The Unmarked Espada

Chapter 2

Cirucci Sanderwicci was many things. At one time the former Quinta Espada. Now just a Privaron. Right now she was nervous. Aizen had summoned her. This was something she wasn't looking forward to.

She was dressed in her usual attire. Her appearance was similar to a gothic Lolita. Her outfit consists of a frilly dress, large round sleeves that cut of aft her shoulder, short Violet hair, a teardrop marking on each cheek, and knee high boots.

The remains of her hollow mask are positioned in her hair right above the left side of her forehead that resemble a spiked hairpin.

She had finally made it to the large doors, that led to the Espada meeting room. Her knees actually shaking from anticipation, she would nerve admit it was really fear at that moment. She eventually willed herself to knock.


"Oh well! Looks like no ones here, time to leave!" She thought.

As she turned to leave, she cursed inwardly. The sound of the creaking doors opening sent shivers down her spine. She turned to be met with the unnerving gaze of Gin Ichimaru.

"Ichimaru-sama." She said while bowing.

Gin's facial expression never changed. "Now now, there ain't no need to be usin' such honorifics for little ol' me. Gin is fine, Cirucci."

"As you wish Gin-san. I was informed that Aizen-sama wanted to see me."

The former 3rd squad captain nodded and led her to where she was staring up at Aizen in his chair. She respectfully bowed.


"Cirucci-chan. How have you been?"

Aizen wasn't one for small talk. She knew this. He could kill her anytime he saw fit. What did he want with her?

"I've been well, lord Aizen."

Aizen gave his trademark smile. "That is good to hear. I know you must be wondering why I have called you here. I have a proposition for you. But before I go any further, I need you to give me your oath that what is said here will not leave this room."

She nodded. She wasn't in any position do decline or refuse, that would very well be sighing her on death warrant, he'd probably end her right here if she had.

Aizen continued. "Excellent. What if I told you, that there was a new Espada about to make rank?"

Cirucci blinked. "If I may. Which Espada will be demoted? And what does it have to do with me?"

Gin gave his fox-like grin. "To answer your first question, nobody is gettin' demoted."

"But that doesn't make any sense, Gin-san."

"It will in time, Cirucci-chan. This person, is unlike any Arrancar ever seen, in terms of power." Gin replied.

"Cirucci-chan, what I want to offer you, is your former power back. Of course you will not be returned your rank, and I will remove you number." Aizen spoke.

The female Arrancar's eyes widened. "But…how?"

Aizen stood up. "I'm sure you heard of Ulquiorra's last mission. He brought back a individual with an amazing set of…abilities. Abilities that could return you power."

Cirucci couldn't believe it! Aizen was offering her a chance at redemption. A chance to put things right, even if she didn't have her number back, she would have her power. That's all she needed.

She stuttered out. "W-what would you have of me?"

"You remember that new Espada we talked about…"Ichigo was beginning to go insane from boredom. He had been cooped up in that room for months. Only taste of the outside he got was when he trained all those months ago and when his two adoptive uncles, Gin and Tosen stopped by. Well his father would visit seldom as well. He would often drill Ichigo on the Soul Society. Mostly about the captains and vice captains. And a few specific lower seats such as Ikkaku Madarame and Yumichika Ayasegawa. He was taught their strength and weaknesses.

Ichigo wasn't one for violence. Hell he didn't really want to hurt anyone, but from what he gathered, the soul society was a threat. Not only to his existence, but his family. Gin, Tosen, and his father Sōsuke Aizen. Not only that but Aizen had made it clear that the other Arrancars were comrades in arms as well. Ichigo would face Yamamoto down himself to ensure his "family" would not come to harm. There was a war coming, and like it or not, there would be casualties. Still, it didn't mean Ichigo couldn't try to stop the bloodshed among his comrades.

Ichigo's attire wasn't the usual Arrancar attire, though it was the common pattern, of all white. The top was a zipped up vest, partially zipped, revealing his toned chest, with a hood connected sleeveless with a high collar. On his shirt's left shoulder there seemed to be a piece of armor, connecting to a rough leather clothed sleeve that cut off at the wrist. Connected to the shoulder armor seemed to a silver symbol of a hollow's mask with three thick red stripes running down. Wrapped around his shirt was to belt-like objects. One ran to his left shoulder, keeping the armor in place, with the form of a buckle. The other ran down to his waist, to his normal belt. He wore baggy pants that tucked into his boots. Covering his pants, was a cloth made out of the same leather as his left sleeve, it ran down to his shins. Lastly gloves, and a bandana that his stray hairs fell over.

