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So on to elevate some concerns to people that have read this and want to voice some stuff.

When Will and Ian first exchanged blows in the school, yes Ian beat down Will. Into bleachers, into the wooden ground. Yes this did happen. But that is only because Will did not know what Ian's powers really were so he didn't want to hit him to badly and potentially killing him. This concern was taken away however when you see him tackle Ian into the sound barrier and they start to duke it out in the woods. These kids were hitting each other so hard that they were creating shockwaves all the way back to the school, which I had in another state.

My whole thinking with Will is the same as Ian's. His powers and everyone else's in this story is like a genetic trait. As he gets older and goes through puberty, his powers will grow also. So I'm kind of making him like Frieza in a sense. He is trying to keep his powers under control and to do that he puts up blocks to keep them in check, like Frieza does when he goes into his didn't transformations. His true form is his full power but since he can't control it he makes other forms so as to damper the power output to hopefully not crack the very bones of anyone he touches. That's why Ian could feel his "Ki" fluctuating because it was him keeping his growing strength under control. If you couldn't tell already, with Will's puberty idea making him stronger, he's definitely stronger than The Commander. I mean, he went toe-to-toe with Ian...in a sense... no questions.

Look I am sorry that it took me so long to update this. There really is no excuse for this long of an absence but hey, that's life. Stuff happens.

Me, the woman, and her mate eventually ended up back at their house. The reason I was emphasizing them to me was the story they were telling me about my past.

"So, what you're both telling me is that I'm not really a Saiyan, you both are my parents, and my name is Ian?" I asked them like it was the craziest thing in the world. My face scrunched up at the name.

"Yes," they both said without hesitation.

"But, how is that possible? I don't remember being a human."

"Well we can explain how it's possible," the woman started as she looked at her mate.

"You see Ian-"

My body tensed up at that name. I didn't recognize it as ME and didn't want to be referred as it.

"I'm sorry. It was a slip of the tongue, Saiyan."

I nodded my head, letting him know it was ok. I had chosen the name Saiyan because with all of my memories, none of them showed me in them. There were none of me looking in mirrors, no one called out to me for help, and they were all from the outside looking in. So I chose my name to be something constant that was in all of them. Saiyans were always there, even if I wasn't.

"So, as I was saying, Saiyan, here in our world, I am considered a Superhero. I get paid by the government to save people's lives and fight crime, basically. My power is to be a "Copycat" if you will. Any power that I see in use I can duplicate it and then use it anytime I want."

"Cookies are ready."

I turned to my left and saw the Commander and Jetstream (two very well known world-wide Superheroes apparently) walk into the living room, each carrying two huge plates of cookies. They went to put them down at the table but I snatched a whole plate and devoured them in seconds.

"Wow! When your parents said that you had a huge appetite they weren't kidding! Will and Layla are bringing out two more plates while we put another batch in the oven," the Commander said while walking away.

There they were again with these people as my parents.

Me- They keep saying it with such conviction and sincerity. Is it really true? Are these people truly my parents and I've just forgotten that I'm really human?

"Will you're going to have to see him sometime."

"But what if I'm the one that jogs his memory? I can't go through a fight like that again Layla. I don't know what would have happened if my parents and the other Supers hadn't stopped us."

"Well you're going to have to take that chance Will. You have two plates of cookies after all."

"What? But I only have-"

I heard a short scuffle then and then a tall Caucasian girl walked out of the kitchen in a n all green cami with a forest patterned skirt and red almost brown hair. She smiled a quick, big smile, and then sat down at the other couch. And folded her hands like she was waiting.

Almost a whole minute went by before the voice of the other person came out of the kitchen as well.

It was a teenager looking to be about my age but shorter than me. He wore the same colors as the Commander and Jetstream but in the form of actual clothing. A skin tight crotch rocket jacket that matched his Father's (I'm assuming that they were related) uniform color scheme. He was gripping a metal tray with black fingerless gloves and dark blue pants to match. I glanced down at his shoes and saw that they were, also, matching the color pattern with a star emblem at the back that said Converse All Star and went just above his ankles. He slowed to a stop as he saw that I was staring at him.

