"Rainie Marie Rhodes! If you're going with me get your ass in the truck now!" Cody yelled to his younger sister up stairs.

"I am doing my hair, and you are going to wait on me." She yelled back to him in an agitated voice.

"I won't wait long." Cody said just loud enough for Rainie to hear him. The bathroom door flew open with a shrill scream of annoyance; a blue hair brush missed Cody by a foot.

"Hey!" He said looking at where the hair brush lay on the floor.

"And I need that brush back!" Rainie yelled to her brother. Cody picked up the brush and through it over the Balkan banister. It hit the bath room door with a thunk.

Twenty minutes later Cody was driving down the road with his sister sitting in the passenger seat applying thicker lip gloss.

"We are going to be late." Cody said not talking to anyone in particular.

"Would you shut up, it doesn't matter."

"It does matter! Randy is having a Bar-Bee-Que and I was supposed to bring drinks." Cody grumbled.

"Stop whining there is a store just down the street from Randy's house; you can get drinks and save the Bar-Bee-Que!" Rainie said dramatically.

"Randy shouldn't even have said you could come." Cody said.

"You're just jealous that it's not a boy's day." Rainie said wiping pink gloss off the corner of her mouth.

"He only invited you because he thinks you're cute." Cody said.

"Is that supposed to be a bad thing?" She asked batting her eye lashes in the mirror. "Besides, I know I'm cute." She added.

Cody huffed defeated, "There is just no talking to you!"

"No." she agreed smiling.

Cody pulled his truck into Randy Orton's driveway. The two got out of the truck.

"Help me with these drinks." Cody said.

"No, you are the big buff man, you get them." Rainie said shutting the door and bounced off to join the crowed of people in Randy's yard.

"I don't think that part is supposed to be on fire." Rainie said as she and a few other girls watched Shawn Michaels make a feeble attempt at grilling steaks.

"If you're not going to help, go away." He said and the girls giggled and walked away.

"Hey girls." Randy said stopping the group. They all giggled and said 'hey' back. Cody and Ted DiBiase were with Randy as usual.

"Well I got to say Rain; you are looking better and better. A hell of a lot better than you brother." Randy said and Rainie laughed and smiled back.

Cody rolled his eyes at the two. It was a well known fact that Cody and Rainie could almost pass as twins.

"Do you know Dave?" Randy asked.

"Well I know who he is obviously but we have never met." Dave Batista was in conversation a few feet away. Randy tapped him on the shoulder, "Dave there is someone you are going to want to meet."

The dark haired man left his conversation to stand by Randy. Though Rainie knew almost everyone there, she was one of the few who did not have a wrestling career and probably the only one who did not want one.

"Dave this is Rainie, Cody's sister." Randy said.

"Um, baby sister. She's only 18." Cody interjected. Rainie rolled her eyes. "David" The man said sticking out his hand in self introduction. Rainie took it and minutes later the two were gone.

"Now you've done it." Cody said to Randy.

"What?" Randy asked.

"You know his reputation."

"He wouldn't-" Randy started then looked at the two "You think?" He mused still watching the two.

Little did they know, he would.

Rainie was intrigued by David. He was the very form of what girls wanted and exactly what she knew she should stay away from.

The crowed was starting to fade and Rainie could almost feel Cody looking at her as she and David sat on Randy's front porch swing.

"Why don't you come over to my place and have a real meal." David asked Rainie.

"Yea Shawn has never been great at grilling." Rainie agreed.

"Maybe after, a little dessert," David said letting his hand roam a little higher up her leg. Rainie smiled at him.

"Now David, what kind of girl do you think I am?" She said knowing full well she would. "I'll be right back." She said getting up and leaving David.

She poked her head around the door frame enough to see Cody.

"Cody I'm going to David's." Rainie said and started to leave but stopped when she saw the reaction on people's faces.

Cody gave Randy an 'I-told-you-so.' look.

Everyone looked concerned and a bit surprised. "Is that a big deal?" Rainie ask.

Cody looked around the room, "Yea, it is Rain."

"Oh Cody, don't be dramatic." Rainie said and waved her brother off and went to join David.

The physical pursuits that ensued between the two forced Rainie to stay the night at David's house and by extension, in his bed.

