Author's Notes: I really wasn't sure if I was going to continue this story, but after playing the walking dead video game, I got inspiration to continue it. I'm going to say right now, that I'll never have a OC in this story, any character in this story is either from the TV show, Comics, or the video game, it's not like I have any thing against an OC, it's just that I doubt I'd ever be able to make a decent one. Besides with all the characters from this damn franchise, I don't think I'd ever need to make one.

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"You don't know what we had to go through out there, the things we've had to do. I bet you've had to do some of those things yourself. Am I right? 'Cause ain't nobody's hands clean in what's left of this world. We're all the same.."

Chapter 2: Lilly Caul

"I'm Sorry."


"I'm Sorry."


"I'm Sorry."


Shane woke up with a strangled gasp, panting and drenched in a cold sweat.

"Christ, not again." He muttered to himself, placing his sweaty head in his hands.

He must have been falling asleep and pulled over to rest his eyes, he hadn't even realized he had stopped driving, it was like he was on auto-pilot. Ever since leaving Hershel's farm a 3 weeks ago, he had driven none stop, only stopping when he needed to scavenge for gas or if he just couldn't keep his eyes open anymore. Living out of his car hadn't been the most comfortable experience, but it's not like he deserved anything better...

The last couple weeks had been miserable, he had been suffering from insomnia and even when he did manage to sleep, he would be plagued with nightmares every time.

Some nights he'd dream about Otis, the look of betrayal on the man's face when he had shot him and left him for dead, other nights he'd dream about Lori, about what happened at the CDC, about the horrifying mistake he had almost made and what he put her through, then there were the nights he'd dream about Rick, he'd dream about the time he had aimed his shotgun at a man who had been the brother he never had, or the when he had left Rick in the hospital after he thought he had died. In the end, it didn't matter what dreams came to him at night, because they all ended the same way; with him waking up filled with self loathing and shame.

Letting out a heavy sigh, Shane picked himself up from the driver's seat, he stretched out his arms and cracked his neck, trying to get some sensation flowing through his body. Sleeping in a car was really starting to make him sore all over, or maybe that was just his twisted ankle, he was still limping on the damn thing, but lucky for him, he still had his car working. If he was left traveling on foot, he'd surly be further up shit's creek without a paddle, not that he wasn't now though...

Shane reached into the glove compartment, and pulled out a map he had stashed in it before leaving the group. He really wasn't sure on where he was going anymore, originally the plan had been to go to Fort Benning, but there were now some complications in that plan now.

He wasn't sure if the group was still going there. Hell, he didn't even know if they had found Sophia yet.

"Aw, Christ, Sophia..."

A new wave of guilt hit Shane, dropping the map, he buried his head in his hands again.

For God's sake, he was fucking cop, a sheriff's deputy in the King's County police Department, and yet he had all but forgetting that a little girl was still missing, lost somewhere in the Woods of Georgia, with those things, shambling around, devouring anything living, and then turning it into one of them.

It had only been three to four months since the world had ended, how the hell did things get this bad, were he was forced into killing his fellow man in cold blood, abounding a defense girl to an unknown, but most likely, tragic fate, and now he had left his group, the people he had survived with since the world had gone to shit.

Shane then violently shook his head, he couldn't think about that now, it wasn't his fault that things had gotten this bad, he tried, he tried doing everything he could. Besides, even if he did turn around and go back to the group, that wouldn't change anything, in fact, it'd probably make things worse. The group wouldn't accept him back, he had killed Otis, and by now Dale had already spilled the beans about the Incident in the woods with Rick, Lori probably had gotten over her gratitude towards him, and now remembered what he had almost did to her at the CDC, and after being gone for a weeks straight, they all had to of known that he had abounded them all.

Shane laughed sadly to himself, he was an exile in dead world, and in the deep, dark corner of his mind, he knew there was no one to blame, but himself, too bad he'd never admit it to anyone, not even himself.

Ever since leaving, he wondered if anyone had missed him; did Lori think about him? Did Rick miss his best friend? Did Carl wonder what happened to the man who was a second father to him?

"Probably not." He thought bitterly.

Sighing one last time, he picked his head up, plucked the map off the floor and threw over his head, he then started the engine of his car. It was time to go, his self-pity party could wait, staying in one place these days could get your ass killed, and that rule was even more important when you were living on the road.

Most of the day had been uneventful, driving down abounded highways and back roads, scavenging here and there when he could. Sometimes there were walkers, sometimes there wasn't, never once did he run into a herd, the memory of the first one he had seen was still fresh in his mind, so he made sure to keep a look out for another as best he could.

Ever since leaving the farm, he had developed a new Modus Operandi, and that was to never stay in one place too long, never use guns if he didn't have to, to never waste ammo or make too much noise. It had been difficult to stop using his trusty shotgun as much as he liked, but the damn thing made too much noise, and fighting a whole mess of walkers wasn't high on his to-do list.

Come nightfall, he had found himself on some old dirt road, the highway had too many road blocks for him to get through, so he had cut his loses and found an alternate route. The tires of the Hyundai ripped up the dry, dusty dirt road, the car slightly jumping at every little bump in the road. Shane just drove through the night, scattering his eye sight in every direction, looking out for any walkers.

Through the darkness, faint red lights could be seen up ahead of him further down the road, he flicked on his high beams trying to get a better look at what he was coming up on; squinting his eyes, he was able to see that the lights were tail lights from a vehicle.

