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The Solution : Family Binds

Chapter 2

Damon got a flight from Rome to Charlottesville connecting through New York. With the six hour time difference, he landed into Charlottesville just after 8am. He compelled a rental car then drove like a bat out of hell to Mystic Falls. He parked the car just outside of town then ran the rest of the way. Damon took care to focus on his surroundings to make sure that Klaus didn't have minions working for him. Jeremy's flight had been early that morning and he'd gotten a text from the young vampire to say that he was at the gate about to board, so he wasn't worried about Jeremy because he wouldn't be in harm's way.

As Damon approached the Gilbert house, he saw a vampire lurking in the trees, so he sped up behind him and staked him with a branch then hid the body. He checked the surrounds and there was nobody else, so he climbed into the house through the window and snuck upstairs. He poked his head into Elena's room and saw her and Elijah sleeping. He tiptoed into the room and in a blink, grabbed Elijah covered his mouth then darted downstairs to the kitchen with him without waking Elena. When Damon set him down, Elijah's eyes were wide in fright.


"Shhh." Damon cut him off.

"Aren't you supposed to be in Italy?" Elijah whispered and Damon nodded.

"Bonnie's been taken hostage." Damon whispered back.

"By?" Elijah tested surprised and confused.

"Klaus." Damon answered and Elijah's eyes bugged and his jaw dropped because he'd had no idea that Klaus survived.

"He is planning to revert." Elijah whispered in realisation and Damon nodded.

"I know that he's your brother but are you really going to let him use your son's mother as a blood bag?" Damon whispered and Elijah shot him a look.

"No of course not. I love her." Elijah said like he was stupid and Damon nodded again.

"Then I need your help. Klaus won't anticipate you working with me." Damon stated.

"Of course. But I am human. If he has survived, he clearly turned himself when you shot him." Elijah remarked.

"I know. How about I turn you now then?" Damon suggested surprising Elijah.

"But…" Elijah trailed off.

"I know that you want more children. Did you go to the clinic like I advised?" Damon whispered.

"Yes, but…" He trailed off again.

"I know conceiving them naturally is far more wonderful but if we don't stop Klaus, you won't be having any more because he'll kill everyone." Damon pointed out and Elijah nodded.

"Yes, he cannot be allowed to become an Original hybrid again." Elijah agreed.

"Do you have a ring?" Damon asked.

"I am still wearing it." Elijah showed his hand.

"Good." Damon approved then bit his wrist and held it out to him. Elijah drank down his blood then pulled away when the wound closed.

"What about Elena?" Elijah examined.

"I'm going to compel her to stay in the house. She's heavily pregnant and we can't take any chances that Klaus would use her for negotiations." Damon informed.

"Alright. She is only wearing vervain when leaving the house. She does not have any in or on her now." Elijah advised.

"Great." Damon approved. "What about Rebekah?"

"She knows that Niklaus would kill her for leaving him to die." Elijah said.

"Should I go compel her to stay in her apartment too?" Damon offered.

"Yes, that would be wise." Elijah nodded. "I am not sure that she would 100% take our side against him anyway. He was always her favourite."

"Okay and what's the likelihood that Kol, Finn and your mother are teamed up with him?" Damon asked quietly.

"Finn is back together with Sage and they are living in London together as humans. I spoke with him yesterday. Our mother is with them as she has been turned into a vampire." Elijah said shooting him an amused look, guessing that Damon had something to do with that and Damon smirked. "Kol, however, I have not had contact with. We were not close as humans and never really saw each other. He could be working with Niklaus. He will not enjoy being a baby vampire again." Elijah explained.

"Okay, while you're turning, I'll scout the town for vampires. There was one watching this house, so I killed him." Damon disclosed surprising Elijah.

"The sooner that he is dead, the sooner that we are all free to live peacefully again." Elijah muttered.

"You swear, Elijah?" Damon asked him seriously and Elijah understood that Damon wanted assurances that he could trust him. Elijah then held out his hand to Damon, giving him a sincere expression to match his gesture.

