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A Second Chance!?

"Tc, please come here?" She held out her hand and he took it and sat down beside her.

"Chris can you tell me why? Why didn´t you tell me that you were pregnant?"

"Tc I… I was hurting and I was so angry with you and Cory. And the fact that you maybe were the father of Cory´s child didn´t make it any better. I told myself that you were going to have the family, you always wanted, with Cory. That´s why I never told you, I didn´t want to disturb your "family" I thought you two were a happy couple, I also was scared of your reaction… all in all I don´t really know why I didn´t tell ya…", Chris said looking down.

"Did you ever think of telling me?"

"Yeah there were many times I just wanted to call you and tell you that I was pregnant.The worst time was when the triplets were born. I was in my hospitalroom sitting there alone with Kate in my arms and I looked at her, she was so beautiful, well she still is, anyway I even picked up the receiver and dialed your number but then the courage left me and I put the phone back down."

"I wish you would have made this phonecall", Chris gave Tc a weak smile.

"Now I wanna tell you something Chris", Tc said to Chris as he looked at her, "I always loved you and what happened between me and Cory was the biggest mistake in my whole life. You know some people even said that you spoiled me…", Chris gave Tc a confused look, "…well you know in those past years you weren´t there, I had some relationships but I could never be with someone for a long time because I always realized that I don´t love them enough, I loved you more even though you were gone. That´s why they said you spoilt me, because I couldn´t stay with a woman for a longer time. But I´m glad you spoilt me, because it showed me that I only wanna be with you…" She gave him a smile and hugged him. They talked for a while longer but soon both fell asleep on the couch.

Next morning: "You dink they´re dead?" Asked Kate her older brother and sister.

All three kids were standing in front of Tc and Chris, who lay fast asleep on the couch.

"No look…" , said Brian and opened the eyes of Chris with his hands.

Hence to that Chris started to stir and said very sleepy not really opening her eyes and not realizing what´s going on ,"Stop it", and pushed Brian´s hand away.

"Wat I wok dem upp!", said Lucy, climbing onto the couch and onto Tc.

On top of Tc she gave him a very wet kiss on the cheek and waited for any response.

Tc soon started to wake up and automatically wiped away the remains of the wet kiss.

"Hey you…", he said slowly opening his eyes, realizing that Lucy was sitting on him having a bright smile plastered on her face, then he realized that Brian and Kate were standing besides, "and hey you two too!" The kids smiled at him, only now he noticed that Chris was still sleeping besides him and as he watched her, everything from the evening came back.

What he said, what he found out and what she told him. He looked at the kids and smiled: They were his!

Then Tc slowly sat up trying not to wake Chris but without much success.

"Ohh what´s going on here? A party that I don´t know about?" She asked sleepy but smiling. Then she sat up also and took Brian and Kate in her lap.

"Monin mommy you an Tc sleep here", Kate said with a bit excitement in her voice.

"Yeah yeah I know", Chris said to her daughter a bit sheepishly.

"Ehm… I think I better go now", said Tc as he stood up and put Lucy on the couch.

"Yeah okay", said Chris and followed Tc to the door. At the doorstep Tc turned around and said, "Chris, I really wanna be there for you and for them!" He looked at the triplets.

Chris smiled at him and asked, "How about you come over for dinner tonight, when the kids are in bed we could talk and figure out what we should do about this whole mess?"

"I would love that…", he said, gave her a peck on the cheek and descended the stairs, at the bottom he turned around and said kind of happy, oh well who am I kidding he said very happy "See ya!"

Chris returned that with a smile and waved a goodbye.

Then she went back inside the house, a happy sigh escaping her still smiling lips.

When Tc entered the house Tony was sitting in the livingroom reading a newspaper.

As he realized that Tc entered the livingroom he hastily put the newspaper aside and asked curious, "Okay what happened? You were at Chris´ weren´t you? What happened between you two?"

"Well good morning to you too."

"Sorry" ,Tony apologized embarrassed and sat back down on the couch.

