Friends with benefits

I can resist everything except temptation.
~ Oskar Wilde

"This is wrong." She tried to open the door as fast as possible while he kept trailing kisses along her collar bone.
"I know." He moaned between the kisses and smiled as she finally pushed the door open.
"We should stop." She grabbed his neck and pulled his body even closer.
"Definitely." He grabbed her backside and lifted her up and she wrapped her feet around his waist.
"Bed or couch?" She asked breathlessly and could already feel the answer as he carried her up the stairs.
"Bed. I like the space."
The brunette chuckled between the kisses he placed on her mouth as she felt a hard impact on her back.
"Sorry." He fumbled with the knob of the door.
"Open the damn door." She was getting impatient as she felt him fumbling on something different than her.
"Alright. Alright." The door sprang open and he smiled into the kiss and walked towards the king-size bed he had grown to love. It was just too spacious.
"Whoa. Slow down." She hissed as he threw her onto the bed but the expecting smile on her face told him she wasn't mad.
He started unbuttoning her white blouse, being very impatient. He almost ripped it of earning a chuckle from her.
"I like that blouse."
"And I like you without it." He grinned and his eyes wandered over her perfect form, now only in her bra and her pair of dark jeans.
She pulled the shirt over his head and smiled at his trained body. She trailed down his well-shaped muscles until he grabbed her wrist and held them above her head as he pushed her down again and climbed on top of her.
"Wow. Somebody's impatient today." With lust-filled eyes she grinned up and he held her wrists a little bit tighter. He knew she liked it that way.
"It's your time to shut up now, baby." He pulled down her pants and stared at the whole perfection under him.
He stripped out of his pants and leaned in to kiss her. His tongue ran over her bottom lip, pleading for entrance. He moaned as she parted her lips, and he slid his tongue into her mouth, intensifying the kiss.
"Was a bad case." She moaned quietly into his ear as he forced their bodies closer.
"That's why I'm here." His kisses went down over her collar bone, down her stomach to her sides.
"God, your making me crazy." He heard her breaths become more rapid.
"Good." He made his way back up again and slid of his boxers so did he with her panties.
Let the fun begin…