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The Solution

Chapter 103

Elijah and Klaus were sitting in the study catching up on the year's events and Klaus promised to make Elijah into an Original again in exchange for his help. Elijah did want to be an Original again – but he'd given his word and he knew better than to ever trust Klaus. They were both surprised when they saw Kol dragging Bonnie in by the arm.

"What is the problem, Kol?" Klaus probed tiredly as his brother was really getting on his nerves.

"The little witch contacted Damon Salvatore." Kol stated annoyed and Klaus looked surprised as that was the last thing he expected to hear.

"How do you know?" Klaus asked through narrowed eyes.

"Because I just snapped his neck and stuck twelve stakes into him. When he awakens, he will be starving. He rescued her father and the boy, but the mother is locked in the room with Damon. Perhaps this will teach her a lesson." Kol glared at Bonnie who looked highly worried – though, internally, she knew that Damon had no bloodlust and wouldn't feel the need to kill her mother.

"I told you not to contact anyone." Klaus growled at Bonnie.

"I didn't!" Bonnie exclaimed. "How the hell would I contact him? You took my phone and you've been watching me the whole time." She reminded him.

"Why didn't you just kill Damon?" Klaus asked Kol annoyed.

"He obviously has some kind of protection spell on him. I tried putting a stake in his heart and it didn't work." Kol answered and Klaus scowled at nothing in particular. Elijah was surprised that they didn't know that Damon was now the Original – not that he was going to tell them that.

"Perhaps a little torture is in order for Damon. He is exceptionally irritating." Elijah suggested as he thought that if he could just find a way to get Damon out of the cell, Damon could kill Klaus and Kol. Bonnie looked at him horrified while Klaus and Kol smirked at him deviously.

"By all means, Elijah. That would be fun to witness." Kol remarked, holding his hand out, motioning for Elijah to lead the way…

Damon's eyes fluttered open and he groaned in pain. He had stakes in his arms, legs, neck, stomach and chest and it hurt like hell. He instantly smelled blood and he turned his head only to see Abby crouching in the corner with a bite mark on her neck. He understood that he'd been put in with her because they didn't know that he didn't have any bloodlust, so he figured that they thought it would be funny if he killed her given that he was trying to rescue her. Ironic, even.

"Abby." Damon whispered.

"You're going to kill me, aren't you?" She sniffed.

"No. Bonnie took away my bloodlust." Damon whispered surprising her. "Pull the stakes out. I swear I won't feed on you." He promised and she looked at him sceptically. "I'll kill them if you let me go." He whispered. She took a deep breath then carefully went over to him and started to pull out his stakes and he bit his lip because it hurt like hell. When she was done, she went back to the corner and Damon moved up to a seated position against the wall.

"Did you get them out?" Abby whispered and Damon nodded.

"Mr Bennett and Jamie are safe." Damon promised.

"Can you heal without blood?" Abby asked doubtfully and he sighed.

"Not completely but don't worry so much." Damon waved his hand unconcerned. "I'll break the door in a few minutes." He added. Damon's head snapped up because he heard footsteps. "Don't tell them that I'm awake." Damon whispered then lay back down on the ground and closed his eyes and Abby bit her lip with worry. The door opened and Damon instantly smelled Kol and Elijah but not Klaus, so he figured that Klaus was still upstairs with Bonnie.

"Not awake yet." Kol remarked amused. "Why did you pull his stakes out?" He examined Abby who gulped.

"I thought if he healed then he wouldn't kill me." Abby said nervously and Kol laughed.

"It's wood. Of course he'll kill you." Kol quipped. Damon heard Kol walk over to Abby so one of his eyes opened and he saw Elijah staring at him. Elijah then nodded his head slightly to Kol and Damon was standing up in a blink behind Kol.

"Boo." Damon said amused then Kol spun around and Damon's hand went into his chest and Kol's eyes bugged at the fact Elijah wasn't doing anything stop Damon then Damon yanked his heart out and Kol gasped then fell to the ground. He greyed immediately then Damon turned to Elijah who'd averted his eyes. "Where's Klaus?" Damon whispered.

"Upstairs with Bonnie. I will take Mrs Bennett to the others." Elijah assured and Damon nodded.

"Go with him." Damon whispered to Abby who nodded then walked over to Elijah. Elijah picked her up then was gone in a blink. Damon wandered up the stairs and followed the voices then he watched.