But still he couldn´t wait to hear what went on at Chris´.

*Did she tell him? Does he know? Oh Tony you just need to wait till he tells you don´t push him* he told himself.

Then Tc started, "Well I´m guessing that you know!…"

"Ehm what do you mean?" Tony asked carefully not wanting to say something that he maybe still doesn´t know.

"That the triplets are mine!" Tc said.

"Yes. And I´m sorry Tc. But…", Tony was cut off by Tc, "You don´t need to explain it I know that she didn´t want you to say anything and you were just being a friend to her." "Okay. How is it now that you know they are yours?" Tony asked.

"It´s what I always wanted" , he said thinking about his children, "I mean having kids with Chris. Last night we talked a bit but we fell asleep on the couch…"

"What did you two talk about? About the kids?"

"Not directly we talked mainly about why she didn´t tell me that she was pregnant, why she went away the second time and all that… she invited me for dinner tonight I think then we´re going to talk about the triplets and what we´re going to do about the situation."

"That´s good. You two are gonna figure something out", Tony assured his friend, stood up and went into the kitchen to get himself a cup of coffee.

"I hope so. I just know one thing that I´m going to be there for my kids no matter what happens. They lived for almost three years without a father and now that I know it's up to me to change that."

"Do you blame Chris?", Tony shouted from the kitchen.

"I wished she had told me earlier, this way I missed the first three years of my children´s life and I don´t know if I ever gonna catch up on that, but I´m going to try as hard as I can. I cannot blame her we all had our parts in this mess and when we blame each other it will only make matters worse."

"Yeah that´s true. Oh boy when I left, your lives really went down the hill, I somehow knew I couldn´t leave you kids alone!" Tony said joking.

"Oh you better watch what you say old man", Tc said, took a pillow and threw it at his former lieutenant.

Tony caught the pillow and asked a bit more serious, "But Tc what are you going to do about Coryand especially Julia?"

"I don´t know yet I guess I have to talk to her."

"Yeah I would advise you to do that", said Tony with a smile.

"Yeah I talk to her later this day, but know I´m going to take a shower", said Tc and went upstairs.

Before Tc reached the stairs Cory rushed back into her room. She had heard most of the conversation between the two men.

*So today would be the day he´s going to talk to me. That would probably be the best time to clear everything up. O god he´s going to hate me for what I´ve done*, she thought worried.

Later that day there was a knock on the door and after she allowed her "visitor" to enter the door opened.

Tc peeked his head into the room, "Hey you think we can talk?"

"Yeah sure!" Said Cory and stopped with whatever she was just doing.

"Ehhmm… Cory…"

"No wait Tc… I need to tell you something first, it´s really important", Cory said getting really nevous, "Okay em… where do I start… ehm… uhh…"

"Tell me I´m not gonna kill ya, it can´t be that bad"

*Ha you have no idea*, Cory thought.

"Okay you know what I´m just going to tell you this, it´s really hard for me to tell you but it´s not gonna make anything easier for both of us when I retard what I need to tell ya…Tc…Julia is not your daughter she´s Will´s!" Cory said in a very serious tone and looked at the floor sheepishly. Now that it was out she was relieved, she had kept this secret for so long. But this relief was destroyed by the fear of his reaction.

These words hit him like a ton of bricks and again he was in the situation that he didn´t know what to say. And again somebody hadn´t told him the truth for three years. She wasn´t his daughter, she just wasn´t!

Tc turned into the direction of the door, Cory walked over to him wanting to comfort him but he brushed her away and stormed out.

He just yelled back, "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE CORY!", and stormed out of the house.

Cory sat on her bad crying as Tony knocked on the door.

"Hey what´s going on here? What´s the matter?", he asked, sat beside Cory and laid one arm around her to comfort her. "You wanna tell me what happed?" He asked with a calm voice.

"I made the biggest mistake of my life!" She said still crying.

"Oh come on I´m sure it´s not that bad huh?"

"It is, you have no idea Tony… Julia isn´t Tc´s daughter…", now she just cried even more. "Oohh!" Was all Tony got out.

