Title of story: The Sweetest Revenge

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The moment Gray Fullbuster saw Lucy Heartfilia, he had to have her. She was the sexiest woman he'd ever met! Completely forgotten was the teenage Lucy whose youthful crush he'd rejected 5 years ago... For Lucy, the sweetest revenge was to make Gray want her—then cut him dead! Only, he didn't seem to remember her, and his desire sparked the realization of how deeply she still wanted him. Their passion was all-consuming—but what would happen when they finally confronted the truth about their past?


Gray x Lucy & Jellal x Erza

Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail and this plot. The story belongs to "Emma Darcy." This is another book I bought from her in Google Play^0^ This story is Rated-M and Rated-T;) Happy Reading~

Chapter 1

Revenge Is Sweet

"Before I leave…I'll give you the sweetest revenge of all." Gray continued, "I still want you, Lucy Heartfilia." His fingers stroked slowly up her cheeks. "Is that sweet to hear?" Lucy's heart was pounding so hard she couldn't think. Couldn't move, either. "Let me make it even sweeter for you. Much better to taste the wanting, feel the wanting." His head was bending and she knew he was going to kiss her. The sizzle of challenge was in his eyes, heating her blood, stirring needs she couldn't repress, memories of how it had been together….

Monday morning, and as usual, the staff of Fairy Tail Guild Company was noisy with the swapping of weekend news before everyone settled down to work. Gray Fullbuster exchanged only brief greetings as he strode to his private office, trailed by his friend and business partner, Jellal Fernandes. The moment his door was shut, he released his pent-up anger to the one person who should understand his situation.

"You know what Juvia said to me on Saturday, after I'd called off our planned outing once again?" Gray exploded.

"Something undoubtedly designed to cut you off at the knees," came the voice of experience.

Gray grimaced, remembering that Jellal had just been through a nasty break-up with a live-in girlfriend. "She said what I really wanted was a toy doll whose feelings wouldn't be hurt from being left on a shelf until I had time for playing."

"Sounds good! A toy doll wouldn't nag."

"Better still, a fairy princess doll…"

"Yep. Beautiful, glamorous, long blond hair, sparkling eyes, a smile to warm a man's heart…"

"…with a magic wand that would give me the energy to be the kind of lover that even a plastic toy would expect of a man."

"Oooh…we're getting into kinky stuff here."

"Jellal, this is serious. And we are going to have a serious discussion."

Eyebrows lifted mockingly. "About women?"

"About business." Gray glowered at his friend as he rounded the desk and dropped into his chair. "Take a seat. And wipe that smirk off your face. This is deadly serious."

"The man is wounded," Jellal muttered, settling into a chair with a mournful expression. Seeing Gray's irritation, he made an effort to present a suitably serious countenance.

It was dangerous to rile Gray in this mood. He was the darkly brooding type—a creative genius and an ice maker whiz from way back—and he often needed lightening up, but this was not the moment, Jellal decided.

They were opposites in many ways. Even in looks. Gray—tall, raven black-haired, blue-eyed, had a face and body that were stamped with masculine strength, both physical and mental. Oddly enough, Jellal never felt diminished by him. Because both are equal, both physical and mental.

They made a great team—the design king and the charming-hard lookin' salesman—and Jellal was not about to allow anything to disturb it. Besides which, his partner's mental well-being was of paramount importance to their success.

"Work!" Gray tapped the desk with a strong index finger for emphasis. "You know how much the Internet stuff has taken off, Jellal. I'm snowed under. I need two more graphic designers to help take the load."

"That will cut into our profits," he cautioned.

"I need a life, too," Gray bit out.

Jellal rolled his eyes. "Just because Juvia got in a snit over not getting your undivided attention? She doesn't own you, Gray, and take it from me…"

Blue lightning flashed straight back at him. "I take a lot from you, Jellal. You're a fantastic salesman and we're doing great, but I will not work to this pressure anymore."

Hands instantly lifted into a truce position. "Okay, okay," he soothed.

"So long as this is you talking and not that Juvia. You always said if we worked like dogs until we're thirty…"

"I'm turning twenty three next week. Both of us pocketed over five million jewels last year…"

"And may well we pocket twice that this year."

"But we've paid a price for it. You lost Ultear -"

"There you go, bringing women into it…"

"Damn it, Jellal! I want a life beyond work, even if you don't. I'm twenty next week. Enough's enough. I need more staff."

"Okay, okay. I'll ask around. Head-hunt someone good for you."

Gray held up two fingers. Jellal sighed. Two more salaries to pay. "So we'll get someone good and one out of design school to be trained. How's that?"


