Hello everyone, just a quick intro – Sakura = Latias in her human form, Latias = Latias.



'character thoughts'

"poke speech"


"I pick…. Cyndaquil" Bianca says as she picks up the small fire type pokemon. The fire mouse pokemon snuggles against Bianca's chest, showing his thanks for being picked.

"Cyndaquil seems to like you." Ash notices.

"I like you too little guy."

"Now you have your first pokemon, I have a few things to give you. First is a pokedex – this tells you all you need to know about any pokemon. And second of all are these five pokeballs. You use these to catch wild pokemon but you first need to battle and weaken the opponent first or it won't work." Oak tells Bianca. "If you're going with Ash, he'll help you with anything you need."

"Of course I will. If you want to know anything, just ask me or the legendries." Ash replies, smiling.

"Thank you. I think I'll take Cyndaquil to see your pokemon in the Corral Ash. I'll meet up with you later."

"Sure thing. I need to talk to Oak about some things. Misty, Brock why don't you two go with Bianca?" Ash replies.

"Ok Ash. We'll meet you out by your pokemon later." Brock says as they all exit the lab.

"Ash, what is it that you wanted to talk about?" Oak queries.

"When I was in Altomare, I had to help resurrect Latios and in doing so, I gained some of his and Latias' abilities. I was wondering if you had any knowledge of this happening before or when more abilities will develop."

"My, what a shock. I haven't heard of anything happening before and I will have to run a few tests to see if I can determine when your other abilities will develop, if there are any others."

"Let's get started then." Oak leads Ash to a different room, away from the main area where there is a table and some equipment around the outsides of the room. The professor walks over to a machine that sticks out from the wall a little with a circular tube leading into it.

"Please can you lie on the table." Ash walks over and lays down on the table. Oak walks over to the controls and starts up the machine. "This machine is like an MRI scanner but has been altered slightly to pick up any differences in a normal brain pattern. This will help me determine if your brain is still developing and approximately when your next ability will happen."

"Right. Does it hurt?"

"No, however it is very loud inside the machine."

"Do you have any earplugs?"

"I'm afraid not. It shouldn't last too long and it won't damage your hearing so you'll be fine." Oak pushed a few more buttons and the table slides into the machine. Once Ash was in there, Oak then flipped a switch and started up the machine. In the machine, Ash was laying with his eyes closed, trying to take his mind off the sound, emanating from the machine. He was thinking about where he would go next. 'Should I go and take Bianca, Latias and Latios around the Kanto gyms? Or mayber the Johto gyms? Or maybe somewhere new for the both of us? Then there's who to take with me. Obviously Pikachu and I think I should take Charizard as a strong back up for any situation. The I think I should take little Phanpy, he'll like to come along for an adventure. Bayleef is another trusty and hard fighter too.' The machine's sound was dying down and Ash opened his eyes again, now anticipating what Oak will tell him. The table started to retract from the machine and Ash saw Oak looking on a screen across the room.

"Come and take a look at this Ash."

"Have you found anything interesting?" Ash asks as he gets off the table and walks over to the screen.

"Indeed. If you look at the screen, you will see two different pictures of brain scans. The one on the right is a normal looking scan." Oak says. The one on the right shows of a grey scan which moves around with the amount of brain activity and also shows no signs of any mutations or deformities. "The one on the left is yours." This shows a slight colouring at the bottom of the brain.

"Why is there a slight colour change there, professor?"

"If I show you the base of your brain, it will show even more." Oak moves the image so they are now looking at the bottom of the brain. This shows that the Temporal lobe, Brain stem and Cerebellum have all become lit up.

"Why is it showing this?" Ash asks, scared.

"This is where the mutation is taking place. These are the places that have been affected by the passing of Latias and Latios' aura. As you can see, it sometimes has a stronger purple colour than other times. The stronger the purple, the closer you are to developing another ability. As you can see, the Temporal lobe is a stronger purple than the other sections. This section helps with understanding language, hence why you can talk to pokemon. My next guess is that your next ability will come in two days and will be because of your Cerebellum."

"What does that control?"

"Balance and muscle coordination."

"I wonder what could change?"

"I don't really know. I'll keep looking into it and try to keep you updated."

"Thanks Professor. I'm going to meet up with Latias and the others in the Corral."

