Hollow Rising

Chapter 1

Ski Mask Style

Six months. Six months ago Ichigo alongside with his family landed in an entirely new dimension. It had taken a few weeks to get used to the new environment but eventually he and his family settled in. It was strange at first but they soon learned Jump City was as lively and adventurous as Karakura Town. They had no idea, of what was in store for them…

Isshin Kurosaki was many things. A former captain of the thirteen court squads in the Soul Society. A father with what some would call odd methods of waking his children mainly his son. Right now though, above all else he was worried. That's right. The usual laidback easygoing goof, was worried. On the outside you could never tell, but on the inside his stomach was turning flips, much like it had been for the past three months.

You see after the first three months the Kurosakis had settled into an small apartment where Isshin opened up his clinic, giving aid to those who couldn't afford it, which was greatly appreciated by the small community that surround them. The Kurosaki sisters Yuzu and Karin would often help out after school playing the nurses for the patients.

Ichigo on the other hand was an entirely different story. The eldest Kurosaki would never admit it out loud but he could tell his son was growing restless. How could he not? You just don't give up a life as a Shinigami and go back to being normal. The boy still had his powers. Yet he could be seen by everyone. He dared not release Zangetsu in fear of the backlash it may have on the city and its population. He simply used low level kido and a weaker flash step.

Ichigo would disappear for hours to just stay in his room hitting the heavy bag his dad had bought him. It seemed that was the only way for him to blow off steam.

One Friday evening as Isshin had finished up with his patient logs he heard Yuzu's scream. Hell Karin had nearly ran him over trying to get to Yuzu as well. What he saw confused him. Ichigo's heavy bag was now rip opened from the wear Ichigo had caused it, with the sand draining all over the place. Realization sat in when he saw the tears streaming down his daughter's face while she clinched a piece of now soaked paper.

When Yuzu had finally calmed down Isshin quickly told Karin to take her to another room. The dark haired girl hastily followed out with the order and lead Yuzu to her room.

Isshin finally sat down on his son's bed with a sigh and began reading, or at least he attempted to. He couldn't make out most of the letter seeing how Yuzu's tears had smudged most of the letter's content but he softly smiled at the final words that were unmarked.

"Gotta find my own way in this city old man. Give the girls a hug for me and tell'em not to worry. I'll always be there to protect them…might even lend a hand to help your old ass, if I'm feeling generous enough. I'll see you guys later.

Love Ichigo."

Isshin's smile grew even wider when he noticed Zangetsu leaned against the corner. There was absolutely no way his son would leave part of his soul without having a plan, he knew in his heart that his son would be just fine. But without Ichigo he had no idea if he and the girls would be okay, only time would tell.

Isshin sat at the table thinking. The past three months had brought about change for the Kurosaki family. Especially in the financial department. For each month that Ichigo was gone a suitcase had shown up on the family dining table holding large amounts of currency. He knew his son had something to do with it and that was what worried him. He just hoped his son hadn't gotten in over his head in some sort of shady business…. oh if he only knew.

"Goddamn weather. Freezing my balls out here. I thought the West Coast was supposed to be all sunshine and crap. Just my luck."

Those were the exact words that came from a scowling orange-haired teenager. Said teenager was none other then Ichigo Kurosaki.

Ichigo was heading to his "employer" or lack of a better term. As he circled around a corner he saw the safe haven known to everybody as Jimmy J's Pawn & Storage. Ichigo quickly started to make his way there when suddenly he collided into another person, a woman in fact.

As Ichigo helped her up he took in her features. She was quite the looker. Beautiful eyes, Raven-haired, full lips, and a gorgeous figure that could be seen where her clothes tightly hugged her body.

She immediately began apologizing. "I am so sorry about that. I've just been so clumsy lately. Are you alright?"

Ichigo just brushed off. "No problem, no harm done. To be honest it was just as much as my fault. Kind of zoned out and wasn't paying attention to where I was walking. Sorry bout' that."

The woman smiled gently and went upon her way and that gentle smile turned to full on devious. But it soon became a frown as she stopped in her tracks to only hear the spiky haired teenager speak.