"Yes, I give you my word." He promised and Damon shook his hand. "My brother terrorized not only the world but his family for over a thousand years. It is time for it to stop once and for all." Elijah declared.

"Then close your eyes." Damon bid and Elijah nodded then closed his eyes and Damon snapped his neck. He caught the elder man before he fell then put him on the couch. After that, Damon darted up to Elena's bedroom and shook her awake.

"Damon?" She asked sleepily then rubbed her eyes. "What's going on?" She inquired confused by his appearance since he was meant to be in Europe.

"Klaus is alive." Damon stated and she gasped and her eyes watered.

"No." She sniffed. "No, not again. I can't do it again." She sobbed.

"Hey, hey." Damon soothed. "That's why I'm here. I'm going to end him once and for all." He promised.

"Where's Elijah?" She asked alarmed, seeing that she was alone in bed.

"Turning." Damon replied and she paled. "I need his help. Klaus has Bonnie and her family. Bonnie can kill me and she would do it to save her family. I need him to distract Klaus because if Klaus gets turned back into what he was before, we'll all die." He explained apologetically and she nodded.

"I understand." She replied.

"Look at me." Damon requested and she looked into his eyes. "You will not leave this house until either Elijah or I tell you that you can." He compelled then let it go and she scowled at him.

"I'm almost 34 weeks pregnant, I'm not going to try to come with you. I'm not an idiot." She said annoyed and he smirked.

"Better safe than sorry. You need to look after that little boy. I'll make sure that Elijah comes back to you." Damon promised and she nodded.

"Thanks." She acknowledged sincerely.

"He's going to be out for about an hour to two hours. I'm going out to scout the town and compel Rebekah." Damon explained.

Damon appeared at Rebekah's door – after killing four vampires in his path – and knocked. She opened sleepily about a minute later and was visibly surprised to see him.

"Damon? What are you doing here?" She questioned alarmed and he stared into her eyes.

"You will not leave this apartment until either Elijah or I tell you that you can." Damon compelled then let it go and she shot him a look.

"What was that for?" She asked annoyed.

"Klaus is alive." Damon confessed and her eyes bugged.

"He will kill me." She gasped.

"Exactly why you're staying here. You're human, so he and his vampires can't enter." Damon pointed out and she sighed.

"Will Elijah help you?" She asked softly and he nodded.

"He's turning at the moment." Damon revealed and she blinked in surprise.

"But he wants to have another pregnancy with Elena first." Rebekah mumbled confused.

"He would rather turn and keep her alive." Damon countered.

"That is understandable." Rebekah nodded with a sigh. "Is Stefan with you?"

"No, he's protecting my family in Italy." Damon denied. "I promised him that I'd keep you safe." He added.

"Thank you." Rebekah said sincerely.

"Klaus has Bonnie hostage along with her family. I'm going to sneak in and get them out first. Can I bring them here? It's closer to here than to the Gilbert house." Damon requested and she nodded.

"Yes, of course." Rebekah agreed. "I will not allow any harm to come to them." She promised.

"Alright. See you in a little while then." Damon replied and she nodded then he was gone in a blink and she shut the door then hurried in for a shower so that she wouldn't be in her pyjamas when they showed up.

"He hasn't called." Caroline stated flatly to Stefan just after lunch. Stefan had already gotten them another car and put the house in Caroline's name to ensure a barrier.

"He's probably just busy, Care." Stefan replied soothingly then there was a knock on the door. Stefan went and opened it and saw a girl and three guys standing there.

"Damon called us." One of the guys said.

"If you could make a perimeter, that'll be great. Any problems, just yell." Stefan instructed.

"Of course." The girl nodded then the four of them disappeared in a blink and Stefan closed the door.

"What's that about?" Liz asked curiously.

"Damon made a few vampires since he got here and they're the ones with daylight rings. They're going to watch the property." Stefan explained surprising her.

"Why? Klaus is in Virginia." Liz remarked.

"Sure, but he could know that we're in Italy. It might have been what he was waiting for. It's just a precaution." Stefan countered and she nodded in understanding.

