Ha! I hath stumbled upon a new fanfic story that is original! I think!

Max:Really? Bunnies? Where did you get that idea?

Me:You know those post this on your profile to show your support to bunny thing that some peeps put on their profile?


Me: Well, I thought I could write about his plan!

Nobody's(NOT that nobody!) POV

Bunny was planning. He was planning because he wanted to take over the world, and that requires planning. As you might guess. Or you might not. Anyways, the point is bunny was planning. And when you are trying to take over the world, planning about it is quite important. You must do it right, otherwise, you don't get very far. The presidents, and the kings, and everyone else always tries to stop you. Which makes this tricky business. You can't just expect everybody to follow you. So this is why you must plan.

Bunny was very close to an answer to a great plan. But..what was it? Bunny was having a moment when he could not quite remember what he was thinking of. You probably feel for him deeply. So! Something about wings...wait! It was...it was...erasers! White coats! School! Yes. He was going to make a plan to...force the scientists to make a rain that would magically make people love Bunny! He would threaten him with his bunny army.

So he went out of his office (Aka:a tree branch) and declared that he must be driven to the biggest building of Itex at once. So he got into his mini limo, with his bunny chauffeur driving the limo.

2 hours later, Bunny walked up to the Itex building. He slipped through a crack in the side, (feeling quite angry he had to go through this producer.) and finally ended up in the directors office. He gave the director quite a fright. He then proceeded to tell his plan to her, and threatened her with his bunny army. The Director was quite frightened by this idea Of the bunnies destroying Itex, so she agreed To make the magical rain.

It took the white coats 2 days To Finish the magical rain. Finally, it was ready. They took the bags full of the magical rain, and dumped them on all of the world. Then, from that dAy on, everyone worshipped, loved, and respected Bunny.

The End.

Max:WTF? Bunnies would not scare the director...

Me: Whatever. R&R!