Hey I have a title yet! I had to change some numbers so the story goes better! Oh and I changed a name from one of the kids too!

Author's note: English isn't my native language so excuse my mistakes!

This story takes place three years and a few month after S.N.A.F.U. I have never seen S.N.A.F.U. so I don't really know what happened let's just say Chris and Tc slept together while she was there. Chris lives in Seattle she is not with the FBI anymore because something came between her training (will be explained later) so she took an offer as a sergeant in the Seattle Police Department.

Just another few things you should know:

-Tony Palermo is the lieutenant of the Seattle Police Department

-Chris hadn't talked to TC or Cory since she left Santa Monica the second time. Tc had called and left messages on her machine over six month after she left but Chris never answered the phone or called back. After five month the divorce was final they didn't meet because Chris didn't want to, so her lawyer arranged everything for her.

A second chance?!

Chris was awaken by a cry. Tiredly she sat up and looked at the clock only to find out that it was 3.22 am. She stood up and walked straight to the room where the crying came from. She was so tired and exhausted. It had been such a long and hard week at work. The only thing she wanted to do was sleep but that was disturbed by a crying child. Slowly she walked into the room and saw the wailing child sitting on the bed.

"Hey Katie! What's going on huh? Did you have a bad dream?" Chris asked her daughter as she picked her up.

"Shhh. Calm down honey or you wake up your brother and sister. What's the matter baby?" Chris asked trying to hush Kate.

"Mommy dink," The two and a half-year old said as she reached for her bottle.

"Alright but then you go back to sleep okay?" Chris asked as she picked up the bottle from the table near the bed and gave it to her daughter, who took it greatfully. But to answer the question she just shook her head.

"Oh, come on Kate you have to sleep and I need to sleep too. Can't you do it like your brother and sister," She said to her daughter while laying her head on Kate's shoulder.

"Nooo. Mommy wanna slep with yu!"

"Okay. how about that. you come with me and sleep in my bed but you really have to sleep okay?" She asked her and hoped she will agree. Kate nodded.

"Alright," Chris sighed. On her way to her bedroom Chris noticed that her other two children were staying at their bedroom doors.

"Hey you two what are you doing up?" Chris asked the sleepy two and a half- year old.

"Kate woke up," The little boy said.

"Aw, Kate woke you up. . you want to go back to sleep in your own beds or in my bed huh?" Chris asked already knowing what their answer will be.

"Mommy bed!" Both Brian and Lucy said at the same time.

"Alright then go into my bedroom and hop in the bed." After the triplets were tucked in Chris gave each of them a kiss and laid beside them.

"Goodnight sweeties," Chris said half asleep.

"Night Mommy," all three said.

At 7.15 am the alarm clock went off and Chris realized that the kids were still asleep. She took the chance and quietly got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. When she got out of the shower all three kids were awake.

"Goodmorningyou three!" Chris said as she went over to the bed and sat down to give Kate,Lucy and Brian a kiss.

"Goodmoning mommy," Lucy said as she jumped on her mother's lap.

"G'moning," Brian said giving his mom a kiss and jumped off the bed and disappeared.

"Mommy can I have ancake?" Kate asked still half asleep.

"Yeah, but first we have to see where Brian is, then you go wash yourself and then change and then you can have pancakes, alright," Chris said knowing they wouldn't agree.

"Noo.," Both girls said at the same time.

"Yes," said Chris as she started to tickle Lucy. Kate tickled Chris trying to save her sister from getting tickled to death. But she didn't has the strange to get her sister free so Chris got her too and tickled her. All three were laughing so hard that Brian, who played with his cars in his room , got curious what was going on so he walked into the bedroom and joined his sisters and his mother in the little 'fight'.

After 10 minutes fighting Chris got ready and helped the kids to get ready. When they were eating breakfast the doorbell rang.

"Oh that's probably Sarah (the babysitter)," Chris said as she got up to open the door.

"Tony, hi mmh. what are you doing here?" She asked, surprised to see him.

"Hi well I just thought I could visit you guys. Hi Kate, Lucy, Brian!" Tony said with a smile.

"Hi Tony," The triplets said.

"Come in but why are you really here, I mean of course you can come visit but NOW, I mean in the morning and besides in a few minutes I would have been at the station." Chris said a little bit confused.

"Yeah well I need to talk to you for a second."

"Okay. Go ahead."

"Chris I got a call yesterday from TC. He and Cory want to come visit me."

"Oh god! Great just the thing I need right now," She said sarcastic.

"Have you told him about me. that I work there too?" She asked a little bit paniced.

"No I didn't. I just wanted to let you know so you're not to surprised when they show up at the station."

"Thanks Tony! Oh god what am I going to do? You know how long they will stay?"

"Not really. I think two weeks or so," Tony said.


"Hey you're going to be fine," He said with a supporting smile.

"Yeah I hope so," She said and let out a sarcastis laugh.

"Well I have to.," Tony was cut of bye Chris.

"Tony what if he finds out about the kids I mean?" Chris asked.

"I don't know maybe he won't find out but if he does you have to talk to him okay? I really have to go now. bye kids see ya Chris."

"Bye, Bye," The kids said.

"See ya," Chris said lost in her thoughts. Just when she wanted to shut the door Sarah arrived.

"Hi Chris!"

"Hi Sarah, come on in." As the kids saw Sarah they ran all towards her and gave her a hug.

"Thanks for watching them!"

"No problem."

"Well I have to go know. When do you have to be at college?" Chris asked.

"Around two pm and before that I bring them over to Doug's (a friend of Chris' who adores the triplets)." Sarah said with a smile.

"Okay thanks. Alright guys I have to go now. bye sweeties," She said as she gave Kate, Lucy and Brian a goodbye kiss, "And be good."

"Yep bye," All three said.

"I love you three. okay bye Sarah," She said and headed to her car.

Chris arrived at 9.00 am at the station and hoped that TC and Cory wouldn't b there yet. She entered the station and saw no sign of them so she let out a loud sigh of relief. Just loud enough for Tony to hear as he walked towards her.

"Hey was that a sigh," He said with a laugh.

"Yep think so."

"Glad they're not here yet huh?"

"Yeah. I think I go change," She said as she walked to the lockerroom. When she walked out of the lockerroom a few minutes later, she stopped dead in her tracks: there were they TC, Cory and a little girl talking to Tony. Palermo saw her standing there and waved at her to come over. When Chris approached them TC and Cory couldn't believe their eyes.

"Hi TC, Cory," Chris said nervous.

"Chris wha. what are you doing here," TC asked still in shock.

To be continued.

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