"I'll see you later then."

"Will do Professor. Thank you for doing this."

"No problem Ash, it is a new discovery. I should be thanking you."

Ash leaves the lab and walks over to the Corral thinking to himself. "Should I tell everyone or wait until a few more abilities have developed first?' Was the main thought running through his head. His thoughts were interrupted by a pokemon flying towards him and bundling him to the ground.

"Hey beautiful." Ash says as he realises it's Latias.

'How was it in there?'

"It was fine. I think I'll tell all of you at once instead of repeating myself." The two of them kiss briefly and get up. They walk/fly over to the rest of the group, holding hands all the while.

"Hey Ash, how did it go?" Misty asks.

"It was fine. I found out that the bottom half of my brain is the area being affected by the passing of aura and my next ability will develop in about two days. However, I don't know what it will be."

'No need to worry about it Ash. We'll just have to keep an eye out on what you do or don't do.' Latios says.

"Thanks Latios. How's your Cyndaquil getting on Bianca?"

"Your pokemon and him are getting on fine. I've drawn a few pictures of them all playing together and we were thinking of getting some dinner now."

"Good idea, I'm starving." Ash replies.

"We'll definitely know if your appetite changes with the amount of food you consume." Brock laughs. The group all head inside with Pikachu and Cyndaquil, to get some food at Ash's house. Once they've eaten, they all head off to bed or the sofas. Latios again goes outside and watches over the house on the roof.

The next morning, Ash wakes up to find only himself in the room. Both Latias and Pikachu were gone. He decided they must have allowed him extra sleep for once. He gets out of bed, gets dressed and walks downstairs. 'Strange' he thinks, 'There's no-one here.' He walks all around the house looking for anyone but finds no-one, not even Mimey. 'I'll grab some breakfast and go to Oak's lab to see if everyone's there.' He walks into the kitchen and grabs a box of cereal, a bowl and some milk and helps himself to four portions. Ash then leaves the house and walks towards the lab. When he gets there, all the lights are off on the inside. 'There seems to be one strange thing after another at the moment. The lights are never turned off.' He walks to the door and opens it,

"Surprise!" Everyone shouts at once, startling the young trainer.

"What's going on?" Ash asks.

"I told you he wouldn't remember with everything that's going on" Misty says, "It's your birthday Ash."

"Really? Wow. Who knew that it would come some fast?"

'Happy birthday Ash' Sakura says, pulling him into a kiss. When they separate, Ash replies,

"That's the best birthday gift ever" causing Sakura to blush. For the rest of the morning, Ash had everyone from Pallet town giving him presents and wishing him a happy birthday. He leaves his presents in Oak's lab as they all move outside into the garden next to the Corral. There are more than a dozen tables all with food on and a lot of tables with umbrellas for conversations out of the sun's heat. Ash had found a table and sat down at it with Sakura, Misty, Bianca, Pikachu and Brock. Latios didn't like big crowds so he went and sat on top of the lab, watching everyone below.

"You're so stupid Ash, forgetting your own birthday." Misty says.

"I've had so much going on, I didn't notice the date."

"Sounds like nothing has changed then" a voice said. Ash turns round and sees Gary standing behind him with his Umbreon at his side.

"I'm out of here" Pikachu says into Ash's ear before he jumps off the table and runs away from the Umbreon.

"Hey Gary, how have you been?" Ash says, standing up and offering a handshake to his former rival.

"I've been fine. I came back from the Silver Conference and got sent to Seafoam Island for my first bit of research."

"Cool, how is it out there?"

"Slightly cold in the caves since that's where Articuno is said to rest but I was sent to gather some more information on Seel and Dewgong."

"Did you manage to see Articuno there at all?"

"No and nor did I expect to. Articuno, like most legendaries, don't like to show themselves as it means that people will try and capture them."

"I know what you mean." Ash replies, looking towards Sakura. Gary notices his glance and looks at Sakura too.

"Is this your girlfriend Ash?"

"Yes she is."

"Wow, I always thought it would have been Misty."

"WHY DOES EVERYONE SAY THAT!" Misty cries, her face turning red.

"Sorry Misty, it's just what I expected."

"This is Sakura. I met her and her twin Bianca in Altomare, a little water city."