"What kind of protection spell is on Damon? Why can he not be staked?" Klaus fumed at Bonnie.

"I have no idea." Bonnie said wide-eyed. "I haven't seen Damon in a really long time." Bonnie placated.

"You are lying to me." Klaus glared then stepped towards her.

"You have no manners." Damon quipped as he wandered into the room and Klaus' head snapped to him with wide eyes and Bonnie's jaw dropped at how blood covered he was. She saw wounds all over his body from the stakes and she winced knowing that would have hurt.

"Where are my brothers?" Klaus glared.

"Dead of course." Damon smirked and Klaus paled. "You see, I don't have a protection spell on me." He began as he swaggered up towards Klaus. "I can only be killed by a white oak stake or a dagger. Sound familiar?" Damon teased and Klaus' eyes bugged.

"You are…"

"Mmhmm." Damon cut him off. "You know, I always wondered what it would feel like to be a ripper." He teased and Klaus stepped back from him in fear. "And I am hungry." Damon growled then his face changed and in a blink he viciously bit into Klaus' neck and let the inner vampire take over completely. Klaus screamed as Damon ripped his arms from his body, ripped his rib cage out of his torso, ripped his spine from his back then finally ripped his head off and dropped the multiple pieces on the ground.

"Oh my God." Bonnie gasped in horror and Damon wiped his mouth with his sleeve, which didn't really help considering he was drenched in blood.

"Sorry you had to see that." Damon said as he calmed himself down. "But I can't take the chance that he'll come back to life. In pieces, there's no way." He said and Bonnie's eyes were practically hanging out of her head because she really saw how dangerous Damon could be in that moment. She was used to him being a snarky jackass, whipped by Caroline, a total sap to his kids – she understood then that if anyone threatened that, it was like flipping a switch and Damon would show no mercy.

"Where's my mom?" Bonnie asked in a small voice because it had been nothing but stress for almost 24 hours.

"Elijah took her to your father and Jamie." Damon advised.

"You told Klaus that you killed Elijah." Bonnie said confused.

"I lied. Elijah distracted Klaus while I got your dad and Jamie out. He was working with me." Damon explained.

"Then why did he say that he was going to torture you after Kol said that he snapped your neck?" Bonnie asked still confused.

"Obviously to get me out of the cell to kill Kol and Klaus." Damon shrugged and Bonnie could see the sense in that. "Did you figure out a way?" He queried.

"To make a normal vampire an Original?" Bonnie asked confused and he nodded. "I did actually." She admitted.

"Can you do it for Elijah?" Damon requested surprising her.

"Why?" She asked doubtfully.

"Because he kept his word and helped me to get you and your family free. He kept his word and helped me kill his brothers to ensure peace for us. He had to turn into a baby vampire today when he wasn't going to turn for a while because he wanted more children. He could have betrayed me to take Klaus' side because I heard Klaus promise him to make him an Original again too. But Elijah still kept his word and stayed on my side knowing that it would mean having to stay a baby vampire. He deserves it." Damon explained caringly and Bonnie nodded.

"Alright. But can you get rid of that before I vomit?" She asked disgusted pointing to the Klaus pieces on the floor and Damon chuckled.

"Mmhmm." Damon agreed then picked up an armful of Klaus and went over to the fireplace and tossed them into the fire. He grabbed the bottom half of Klaus and put him in the fire too then disappeared down to the cell and was back in a minute with the dead Kol and he went into the fireplace as well.

"So, you got my note?" Bonnie queried softly as Damon watched them burn. Damon turned his head to look at her with a smirk.

"I left five minutes after I got it." Damon nodded and she smiled.

"Thank you for coming." She said with complete sincerity.

"I always will, Bonnie." Damon promised and her eyes watered.

"Even after…" She sniffed and he chuckled.

"I will have your back until the day you die. I promise." Damon replied and a tear fell down her cheek.

"Ditto." She said and he smirked.

"Good." He approved. "Aside from this crap, are you doing alright?" He enquired.

"I miss you guys." Bonnie admitted shyly and he chuckled.

"You're missed too, you know." Damon remarked.

"I am?" She asked sadly and he nodded.

"Did Katerina tell you about the mix up?" Damon probed.

