Note: So sadly, this is the last chapter but I just want to thank all of you for reading my story! Also, here's what you can expect from the sequel; It's gonna take place 4 years later just like in the movie, there's gonna be two more female OCs, and it will most likely be rated "M" for brutal violence, language, and eventually some sexy times. Other than that I can't really give anything else away since Kick Ass 2 hasn't been released yet. Anyway, here's the final Chapter! Hope you enjoyed reading my story! ^_^

Chapter 13

I slowly turned around and looked at him. He had a bloody nose and was wielding a Katana. Boy did he look royally pissed, if looks could kill, I would be dead where I stood. He wanted me to pay for being an accomplice to his dad's murder, that much was certain. Although I was still angry at him, for some fucked up reason I decided to play peacemaker. Ugh, my compassion really wasn't helping in this situation!

"It doesn't have to be this way Chris," I told him, calmly. His face softened a bit but he still gripped the Katana tightly and it seemed like the only way he'd let go of it is if I knocked it out of his hands.

"You're right, it doesn't. I'm giving you a choice and listen carefully because I'm only gonna offer you this choice once…" He then took a few steps forward until he was just inches away. I could feel a knot in my stomach beginning to tighten as I felt his fingers stroke my cheek. I had never seen this side of him before. He was so aggressive, so sinister, so… evil. Great, the boy I loved was gone and was now replaced by the Anti-Christ.

"Join me, and we can be together. Just imagine all of the things we could accomplish together. Build an evil army, kill anyone who gets in our way, and become the world's greatest super villains…"

"I will die before I join you Chris…." I replied acidly as I pulled out my sais and kicked him in the chest. He landed hard on his back and then glared at me as he slowly rose to his feet, "So be it…" he replied darkly. He then ran at me with the katana still in his hand. He threw a downward strike and I blocked it using one of my Sais. I then twisted my Sai so I could get some control over his weapon.

His grip on the Katana started to weaken and I flipped my other Sai around and hooked it on top of his sword. Now that I had gained full control of his weapon, I pushed it out of his hand and it skidded across the floor. Then I followed up by striking his cheek with one of my Sais.

"Bitch!" I heard him cry out as he held his cheek and I chuckled mockingly, "Wow, the panzee ass daddy's boy is finally using some big boy words…" I went to perform an axe kick but he grabbed my ankle and threw me on the ground. I dropped both of my Sais and just as I attempted to get up, he gave me a vicious kick to the ribs. I yelled in pain and he chuckled sadistically, "Aww, does that hurt Angel? I bet you're regretting your decision now…"

I ignored him and attempted to crawl away but he grabbed my shoulder and flipped me over so I was lying on my back, "So how's that knee doing?" he asked, tauntingly. Before I could roll out of the way, he raised his foot and stomped on it twice before stepping down hard on it. I could feel more ligaments being torn and I couldn't hold back my scream of agony. I tried to reach for my knee but he grabbed me again and slammed me against the wall and pinned my wrists to it.

Both of us were breathing hard and he smirked at me, "Are we really gonna do this?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"Come on this is a huge deal for me. If there's anything I've learned from being a hero, it's that you either die as one or live long enough to see yourself become the villain and I've gotta say, being bad never felt so good..."

"This isn't you Chris, I know it's not. There has to be some part of you that's still good, don't be like your father..."

He chuckled darkly, "Oh Angelina. You really need to have every square inch of your ass kicked."

That's it, I was done playing peacemaker, "Then show me what you've got, asshole." I kneed him in the stomach and then head-butted him. He fell to the ground and clutched his head. I grabbed one of my Sais off the floor and flipped him over so he was on his back. Then I grabbed him by the collar and pressed the tip of my Sai against his throat, "Look at me! I wanna be the last thing you see before you die!"

"Go ahead.." He murmured.


He sighed, "You heard me, do it.…"

I could see the pain and aggression in his eyes as he looked at me. After hearing his words, I knew that I couldn't keep it together any longer, "Chris I hate you so much for what you did... I was almost burned to death as a result of you trying to please your father!" I choked out as I let go of his collar and turned away from him, "Hurt. I'm fucking hurt Chris. And don't act like you fucking care because if you did, you wouldn't have done what you di-" I didn't get to finish. Out of nowhere, he spun me around and his lips crashed onto mine. This kiss was a lot different though, it was more aggressive and heated. My hands were in his hair and his were caressing my waist. I moaned into his mouth and this only seemed to turn him on even more.