"Nice to meet the both of you. Now Ash, as it's your birthday I have a gift for you, but first I want to have one last battle before I become a full time professor."

"Sure thing Gary. There's a spot around the side of the lab that is free for us to battle."

"I'll meet you there." Gary replies, turning and walking away with his Umbreon at his side. Ash turns back to the group.

"I believe Gary is going to use his Umbreon." Brock says. "You've never been able to beat his Umbreon Ash, it has so much skill on the battlefield."

"I know, but this time will be different. All I need to do is find Pikachu."

"Pikachu!" Misty cries incredulously, "He's the only pokemon to face Gary's Umbreon and he's always lost."

"I know, but we've trained really hard and the Silver Conference proves that. I believe he can do it."

'I believe in you Ash. Pikachu is on his way, I just contacted him through telepathy.'

"Thanks Latias." Ash stands up and looks for his little yellow friend.

"Why do you hate me so much Ash?" Ash turns around and sees Pikachu on the table.

"I don't hate you. I believe we can win this time."

"You have no idea what I'm talking about do you Ash." Pikachu says slapping his paw onto his face. Ash looked at his pokemon quizzically.

"Let's just get this over with Pikachu." Ash says, holding his arm out for his pokemon to jump on. The two of them jog off to the lab with the others walking along behind.

'Do you know why Pikachu is acting like that?'

"Like what Latias?" Bianca asks.

'He's really nervous and doesn't like the idea of fighting of Gary's Umbreon.'

"Well he has lost every fight against her." Misty replies, "I would be nervous about fighting that Umbreon if I had those stats against me"

'It's not that. It's something else but his emotions aren't telling my anything.'

"Well let's just hurry up and get to the battle before they start. Maybe you'll find out something why we're there"

'Good idea Bianca. Let's hurry' Latias says, running to try and catch up with Ash. The group get there as the two battlers are getting ready to battle.

"A one on one sounds good to me Gary. Pikachu, I choose you." Ash cries.

"I was hoping my last battle would be a victory, go on Umbreon, you've beaten him before and you can do it again." Gary replies as his Umbreon bounds onto the makeshift battlefield. "I'll let the birthday boy get the first move."

"Ok Pikachu, start off with a thunder!"

"This will hurt" Pikachu states.

"Use quick attack to dodge Umbreon."

"You won't be able to hit me."

"Pikachu, you use quick attack too."

"Really Ash? Ok." The two pokemon race around the arena clashing together and being flung back every time they collide.

"Umbreon, use shadow ball."

"Counter with thunder Pikachu."

"Change to psychic and send that thunder back at Pikachu."

"Oh crud" Pikachu cries as he releases his powerful electric attack.

"That's right." Umbreon replies with a grin, her eyes glowing blue. The thunder froze and then turns

and streaks straight back at Pikachu.

"Quick attack Pikachu, dodge and run towards Umbreon."

"Thanks because I had no idea what to do" Pikachu says as he sprints off towards Umbreon.

"Umbreon, forget the Psychic and use shadow ball again."

"This is a fun battle" Umbreon says as she fires a volley of shadow balls at Pikachu. The group

watching the battle were amazed. They are watching a battle between two trainers with a lot of skill

and from their home town.

'Ash is very good'

"Yeah, I wonder if I'll be that good one day" Bianca answers.

'Of course you will Bianca. You have a good connection with any pokemon you come across. This will

help with when it comes to trust in a battle.'

"You're right. I can't wait to get going on an adventure"

'Me neither. I can't wait to see the world and to do it with Ash is a dream come true.' Bianca smiles to herself as they turn their attention back to the battle. Both pokemon had sustained some serious damage.

"Come on Pikachu, let's attack fast and first with a quick attack."

"No you don't Ash, Umbreon, you use quick attack too."

"This is the final straw Pikachu."

"Sure is Umbreon and I'm not holding back like before." Umbreon looks at Pikachu a little confused which slows her down enough to make Pikachu's attack the more powerful out of the two and as they collided, dust covered the field, obscuring everyone's view. When the dust cleared, Pikachu was panting heavily and Umbreon was on the floor, fainted.

"Yeah, we won Pikachu!" Ash exclaims.

"Umbreon….Umbreon? Are you Ok?" Pikachu asks, nudging the moonlight pokemon.

"Urgh" The Umbreon groans.