"What mix up?" She tested.

"She's pregnant." Damon replied and she nodded.

"Yeah, I know. She told me that she and Stefan decided to co-parent because there weren't any feelings there." She agreed.

"They did." Damon confirmed. "But the clinic screwed it up and implanted her with my sample instead of Stefan's." Damon revealed and her jaw dropped in horror.

"Oh my God." She said shocked.

"Mmhmm." Damon agreed.

"Is Care okay?" She asked concerned.

"She's the most okay about it out of everyone. She's apparently made it her mission to prove fairy tales wrong and be the best step mom ever." He smirked and she giggled.

"She would do that." Bonnie said fondly. "Is that because you're not taking it well?" She asked softly and he nodded.

"I'm devastated." Damon admitted and she gave him a sad look because she could understand that completely.

"How is that going to work?" Bonnie inquired and he sighed.

"Apart from our group, the world will think that Ric is the father." Damon explained.

"I won't tell anyone, I promise." Bonnie swore and he nodded.

"I know. Why do you think I told you?" Damon smirked and she gave him a smile.

"Are you planning to shower?" She queried.

"Probably should." Damon remarked amused. Just then Elijah wandered back in. "Can I use your shower? I forgot my house keys in Italy." Damon said to him and Elijah chuckled.

"Yes, of course." Elijah agreed.

"Cool." Damon replied. "Oh and Bonnie's going to make you an Original again." He said and Elijah's jaw dropped in shock.

"Why?" Elijah asked startled.

"Because you kept your word." Damon replied seriously.

"Thank you both." Elijah acknowledged.

"Let's get started." Bonnie smiled.

"I'll come back once I'm clean." Damon remarked then disappeared in a blink to the Gilbert house.

Elena practically demanded that he go shower the second that she saw him and he'd left his bag of clothes there anyway, so he took a quick shower then got dressed. He went back downstairs and sat down at the table.

"So, what happened? Are Elijah and Bonnie okay?" Elena asked.

"Yeah. I need to call Caroline and Stefan, so you can just hear it with them." Damon said then took out his phone. He turned it back on and almost instantly had like 100 texts from Caroline asking if he was okay and he chuckled fondly at her for being so worried about him. He dialled her number and she answered almost instantly and he put it on speaker.

"Damon? Are you okay?" Caroline questioned rapidly with concern.

"I'm fine, darling, how are the kids?" Damon inquired.

"They're fine. What's happening?" She asked trying to get back to the point.

"Klaus is dead. Again." Damon advised and she sighed in relief. Damon could also hear Stefan sighing in relief. "Is Jeremy there yet?" He tested.

"No, Ric's on his way to the airport to pick him up. Actually, he'll probably be on the way back now." Caroline replied. "So, what happened?" She asked again.

"Klaus was keeping Bonnie's family in his dungeon, so Elijah distracted Klaus while I got Mr Bennett and Jamie out then when I went back for Abby, Kol snapped my neck and staked me, so Elijah brought Kol down to the cell I was locked in then I killed Kol, Elijah took Abby to the others then I killed Klaus and burned both his and Kol's bodies." Damon explained.

"Did he have anyone with him? Other than Kol?" Stefan questioned in the background.

"Yeah, fourteen vampires. I killed them all just in case because they've no doubt been feeding in town." Damon confirmed.

"My mom wants to know if you could stash a couple of the vampires that you staked to show to the council in case any bodies are found." Caroline bid.

"I already stuck three in our garage. I forgot our house key but somehow I brought the garage key." Damon remarked like it was stupid and both Caroline and Elena giggled a little at that. "Are the kids asleep?"

"Conrad's asleep but Sessily's still up." Caroline replied.

"Can you put the video on?" Damon asked and Elena gave him a small smile for loving his kids so much and being cute.

"Yeah, one sec." Caroline said then seconds later the video appeared on Damon's screen and he saw Sessily sitting looking sleepy on Stefan's lap. Elena moved closer so that she could look at the screen and see her too.

"Hi, princess." Damon smiled into the camera.

"Daddy!" She exclaimed happily and both Elena and Damon cracked a grin.

"I'll be there tomorrow, you be a good girl for your Mama." Damon said.

"Say 'night night' to Daddy." They heard Caroline say.

"Nigh-nigh." She waved and Damon grinned. She'd been doing that for the past week and he thought that it was so cute.

