Chapter One


Merida sighed in aggravation as her mother hurried about the kitchen to make breakfast. Her long brown hair was up in a ponytail today. It hung all the way to her waist.

Her three younger brothers sat on the opposite side of the table. They each had flaming red hair like Merida. They were flicking each other with their forks and throwing food around. Merida laughed as some scrambled eggs flew into her brother's hair. Her dad hurried inside the kitchen just as her mother finished setting down the rest of the food.

"Morning sweets," he said quickly. He also had red hair, and a short red beard.

"Hey dad," Merida smiled. Her dad kissed her forehead then grabbed a piece of bacon.

"Aren't you staying for breakfast?" he mother asked.

"I'm late Eleanor. I'll be back for dinner," he promised, kissing her mother and then hurrying out the door.

"Bye dad," Merida shouted. Her mother glanced at her.

"Don't shout," she ordered. Merida rolled her eyes. Her mother settled into her chair and began to pass around the plates of food. "I was thinking we should go shopping for new school clothes today," she said to Merida.

"Whatever," Merida replied. Her mother made a face at her use of words, but didn't say anything.

From where she was eating Merida could hear the sound of mail going through the slot. "I'll get it," she said, jumping up from her seat and hurrying into the hall. There was a small pile of letters in the hall next to the door. She grabbed them and headed back into the kitchen. "Here you are," she handed them to her mother.

"Thank you Merida," her mother smiled and took the mail from her. Merida sat down as her mother began to flip through the letters. Suddenly she gasped. Merida looked up in surprise.

"What is it?" she asked. Her mother dropped all the letters, but one.

"Merida," she almost squealed. Merida had never seen her mother this happy. "You've been accepted!" For a moment Merida was scared her mother had signed her up for some crazy boarding school with a bunch of preps.

Her mother passed her the envelope. Merida looked at it suspiciously. The paper felt like old parchment and it had a wax seal with a big H on it. Carefully she opened it and read the letter.

Dear Merida,

You have been accepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. The first semester will begin on August 23rd. Please take the train at platform 9 ¾ at King's Cross Station. We have included the ticket in the letter along with a list of materials you will need to purchase for school.

Merida skimmed over the rest. It seemed to be just a bunch of rules. Don't use magic in the hall, don't go down this floor, such and such.

"What's Hogwarts?" she asked when she finished.

"It is one of the finest wizardry schools in the world," her mother explained.

"Wizardry?" Merida asked. "Like with magic?"

"Yes. You are a witch Merida," her mother said. Merida's breath hitched. "Your father and I were going to tell you on your eleventh birthday, but the letter came sooner," she shrugged. Merida gaped at her.

"I'm a witch," she gasped. "I-I can cast spells!"

"Well not yet, but that's why you are going to school. The teachers will teach you how to use your magic," her mother said. Merida was still in shock. How could they have kept this from me for all these years? she wondered.

"Why didn't you tell me before?" she demanded.

"We were scared you might be a muggle. You never showed any signs of being a witch and we didn't want to tell you that you were and then you not be. But we should have known you would be a witch, after all both of your parents are," her mother smiled.

"You're a witch!" Merida almost screamed. Her being a witch was one thing, but her mother being a witch was another.

"Well yes. And your father is a wizard. We both went to Hogwarts. That's actually where we met," her eyes glazed over like she was looking back at some memory. Merida was in no mood for some sob story of how her mother met her father.

"So you expect me to just pick up and go to some new school out of nowhere and leave behind my old life here! What about my friends?" Merida demanded.

"You'll make new friends and have a new life. A new life with magic. Once you get to Hogwarts, believe me, you'll love it," she laughed. Merida glared at her. She looked back at the letter then back at her mom.

"Fine," she almost growled.


Hiccup watched Toothless soar through his room. He hated keeping Toothless this small, but nobody could find out he was keeping a dragon in his room or he'd be in HUGE trouble. He heard the sound of his dad coming upstairs and quickly grabbed Toothless from the air.

"Get in there," he ordered while shoving Toothless into a bottle and throwing it under his bed. He turned around just in time for his dad to walk in.

"Hiccup my boy," his dad said.

"Uh hey dad," Hiccup smiled. His dad was a very large man with a long flaming beard. Most of the kids at Hiccup's school thought he was a body builder. It was the only thing that kept them from teasing him.

"Do you know what today is?" he asked.

"No, I forgot my birthday," Hiccup said sarcastically. His dad crossed his arms. "Sorry," Hiccup sighed.

"I've got something for you." His dad seemed about to burst with pride. Hiccup perked up in excitement. His father reached into a pocket and pulled out an envelope. Hiccup's heart beat faster, he knew what that was.

"I've been accepted?" he asked. His father nodded. "Yes," Hiccup yelled. His father laughed as he jumped in the air and pumped his fist. "Can I see it?" he asked. His dad handed him the letter. Hiccup grabbed it and ripped it open. He scanned over the letter and the list of supplies.

"I'll take you to get your supplies in a few days," his dad promised. "We'll pick out your real present then," he promised. Hiccup nodded. He wasn't at all surprised that his dad hadn't gotten him a present. His mom had always been the one to get that stuff.

She had died a few years ago from a spell gone wrong. Hiccup didn't even remember what she was trying to do, just that it killed her. He pushed the thought away and pulled out the bottle containing Toothless.

"We're going to Hogwarts Toothless," he smiled.


Rapunzel brushed her hair with long smooth strokes. Pascal sat on her shoulder and moved up and down with each stroke. Rapunzel smiled. Her long blond hair reached to her waist now. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror. Long blond hair, slim, with big green eyes.

