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Chapter 7



"Oi, wench. Whatcha doing? Why did you ditch the boys?" Inuyasha asked as he walk through the parted curtains that lead to the back of the restaurant. Inuyasha strolled right in, his shoulder length black hair that was tied up with a leather band in a low ponytail swishing back and forth. The only thing on his human disguised body that expressed the irritation he was feeling at the moment. He stopped right in front of the table Kagome and Steve were sitting at. Crossing his arms he glared at Kagome with his natural honey colored eyes. Kagome stared back.

To the average Joe Inuyasha was intimidating. Even in his modern attire of charcoal grey slacks and magenta button up shirt people would step back when he walked by feeling his power. But these two, Kagome and Steve, showed no signs of feeling that power. Kagome continued to sit there with her hand under Steve's. Inuyasha's eyes narrowed in on the handholding between the two. He wasn't sure how far along this relationship went with 'Captain America' but he was damn sure going to find out.

"You gonna sit on your ass all day or are you going to answer me?" He watched as Kagome continued to stare at him.

"Oi wench." He waited. And waited. And waited.

He could feel his blood pressure starting to rise. It had been a long time since Kagome made him feel this way. It reminded him of his kids when they were teenagers.

He watched as Kagome continued to stare at him. She was pissing him off on purpose, and he knew just how to bring her down a notch.

"You know, your acting like the twins when they were teenagers. They used to give me the silent treatment too."

There, he thought. He saw her eyes spark and her back straighten.

"Did you just compare me to Keiko and Sakura?"

"Yeah wench. You're acting like a sulking teenager. You ditched Katsuo and Daichi just like a teenager would. The girls would do that too when they broke curfew."


Kagome's voice was deceptively calm. Inuyasha's ears, his natural ones, although unseen by the naked eye, folded down to his head as he felt a spark of power lightly zap him.

"Hey! Control yourself!"

Trying to distract Kagome from her current course of action he tilted his head towards Steve.

"You gonna introduce us?"

He would get back to the issue of her leaving her guards behind in a bit. The boys were in the back of the restaurant being fed by Nakamura's staff. We're lucky, Inuyasha thought. The threat against Kagome was very real.

There was a bit of unrest with the youkai community. Half of the community expressed worry over the alien invasion that was thwarted by the 'Avengers' and the other half of the community wanted to align themselves with 'beings' who have more power, and they felt that the aliens had more power. These youkai were disgruntled with the balance of power that was in favor of the humans. They wanted to be on top again and they wanted to use any means necessary. Which leads to Kagome.

The youkai community knew that the Shikon no Miko was alive. They didn't know how, they just knew that she existed in the here and now. A rumor had it that she is more powerful than she used to be and only those closest to her know how powerful and the things that are entailed in her being the Shikon no Miko. That is what worried Inuyasha the most.

Incidents started occurring before the big council meeting. A few bumps and bruises from people knocking into her on the street and moments at school when she would get stuck in the crowded halls and pushed in a direction she would never go. She didn't think anything of it. She was used to crowds and people pushing their way through, but Inuyasha knew differently.

The council meeting was to talk about the foiled alien invasion as well as Kagome's safety. The council, which included representatives from around the world, spoke of the power of the priestess and what do with the power. Factions from both sides, those who wanted to exist as they do now, and those who wanted more power, had different ideas on how to 'protect' the priestess. Which really meant to harness her powers for their cause.

Arguments arose due to the different feelings of the members but one thing was universal and that was that Kagome needed bodyguards.

Sesshoumaru, representative of Japan, spoke against trusting the aliens to bring balance to the Youkai's side. He told them that as part of his pack the miko's safety was his concern as her alpha and no one outside of the pack could have a say in the matter. Not that they would if Kagome knew about the discussion about her safety.

They, Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru, kept the details of the meeting to themselves. They know how headstrong Kagome is and that she would never want anyone to endanger themselves protecting her. She felt, for the most part, that after training with Sesshoumaru, she could fend for herself if push came to shove. And before she left the Feudal Era for the last time, with the help of Kaede and Miroku she developed a mastery of her miko ki. Her powers, after having grown exponentially were easy to master with practice and hard work. A lot of practice and hard work.

Inuyasha shook his head. His mind had a tendency to go off course in his old age. He had been around for almost 900 years and some days he could feel it. Not with his body but with his mind. He smiled to himself as he looked at the now squinting Kagome. Even if 500+ years had passed, his love for Kagome never changed. Kagome is and will always be his best friend.

Inuyasha had married and had kids. Hell, his kids had kids. He had matured with time. But when he saw Kagome again after she had been back a year, it was like no time had passed. Even with several hundreds of years between them, she treated him just the same as she had when they traveled the countryside in the Feudal Era collecting shards.