"So pretty lady, if you give me back my wallet I might give you back your pretty bracelets."

The woman couldn't believe it. What she thought was an easy target had already had her scouted. She didn't know what to feel. Humiliation? Anger? Or impressed? This teenager had just did something no one else had done. Not only was he able to get her bracelets, he did it without her noticing it. If this was a real situation he had already be gone and she'd have even more wounded pride.

"Come on lady is it that hard of a choice for you to make?"

Ichigo raised a brow as the woman turned back to him wearing a smile that sent a shiver up and down his spine.

"I'm impressed. Not many people would have noticed their wallet missing till I was long gone. But even more you were able to counter me with your own attack, and be successful at it too. You are quite the interesting person."

Ichigo on the inside was shocked. A woman who had unsuccessfully attempted to pickpocket him was just standing there talking about it all casually. And he thought the Soul Society had strange characters.

"Well I not some ordinary mark. So what's it going to be? My wallet for your bracelets or not?"

Within seconds the exchange went down. She tossed him his walled and he quickly threw her the bracelets. As Ichigo went to leave the spoke again.

"Maybe I was wrong. I was impressed and took you for the intelligent kind, but now I'm not so sure."

Ichigo sighed. This woman was starting to get on his nerves. You know a normal person would have already left by now. Now under different circumstances Ichigo would be pleased to have a beautiful woman's attention, but this was the kind of attention he could do without. He went against his better judgment and decided to humor the woman.

"And just what do you mean by that?"

The woman smirked as she spoke. "you swapped me my bracelets for your wallet."

"And? That was part of the deal." Ichigo sharply replied.

She rested her hands on her hips. She couldn't believe this guy. It wasn't possible he could be so thickheaded.

She sighed. "I guess I'll have to spell it out for you. Kind of disappointing. You didn't even check to see if your wallet was missing any money."

Ichigo chuckled. "oh that's why you're so mad. Well it's simple, I didn't have any money in there to begin with."

The dark-haired beauty was now laughing. "I stand corrected, you've proven yourself dumber then I'd imagine."

Ichigo grew a large tic mark above his right eye. "More with the insults? What did I do now!?"

The woman put her hands up in an innocent manner. "Oh I don't know maybe you just traded a worthless wallet for two very expensive pieces of jewelry?"

"It might be a worthless item to you but not to me.'

She watched as he opened it up and she placed her eyes upon two pictures in the wallets side compartments. One was of a older man with two young girls smiling. The other was one that seemed to be a younger version of the orange haired man with a attractive woman. After he had it opened for a few moments he closed it and began to walk away before the woman had quickly gotten behind him and swung him around and placed the two bracelets in his hand and gave him a gentle smile and turned to walk off.

"Hey! I can't take these! Where are you going!?"

She turned and gave him a wink. "Keep them. I'd be insulted if you didn't, they'll fetch you a good price. Or they could just simply be a gift."

Ichigo looked on incuriously. This day just keeps on getting weirder.

"Hey tall, dark, and handsome. What's your name?"

Ichigo nearly choked on his own spit from being called that. "Uh Ichigo!"

"Nice to meet'cha Ichigo. I'm sure we'll run into another again1"

She stopped midway through her first step.

"Oh and by the way. My names Selina Kyle! See ya later!."

And with that Ichigo watcher her walk off, not without throwing in a swaying of her hips though.

Ichigo for a moment was silent before speaking. "Couldn't find a fucking swing like that on a playground."

As Ichigo made his way into the pawn shop, Miss Kyle watched on.

"Things are going to start getting interested round' this place with that Guy here. Slade and Blood might have a little competition with this Ichigo around. Jump City might not be the only place affected though. Wonder if he's going to make a few trips to Gotham. Seeing how he's got to be Jimmy's new protégé I wouldn't be surprised. It's gonna be fun to watch what path you take Ichigo. You're sure to make many enemies and allies along the way. It's going to be a fun ride."

With that she caught a cab and headed back to Gotham…

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