.

"Fine. You win. Next time I'll topple you!"

"Hmf. I expected a little better than that. If you can't beat even my backup dancers then what makes you think that you can handle any of these crews around here?" A snide voice said and Angel turned around.

Aubrey. Ugh.

"Look chica, she's still learning." Angel came to my rescue.

"Well, she should start applying her learning," Aubrey countered. "She can't even do a proper Arabesque." Angel looked annoyed.

I clenched my fists and bit my lip hard, trying not to snap back at her.

"Okay then. Let's try something." Aubrey scrolled through the songs in the boom box and then clicked on a song. Milkshake by Kelis started to play. "Dance." She barked.

I waited for the song to start and just started to move. I decided to combine the moves I learned from Flash4wrd and my regular ballet style. I spun around, flipped, did fast movements and for the first time ever, my toes were pointed upwards for the whole song. I mastered on how to keep my toes up and it didn't hurt that much anymore. I ended the song with a graceful side flip.

Angel and the backup dancers clapped but Aubrey merely crossed her arms.

"Ok then. That was bland." She looked positively bored. Seriously?

"It wasn't. It was great," For the first time, Angel glared at his crew partner.

"You can't keep taking it up for her, Angel."

"I'm not. She dances better than most people I've seen."

She glared at him, "Whatever." She stomped off.

I glanced at Angel, "What is her deal? She insults me every time I practice. At first I thought it was because I had an attraction to her but she plain out dislikes me."

"You had a thing for her?"Angel looked shocked for a moment but then grinned.

"Uh – look! There's Sandy over there!"

"How stupid do you think I am?" He still glanced back for a quick second. Um, pretty stupid.

Nevertheless, I already scurried off.

Sandy's POV

I sat in the living room, watching SpongeBob when I heard a knock on the door. Probably JJ. Dumb girl.

I opened the door and saw Emilia standing there. Huh?

"Uh hi. JJ isn't here."

"I'm not here to see JJ; I'm here to see you."

"Uh what?"

"Can I come in?"

"Sure." I stepped to the side for her to pass. This is weird. I mean as far as Emilia is concerned, I'm an immature incompetent. What's she here for? To gloat about it?

Emilia glanced at me as if she read my mind. "Sorry about what I said when we first met." She said.

I nodded.

"Look, I know I may be out of place to say this but I think you're wrong for shutting out Angel."

My brown eyes widened.

I told you so, JJ's voice sang.

"Shut up JJ." I muttered under my breath.

"I know you're mad at him for being a guy," Emilia went on and I almost sniggered. "But you should still give him another chance, even if he wasted them already."

Nice. JJ is tormenting me in my head and my second least liked person is telling me to stop ignoring my first least liked person. Strange day.

"Okay. I know you mean well but – I can't."

"Is because of Aubrey?"


It is, JJ's voice gloated. I growled.

"Well, I understand. Aubrey can be a snob at times. But you shouldn't let her come between you and Angel."

I bit my lip.

Weeks ago at the Football Stadium – 8:45pm

I bobbed my head to the beat of the song; Bootylicious by Destiny's Child, watching my little sister have a dance battle. Boy was she good! Maybe this training wasn't a mistake.

Vicky was jumping up and down the place and screaming loudly. I snickered, watching Bodie and Emilia's awed and annoyed expressions.

JJ did a fast flip and everyone cheered.

I smiled in amazement and felt a cool hand on my shoulder. I glanced at the person who touched me. My eyes widened and I then glared at the person.

"What do you want?" I asked, harshly.

"Sandy, we have to talk."

I walked off, ignoring them and I still heard footsteps behind me.

"Angel, I told you to leave me alone."

"Look Sandy, I'm so sorry alright? Please let's make up."

"Yeah, sure, so you can bail me off again and treat me like your lapdog, yeah."

"I don't treat you like that! And if I did, I'm sorry. Can we just get ice cream like we used to? Can we just go skateboarding like we used to? Can we be normal?"

I glanced at him fully for the first time, scrutinizing him.

"Angel the day you bailed me off for your crew meeting is the day things stopped being normal between us."

I walked towards JJ who had just finished her routine with Tiyanna. She looked at me and asked, "What happened?"

"Nothing," I answered, stiffly.

"We will talk about this when we get home."

"Whatever," I whispered to myself.

"And also," Emilia's voice snapped me out of my reverie. "Your crush is evident."

I sighed.

Told you that too.

Nice to know JJ.

I blushed, "I sort of started to have a crush on him when we went to the prom as friends together when we were sixteen."

"Have you tried to tell him?"

"Lots of times. I couldn't bring myself to do it. I don't know why. I guess I was scared at those times."

"You have to tell him at some point. I can tell he's starting to give up."

My heart ached. "T-Thanks for letting me know."