"Night night, baby." Damon replied waving back to her and she smiled. Caroline moved the phone away from her and cut the video then obviously put it back to her ear.

"Have you looked into flights back yet?" Caroline asked.

"No, I literally just got out of the shower at Elena's house. I figured that you'd want an update." Damon replied. "I'll look at flights when I get off the phone to you." He added.

"Okay. Are you staying overnight?" She asked.

"No, I'll get a flight out tonight. I'll probably be back early in the morning. Though, I'll have to drive back from Rome." Damon remarked amused.

"Can I tell the four vampires that they can leave?" Stefan asked.

"No, not until I get back. Just in case." Damon replied. "Did Katerina go with Ric?"

"No, she's here." Caroline answered.

"So, Ric just went by himself?" Damon asked annoyed.

"No, Stefan got one of the vampires to go with him." Caroline replied.

"That's better at least." Damon muttered. "Alright, well I'll call you back once I know the flight details."

"Okay. See you soon." Caroline said pleased.

"Bye, darling." Damon replied amused by her happy tone then hung up. "Thank fuck it's finally over once and for all." He said to Elena with a sigh and she nodded.

"What about Rebekah? Isn't she going to be pissed that you killed Kol too?" Elena questioned concerned.

"Kol teamed up with Klaus." Damon countered. "Klaus would have no doubt killed her. Kill or be killed. I wasn't leaving Kol alive for him to just come after me or anyone I care about just to settle the score." He pointed out.

"Is Elijah okay?" She asked concerned.

"I think it sucks for him that his brothers are dead but he told me that he wouldn't risk you getting hurt for anything." Damon replied and she looked surprised and a small smile appeared on her face. "Do you love him back?" Damon asked nosily.

"I don't know. I think so. It started off as a kind of rebound thing but then I fell pregnant and things changed. I'm not exactly a fan of Rebekah's but my life with Elijah is really great." She answered. "I'm looking forward to raising our son together." She added.

"How do you feel about him turning?" Damon queried.

"It's not like I didn't know that it would happen… I just… now I have to turn if I want to be with him." She mumbled.

"Without the bloodlust and having your control compelled, it's really not bad being a vampire, Elena." Damon explained. "You really want Jeremy to have to watch you grow old and die? He'll always have us but it's not the same as having your sibling. I know that I couldn't watch Stefan grow old and die." He admitted surprising her that he would say that.

"I know. I probably will turn. But I have a few years to do it. Elijah looks about 30 so I have several years to catch up with him." She said and he chuckled.

"True." Damon agreed amused.

Damon borrowed Elena's car then drove over to Rebekah's apartment. He went up the stairs to the second floor then knocked on her door and she answered.

"Come in." She invited then he stepped inside and found Jamie, Abby and Mr Bennett on the couch next to each other.

"Everyone alright?" Damon inquired.

"We're fine, thank you." Abby said sincerely and he gave her a nod – understanding that she clearly didn't hate him anymore for turning her.

"How's Bonnie?" Mr Bennett asked anxiously.

"She's fine. I was actually wondering if you wanted a ride over to her." Damon said.

"That would be great, thank you." Mr Bennett agreed.

"Is Nik dead?" Rebekah asked Damon quietly and he shot her a sad and understanding look.

"Yes." He confirmed and her eyes watered. "Kol teamed up with him. He's dead too." He advised and her face crumpled. "I'm sorry." He said to her sadly and she sobbed.

"Is Elijah alright?" She cried.

"He's fine." Damon assured and she nodded and sniffed. "Do you want to come back to Italy with me? I'm sure that Stefan would love to see that you're okay." He said and she wiped her eyes and looked at him in surprise.

"I would like to see him." She admitted emotionally. "But your wife does not like me." She pointed out and Damon chuckled – not like he could deny it.

"My wife has decided that she loves Stefan more than she dislikes you, so she's going to try to make an effort if you do the same." Damon countered surprising her.

"Yes, of course. You and Caroline are the most important people in the world to Stefan, so I would like to try to get to know her and apologise for my former behaviour." Rebekah admitted and Damon smirked.

"Then go pack a bag. I'll drive them over to Bonnie then come back and get you." Damon advised.

"Thanks." Rebekah said sincerely and he gave her a nod…

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