And with the look in her squinting eyes he was very happy that the subjugation beads had been taken off before she returned to her time. He smiled as he thought of all the times she tried to 'sit' him when she got really pissed off with him. He frowned when he thought of her new ability though. With the mastery of her powers she could control the amount of miko ki she projected. She could now use her miko ki to 'zap' him when she got really irritated. Just like a moment ago.

"Inuyasha. Inuyasha. INUYASHA! Are you even listening to me?" Kagome shouted the last part. Inuyasha cringed as he felt the pitch of her voice affect his ears.

"What did you say wench?" He had to shake his head again as if he were knocking the right thought back into place. Almost like a dog shaking its head after trying to get rid of whatever was bothering its head.

Kagome started to laugh. She reached out with her hand and swatted him with a little bit of power behind it.

"Fuck Kagome that hurt."

"Well, pay attention. You're getting crotchety in your old age."

"Shut it."

"Excuse me," a new voice interjected. "I don't mean to interrupt you but I have to ask you to speak in a way that is more fitting of your relationship." A bit of steel could be heard in Steve's voice as he looked at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha stopped smiling at Kagome and turned to look at Steve. He had his complete and undivided attention.

"What did you say Captain?"

"You keep calling your sister a 'wench'. Don't you think that it's inappropriate to speak that way to her in public, let alone at all?"

"Butt out mister. What I call the 'wench' is none of your concern."

"Hey, hey. Inuyasha, you should… Wait a minute. Do you know Steve? You called him Captain."

Inuyasha's eyebrows shot up. She doesn't know. He smiled again as he watched 'Captain America' Steve squirm under his scrutinizing eyes.

"Oh yeah, I do. Most people do."

"What do you mean 'most people' do?" Kagome turned to Steve.

"Are you a war hero? That's it, isn't it! You did something and saved someone or something. Wow! A real life hero." Kagome turned back to Inuyasha and smiled. "I know a few heroes too." She reached out and cupped Inuyasha's cheek. She smiled at him as he leaned into her hand.

Inuyasha yelped when Kagome turned a loving gesture into one of torture when she pinched his cheek.

"Some of them are too cheeky."

Inuyasha started to yell while grabbing her hand to stop the torture. Steve leaned forward trying to help Kagome in some way. The loud racket drew the attention of those that were in the back.

Daichi and Katsuo ran out still chewing their meal and brandishing chopsticks at the arguing pair. They stopped what they were doing, battle instincts receding when they saw what was happening.


Steve watched the two, brother and sister, arguing. The words volleyed kept his head turning back and forth between the two of them. He felt like he was watching a tennis match. He started to take a step forward when it looked like Inuyasha was getting louder and advancing on Kagome. A hand shot out in front of him stopping his forward movement. When he looked to his left to see who was stopping him he saw that it was one of the two men who had run out of the back brandishing their chopsticks like they were weapons.

"Don't interfere."

"What did you say?" Steve asked. He could feel himself falling into a battle stance. He knew that these two must be Kagome's guards, but he also could see that the argument was slowly escalating. He felt his instincts screaming at him. His instincts were telling him to protect Kagome from her advancing brother. He could tell that Inuyasha noted his stance. Steve could have sworn that his golden eyes flashed red for a second.

"They always get like this." The taller of the two said.

"Yeah, don't worry. He would never do anything to hurt her. It would hurt him more than it would her if something happened." The other guard said.

Steve tried to relax his stance when he heard the words from the two men standing beside him.

"I'm Steve. Steve Rogers."

"I'm Daichi." The taller one said. He was a little taller that Steve.


Steve looked at the two men noting the height and size of them. They were big brawny men. He could see where people got intimidated with them around. They took up a lot of space with their bodies as well as with their presence.

Daichi, the one taller that Steve sported tattoos on both his bulging biceps. His black t-shirt was skin tight even revealing the extremely flat stomach he had. His forest green cargos and black combat boots completed the look of a bouncer at a club.

Katsuo was the opposite. He was dressed to the nines. He wore a black suit with a pristine white button up shirt. The only thing on his wardrobe that stood out was his tie. It was bright yellow with a swirl with a tail and a small triangle on the other side. This symbol was printed all over the tie. Steve didn't recognize the symbol.

Steve turned back to the argument that was continuing in front of the three of them. They went from speaking in their regular tones to raising their voices trying to yell over each other. Steve watched as Kagome's face got red. She stood up straight and slammed her fists down to the sides of her body. As her foot lifted to stomp the ground in her utter annoyance he saw Inuyasha cringe back from her. As he took a step back, Kagome's foot slammed into the ground.

"Osuwari!" Kagome screamed and Steve watched as Inuyasha slowly fell to the floor face first.

He didn't know how he tripped but he had to admit that looked painful.



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