"Not at all. Common sense to train them our way. You know that, Gray."

Gray privately conceded the point, but was not about to relax his stance on the is Erza. "Get right onto it, Jellal. And don"t be giving me any delay tactics. I don"t care what it costs. It will cost a damned sight more if I reach burnout."

"Don't mention that word!" Horror-struck, Jellal jack-knife from his chair. "Your wish is my command, ice boy. I shall go forth this moment and head-hunt."

"A trainee, as well."

"No problem. They'll be storming the portals to get in here." He strode to the door and paused, looking back with cynical eyes. "I bet Juvia is still coming to your birthday bash. She likes what our money can buy. Don't forget that when she turns the screws again."

"Work, Jellal," Gray tersely reminded him, and he went.

On edge, disgruntled with his world, Gray turned to his computer, switched it on, and tried to settle himself to work. But Jella's words stuck in his mind. The flaming row he'd had with Juvia had ended with her saying that the party would be his last chance with her. If he hadn't made some move to reorganize his life…

His lips thinned. She'd gone too far, expecting him to order his life to suit her. It wasn't as if he was being unfaithful, taking out other women on the side. And she certainly didn't mind him spending the big money he earned, always asking him to take her to the most fashionable restaurants and get the best seats at the live shows she wanted to see. Jellal was right about her suckering him for all he could give.

Not that it was an overly disturbing factor. What was money for, anyway, if not to buy life's pleasures? Except Juvia wasn't delivering much in the way of pleasure herself. In fact, she was becoming an unreasonable nag, picking fights at the end of the night which inevitably turned him off wanting to have sex with her. It wasn't so much energy he lacked, but desire.

His last chance

He had a good mind to finish it before the party, which of course she didn't want to miss. Who would? Jellal had organized a roof-like projection over the entrance to a hotel on Fairy Hills overlooking Hargeon Town, a hot jazz band, top caterers. All the young successful men who were making their mark in business would be there for her to cast her eyes over.

Let her, Gray thought grimly. In truth, Gray never really had any feelings for Juvia from the start. Her looks doesn't even compare to - For a moment he stopped and thought hard. Who was he trying to compare her to again? Oh well.

Maybe he would cast his eyes around, too. There had to be someone who'd be more capable to his needs…who wouldn't mind occupying her own shelf while he dealt with the stimulating challenge of business. He could certainly do without an unreasonable nag.

Jellal headed for his own private office, hoping he'd just spiked Juvia's guns with that last comment— selfish trouble-making bitch. She pumped Gray for all he was worth and never gave anything back, as far as Jellal could see. Maybe he should rope in some hot party girls for Gray's birthday bash, show him there were many more fish in the sea, fish that would only be too happy to swim with him without kicking up a storm.

Better still….

Jellal smiled. Why not a fairy princess doll? With a magic wand that would turn Juvia Lockser into an ugly croaking frog. The smile broadened to a gleeful grin.

"Party Poppers," Erza Scarlet announced brightly, tucking the telephone receiver on her shoulder as she reached for pad and pen, hopeful of a great deal of profit booking.

"How may we pop for you?"

"You supply acts for birthday parties?" a male voice answered.

"Yes, indeed, sir. What do you have in mind? We have The Singing Sunflowers, The Cuddly Animal Farm, The Jellybean…"

"I want a fairy princess with a magic wand to sing "Happy Birthday" and sprinkle some sparkle around," came the decisive demand.

Erza grinned at her friend and business partner, Lucy Heartfilia, who still felt ragged from yesterday's clown act for thirty screaming five-year olds. "We have the perfect fairy princess for you," she answered with proud confidence.

Lucy rolled tired eyes at Erza. Clearly she needed a sprinkle of magic dust herself to raise some enthusiasm this morning. Four children's parties over the weekend was a heavy schedule and a huge energy-sucker. On the bright side, the fairy princess job would be a breeze for her, much easier to carry off than the clown act.

"What date are we looking at?" Erza inquired of the caller.

"I want to be sure of the goods first," came the wary reply. "Perfect, you said. I need beautiful…"

"Absolutely beautiful," Erza assured him, grinning at Lucy.

"Long blond hair? All loose…like flowing around her shoulders?"

"That describes her hair exactly." "It's not a wig? A wig won"t do."

"I promise you it's not a wig."

"Fine. What about her smile? Good teeth? A big warm smile?"

"A dazzling smile. Any dentist would be proud of her."

"Dazzling, huh? Well, that fits the bill so far. How tall is she?"

"Tall?" Erza frowned over this requirement.

"I don't want a midget. I mean, we're not talking a dressed-up kid here, are we?"