"But why Cory? Why did you lie to him?"

She slowly but surely stopped crying and said in an insecure tone, "I know It´s just that back then…

Cut to Tc who was walking along the street aimlessly.

*How could they do that to me? I mean it´s not like I´m the angel here but how could they lie to me and then about something so important. Well Chris at least had a reason but Cory no, she had no reason! She just told me that I was Julia´s father and the idiot I am I didn´t asked to see the results of the paternity test. Why didn´t I wanted to see them? Because I trusted her, I trusted her with almost everything and she… she just used me.*

Suddenly the thought he had since Chris left Santa Monica came back.

"Cory will you be alright? I wanna see if I can find Tc somewhere", Tony asked not sure if he could leave her alone.

"Yeah it´s okay I will be fine", she said and gave him a forced smile, "I´m going to Julia she needs me."

"Good. Then I´m gonna set off and see if I can find him", Cory nodded.

As he reached Chris´ house he rang the bell. Soon the door opened and Tony was greeted by Chris who had a sleeping Lucy in her arms. "Hey Chris is Tc here?" He asked Chris quietly trying not to wake up the sleeping child.

"No he isn´t. Why is something wrong?" "Well Cory and Tc had a serious fight and Cory is hysterical and I can´t find Tc anywhere", informed Tony Chris.

"Why were they finghting?" She asked already suspecting something.

"Did she tell him?" She suddenly asked, she couldn´t hold that question back it just slipped out of her mouth.

Tony knew exactly what she meant and was very surprised that she knew, "You know?" "Um… yeah I found out a couple of days ago." Chris answered.

"Tc is pretty down. That was probably too much for him to handle."

"Maybe we should just give him some time to think about everything. When he´s loose with thinkinghe´ll come back", Chris said trying to hide her worried expression.

"You´re probably right, we´ll just wait a bit. I´ll go back to my house, ehm… Chris can you call me if he shows up here?"

"Yeah sure."

"Thanks. Bye", he said and went back to his house.

"Bye!" Chris said and closed the door. Wishing that she would know that Tc was all right.

Tc was still walking around but stopped as he reached Chris´ house.

He went up the stairs and knocked on the door.

Chris opened the door visibly relieved to see him and hugged him.

"Come in", Chris said and led him into the livingroom where he sat down on the couch.

"You want something to drink?" Chris asked looking at Tc.

"Ehm… um… no thanks where are the kids?" Tc asked looking for the triplets.

"Ah they´re upstairs playing, I guess they haven´t noticed that you´re here. But right now that´s probably better."

Chris sat beside Tc and asked "How are you feeling right now?"

"I don´t know… I feel lonely, I´m dissapointed and so on and so on…", he said looking extremely unhappy.

"Hey you´re not alone", Chris said, Tc just gave her a look, so Chris continued and said quietly, "You have me…"

"I do?" He asked as he looked straight into Chris´ face.

Chris didn´t know how to response, then Tc cupped her face in his hands and as he went to kiss her Chris pulled back.

"No Tc, please don`t!" Chris said and stood up.

Tc asked obviously hurt and confused, "Why not? What´s wrong?"

"We can´t do this!…Too much has happended!" She said trying to find an excuse.

Tc stood up too and walked towards Chris taking her hands in his, "Chris I love you and I wanna be with you and our children. That´s my only wish living with the people I love most."

She looked down at their joined hands and said, "Not all wishes come true Tc", and let go of Tc´s hands. Tc slowly moved a bit closer towards Chris. "Tc don´t!" Chris said taking a step backwards. Tc however looked directly in her eyes and whispered, "Chris I know you want this as much as I do…" Chris flinched and said "Tc… I… I…" , she put her hands on his chest looking into his green eyes, in them she saw how much he wanted this, that´s when she realized that she wanted this as much as he did. "Oh what the hell…" , she now put her arms around him and started to kiss him, Tc of course replied all too willingly.

At that moment Kate decided to come down, "Mommy Lucy stole my modelning clayw!" Chris and Tc broke off the kiss abruptly.