"Look, Sandy, I know you don't like me but-"

"It's fine. I was going to talk to him anyway. And FYI, I was still a little mad at you but it's okay. I am immature."

"I didn't mean to hurt you. And you can be mature at times."

I chuckled.

We talked on for a while and soon we were friends.


"You know you could at least try to talk to her," I stated as Angel parked his blue car in front of my apartment.

"I have. She wouldn't look at me. Not since the fiesta/prep rally."

"Yeah about that: She's got the hots for you too, man. You two should get over your sexual tension and talk like adults."

"JJ," He looked at me sternly.

"You know I'm right."

I climbed out of the car and he did the same. We were walking on the steps just as Emilia opened the door.

"Hiya," I grinned.

"Buenas noches," Angel greeted.

"Hello," she grinned and Sandy peeped behind her. Emilia gave Sandy one last look of 'Do it. Do it now.' and walked down the steps to her car. The red car's engine started and she drove off.

"Hey Angel," Sandy smiled shyly. Okay, for once she made the first move. Let's see how this goes.

"Hey Sandy," he smiled, pleased.

"How you been?"

"Okay I guess."

"Er, are you busy this Friday?"

"No, why?"

"I was wondering if you would like to go to the skateboarding park with me." She stammered at the last part.

"Si. Sure. Of course," He chuckled.

"As a date I mean."

"Yeah, ok." They stared down each other for a long moment with love and care in their eyes.

I nearly fell to the floor with swooning but pulled myself up at the last second. I caught their attention.

"What's with you?" My sister asked, looking amused.

"Nothing," I blushed with embarrassment, going inside the apartment. "Don't do anything funny while I'm gone you two."

They laughed.

Sandy's POV

Okay, we didn't do anything funny. We only just hugged and Angel kissed and squeezed my hand. He walked back to his car smiling happily all the way.

For that, JJ went mental; suggesting what I should wear, whether or not I should suggest dinner and watching Angel and me during the week like a hawk. I was forced to lock her in her room most of the time.

After JJ lectured me on locking her in her room (I barely listened, don't tell her I said that.) she invited Taye and Tiyanna into this. Hooray.

"I think she should wear this," Tiyanna thrust a pink dress into my face.

"Uh no. We're skating Tiyanna." I pushed the dress away.

"How about this top?" Taye asked giving me a blue top. It was off the shoulders and slack. At least this one was more appropriate.

"Yeah this one is more like it," I said taking the top. "And with my dark blue jeans and blue sandals, I have an outfit."

On Friday, Angel picked me up and JJ, being the Little-Miss-Nosy-and-Annoying she is, lectured us, saying that Angel stays off 'south of the equator', no sexual act etc.

"And don't come back pregnant!" JJ yelled as we walked to Angel's car.

"Shut up and go to bed!" I yelled and Angel snickered.

"You ain't my mama nigga!"

Angel laughed loudly, "You don't know how much I missed you guys' antics! It gets a little boring at crew meetings, if there's no party or crew battle."

I smiled.

"So a change of plans; we're not going to the skateboarding park, I have a little more fun date planned."

My smile dropped into frown, "Where are we going? I was really counting on that park…"

"Come on, keep an open mind Sandy. We'll go to the park tomorrow – I'll make it up to you. But now I want you trust me, okay?"

I growled and he hugged me tightly, "Come on Sandy, live a little. Things can't always go the way you want. Please – por favor?"

I sighed and rolled my eyes. He was giving me the puppy face. Great.

"Ok. Fine. Tomorrow, you promised."

"Yes! Oh you'll need this." He handed me a plastic bag full of clothes.

Oh, what more surprises this night have?

I went back inside the apartment and JJ said, "You're back already? Vicky says she's coming later."

"Apparently Angie has other plans." I walked to my bedroom and changed into the clothes Angel gave me.

Doing a raspberry at JJ for saying, "Look who is taking Tia's suggestion," I met Angel who now wore a short-sleeved purple shirt, white jeans, white shoes and his signature white hat.

"How-?" I began.

He grinned, "Let's go."


"So Sandy and Angel are really going out?" Vicky asked as she, Tia and I settled down to eat snacks. Taye was in our small guestroom watching Teen Wolf.

"Yep. About time isn't it?" Tia grinned.

"I'll say. When you're around those two you can feel the sexual tension and it's obvious they like each other."

"That's what I said!" I yelled, happily.

"Shush!" Taye shouted.

"No can do. The movie starting."

Sandy's POV

Angel drove us to a mansion. How he has friendly ties with other rich people I don't know. Sometimes I wonder why he still hangs with us.

Because unlike them, he knows where he came from and sister, he likes you people better, Emilia's voice said.

What the -?

"Alright mami," Angel's silky voice interrupted my thought. "Let's go."

He called me mami? Oh my God! He called me mami! He called me-

See what I mean? JJ's voice said in that mocking tone.

I think I'm going crazy.