I stood up then and turned to him. My keen eyesight saw the skin around his jaw tighten and his eyes narrow slightly. He dropped the two trays of cookies completely forgetting about them. They both crashed to the ground as I stood in front of him. We stared at each other for some time, not moving.

Me- No...

"Look," I sighed out and he blinked his eyes a couple times, "You can stop powering up, ok. I don't remember anything about you or whatever happened between us, so you don't have to worry about me attacking you or anything," I stuck out my hand.

He looked very surprised at what I had just said and seemed taken aback. He stood frozen there in what looked like disbelief. Eventually he stuck out his hand and shook mine and I turned back around.

"So if I am really your son, do you have any pictures of me as a child?"

"Yes! I have, baby books and old yearbooks from your previous school. I'll go get them, Layla, can you help me?" The woman asked.

"Of course Mrs.-"

"Someone's coming to the door."

Everyone froze when I said that. I took it as their battle instincts weren't as honed as mine were. I would later find out none of them besides the man-who-is-my-supposed-father, could detect ki. And they were all not used to my battle ready tone of voice.

I approached the front door and raised my ki slightly. It wouldn't do me any good to get caught off guard.

My-supposed-father beat me to the door though.

"Not everyone you feel coming towards you is a threat Ia˗˗ Saiyan."

His words reached my more rational mind and I steadied the growing anticipation for a fight. This isn't a Saiyan world; I can't just go around attacking people or anyone that comes up to me.

I nodded my head to show that I understood and sat back down in my chair.

My-supposed-father opened the door and smiled.

"Alice! So good of you to join us!"

"Thanks Robert. Sorry I took so long to get here. Not all of us can fly everywhere."

Me- That voice...

My-supposed-father laughed. "Yes that can hinder some people's progress a lot of the time. Please come in, you can finally meet the man of the hour."

My-supposed-father stepped aside and a woman walked through the doorway.

The woman that appeared at the door had dark black hair that was cut short at the back, just reaching the connection of her head and neck, and gradually got longer as it moved towards her face, ending just below her cheeks. She had a light skin complexion and a face to match. She wore some form of thin shirt with a jacket that looked like the same material as the pants that I had changed into. Her own pants were tighter on her legs than my own but it did not look repulsive. She also wore a very flat type of shoe.

Her eyes scanned around the room until they tell on me. My heightened senses could smell her natural scent mixed with the perfume as it entered the room, I slightly heard her heartbeat pick up and take a sharp intake of breath quickly, I felt her ki, which felt different than regular ki that I was used to feeling, it seemed older and a mix of different kinds, rise slightly.

All of these facts led me to believe that I was correct in my thinking and her next words sealed the deal.

"How is he?"

She had turned and whispered it to my-supposed-father but I could still hear it. I stood from my chair again and walked over to them.

"He's fine. But he doesn't remember anything that he's done in his human life, or rather a mix of whatever else he was towards the end. We're still trying to understand that though."

His eyes then shot to me when I stopped behind the woman. I saw her head tilt slightly and then she turned around after she figured out he was looking past her.

I heard the slight hitch to her breath as she saw how close I was to her, the gap between us being mere centimeters. I stared into her eyes and she did not look away.

For some reason I felt a certain connection with her, the only thing that I could compare it to was the feeling between Goku and Chi-chi.

"So, I knew you? As˗˗in my other life?"

"Yes. We˗˗I met you, a couple times."

I glanced down quickly and then looked back into her eyes.

"How well, did I know you?"

"Not that well. We never, uh, had a conversation per se."

"Then why is my tail wrapped around you like you're my mate?" I said while pointing down.

She had a quizzical expression on her face, then she followed my hand and looked down. And wrapped around her waist, just like I said, was my tail.