Not As Easy

"Come on, Dash," the Latina pleaded. "Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase. It'll be fun!"

Dash rolled his eyes. "I said no, and I meant no. Why do you even want to become a ghost hunter, anyways?"

"To meet the ghost boy, of course! Do you remember the rumor about how he was dating the Red Huntress? Star and I were talking about it, and we think that he's getting lonely. I mean, Danny Phantom must be pretty affection starved if he was going out with her."

"So? Even if they were dating, they aren't any more. She was shooting at him a couple of days ago. I heard about it on the news."

Paulina smirked, "Yeah, and that means that our town's hero now has no girlfriend. I don't think that he has a lot of really close friends either. Have you ever seen him being friendly with any other ghosts? You don't because he's always fighting them."

Dash clued in on what the girl was saying. "So, you want to ask Fenton's parents if we could train to be ghost hunters so you could be his girlfriend."

"That's right."

"Then why do I have to go! I don't want to see you both getting all lovey-dovey." Although the jock would never admit it, he would pay good money to see it in the movie theater, though.

Paulina threw her hands up into the air. "Weren't you listening before? He's going to need some guy friends, too. I'm planning on asking Kwan when he gets back from his foreign-exchange student thingy in a month. Star said she was going to come, too!"

He stopped, mouth hanging wide open. "Wow. You got Star to join. I thought she wanted nothing to do with the world of the undead. She even refuses to watch movies that have anything to do with scary things! What is she going to do if she has to see them on a regular basis?" He sighed. "I guess I'll give it a try. Just to see how this all turns out," he added as an after-thought.

The girl beside him squealed, "Yay! Meet us at the loser's house tonight at five. We all need to be there to try and talk Mrs. Fenton into teaching us."

"Wait! So you don't even know if she's is going to have us be her apprentice's, yet? What's your plan if she says no?" But his complaint fell on deaf ears, as the cheerleader had already walked away.

They were in the middle of their lunch break, but Dash had already eaten and he was getting board. That meant that it was time for him to find his favorite nerd.

"Oh, Fentina! I've got a locker with your name on it!"

His prey looked up and paled. Saying something to his friends, the smaller boy stood up from his table and ran.

Now, Dash had a secret side, as most other teenagers did. And secretly, a small part of him liked Danny. But, unfortunately, the nerd was, well…a nerd. And that meant that Dash wasn't allowed to be friendly towards the other boy. Dash admired Danny's wit, and he often had to stop himself from laughing after all the sarcastic remarks and backhanded insults, even if they were aimed at his expense. Whenever he needed a smile, he went to torture the poor guy. That's how it worked. Danny was also very entertaining when he was being humiliated. He adopted the most adorable blush and pout when he was embarrassed. Even the other guys on the football team and most of the cheerleaders agreed that it was cute. Some of them, but not enough to make a difference, liked Danny. As a joke (when they were alone, of course), Dash, Kwan, Paulina, and Star had started calling Fenton "their loser/geek/nerd"; it was almost like they all had a crush on him. They talked about the boy on a regular basis. Danny was popular amongst the popular people of Casper High.

In truth, Danny probably would have made it onto the A-List if he hadn't been friends with the scary Goth-chick and the techno-geek.

Still, that wouldn't stop Dash from harassing the smaller boy.

Was he a little obsessed? Maybe. Did he care? Hell, no.

The jock grinned and let Danny get a head start before chasing after him.

Dash stomped into English.

Danny had gotten away again. This was becoming more and more common. Danny would round a corner, and Dash would follow. But when we looked, the other teen had vanished.

Danny was a fast runner thanks to years of running away from people like Dash, but he wasn't that fast. Not even close to it. Was he ducking into a closet or something? No, it happened when they were outside, too. How was it happening, then?

Dash shook his head, which was starting to ache from trying to figure this out.

At least he was in a class that he shared with the raven. That means he could torment him with Danny being able to run away.

Danny always gets all flustered and uncomfortable. I swear it's the cutest thing ever, Dash thought fondly.

Only, he didn't come.

He must have decided to skip again. Boo. That really sucks! Now I have nothing better to do than pat attention to Mr. Lancer.

All of a sudden, the alarm began to blare, signaling a ghost attack. The students' screamed and ducked, like they had practiced, underneath their desks. There was a boom, followed by a large crash. The terrified teacher and students waited, hushed, for news on what had happened.

It wasn't until several minutes later that the phone rang. Shaking, Mr. Lancer answered it. "Hello…yes…no…no, I understand. See you then," the passionate teacher put the phone back on the desk. Clearing his throat, he said, "It looks like parts of the gym, the girls locker room, and football field was destroyed in another supernatural attack. You can go home; there will be no school for the rest of today and tomorrow. All club and sports meetings are cancelled."

Dash let out a long, slow breath. Well, that's just great. What am I supposed to do for the rest of the day? I have nothing to do until five.

The bully pushed his way through the crowd of people in the hallways and on the lawn of the damaged school, trying to get to his car. The people that were getting in his way were all trying to catch a glimpse of the ruins that were left.

I can understand if the girls want to see how bad their things have been destroyed, but there are way too many people here for just that-

And that's when he caught sight of the ambulance.

"What?" He grabbed onto a nearby band geek. "Hey, do you know who is hurt? Hey, answer me!"

There was too much noise. The clarinet-player's lips were moving, but Dash couldn't hear anything coming out.

Releasing, the frightened boy, he pushed his way closer to the ambulance. Dash was lucky he was taller and stronger than average, otherwise, he would have been trampled by all the other curious onlookers.

He got there just in time to see Danny Fenton being loaded onto the vehicle on a stretcher.