"When's Jeremy getting in again?" Caroline asked.

"9.15pm tonight. I'll go get him." Stefan responded.

"No, I'll go. You stay with Care and the kids. You know that Damon would lose it if you left them for that long." Ric countered as Caroline and the babies had gone with Stefan to get the lawyer earlier.

Damon bounded Mystic Falls as stealthily as he could and he killed another seven vampires as he didn't recognise them as his vampires, so they were clearly Klaus' vampires and Damon wasn't going to give him any advantage. When he was sure that the area was clear, he closed in on Klaus' mansion and circled the property as he looked in the windows to find Bonnie. He saw Klaus on the phone in one room, so he moved quickly and kept going around the house until he spotted Bonnie reading over spell books. He went up to the window and concentrated.

Bonnie was dishevelled and tired and worried. Klaus hadn't let her sleep or eat. She wanted to point out to him that she would be useless if she was too tired and drained but she wasn't going to take the chance that he'd hurt her family, so she kept at it. She was busy concentrating when she heard 'window' flicker across her mind and her head snapped up. She'd never in her life been so happy to see anything as she was to see that ridiculous smirk and the ice blue eyes that were staring back at her. She grinned at him in relief then he concentrated again and she heard 'don't worry' and she nodded.

"Thank you." She mouthed without making a sound and he winked at her cheekily and she couldn't help the smile on her face. Damon concentrated again and she heard 'play along, I'll get your family out' and she nodded then he was gone in a blink. The relief that she felt was astounding.

He'd come for her.

For the first time since she saw the blood in her mother's house on the kitchen floor, she saw a ray of hope.

Damon ran at full speed to the Gilbert house and let himself in. He saw Elijah and Elena sitting having a cup of tea together.

"Afternoon." Damon smirked as he wandered in.

"Hey, so what's happening?" Elena asked and Damon slumped down in a seat at the table.

"I compelled Rebekah to stay in the apartment, killed twelve vampires and made contact with Bonnie." Damon advised surprising them.

"Busy morning." Elijah smirked and Damon snickered.

"It's taking my frustrations out." Damon quipped and Elijah chuckled while Elena looked confused.

"What frustrations?" Elena probed.

"Klaus ruined my kids' first Christmas. Killing everything in sight is keeping me appeased." Damon remarked and Elijah smirked in understanding while Elena looked sad.

"How are they? Are they okay?" Elena queried and he nodded.

"Conrad stood up by himself holding onto the table for the first time yesterday." Damon said proudly and they smiled.

"Elena told me that you are expecting twins again." Elijah said and Damon grinned.

"Yep. Can't wait." Damon said delighted and they laughed a little at how ecstatic he looked about that.

"That will be a handful." Elijah remarked.

"Nonsense. It'll be awesome. Sure, I might be sleep deprived for the next ten years but so what? It's not like I had anything else planned." Damon smirked and they chuckled at his reasoning. "Anyway, you have to transition soon, or Klaus is going to figure out that his minions are missing." Damon commented.

"You will compel my control?" Elijah queried.

"Mmhmm. Then once we get Bonnie out she can take your bloodlust away. It is awesome without the bloodlust." Damon quipped.

"That does sound good." Elijah agreed.

"I brought you a boring bag to transition from. You can feed properly later." Damon remarked while fishing out a blood bag.

"I will have to be strong." Elijah commented.

"I know. I brought five bags for you to feed on. Blood drunk might be a good idea." Damon advised and the elder man nodded. He handed Elijah the bag and he opened it then drank it down hungrily and his face changed for the first time (again). "Look at me." Damon instructed before Elijah got a whiff of Elena. Elijah looked at him then Damon stared into his eyes. "You will have no issue with blood control, you will never have to kill unless you choose to, you will retain your thousand years of feeding control even now as a new vampire and you will keep your humanity." Damon compelled then let it go, surprising both of them at what his instructions were. Elijah was particularly surprised that Damon didn't compel his loyalty but it only made him respect Damon more. "Now try another one and see if you feel a difference." Damon said handing him another blood bag. Elijah opened it and sipped it with no problems.

