I can't wait till I go to Hogwarts! I'll meet Professor Potter, then I try and steal his things to see his defenses. Besides Uncle Mad-Eye would want me to test him. In defense against the dark arts and potions, Rose Weasley doesn't have a chance against me! Momma Luna always said do what you have to do to protect your friends... Then she died. . . Ron Weasley. She was too loyal that time. When she died Ron just ran, leaving me defenseless in front of a Death Eater when I was a child. I've lived on my own until the letter came. When I got the letter I rejoiced I wouldn't have to beg for food and fight rats for a sleeping space. Anyway welcome to my life at Hogwarts.

End Of Proluge.

I hope you this story-Trixsbyme

PS the characters name is Moonshade