David dropped Rainie off the next morning with a kiss and a promise to take her to her favorite restaurant that night.

"Rain, is that you?" Cody yelled from the basement

"It's me." She confirmed calling through the doorway at the top of the stairs.

"Hey Rain. Cody home?" Kofi Kingston said. He had just let himself in the front door.

"Yea, he's down stairs working out." Rainie was use to men coming in to their houses unannounced.

"We were supposed to lift at Randy's today, but his mother came over so that fell through." Kofi said shrugging his solders.

"K', well save me a place on the treadmill I'm going to come run later." Rainie said and Kofi nodded and went down stairs to meet Cody.

Rainie went up the stairs and changed in to her jogging clothes. She skipped breakfast to join her brother and his friends in Cody's gym.

The gym was by far Cody's favorite room in the whole house. He had worked so hard to make the room perfect and spent every spare moment down there.

When Rainie reach the bottom of the stairs it was to find the whole room in laughter; apparently Ted had been trying to move several weights at once, and they fell on his foot.

Cody was laughing the hardest. "Damn it Cody, it's not funny." Ted said holding his right foot hopping to a bench to sit down.

"Yes it is man, you're an idiot." Cody said still laughing at his friend.

"I think I broke it." He said.

"Witch one did you drop on it?" Kofi ask.

"All of them." Ted answered

"Go to the doctor dude." Kofi advised trying to hide his laughter.

"Some ones got to take me, I can't drive." Ted said and looked around the room for a volunteer.

"Rainie will do it." Cody said.

"You take him Cody, he's your friend." Rainie said.

Ted sat holding his foot and looking at the two. "Just take him Rain, I'm working out."

"I want to run."

"You can run when you get back."

Then Ted interrupted their argument. "Well if someone doesn't take me, I'm going to pass out."

"Well how is he going to get up the stairs?" Rainie ask giving in.

Kofi and Cody looked at Ted with evil looks.

"No!" Ted said firmly, knowing what the two were thinking.

The two quickly grabbed Ted by the arms and legs and started carrying him up the stairs. "Cody, I wish you had an elevator." Ted said.

Once Rainie and Ted were in Rainie's car Ted spoke to her. "Thanks Rain I really appreciate it. I'll buy you a steak some time."

"Well let's just hope I get back in time to have a steak tonight. I have a date with David tonight." She explained.

"You should be careful around him Rain, we know him." Ted said.

"Oh Teddy, loosen up. It's not like I'm going to fall in love with him or anything."

"Let's hope not." Ted said.

After seven hours of sitting in the waiting room alone, Ted came hobbling over to her on crunches. "Six weeks on these things." Ted said in disappointment.

Rainie smiled at him. "I'll buy you lunch." She said patting Ted on the shoulder as they walked out of the hospital. "You are never going to hear the end of this." Rainie added and Ted looked annoyed.

Rainie made it back to her house with just enough time to get ready for her date with David. "This is your night baby." David said and Rainie's return trip home was lost to oblivion.

A mere week later Rainie announced she was moving in to David's house. She seemed to be the only one happy about the thing. All of her friends protested, but she paid them no mind.

Her time at David's house was spent waiting for him to call her. He was a very controlling being and Rainie was finding out what her brother had been warning her about.

But the feelings she had for David rendered her helpless.

David had a temper and it was coming more and more to Rainie that she could not stay. Yesterday's trip to the doctor for nausea had informed her that she was pregnant.

David was gone to the guy, Rainie called Cody.

"Hello?" Cody answered.

"Cody I need to come home." Cody could tell by his sister's voice that this was serious.

"Rainie, I'm 3000 miles away. I'm sorry but I'm not there, nether is Randy. The only one there is Ted, can he come get you?" Cody asked

"That will be fine. And Cody, I love you." Rainie's voice had an edge that was almost at tears

"I love you too sis." Cody said.

Rainie hung up the phone and waited. A few minutes later Ted knocked on the door. At this time Rainie was glad she had only brought a few clothes to David's. Ted put her suit case in the back of his truck. There was nothing said until Ted parked in Cody's driveway.

"What happened?" Ted asked.

Rainie knew if she opened her mouth she might tear up. "I just had to get out before it got any worse." She managed to say without crying.

