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Rosalie had not let go of the death grip she had on my arm, her emotions were flowing with confusion, anger and curiosity. Alice however had not spoken a word, she simply stared at the scenery as we passed by, not a usual occurrence for my wife. When we arrived 'home' Rosalie all but dragged me into the house, forcing me to sit while the rest took their places.

"Would anyone care to explain what happened?" Carlisle asked, looking around at us all but landing on me. I kept my face emotionless and stern. I would not be tricked into telling them about her. She was mine, they had no reason to know of her existence or even that the young girl at school resembled her so much that they could pass as the same person. Even I couldn't wrap my head around that. How could she look so much like my Annabella? It was not feasible. After waiting a mere couple seconds, he then turned to Rosalie who was quite happy to explain the events. Carlisle listened and was radiating shock and disappointment. He thought I wanted to attack her. Maybe I did, because she looked so much like my love that it was insulting but if I had wanted that, even Emmett wouldn't have been able to stop me. I was one of the most unknown dangerous vampires out there, of course alone I would not stand for long against the Volturi but I came in a close second. Esme didn't look like she bought what Rosalie was saying -well rather shouting- she cast a glance at me and her eyes looked pained and she had the smallest smile etched onto her lips. A saddened smile. I couldn't quite place why.

Alice had still not spoken and nobody had thought to question why, it was so unlike her that they should be more worried about her than if I was to attack a silly human child. But alas, that went UN-noticed.

"I take it, that this is the same girl who had Edward in such a state that he left for Alaska?" Carlisle asked, we were all confused at his statement. Of course we had noticed Edward was absent, we just didn't know why.

"Yes, It's the same girl. The best for us would be to move on, this is too detrimental to our family. Edward clearly cannot stand to be near her and Jasper nearly attacked her in the Cafeteria today. We will expose ourselves if we stay much longer!" Alice, had finally spoken and as she did, her voice became louder with each passing word. Carlisle let out a sigh and put an arm around Esme, she continued to look at me with sadness but she was as always, radiating love but tinged with curiosity. The thought of leaving seemed to pull and twinge at my heart, the thought of leaving had me devastated, like I would be leaving something behind.

"I don't believe Jasper was getting ready to attack the new girl, if he was to attack he would have been as still as he was. He would have lunged faster than light but he just stared at her, like she'd put a spell on him?" Emmett pointed out. They were getting further and further away from the concept of me trying to make her my lunch and it was starting irritate on my nerves. Emmett's comment had everyone but Alice and Esme confused, even himself. Alice's face showed nothing but anger and her emotions weren't far off either, while Esme looked smug. She practically beamed when our eyes connected but then they flickered to the woman who was supposed to show nothing but love toward me and the smugness slowly drifted away as she thought of something and looked down at her hands. She knew. Well, she knew something was out of the ordinary and I think she may have been the closest to the truth than the rest were.

"I don't think there is a reason to leave so suddenly, As Emmett pointed out Jasper was not going to attack the girl. We have nothing to fret over as of yet, when Edward returns we will talk and decide on what is right." Esme spoke. Shocking most of us, even Carlisle slightly as he looked at his beloved. He could not deny Esme, if she wanted to stay for a while longer we would be. I was somewhat thrilled at the prospect.

Carlisle nodded and stood, taking his wife by the hands and leading her away before turning back to look at us all. "Just as a precaution, Jasper, you will not be returning to the school until Edward does." And with that, he held no room for argument and left. Following his wife out of the room. Alice followed behind seconds later leaving the three of us to sit in silence. I felt the curiosity hit me full force and turned to Emmett. He stared back at me and began to speak.

"I'm going for a hunt, alone. I shall see you both tonight." I had efficiently cut him off and sped toward the forest.

I found myself outside of the Swan house. The Chief's cruiser parked in the drive, the light of the moon illuminating from the white paint. I stayed where I was in the forest hidden behind the trees, not that their human eyes would even detect me if I were closer. I waited until I saw her pass the window, her looks were uncannily the same as my Annabella's, even down to the shape of her nose and the light pink tinge to her cheeks. However, the last time I had seen my love she had been swollen with child and no longer the tiny petite thing she had once been. I hadn't heard the rustling of leaves behind me until I noticed the scent. Esme.

"What an unusual place to come and relax.." I gave her a sideways glance and re directed my eyes back to the house. She had seen already.

"Please, tell me what plagues your mind...What has you so troubled. I only want for you to all be happy and I can see that you're not, nor have you been in the time you've been with us."

"It's complicated and nothing I wish to speak of with anyone even with the kindest of souls." She gave a sigh and touched her small hand to my arm and softly spoke again.

"You're not the only one of us who knows about heartbreak" And with that she sped away. Leaving me to ponder over her words.

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