"No. Our fairy princess is a beautiful young woman, taller than average but not quite model height."

Lucy pulled a face, distorting her lovely features, baring her teeth and raking out her hair to produce her Wicked Witch of the West look.

Erza poked out her tongue. "Great!" her caller eagerly appreciative. "This is sounding good. Just one more question. How does her figure rate?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"Her figure. You know…curves in the right places?"

"Uh-huh," Erza said non-committally, waiting to see how far he would go on this contentious point.

"A skinny rake won't do," Jellal stated emphatically. "If she's got sexy curves, that's the ticket."

"Hmm…" Sexy set off alarm bells in Erza's mind and raised a nasty suspicion. They did occasionally get weirdo calls. Time to nail this one down. "Is this booking for a children's party, sir?"

"No. No kids at this party."

"Would this happen to be a bachelor's night?" Erza asked sweetly, ready to pour acid on the idea. "Believe me. Weddings are not in the air," he answered sardonically.

"This is a big party for my friend's twenty three birthday and I want this act as a special surprise for him."

"Will there be women as well as men in attendance?"

"There most certainly will. You could say the bachelors and typically an older woman beyond the usual age for marriage of the social-climbing guild of Fiore's society will be there. Nothing secret or closeted about this party, I assure you," Jellal added, catching the wary drift of her questions. "Very public. It's to be held in a roof-like projection over the entrance to a building on Fairy Hills."

"I see." Opportunity leapt to the fore in Erza's thinking. A bunch of eligible bachelors on the loose was an attractive proposition. "Well, I would have to insist on accompanying my fairy princess to ensure she isn't subjected to any…shall we say, indignities?"

"No problem. You're welcome to join in the party afterwards," he offered, striking precisely the bargain Erza had been angling for. "I take it she does look sexy," he added, wanting confirmation.

Caution dictated Erza's reply. "Her figure is definitely curvy in all the right proportions. Bouncy boobs an' all. But I wouldn't want anyone to get any wrong ideas about why she's there. This is simply a fairy princess appearance to sing "Happy Birthday." Correct?"

"Spot-on. Oh! I forgot to ask. Can she sing? I mean… really sing."

"She has toured the country as a professional entertainer. Good enough?"


"This is going to cost you big, Mister," Erza decided, as she proceeded to get party details and settle on the fee, which she enterprisingly quadrupled for both herself and Lucy - since it was an after-hours engagement…plus danger money. Not that she thought there was any real danger in it but she felt such a consideration was easily justified. Lucy was stunned at the outrageous fee Erza was demanding for this gig. No problem about making a profit next week, she thought gratefully. Ever since they'd started Party Poppers, they'd been battling to make ends meet, but at least it brought in more regular work than their Country and Western act, and they were settled back in Fiore. Traveling around the country-club circuit had been fun but not exactly financially rewarding.

However, listening to Erza talking on the phone, it was clear the engagement she was arranging was not about entertaining children at all. It sounded somewhat dodgy. Admittedly running a car and paying the rent on this two-bedroom apartment in Strawberry Street, Magnolia Town controlled by a nagging old lady, not to mention buying food and paying other bills, meant they couldn't look a gift-horse in the mouth, but…

The telephone receiver clattered down. "Got it!" Erza cried triumphantly, jewel signs sparkling in her wickedly gleeful brown orbs. She could do a great pixie or Tinkerbell with her long, scarlet-red hair and her slim, rather muscle-ly petite figure, and she was definitely projecting a high degree of mischief right now.

"Got what exactly?" Lucy demanded warily.

"He didn't even hesitate over the money. Shows he's really loaded and doesn't mind spending. I just love men like that," Erza bubbled on. "Sure he's not a dirty old man?" Erza grinned. "Could be a dirty young man. Definitely young, 20's, and a bachelor. Co-owner of Fairy Tail Guild Company." She cocked her head on one side. "Maybe I could ask him to set up a website for us. Get clients from the Internet."

"We haven't even got a computer," Lucy dryly reminded her. Erza's mind invariably soared with wild dreams and pulling her feet back onto the ground was often a difficult task. She shrugged. "Just thinking ahead. This is really good for us, Lucy. All that lovely money and opportunity plus."

"When you get your head out of the clouds with silver lining, would you mind spelling out what this is all about?"

She did, virtually dancing around their small living room in excitement as she laid out the party details and the invitation to stay on and mix with the Guilds of Fiore bachelors. Which Lucy had to concede, did sound interesting, given their current lack of social life.

"What's this guy's name? The one who booked my fairy princess act," she asked, wondering if there was some way of checking out his intention before the night. "Jellal Fernandes."