"We all told you Rain." He said.

She lost it.

Her broken words came with violent sobs. "I know and I wish I had listened but I didn't and I'm sorry." Rainie's crying made her voice and breathing come out harsh and loudly.

"Shh, Rain it's okay. I'm sorry I didn't mean that." Ted said as he reached across the cab of the truck and brought Rainie into a hug and held her close to him.

"I just wish Cody were home."

Rainie said sobbing. Ted knew that even thou the two argued all the time they were really quite close. They were all the other had. "I know." Ted said and stroked Rainie's hair.

"I don't want to be alone. Will you stay here tonight?" Rainie said and turned her face to look at him. He thought for a minute.

"I'll stay." he said and she smiled at him.

That night Rainie was very happy to be back in her old room. Ted was sleeping in the guest room. Late that night David called Rainie.

"Hello?" Rainie answered.

"Where are you Rain?" David asked.

"David I need to talk to you, I'm not coming back. It's over."

Rainie heard David sigh. "It's okay Rain If you need some time alone I understand. You can come back when you get ready." David said sweetly.

"You don't understand David, I'm not coming back." Rainie replayed.

"You'll change your mind baby."

"No I won't. I'm tired of you treating me like a rag doll. I'm pregnant, that is no place to raise a baby."

There came to be an edge to David's voice. "Well Rainie you don't have to raise a baby at all there are other options."

"David this is my baby and I'm keeping it." Rainie said sternly.

"Rainie you are too young for this." David argued.

"I am keeping it and there is nothing you can do about it." Rainie said then hung up the phone before anything else could be said.

"You're pregnant?" Ted asked from Rainie's doorway.

She hadn't realized how loud she had been. This wasn't the way she had planned to break the big news.

"Yea, I went to the doctor yesterday." She confessed.

"You've got to tell Cody." Ted told her.

"I know I didn't mean to tell David just then, it just slipped out."

Ted walked over and sat by Rainie on her bed. "It's okay Rain." He said and dropped a comforting arm around her shoulders.

"I wish Cody would come home."

Rainie was fighting the urge to tell her brother she was pregnant over the phone but had decided to wait until he came home.

'This would be a long two weeks.' She thought.

That night as Rainie lay waiting for sleep to come she pulled her teddy bear closer to her. The brown bear had originally been Cody's Christmas present from their mother. But Cody being a four year old boy the thing had been tossed to the floor. Rainie saved the bear and it became her's.

As she replayed the story in her mind she thought if one day her bear might occupy her baby's crib.

The next day David called very early. His apologies soon turned to hateful yells. Before Rainie went to bed David had drove by her house three times.

That became Rainie's normal day, David's calls turning from calling her baby, telling her he missed her and wanted to take care of the baby, to calling her a bitch and he was going to make sure that the baby was never brought in to the world.

Cody knowing David's violent nature asked Ted to stay with Rainie until he got back.

Ted agreed.

A week before Cody was supposed to come home Rainie got a call from her brother.

"Hello." Rainie said.

"Hi Rain." Cody said.

"Hey Cody, when are you coming home?" There was a pause.

"About that Rainie, can you come get Randy and me?"

"Where? Why?" Rainie ask.

"We got to come home early. We drove and well, we had an accident in Tennesse. We are alright, but we need you to come get us."

"I'll be right there."

It was a three hour drive, but the thought of seeing her brother again sustained her. When she arrived at the location Cody told her, she saw Randy and her brother standing by a completely totaled, black Cadillac!

"Nice car." Rainie's greeted.

"Glad you like it." Cody said kissing his sister on the cheek. "It was your Christmas present." Cody said and smiled.

"Thanks but I would like it better if it wasn't totaled."

That night as Cody, Randy, Rainie and Ted sat around the fire place Rainie felt the time was right.

"Peal me an orange Cody." Rainie told her brother more than ask him.

"No! Fix it yourself." He snapped back.

"Now Cody, is that anyway to talk to a mother to be?" Rainie ask.

Cody's jaw dropped. "What?" he asked.

There was silence as Randy and Ted watched uncertainly.

"I'm pregnant Cody!" Rainie said enthusiastically.

