I do not own the songs that are included in this fan fiction nor do I own Dragon Ball Z or Sky High. I have not seen other ideas about this because I have not looked for them; this all sprang from my own mind….with some help from some friends :)

Chapter 1: WTF?

I was in my room playing video games, just lounging on my bed. My room was in the basement of the house, and my parent's referred to it as the "Dungeon". Because no matter what I only came out of it to eat and use the bathroom, also to go to school but that was mandatory. I was currently playing my favorite game: Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3.

I know, it's an old game on the Playstation 2, which I have along with an Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, but I still play it like it came out this year. I have every character, every move, heck; I have all of the seasons from Dragon Ball too Dragon Ball GT on DVD. It was my obsession, my only companion and friend, since I was a loner at school. No one else understood me or tried to, and I didn't bother to make them pay attention.

There was a creaking noise above me and I could tell my parents were awake and moving around the kitchen upstairs. They both started to make breakfast from the smell of eggs and bacon that crept down to me from the vents. I took a deep breath as I smelled the delicious food and paused my game just as my finishing attack was about to hit my opponent. I pulled out my phone and looked at it.


Me- Two hours to get ready for the first day of school…..Awesome. Might as well freshen up so the kids can't make fun of me for smelling badly.

I leaned forward and snaked my hand around my game systems to flip the off switch on the PS2. I yawned as I made my way up the stairs to the kitchen.

I opened my door and appeared in the dining room. It wasn't that big but had enough room to fit a table of six. On the far wall was a glass door that led to the backyard. Turning to my right was the kitchen. It was joined to the dining room and had the basic setup that you would expect. Cupboards, sink, drawers, and fridge. In the corner directly in front of me was the half bathroom that was situated next to the fridge. I would have used that one but a round table was in my way and I didn't want to get in my parents way while they cooked. Past experience has shown me on the ground as either one barreled through me to move onto the next food, their one track mind not even seeing me.

I kept turning to the right and walked around the corner into the living room. It was an average sized room that had a long on the wall to my left, moving clockwise a big flat screen T.V. on a small table was against the far left wall, a small window looking towards the front yard, the front door, the garage door, and a two seat couch facing the T.V. I kept walking and the wall turned into a wooden railing where doubled back on my path and walked up the stairs that led to the next floor of the house. I then made another right around the corner, seeing the two guest bedrooms and my parent's room. I walked straight into the full bathroom and closed the door to take a shower.

I was back in my room after the shower and brushing my teeth. I was almost done getting dressed as I looked at myself in the mirror. I had on black and red Air Force One Jordan's, almost grey cargo shorts, and a black and grey striped long sleeve shirt. I ran a hand through my hair which was buzzed and sighed. I reached my hand out and grabbed the colon putting a little on like my Dad showed me and then grabbed my glasses from the dresser and put them on. I sighed as I did so, not liking the things but I had to wear them to see. The world went from being fuzzy to perfectly clear as the spectacles went onto my face and I saw my tan skin that I had inherited by my Father. I snatched my headphones from their hook on my video game storage column. I picked my ready book bag up from the floor and unplugged my now charged phone from its cord. As I traveled up my stairs again I heard my parents in a conversation.

"-doesn't make sense at all. He should have powered up by now. It only took me being close to my Dad to set it off" said a rough voice.

"Maybe he just needs some more time? Since he isn't a full blood he has the chance of not even being a Super," a more feminine voice replied back.

"He would be the first then, in my family. We've always been Supers…."

I opened the door to find my parents hugging each other in the kitchen.

"Morning," I said wondering what they were talking about.

I walked towards them in the kitchen and my parents ended their embrace.

"Morning," my Mother said, walking up to me and planting a kiss on my cheek which I returned. My Father gave me a look, the same one that he has been giving me for a while now.

"Morning, Dad," I said extending my hand. He nodded and grasped mine in a shake but as soon as our skin touched I felt an electric shock jump from his palm into mine. I pulled my hand back on instinct and rubbed my palm a little bit.

"Sorry about that Dad. Was just surprised at the shock," I said extending my hand again so as to not make him think I was disrespecting him.

His face had changed now and I couldn't read his expression, but a smile crept onto his face as he grasped my hand again firmly and shook it.

I sat down then after we let go and waited to be served breakfast. Ten minutes later I was saying bye to my parents and walking out the door when I heard my Father say, "Today's the day."

I walked up the street to my bus stop and passed two kids that were walking in the other direction. The one on the left was a guy looking to be my age but had the colors of Captain America on his clothes, or the Commander if I'm speaking realistically. Red, blue, and white; he was shorter than me and he was laughing at something the girl said, which brought my attention to her. She was taller than him and wore all green with red hair; she was smiling at him and tucked a piece of stray hair behind her ear as she glanced at me. I looked down finding the ground very interesting for some reason and out of my peripheral vision I saw the guy move his arm around the girl's waist nonchalantly and pulled her toward him. I kept walking past them looking down at the pavement and listened to my blaring music of The Offspring- You're Gonna Go Far, Kid. I approached my bus stop and saw some girls standing there. As soon as they saw me, or rather heard my music, one of the girls whispered to the other and they instantly went quiet after glancing at me quickly. I sighed, already used to how the rest of the school treated me but was still holding out hope that this year things would change. I stopped at the bus stop but stayed a reasonable distance away from the two girls as the next song came on which was Breaking Benjamin- I Will Not Bow.

Me- Goku didn't have to worry about stuff like this….

I was surprised at that thought, not knowing where it came from. But yes it was true, the guy had a tail as a kid, found out he was an alien, and everybody knew that he had the power to kill them all and destroy the whole planet. And yet he had instantly made friends across the universe, started a family, and made some of his arch enemies become his best friends. A picture of him sprang into my mind with his huge smile. My mind went over his history, starting at Dragon Ball, and traveled down the long journeys that he made as he got older. Before I had gotten to the ever popular beginning of Dragon Ball Z the bus pulled up and the three of us walked up the steps to take our seats, mine being alone at the back. The lyrics from the song entered my brain then and the next thing I heard was

"I don't want to change the world/I just wanna leave it colder/ Light the fuse and burn it up/ Take the path that leads to nowhere-"

Me- Yeah if only that could happen; it would solve a lot of my problems.

I continued my trip down memory lane as I started to get a little mentally fatigued for some reason. I tried to shake it off on the ride to school but it just kept coming back.

We arrived at the school and as the day went by I slowly started to get worse. Every period something else got worse or I felt more pain throughout my body in quick pangs. Since I had new teachers they all thought I was the trouble making kid of the group and I kept nearly getting detention. I finally got to lunch which for me was in the middle of the day and I felt terrible. Constant flashes of pain shot across my body starting at my chest and my mind felt detached from my body. I grabbed the main lunch which consisted of lasagna, a red apple, and strawberry milk. I paid for my food and walked to my usual lunch table since my freshmen year last year and NO ONE has sat with me. I plopped down and set the tray in front of me. After staring at it for a couple seconds I pushed the tray away and sighed, feeling like if I ate anything I would throw it up. I put my forehead on the edge of my table and closed my eyes. The coldness helped a little bit, too bad it didn't last.

"Hey, Reject, lookup. I want your food."