It struck a nerve and the twang was highly unpleasant. "Jellal…" Hadn't Gray Fullbuster had a friend of that name, a guy full of charms whom he'd linked up with in his university years? Compelled to know for sure, she asked, "And his partner's name? The birthday boy?"

"Gray Fullbuster." Erza broke into mad song. "Happy birthday, dear Gray. Happy birthday, dear Gray…."

"Stop it!" Lucy yelled, rising from her chair with clenched fists, so violent was the rush of emotion that name had stirred.

Erza stopped dead, gawking at her as though she were mad. "What's the matter?"

As quickly as shock had drained the blood from her face, the memory of the worst hurt and humiliation of her life poured heat back into it. "Don't you remember?"

"Remember what?" Obvious bewilderment.

Above flaming cheeks Lucy's chocolate brown eyes turned to icy daggers as she remembered the man who'd broken her heart into irrecoverable little pieces. "Five years ago I sang at Gray Fullbuster's 18 birthday party."

Erza still looked confused. "You did?"

"Yes, I did. And I poured it all out to you at the time…how he…" She bit off the wretched recollection and faced Erza with blazing resolve. "I will never…ever…sing for him again!"

"But…uh-oh!" The memory finally caught up with her. She grimaced. "The guy you had the big crush on when we were schoolkids."

"I was sixteen!" Lucy's voice shook with the violence of feeling the memory stirred.

She'd loved Gray Fullbuster with all she was, and he'd totally belittled that love by preferring what a sexy tart with a flash car could give him. Which undoubtedly proved he wasn't the person she'd believed he was, but even telling herself he had to be a shallow rat to be seduced by such superficial assets, did not stop her from feeling utterly crushed.

"A lot of water under the bridge since then, Lucy," Erza pleaded.

True, yet she'd carried that deep misery with her all the way. No other man had even scratched the surface of what she'd once felt for Gray. He'd destroyed her faith in love and had probably destroyed her belief in dreams, too. "It's only a ten-minute act," Erza argued. "It will put us well in the black financially." Her hands lifted in appeal. "He probably won't even recognize you. You had braces on your teeth then. Your hair was short and much fairer…" She'd hated it.

"You wore glasses instead of contacts," Erza rattled on. "And well…you were a skinny rake when we were teenagers. You're much more mature in your looks now."

"That's not the point," she flared. "I won't sing for him. You can if you want, Erza."

"Oh, yeah…like I'm blond and beautiful and sexy. Come on, Lucy, the fairy princess act is yours, not mine. Besides which, I promised Jellal no wig."

"Cancel then. Let him find someone else."

"And lose all that lovely money? Not to mention the chance to rub elbows—and possibly more—with guys on the rise?" She shook her head and advanced on Lucy, the glint of determined battle in her eyes. "Best for you to sit down, calm down, and think reasonably about this. If the thought of Gray can hurt you so much after five years…you've got a real problem, and it's time you faced it and got over it."

Lucy sat down, not wanting to fight with her friend but mutinously resolved on sticking to her guns. She would not sing for Gray Fullbuster. Never!

"Remember the other side of our business— Drop Dead Deliveries? " Erza prompted as she propped herself on the large padded armrest of the chair.

The idea of someone delivering a bunch of dead roses to a party who had injured them had appealed to quite a few clients. It was a relatively harmless outlet for feelings of frustration and anger, a healthy outlet, Erza had argued, when Lucy had voiced doubts. At least it stopped people doing worse and gave them the satisfaction of doing something instead of just being a victim. Which was probably true.

Nevertheless, Lucy preferred to pass on those jobs to Erza who liked doing them. She didn't. And delivering wilted flowers to Gray to demonstrate what she thought of him and his actions was no answer. She wanted no contact with him at all.

"Forget it, Erza. I'd rather face a tiger snake, and you know how I feel about snakes." With an expressive shudder, Lucy leaned the other way, resting her elbow on the other armrest and adopting an air of unwearable-down patience. Her friend could rail at her as much as she liked, but on this is Erza, she would not be moved.

"Forget the dead roses. That's not what I've got in mind," Erza assured her.

"Then why bring it up?"

"Because there's nothing like a bit of revenge when someone's done the dirty on you," Erza went on, beginning to wax lyrical with their own advertising copy. "Having the last laugh is wonderful. You can then get on with your life, knowing you squared the ledger. Clean cover."

Lucy rolled exasperated eyes at her. It didn't stop Erza. "Revenge is sweet," she declared with relish, her eyes beginning to sparkle again as she spread out her hands like a magician about to perform a marvelous illusion. "Now imagine this, Lucy…"

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