"Oh my God Rain. I don't know what to say." Cody said. Then he got up and kissed his sisters cheek. "Congratulations." He said.

"Thanks. Now, how about that orange big brother?" Rainie ask.

"You got it."

It wasn't long after Cody got back that Rainie was sitting with Cody and their friends watching TV, when there was a knock on the door.

David had obviously decided to go beyond harassing phone calls and actually came to Rainie and Cody's house. When Cody opened the door David shoved him back out of the way. Thankfully Randy Orton, John Morison, Kofi Kingston, John Cena and Ted DiBiase were all in Cody's house at the time.

When David pushed Cody an all-out riot began with one enemy in common. Randy immediately hit David in the head with his fist and the others joined in. In the fly of fist and feet there was not a single man that came out unscathed.

After David was forcibly removed from the house the men sat around the kitchen with ice pressed to different body parts.

"Rain" Cody said looking at his sister with an ice pack against his right eye. "I know you don't want to, but I think it's time to take out a restraining order" he said.

Rainie looked down. "I think you are right" She admitted.

"It's just that I didn't expect this to happen. I thought he was different." Rainie said crying to Randy.

He was supposed to have gone out with the boys but instead he was sitting on Rainie's bed with her listening to her cry and holding her hand.

"I know Rain. I know." He said putting an arm around her shoulder. "You are so beautiful. You deserve better." He said then he laid his lips on hers and kissed her patiently.

She put her arms around him as the kisses depend. It had been so long since she had been held by a man who cared about her that her haste gave away her anticipation. "Fuck me Randy!" Rainie whispered in Randy's ear and Randy had no objections. One kiss turned into hours of playful love.

"Where were you last night? Chastity ask about you?" Ask Ted the next day.

"Forget Chastity, I was with Rainie." Randy replied.

"You were with Rainie Rhodes?" Ted asked stopping what he was doing to look at his friend.

"Yes. Do we know another Rainie?" Randy confirmed.

"You're seeing her now?" Ted asked.

"No I was just, comforting her last night." Randy said smugly.

"Oh." Ted said trying to process the realization of what was going on.

"You know Ted, you should go see her. She would give you some." Randy said.

"No thanks." Ted replied.

"Come on now; don't act like you are too good. You have always liked her."

Ted looked seriously.

This was perfectly true. He had, had his eye on Cody's sister for a few years now. But he was older than her and she always seemed to be dating someone else. Not to mention that Cody was one of his best friends and Ted was pretty sure that Cody would tear him limb to limb if he ever touched Rainie. "Yea but I don't want anything thanks to Dave Batista." Ted said and Randy chuckled.

A month and a half past with David only calling once but driving by Rainie's house quite often.

"I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, will you take me? We will find out the sex of the baby." Rainie ask her brother.

"Only if you name it after me." Cody said.

They both laughed and Rainie promised.

"Congratulations. It looks like you have a perfectly health 16 week old girl." The nurse said looking at the screen.

Rainie squealed.

"Would you like to see her?" The nurse asked.

"Yes!" Cody and Rainie said at the same time.

The nurse turned the monitor so they could see the tiny blue form that resembled a baby sucking its thumb.

"She is beautiful." Rainie said.

"She is so little." Cody said.

"Cody Leann." Rainie said. "I've been thinking about it and that is what I want to name her."

"I was kidding Rain; you don't really have to name her after me." Cody said turning a soft shade of pink.

"But I want to. How many girls have a brother like you?"

Cody smirked. "Most girls wouldn't want one." He said.

Cody and Rainie were sitting in Randy's living room with several other guests. A baby shower for Rainie's baby had just concluded. There was a lighthearted spirit over the houses. Laughing and talking, time was passing fast.

An odd pain hit Rainie's stomach. "Oew." Rainie said laying a hand on her stomach. Every eye in the room went to her.

"Alright Rain?" Cody asked with a concerned look.

"Fine, she just kicked."

A few people laughed and Cody smiled faintly. "Oh." He said quietly.

People went back to talking only to be interrupted by Rainie letting out a scream, clutching her stomach and falling to the floor.

Every one made a quick movement to Rainie's side, but Cody was the first to his sisters.

"Rainie! What's wrong?"

