Urzai Month: Day 6


"No way Uncle Ozai!" Lu Ten stamped his small foot while vigorously shaking his head.

"Act like a crown prince, Lu Ten. Am I not your fire bending teacher?" Ozai asked impatiently.

"Yes, but…"

"Then why are you afraid?"

Lu Ten pouted. He could see no way out of his predicament. Before he could take the proper stance he saw his aunt walking into the training grounds. "Aunt Ursa!"

Ursa was almost knocked down as Lu Ten ran up to her, hugging her legs tight. "Hello Lu Ten! Are you almost done with practice?"

"No he isn't. Stop hiding behind your aunt's skirts and do as I ask." Ozai ordered.

"What's going?" Ursa bent down to be at eye level with her nephew.

"Uncle Ozai wants me to try breath of fire." Lu Ten whispered.

Ursa looked up at her husband, "He's only a child..."

Ozai cut her off, "Age and skill have little in common."

She gave him a pleading look but his eyes were hard. Ursa knew when her husband's mind was made up.

To her surprise Ozai was now bent down on Lu Ten's other side. "Do you trust me?"

Lu Ten nodded but the fear was still in his golden hues.

Ozai's tone was gentle, "Then don't you trust me when I say you're ready?"

Lu Ten looked to Ursa, who nodded encouragingly. "Okay. I'm ready."

Lu Ten took a deep breath, closing his eyes to visualize his inner fire rising. He could feel the heat move up his throat. For a brief moment he feared he would burn his tongue but the flames were comfortably warm. A short range of fire passed his lips. "I did it!"

Ursa clapped and cheered while Ozai smirked. "Keep practicing."

Lu Ten was happy to oblige. Ursa smiled as she placed an arm around her husband's waist. "You're good with him."

Ozai rolled his eyes, "I'm his fire bending teacher."

Ursa chuckled, "You'll be a great father someday."

He said nothing but allowed a smile to pass his lips.

Author's Note: I hope you wonderful readers have been reading Urzai Month on tumblr. There are some amazing submissions. The direction I took with the prompt Fear is different than what other authors had in mind but I hope you enjoy it. Please review!