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Chapter Four: Alux

"What do you mean Sebacean?" Axlyn asked. She folded her arms over her chest and stood in front of Kohl. Kyle had let her loose but him and the blue woman had still kept them at close guard. "What species are you then?" the blue woman said at last. She hadn't said little to anything since she had arrived on the ship and had kept Axlyn quite on guard. "Human." Axlyn replied. Kyle jumped, his hand reaching towards his blaster at his hip. "What the frell is that supposed to mean? There has only been one Human here!" He growled. Kohl looked up at Axlyn quite startled at Kyle's newly spoken words. The blue woman finally stepped in front of Kyle and bowed slightly, "Crichton," she paused for a moment, as if she was surprised at the words coming from her mouth. "Do you know where you are?" Axlyn shook her head. The blue woman looked up at Kyle, looking a bit star struck.

Axlyn and Kohl stood there a moment while the two aliens whispered to each other. Axlyn didn't need the Force to listen to what they were saying. Kyle clearly wanted them to set in space in a dead ship, while the blue woman wanted to keep them safe on their ship. "Axlyn, miss," Kohl muttered, tugging on Axlyn's tunic. She nodded slightly in his direction. "Are we going to be ok?" He asked. Axlyn paused, unsure of how to answer, the Force stirred around her but gave no clues to what the aliens were deciding about Axlyn's and Kohl's fate.

At last the blue woman looked up, her blue-green eyes were far calmer and gentle than Kyle's was, who was fuming beside her. "If you would like to stay aboard our ship until you find out a way back to your home planet of Coruscant, you can." She said, "We only ask for information on your galaxy and the - Jedi." She smiled lightly at the two of them before looking behind her, "Our Leviathan is just outside, it seems your ship had nearly crashed into ours on your way out of the wormhole."

But the woman's voice blurred out of Axlyn's mind.

Axlyn can we trust them? She heard Kohl ask through the Force. Axlyn nodded, and looked towards the woman once more. "My fellow Padawan here requests information on your kind in order to aboard your ship. We both believe that if you do not comply with any information that it could be taken as a plot to kill us." She surprised herself with her own words, which didn't happen often. She sounded for once, like an actually Jedi. Although Axlyn was thought of highly by the Jedi council she was far from the teacher's pet. Throughout her eighteen years she had been yelled at for doing ridiculous thing just because she could. She had counted climbing to the roof of the Jedi Temple for than eight times in the last year. When asked why she had done it she'd reply "Better lighting for reading". She'd be the one everyone least expected when a Jedi Master would walk into his classroom to find hundreds of marbles covering the floor, or hanging dozens of training sabers from the ceiling for the younglings to find in the morning.

She never once acted like a proper Jedi until now, even when she was in far worse danger than this. She stayed true to her sassy trickster personality, that although annoyed many of the other Jedi, made Master Ozhan smile and even chuckle, which was quite rare.

"My name is Azula Kalaan." The blue woman spoke up, "This is Kyle Corzan, the captain of our ship, he's a Peacekeeper-"
"I was." Kyle muttered, setting his jaw tight. Azula growled something under her breath, clearly annoyed, "Now I do not mean to rush you two, but your ship is running out of air, and there is no way of going anywhere with no fuel and your pilot dead." Axlyn paused looking behind her at the dash of the cockpit. Only now did she realize that through the adrenalin the Force around her had notified her of the captains passing into the netherworld. Kohl looked equally disturbed, perhaps he had known before hand, Axlyn would never know.

Axlyn grabbed Kohl's shoulder like her lifeline. She could have just left him walking behind her but something lurking in the Force had told her to keep him close. Or perhaps it was merely her own well kept fear that wanted to make sure a youngling wouldn't be hurt in anyway in this odd new galaxy.

Axlyn's ship had set in a dark golden-amber. The Force swam around the ship like a fish in the deepest of oceans. Was this ship alive? Could it feel the Force as the Jedi could? She had never heard of a living ship before, not even in books of fiction. Axlyn scuffed her boots hastily against the ship's flooring. It stretched like a bridge a dozen yards until it spread gently into an amber wall. An oval door with the same golden treadles stretches enough to fit a giant. If this was a living ship, were the treadles working as veins? Where had this ship come from?

"This," Azula said causing Axlyn to shake herself from her train of thought, "Is Alux, a Leviathan."