"Tc!", shrieked Kate as she saw Tc and ran to him, who picked her up immediately. "Mommy what you two doin?"

"Uhm… well we were just talking honey", answered Chris.

"Ah okay, but mommy Lucy tole my claw?"

"Actually I forbid you to play with the modelling clay when no adult is around."

"I know", said Kate sheepishly and buried her face deep in Tc´s neck.

"Oh boy I don´t even wanna know how it looks upstairs", said Chris and went upstairs followed by Tc and Kate.

"Oh man you three are full of mischief!" She said as she saw the chaos the triplets have caused, "You three clean that up and then get ready for bed okay, call me and I help you get dressed." Tc watched the whole scene smilin, thinking about it would be living together with his children and Chris of course.

After an hour of cleaning and all that stuff, the kids lay fast asleep in their beds.

Tc and Chris sat in the livingroom and were talking. "So what are we going to do?", asked Chris.

"Chris I know one thing for sure and that is that I love you and our kids and I wanna be with you, even if that means that I have to give up everything I worked for in Santa Monica! There is just one thing that I´m a bit scared of, what if it´s going to happen again? I mean you leaving me."

"You know Tc over those past years I noticed that there are more important things in my life then my career. Back then I was just focused on my career, I loved you but I guess my career was just more important to me. After the triplets were born I realized that they were the best thing that could ever happen to me. Well I still went to work but my heart was always with them not with my career anymore. At that time I worked all the time, did overtime but now I do my shift then go home and spend the rest of the day with my chrildren and I just love that. Those three kids are the most impotant people in my life I couldn´t imagine my life without them", she said kinda serious and continued but this time smiling, "And I wish that someday you´ll belong to these important people too."

"I wish that too!" Said Tc touching her cheek.

"Tc but don´t let us rush anything, let´s take it slow okay?" Tc nodded so Chris continued, "I don´t want you to give up your job, you worked so hard for it and if you would how can I be sure that you won´t nag me about it that you gave up your career for me?"

"But Chris I can´t keep my job and be with you, how am I suppose to do that?"

"Tc don´t rush anything lease! Your still in Seattle for a couple of days, we can spend those days together but when your vacation is over I want you to go back to Santa Monica…" Chris said but was cut of by Tc. "But Chris…" Was cut of by Chris, "No listen to me Tc! We stay in contact, I bet the kids won´t go to bed without having talked to you, we´ll see how everything goes and if everything works out fine the triplets and I come to Santa Monica for vacation and then we´ll see what we´re going to do."

"Also I would prefer being with you and the kids from now on, I think I just need to accept that, if you need the time I´m gonna give it to you", he said sadly, "I´m going to miss you!"

"Aww… come here", Chris put an arm around Tc and gave him a peck on the cheek, "I´m going to miss you too, but believe me it´s the best this way, we have time to think about everything and get used to everything. We really need that time! I think we should talk to the kids tomorrow what do ya think?" Chris suggested.

"Can I tell you something?", Tc asked and Chris nodded, "I´m really scared of that part."

"Don´t be they already are crazy about you, they´re going to be happy!"

Tc took Chris in his arms and said, "Thank you!"

"For what?"

"For giving me such gorgeous kids and for being there for me, you know since I ´m here I forgot everything, it was just you, the triplets and me, nobody else", said Tc and gave her a passionate kiss.

"You´re welcome! I´m glad that we´re good now… But Tc you know that you need to talk to Cory right?"

"Yeah I know, but I don´t wanna think about that right now…", Tc leaned in and kissed Chris soon he lay on top of her, then Chris stopped.

"What´s wrong, Chris?" He asked looking puzzled.

"Tc I don´t want that, it´s too soon?"

"I´m sorry if I pushed you", he said and lay down beside her, still one arm around her.

"It´s okay", she said, smiled at him and snuggled against him.

In a matter of minutes she was fast asleep, Tc gave her a kiss on the forehead and said, "I Love You!" Then he fell asleep too.

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