She did not reply verbally. She rolled on the floor and moaned in pain.

"Cody you've got to take her to the hospital." Randy said panicking as he huddled with Cody over Rainie's writhing body.

"I'll get the truck." Ted said sitting down his wine glass.

"Get the hummer, it has a bigger backseat." Randy said to Ted. "The keys are in the top drawer." Ted gave a nod of compliance as he ran from the room. They heard the drawer open quickly and then slam shut.

Randy helped Cody scoop Rainie into his arms. That is when everyone noticed that Rainie's white skirt was covered with blood.

Cody ran as quickly as he could to the fount door.

Ted had pulled Randy's blue hummer mere inches from the steps. Randy opened the back door and quickly, not necessary gently, helped Cody put his sister in the backseat.

Once they arrived at the hospital Cody ran carrying his sister in to the hospital with he and Randy shouting frantic for help.

The scene would have been comical, except it could not have been graver. As soon as the three came through the door action was taken.

Shortly after Rainie was taken away and Randy was sitting in one of the red chairs and Cody was pacing around the waiting room when Ted walked in.

"What's going on? What's happened?" Ted ask a Cody who was obviously too shaken to talk because he stopped walking and opened his mouth but didn't speak, shook his head and started walking again.

"They said she had a miscarriage." Randy said.

"Oh man." Ted said as he put his hands on the top of his head. "Is she going to be okay?" He asked.

"They have her in sugary now." Cody said.

The three men sat in the waiting room except for Cody who keep sitting then standing to pass around the room.

A few hours later a doctor walled over to them and informed them that Rainie had lost the baby but she was in relatively good health and it would be okay if they wanted to see her.

They all walked into her room.

"Hey Rain." Cody said slowly.

She was crying.

Cody put his hand on her head. She put her arms around his waist and pulled him into a sitting position by her on the bed.

Tears were burning the corner of Cody's eyes and were threatening to fall. He ran his hand over her hair as she sobbed in his lap.

Ted and Randy assumed sets around Rainie's bed and sat quietly.

Rainie did not speak even after Cody drove her home. The only sound that escaped her was her crying renewing when she saw the sonogram pictures stuck to the refrigerator. Cody quickly took the pictures down and put them in a drawer.

Rainie went straight up to her room and lay on her bed and pulled her teddy bear to her.

A few hours later Cody opened Rainie's door. "Are you alright?"

She nodded. "Good night, Rainie." Cody said. "'Night" She replied feebly.

After lying without sleep for far too long, Rainie picked up her phone, and dialed a number.

"Hello?" A groggy voice said.


"Rainie?" He said more awake and concerned.

"I can't sleep. Will you drive me around?"

"Sure Rain I'll be right there."

Minutes later Rainie hared Ted's truck pull into the driveway. She quietly walked down the stairs and got into Teds truck. She opened the passenger door and climbed into the set.

"Hey Teddy." She said and smiled at him.

"Good evening Rain." He said back. "I brought you a blanket." He said laying a blue blanket in her lap as he put the truck in reverse.

"Thank you." She said and laid her set back and covered herself with the blanket.

Ted drove over back roads and over the same paths twice. After four hours he put his hand to the radio to change a particularly annoying pop song when Rainie said quietly, "Leave it. I like this song."

Ted smiled; he thought she had been asleep.

"Do you think you could sleep now?"

"Yea." she said and snuggled into the set.

"I will take you to my place, that way we won't wake your brother."

"K." She said sleepily

A few minutes later he pulled his truck into his garage. "We're here Rain." He said but she made no reply.

She had fallen asleep.

He walked around the truck, unbuckled her seat belt and scoped her into his arms and carried her up stairs to his room.

He laid her in his bed and covered her. He got in bed beside her and closed his eyes.

"Hold me." She said, and Ted did not hesitate.

He put his arm around her and pulled her close to him.

"You know I miss high school."

"I was at your graduation."

"Were you?"

"Yea, you were 17th in your class."

Rainie laughed. "You remember that?" She asked.

He laughed too. "Yea" He said.

"Why do you remember that?" She asked.

"Because, I love you Rainie Marie Rhodes" He said, and she snuggled closer to him.

"I love you too Teddy." Moments later they both were asleep.