Then I pulled away from him and began to untie my corset. He took off my mask and my wig. Once I finally got most of my corset unlaced, I pulled it over my head to reveal my black spaghetti strap sports bra. I silently cursed myself for not wearing a sexier bra but Chris was still turned on nevertheless. He pressed his body against mine and slammed my back against the wall. I gasped in pain which quickly turned to pleasure as he started trailing kisses along my neck and my breasts. He stopped for a second and lightly touched the scar on my shoulder before giving it a soft kiss. He started to pull down my pants and I closed my eyes and breathed heavily as I slid my arms out of my bra straps.

"What the fuck?!" I heard a voice yell. My eyes snapped open and there was Dave, standing in the terrace doorway with his mouth agape. "Oh good, you're back, now I can kill you once and for all!" Chris snapped as he walked towards Dave. Dave looked like he wasn't gonna back down either so I quickly got in between the two of them, "Don't! You can't hurt each other without hurting me first so just stop!" I snapped.

"Why should I?! He blew up my dad with a bazooka!" Chris yelled.

"Because he had it coming!" Dave shot back. I knew Chris was about ready to lunge at Dave so I did the only thing I could do to calm him down, I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him again. He slowly kissed me back but this only seemed to piss Dave off more. He threw Chris off of me and shoved him to the ground, "You don't deserve her!" Dave told him.

"I think she can make her own decisions asshole!" Chris replied, acidly.

"Shut the fuck up!" I yelled and they both looked at me. I looked at Chris, "Chris, I love you but I can't be with you, we're too different. I'm a hero and you're a super villain in the making..."

He narrowed his eyes at me, "Angelina, if that's how you really feel then look me in the eyes and tell me that I don't mean anything to you..."

I kept quiet because I knew that I couldn't lie to myself let alone him. I attempted to look away from him but he lightly grabbed my chin and gazed into my eyes. I met his gaze and he placed his hand on my cheek. But then something clicked in my brain, I removed his hand and took a few steps back.

My corset, wig, and mask were lying in a heap nearby and I quickly put them back on. Then I looked over at Dave, "Let's go Kick Ass…" I mumbled and he just nodded and gave me a small smile. Chris on the other hand, looked like his heart had just been ripped out. His eyes met mine for a few seconds but then he turned around. I sighed and Dave gently placed his hand on my shoulder for a couple seconds before picking me up bridal style.

Chris looked over his shoulder and gave us a dark smile, "I'll be seeing you both real soon…" I looked at him for a few seconds as a more tears streamed down my face. I was about ready to say something to him but Dave ran out onto the terrace and flew off. I wrapped my hands around his neck and held on tight as we flew across New York.

After that, things pretty much went back to normal. Hit Girl, who told me her real name is Mindy Macready, was enrolled at our school on the promise that we'd look out for her, not that she needed it though. Dave and I retired from crime fighting and inspired a whole new wave of people to follow in our footsteps.

Dave, Todd, Marty, Katie, Erika, and I sat in Atomic Comics, hanging out as usual. Well, there wasn't much talking going on considering Dave was too busy making out with Katie and Marty was doing the same with Erika. I looked at Todd and even though he didn't look too bothered by this, I could tell he felt like a third wheel. "Don't worry Toddy, one day you will make a girl really happy..." I told him.

"Thanks Angelina…" He smiled before going back to reading his comic.

I could feel my phone vibrating so I stepped outside for a moment. Once I was in a good signal area, I looked at my phone again. My eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets when I saw that I had a missed call and a voice mail from Chris.

I took a deep breath and played the message; "You think it's over for you Angelina? You think you can just retire and everything will go back to normal? Well guess again bitch, it's far from over. You better cherish every single second of your precious life while you can because I will get my revenge. I'm gonna make you and Kick-Ass pay for what you guys did to my dad. Like I said, enjoy your life while you can because I intend to make it a living, breathing hell."

I bit my lip as the message ended, he was right though, this wasn't over. In fact, it was only the beginning. Right now though, I knew I had to try to live my life as a normal teenager. Still, I knew deep in my heart that I couldn't stop being Knockout forever. And so, my journey begins.