"That is quite the difference." Elijah approved.

"You'll feel the biggest difference once your bloodlust is gone." Damon decided.

"What's the plan now?" Elena asked concerned.

"I will go into the house under the pretence of looking through his books in the library. He will hear me then I will feign shock at seeing him." Elijah said.

"While you do that, I'll get Bonnie's family out." Damon replied. "Once he doesn't have them, Bonnie won't have any reason not to magically attack him then I'll kill him. I know that you don't want to have to kill your brother." He said to Elijah with understanding.

"I do not, no, but I will if I must. I will not allow Elena and Leif to come to any harm because of him." Elijah declared.

"Good." Damon approved and Elena shot Elijah a loving smile. "Shall we then?" He asked.

"Yes." Elijah nodded and they stood up.

"I'll wait outside." Damon said then left the house to give them a minute to say bye as it was still a dangerous thing that they were about to undertake. Elijah appeared next to him a couple of minutes later. "Ready?"

"Yes." Elijah agreed then they took off to the mansion in a flash.

Elijah opened the front door with the key that he had then closed it behind him as he knew that Damon was going in through the back window. He wandered in then took a right down the hall and headed towards the library. He slowly scanned the shelves and took out a book then kept looking – he really did need some books to read anyway.

"Elijah." Elijah spun round and his jaw dropped.

"Niklaus." Elijah gasped shocked then put his hand forward on his brother's shoulder. "How are you alive?" He said almost happily surprising Klaus that Elijah looked relieved to see him.

"It is a long story, my brother. Shall we have a drink?" Klaus suggested and Elijah smiled and nodded.

"Yes, of course." Elijah agreed and Klaus looked pleased then motioned to the other room and the two of them went in and sat down.

Damon watched them take a seat then he hurried around to the other side of the house, hopped in the window and focused his hearing. He heard three steady human heartbeats coming from below, so he silently made his way to the basement stairs and blinked down them. As quietly as possible, he opened the cell door and Abby was visibly surprised to see him. He held up one finger to his lips imploring them to be silent and they nodded. He held out one finger to them then waved them towards him, explaining that he had to take them one at a time. Abby and Bonnie's father both pointed to the boy and Damon nodded then picked him up and disappeared in a blink up the stairs and out the window. He ran as fast as he could to Rebekah's apartment then set Jamie down and knocked on the door. Rebekah opened it seconds later.

"First one. I'll be back in a minute." Damon remarked.

"Come in." Rebekah invited and Jamie stepped inside then Damon disappeared in a blink back to Klaus' house. He checked and Klaus and Elijah were still having a drink and talking, so he hopped back in the window and went back to the basement to the open cell door and he motioned for Bonnie's father. He shook his head and pointed to Abby and Damon shook his head back.

"He won't kill a witch." Damon mouthed surprising them then Damon picked Mr Bennett up without waiting for the inevitable chauvinistic argument then disappeared back upstairs and out the window. He ran to Rebekah's again as fast as he could and her door was still open. He set the man down who was a little wide-eyed because of the speed they'd been going at as he hadn't known about vampires until they were kidnapped.

"Who are you?" Mr Bennett asked confused.

"A friend of your daughter's." Damon replied surprising the man. "Don't worry. I'll get Abby then Klaus won't have anything to hold over Bonnie and we'll kill him once and for all. I'll bring them both here as soon as possible." Damon assured.

"Thank you." Mr Bennett said sincerely.

"Hello, come in." Rebekah invited.

"Make them something to eat, Rebekah. Klaus probably didn't provide anything decent." Damon remarked and she nodded then Damon disappeared in a flicker again and Mr Bennett stepped inside and saw Jamie on the couch. Damon went back to the house, checked on Klaus and Elijah then went back down to the basement. He got to the door and saw that Abby was standing up waiting for him. He motioned to her to come over and she stepped forward then her eyes widened. Damon turned around and just got a flash of Kol before everything went black…

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