"Looks like I beat you" Pikachu grins.

"Yeah, you did. You said you let me win before, why?"

"Because I did."

"I know that, but why did you let me win?" Pikachu just blushes and rubs the back of his head.

"Don't worry Umbreon, you need rest. I'm going back to Ash."

"But…" Is all Umbreon could say as Pikachu ran back to his trainer.

"You did a great job Umbreon." Gary says to his pokemon. Umbreon looks up to him and nudges his leg. "It's ok, you did me proud, even if you did lose to Pikachu for the first time." Umbreon just looks towards Pikachu as he hugs his trainer. 'Could it be that he…. No, surely not.'

"Well done Ash. Let me take you to your present." Gary says with a smile.

"Thanks Gary, it was a great battle." Ash says as his friends come over. Sakura hugs him and kisses him on the cheek.

'That was a great battle Ash'

"Thanks Sakura."

"I didn't hear her speak, yet you know what she said." Gary asks looking at the two with a confused look.

"I forgot to tell you, Sakura is a mute but telepathic so she speaks to us via her thoughts."

"Oh, that makes sense." The group walk into the lab. Gary leads them to his newly appointed room for his own research and studies. "Go in Ash." Gary says smiling. Ash opens the door and to his surprise, he sees an Eevee lying asleep on the table.

"Is this….?" Ash asks.

"Yep, he's yours now."

"Gary, you shouldn't have. How did you get this little fella?" Ash asks walking over to the table.

"She's my Umbreon's son. She gave birth a few months before the Silver Conference. I would've used her in the Conference but she needed to look after her five children. When I came back after the competition, I looked on the calendar and saw it was your birthday soon so I asked Umbreon if one of the pups could be your present which she agreed with."

"Thanks Gary." Ash says, stroking the resting Eevee. "Is it a boy or girl?"

"He's a boy." The Eevee then yawns and stretches his body as he wakes. He looks rounds and sees Ash stroking him.

"Hey there Eevee. I'm Ash, your new trainer." Ash sasy with a smile. Eevee looks back at Ash and says,

"Ash? Trainer?"

"We're going to be great friends."

"Friends?" The Eevee asks. He then jumps into Ash's arms, "Ash! Trainer! Friend!" and hugs his body against Ash's.

'He's adorable.'Sakura says, 'and he likes you a lot.'

"I like him too. I feel like we'll be great friends and a better team."

"We should go back to the main area." Misty says, breaking their attention from the Eevee. "Your mum and Oak are the only ones left and they were thinking of doing your presents"

"Right. Do you want to go in a pokeball Eevee or do you want to go on my other shoulder?" The Eevee looked up at Ash and jumped up onto his shoulder, licking his face. The group laugh and walk to the main area where there are presents laid out on a table. Ash unwraps his presents and gets various gifts like some new clothes, repels, a thunder stone and more. He eventually gets to the presents of his friends that were with him. The first one was from Oak.

"Please can I have your pokedex Ash."

"Sure professor, but why do you want it?"

"I was thinking the other day as to where your next adventure should be and as you lost to a hoenn pokemon, I was thinking you could go there and see more pokemon for yourself. I need your pokedex to upgrade it to include the hoenn pokemon."

"Thanks professor!"

"Now, a present from Pikachu." Delia says, passing the gift to Ash.

"I wonder what this could be?" Ash says, as he unwraps a ketchup bottle. "Only you Pikachu."

"Of course Ash, you'll have to share it with me." Pikachu says smiling, causing Ash to laugh.

"Who's next?"

"Misty, would you like to give him his." Delia says. Misty picks her present from the table and passes it over to him. He unwraps the gift and sees a lot of water items inside. There was a water stone, wave mail, a mystic water, lure balls and a dozen water gems.

"Thanks Misty." Ash says, happy with the water based gifts. 'Some of these will be good for Totodile. Maybe I should bring him along after this.'

"Now Brocks." Brock points to his gift on the table. Ash picks it up and when he opens it, he finds a guide to pokemon adventures. Ash laughs at this as he is known for being forgetful.

"Thanks Brock, this will definitely come in handy."

"Here's mine Ash. I drew this earlier while the party was on." Tracy says. Ash takes the drawing and see most of his pokemon in the Corral all cheering with a banner held by Charizard on one side and Snorlax on the other saying 'Happy Birthday'.