"Pretty as a princess," her mother said as she entered the room. Rapunzel glanced at her and smiled.

"Thanks mom," she hugged her. Her mother pet her hair gently.

"It's true. My beautiful girl," she said. Rapunzel's mother was lovely lady and it touched Rapunzel greatly that she thought Rapunzel was beautiful. She had curly black hair that hung to her shoulders. She was tall and slim with blue eyes.

"What's on the agenda for today?" Rapunzel asked.

"Well, I was going to say we should work in the garden, but I just got the mail and I have a surprise for you," she grinned.

"What?" Rapunzel asked excitedly. Her mother pulled out an envelope and opened it.

"You have been accepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry," she read. Rapunzel gasped.

"I made it," she jumped up and down. Screaming in delight she bounced around her room. Her mother laughed at her reaction. "When can we go shopping in the wizard world?" Rapunzel asked.

Her mother looked less excited about that. "I suppose in a few days," she sighed. Rapunzel was too happy to worry about her mother's distaste for the outside world.

Jack Frost-

Jack panted as he ran down a dark ally. The moon shone brightly above him and allowed him to see. He dodged a fallen vase and some planks of wood. He could hear them running after him. He glanced back, but couldn't see them.

He jumped over a cardboard box and dove behind a dumpster. He pressed himself against the brick wall behind him and held his breath. The sound of footsteps grew closer and he closed his eyes.

To his relief they passed by. When he could no long hear them he crawled out of his hiding place and ran back the way he had come. Without any pursuers he ran slower this time. When he came to the opening of the ally he glanced around before darting down the street.

He could see a police car parked a few buildings away. Looking around he ran inside a nearby diner. He glanced back outside to see the police man get out of his car and start walking over to him.

"Crap," he breathed. Looking around for a place to hide he spotted a bathroom. He power walked to it and opened the door without knocking, luckily it was empty. He locked the door and leaned against the wall.

After he had caught his breath he placed his ear against the door. He heard the door open and someone entered. "Excuse me ma'm, has this boy been in here?" he asked. Jack held his breath. There was no answer. Then he could hear footsteps. They were heading towards the bathroom.

Jack backed away from the door and looked around for a way out. There was no windows or doors. He was stuck.

The policeman started hammering on the door. "Jack, I know you're in there. Open up," he yelled.

"No way," Jack called back. The door shook under the force of his blows. Then it stopped. Suddenly it burst open as he kicked it down. The policeman jumped in and grabbed Jack. "You lunatic, why are you jumping in the bathroom with me? You have issues," he yelped. The policeman grabbed his shirt and pulled him off the ground.

"No more games Jack. You've run away too many times. They don't want a kid who won't stay," he snarled. Jack swallowed. "Trouble makers like you don't deserve nice families who are willing to open their doors to you." Jack glared at him. "Come on kid," he pushed Jack out the door.

Jack stumbled and fell against the wall. The policeman grabbed his arm and half dragged, half helped Jack out of the diner. As they heading towards his car a man approached them. He had short black hair and tan skin. His eyes were a strange topaz kind of color.

"Excuse me," he said to the policeman. He was wearing something similar to black robes. The policeman glanced at him.

"Look sir, I'm kinda preoccupied at the moment. I've got to deal with this pest right now," he shoved Jack against the car. Jack winced in pain as his body connected with the vehicle.

"That's what I need to talk to you about," the man said. "My name is Alex Yosterfield." Jack recognized the name as the man who had been going to give him a home, but Jack had escaped with a few valuables before the man had returned from work.

"Oh. Well don't worry about your things. I'm sure you'll get them back soon," the policeman said.

"It's not that. It's just, well," the man pulled out a thin stick of wood. "I'm afraid you can't take him." He said a few more words that Jack didn't understand. There was a small explosion of light from the tip of the wood. The policeman blinked then looked at him confusedly.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"I'm just taking Jack back to the house," Alex said. He gently pulled Jack from the policeman's grip. The policeman let go and backed away.

"Are you sure?" he asked. Alex nodded.

"Absolutely. Now thank you for your service," he smiled. He turned and began to walk away. Jack paused and looked at the policeman. He rubbed his head and slipped into his car. Jack gaped at him.

"Are you coming Jack?" Alex asked. Jack glanced at him.

"Umm," he said. Alex laughed.

"I should have expected as much. Here, maybe this will help explain it," he handed Jack an envelope. Jack opened it and in the harsh street lights read what it said. He looked up at Alex.

"No way," he smiled. Alex grinned.

"You better believe it," Alex winked. Jack looked back down at the letter then up at Alex.

"Alright," he shrugged.


So I couldn't wait any long to start writing. I had two people say they liked this one better so I chose it. Sorry if you would have rather me chose something else, you should have reviewed! Well this is a modern story so Rapunzel and Merida aren't princesses, they are just rich. Rapunzel doesn't have healing hair she just likes to grow it out and her mother isn't some creeper who keeps her in a tower, her mother just doesn't like the outside world and tries to keep Rapunzel from it. Hiccup isn't a Viking in this, he does live in the wizard world with his father though. Rapunzel's mother is a witch so she already knew about all that stuff, but they don't live in the wizard world. Merida lives in the real world. Jack has no home and is constantly moving from family to family because he is always running off and getting into trouble. Of course in this story he is not the spirit of winter he's just an average kid with white hair and he is better at spells that have to do with winter and snow than anyone else. Wow this is a long author's note. Sorry for saying all this. Well please review!