"Shit, maybe I can siphon some gas." Shane thought speeding the car up, hoping to be able to stock up on some fuel for the Hyundai, he was running low, and the last thing he wanted to do was walk wherever the hell he was going.

It wasn't until he got closer to the tail lights, that his hope for gas disappeared, and his heart dropped into his stomach.

The tail lights he had been looking at were attached to an RV, the damn thing had crashed into a tall oak tree, the front of it was barely recognizable, having wrapped almost completely around the tree.

Shane couldn't stop himself from looking at the nasty crash site in fear, the RV, it looked just like Dale's RV.

But, the group was at the farm! Sophia was still missing, Carl was still recovering from being shot! Did something happen at the farm to force them to leave, and if something did happen, then why was Dale's RV crashed into a tree?

Pulling over by the wreckage, Shane practically jumped out the car and ran inside of the RV, shotgun tightly hand, ready for whatever th hell was going to happen next.

When he got inside the RV, his fears disappeared though. It only took a single glance for him to realize that the RV wasn't Dale's, everything was different inside from the one Dale owned. This RV looked more of wreck, like it had been found in some shitty motel or something. Dale's RV was in prime condition, Shane could say a lot about the man, but the old guy always kept a clean vehicle.

Letting out a breath of relief, Shane lowered his rifle, and leaned against a nearby wall, he closed his eyes and rested his head against it. He wanted to laugh, he worked himself up that the RV was his group's, he was so afraid that maybe someone from the camp was hurt, that he had overlooked that there were more than one RV in the entire state.

He really needed a good nights rest, between his insomnia and nightmares, he was getting pretty damn paranoid.

suddenly, the sound of a gun cocking back reached his ears.

Shane opened his eyes slowly to see the barrel of Beretta staring back at him.

"Aw, hell."

The owner of the revolver was a woman, Her dry, dirty chestnut hair was covering most of her face, but looking closely you could see that she was badly banged up, there were bruises and cuts all over her face, her left eye looked like it was in the early stages of developing a black eye, and both of her eyes were bloodshot, there were dark shadows around the ring of her eyes, like her face, they too looked bruised, but Shane could guess the shadows came from lack of sleep than an actually injury.

The woman stepped closer to Shane, pointing her gun directly at his forehead. "Drop the gun." She said in a raspy voice, it was clear she hadn't had anything to drink in a while, and that she was dehydrated.

He slowly lowered his shotgun the ground, then while still keeping her gun trained on him, the woman quickly picked up his shotgun, she placed her Beretta in the back of her pants, then pointed Shane's gun at him.

"I was just passing through." Shane said calmly. "I'm a cop...or...atleast I was a cop."

The woman snorted. "You don't look like cop, let me see you're badge."

"I left my badge in my other pair pants."

The woman cocked the shotgun back. "You should be more respectful to a woman with gun."

"That's my gun." Shane shot back.

"Wasn't that hard taking it from you." The woman replied.

Shane glared hatefully at the woman, and she returned the gesture with just as much venom, if not more. There really wasn't no escaping the woman, he had his back against the wall and she was aiming his own gun right at his face.

"You got a group with you? They waiting outside ready to jump me?" The woman asked peering out of the RV's windows.

Shane sighed, turning his head away from the woman. "Nah, no group. Just me." There wasn't any reason to lie to woman, she had him at gun point. Whatever she was gonna do, he might as well accept it, he was too tired to do anything anyway. Maybe this was karma.

The woman's glare faltered slightly, for a second she almost looked sad, but she quickly regained her composure. "Bullshit." She spat. "No one travels alone anymore."

Looking back towards the woman, Shane closed his eyes again, and laid his head back against the wall. "Then what are you doing out here alone and looking like hell?"

The woman glared harder at Shane, and again there was a hint of sadness in her glare, but he didn't see it, he wasn't sure why, but he didn't want to fight anymore, besides, he was pretty much dead already anyway.

"You answer my question first," The woman said firmly. "Why the fuck are you out here?"

Shruging his shoulders, he said "I'm just trying to get away."

The woman raised an eyebrow. "From what?"

Images flashed through Shane's mind, everything that had happened to him from the day Rick had been shot, to the night he had killed Otis.

"Everything." He answered quietly.

Lowering the shotgun, the woman leaned against the wall opposite of Shane. She was still glaring at him, but there was a small amount of curiosity in her tired, bloodshot eyes. "What's your name, cop?"

"Walsh." Shane said opening his eyes. "Shane Walsh.

A moment passed between them, the woman stared at him for what seemed like an eternity, she then placed Shane's shotgun on a nearby table, away from his reach mind you, but he was just relived it wasn't pointing at his face anymore.

The woman then said. "My names Lilly. Lilly Caul."

Author's Note: Well that's the end of chapter two. Since playing the Telltale walking dead game, I've really grown to like all of their characters, so I decided to put some of them in this story, and I know that the game is set in the comic universe, and not the TV, but I'm changing some things around. Lilly is from both the comic and video game, well at least use to be, there had been a problem with her back story so Robert Kirckman said they were different, but it's pretty clear that their one and the same, so I'm sticking to it. If you wanna know more about Lilly, ya should check out The Walking Dead wiki page. Well' that is all for now, see ya on the next update.

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