"This is amazing Tracy. Thanks."

"Finally, it is my present." Delia says as she hands him a case. Ash opens it up and is amazed at what is inside; there are six pokeballs of different types. The first was a shiny black ball with a red ring around the top and a gold rim around the opening of the ball – luxury ball. Next there was one with a heart on it – a love ball. Thirdly was an all white ball with a red line where the ball opens – a premier ball. The fourth ball had green circles with black outlining them – a dusk ball. Next was a blue topped ball with two red stripes along the top – a great ball. Finally, there was a light pink ball with two cream stripes down the front – a heal ball.

"Wow mum. I never would have thought that I would have so many different types of pokeballs with me." Ash says stunned and overjoyed.

"Well with your new adventure coming quickly, I thought I would buy you the perfect gift for it." Ash runs to his mum and hugs her, causing his two pokemon to fall off his shoulders.

"Even though you embarrass me whenever I see you, you're still the best mum in the whole world." He turns to his two pokemon on the floor. "Sorry guys. Eevee, how about you come in one of these balls." Eevee nods his head, so Ash picks out the luxury ball and Eevee tapped his nose on the ball and was sucked in. Once the ball had shaken three times, the ball pinged to show that the pokemon was caught.

"I caught an Eevee." Ash exclaims.

"Yeah!" Pikachu cries, jumping up beside Ash. Everyone else sweat drops as they watch Ash.

'Do you have to do that Ash?' Sakura asks.

"Of course. I've done it ever since I caught my first pokemon and I'm not going to give it up."

"So Ash, who are you going to take to Hoenn with you?" Gary asks.

"Good question. I was thinking of Pikachu obviously, the Eevee you gave me and Totodile so I can use the gifts Misty got me."

"That's three, you can have three more if you want." Oak states.

"I was thinking of Charizard as a powerhouse that could help out in any tought situations. I'm thinking of Phanpy too, so the little guy can get some more experience. Finally, I was also thinking of taking Cyndaquil so Bianca's Chikorita has a pokemon from home."

"That's a great idea. It'll help your group as a whole bond together that way."

"I just need to go and get them now. Thanks for all the presents you guys." Ash says, hugging or hand shaking everyone, before running out to the Corral with Pikachu and Sakura. He gets there and sees all of his pokemon laying down in a group, talking about the recent adventures.

"It was a lot of fun I have to admit, but I'm wondering who Ash will take on his next adventure and when it is." Charizard says.

"How about I tell you all then." Ash says, startling his friends.

"Ash!" A few of them cry as he is swamped by his pokemon.

"Hahahahaha, let me up guys so I can tell you the news." Ash laughs. His pokemon oblige and make room for him and Sakura to sit. Sakura looks back towards the lab and notices all the lights off except in the main area where the blinds and curtains were shut, so she changed to her true form and rests her head on Ash's shoulder. Pikachu jumps off Ash's other shoulder and sits with the rest of the pokemon. "Before I start, I have been given a new pokemon as a birthday gift. Everyone say hello to Eevee." Ash says, releasing the young pokemon from his ball. The Eevee shakes his head and looks around. "Eevee, these are my pokemon and friends."

"Hello." Eevee says to the group nervously.

"Hello." His other pokemon chorused back.

"Now, I'm going to be leaving tomorrow to start a new adventure in Hoenn. I know I haven't been here long but I'm also helping Bianca with her new pokemon experience and she seems eager to get going. And because I'm leaving, I need a team with me. You already know that Pikachu is coming with me and for the others, I am taking Eevee and Phanpy, so I can bond with you two, Cyndaquil and Totodile so you can help with Bianca's new Cyndaquil, and Charizard because I need someone who can take hits but also deal harder ones." There were groans and moans from those that weren't picked. "I'm sorry guys, but next time I'm home, I'll stay for a full month and I'll see all of you every day." This brightened their spirits. Ash then recalled those he was taking and said goodnight to the rest as he and Latias walked back towards his house.

"You might want to turn into your human form or invisible in case someone from the village sees you."

'I don't want to.' Latias replies, 'I want to spend the night in my true form with my true love'. Ash blushes as he pulls her into a kiss.

"Then that's what we'll do then." Ash says smiling and the two of them walk to his house to sleep.

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