"Come on, Princess Ursa. You said you could handle this." Ozai smirks.

Ursa frowns. She pushes herself up from the floor. "Again."

"As you wish." Ozai takes a relaxed fighting stance.

Ursa tries to kick him from the side but he easily blocks her. All her attempts at making contact with him are swatted away. She can feel herself growing slower from exhaustion but she won't give up.

Ozai grabs her leg mid-kick and pushes her down again. She falls with a thud. "You need to learn the basics. I'm not sure what you were taught on your island but it clearly wasn't enough."

Ursa growls in frustration. "Then teach me the basics."

"Why? Don't you think I'm all the protection you need?" He asks sincerely.

"I'm not doubting your ability, Prince Ozai. But this is more than protection. This is about self confidence." Ursa explains.

He is quiet for a moment. He can respect what she wants. "Unfortunately Princess Ursa I don't have the time to train you."

She wants to scream and punch something. Instead she stands and looks him straight in the eye, "I'm serious about this."

"You will be bruised and hurt."

"I'm ready." She answers without hesitation.

"The fact remains that I don't have the time to train you. However, if you are serious about learning to defend yourself and fight then I can bring in a suitable teacher." He is almost knocked down to the ground as Ursa wraps her arms around his neck.

"Thank you Ozai!" She kisses him hard on the lips.

Ozai gently sets her on her feet. "I should give into you more often."