After getting my money out of Gringrotts,(stealing a few emeralds and sapphires while I was there) i went to buy a broom. the fasting broom this year is the Light speed broom. it cost eighteen Galleons forty-seven sickles(I got my name engraved in it for a small sapphire and a large ruby) then when I went to get a albino bat, fiery red cat and raven, I saw a two other girls getting ravens, I went over to make friends. After introducing myself, I found there names were Sapphire, and Opal. Then we went to Kings Cross Station to catch the Hogwarts express When I showed Sapphire and Opal my family pictures the asked where my mom was, since I had been alone it Daigon's Alley. I told them "She' Dead" their eyes bulged and they asked"How"? I told them "Voldemort came when she and Ron Weasley where hunting some muggle-haters. Ron Weasley Ditched her and me when he appeared"they thought on this awhile and I told them how I was going to try and style professor Harry Potter's Map. they gasped and I told them to distract the cart Lady I had Nicked Half a dozen chocolate Frog before she told me to go back to our seats. Soon a prefect came and escorted us to Hagrid. after we left shore I was Pushed into the lake by a malfoy! I swam to the surface and screamed"JERK-FACE" then I swam to my boat Hagrid offered me his cloak and I declined, instead i whisked it off with a bit of wind. Then I asked Hagrid if Sapphire, Opal and I could come to his place every Friday, He agreed then I asked If I could talk to Professor Potter before bed. Hagrid said I could. When we got their i was one of the last people sorted. "Ravenclaw" I smile and go sit at the abandoned end of the Sapphire and Opal are sent to Ravenclaw. right after dinner, I walk up to Harry Potter, and tell him "I need to talk to you Privately He nods and leads me to a "secret passageway". Once we're there I tell him" Voldemort is back, and he wants to kill me" Harry's mouth drops and he says "are you sure?" I nod and said "he killed my mom, Luna Lovegood" He frowns and asks me if I can see the thestrals, I smile," One licked me" then I go to Ravenclaw and find all the first years stuck outside, I go forward and knock, then the Eagle knocker opens it's beak and asked " what is all enduring " I replied " Love and Time" the eagle smiles and says you are wise indeed" then opens for the first years. after we go in, I head to the first years' rooms. I head the window nook and unpack. Finally i change into my cotten PJs. After The girls are dressed we go into the commons room and study. i finally said "did you notice Sylthtin is all boys and Ravenclaw is all girls?" Finally we go to bed after an hour of studying. I fall asleep to the Nightmare.