(Basically Cloud's Advent Children, attire, but White instead of Black.)

The last time Aizen visited him, they went back over the Arrancar. From Espada to the privaron, and fracción. Ichigo knew that he himself, wasn't a normal Arrancar. No mask fragment. and he had heard the term 'hybrid' thrown around by his father. Though he did have his hollow hole. It was placed on the left side of his chest, ironically where his heart had once been. And lastly, the infamous tattoo. A marking that showed what rank he was. Though It wasn't visible, if he were to pull down his hood, it could be seen planted on the back of his neck. It was gothic-style, a simple Zero.

That was who he was. He was the Cero.

Cirucci was rubbing her wrist walking with the three former 13th squad to the location of the new espada. They had just visited the orange-haired girl. She had somehow returned her power. The female Arrancar had her doubts, but when the number five came visible on her wrist, she knew Aizen had kept his end of the bargain. Then it was the process of Aizen removing that kind of stung her pride. Still though, she was back to her old self, and that was enough for her. Now she had to honor their arrangement.

"That girl…she was petrified of Aizen. Then again, who wouldn't be. He's basically the most powerful individual to ever inhabit Hueco Mundo. If she can return my power…what else is she capable of?"

Aizen snapper her back to reality. "Ah, here we are."

And with that he shot up from his bed, hearing the distinct sound of someone knocking on his door. He nearly tripped over himself hurrying to the door. He opened it to the familiar sight of his two adoptive uncles, and his father. But what caught his eye was the presence of the fourth member of the group. A violet-haired, attractive young woman.

Ichigo smiled. "Gin, Kaname, it's been a while."

The two returned the smile.

"How've ya been Ichi?"

"It's good to see you as well Ichigo."

Cirucci, before she could catch herself, said the first thing that came to her mind.

"He doesn't look like much."

Ichigo nearly face-vaulted, causing both Tosen and Gin, to laugh. Even Aizen softly chuckled.

Aizen spoke. "It's good to see you again, my son."

This time It was Cirucci's turn to face-vault. He was Aizen's SON?! How could that be? She never heard of him having any children. This guy certainly didn't look like Aizen. He must have taken after his mother. That thought of Aizen with a woman, had Cirucci's head spinning. What poor soul actually laid down with this sick, twisted bastard?

"You as well old man."

Aizen merely chuckled. "Good to see you've kept you chipper attitude."

Ichigo scowled. "Well what do you expect? I've been cooped up in this room, for like ever."

"That's why I came to talk to you. Your uncles and I have noticed, that you are growing restless. So we've decided. You're ready. You will be getting your first mission today. It's time to reveal you to your brother and sister espadas. From this day forward you will take your place by my side. Father and son. We will shape this world into what we see fit."

Ichigo was literally shaking with excitement. It was time. It was his chance to prove himself. He had been waiting for this moment longer then he could remember. Then it clicked. That still didn't explain the girl being there? Just what was his father, Gin, and Kaname up to?

"I will prove my worth father. That I assure you."

Aizen smiled. "You have nothing to prove to me…son."

Ichigo stretched. "Alright when do I head out? And why is she here?"

Aizen smiled. "You remember what I taught you about the Espada, being able to choose his or her own subordinates?"

Ichigo mentally groaned he knew where this was going. And here he thought he was going to be on his own. The scowl returned back to his face.

"Now, now Ichigo. It's not that bad. Cirucci is yours to command at will. If you find any other recruits just let me know, and they will be stationed under you as well. Now I've got some important business to take care of. Gin will come by with the details of your mission. Until then, get to know your underling."

Cirucci nearly growled at that remark.

With that the three left Ichigo and Cirucci.

"Um, I'm Ichigo."

"I know that already."

Ichigo frowned. So she was going to be difficult huh? Before he could continue his train of though she interrupted him.

"Are you sure you're an arrancar? I don't see any mask fragment?"

Ichigo sighed. "I don't have one. But I do have this." He said while turning his back to her. He dropped his hood, and lifted up his hair for her to see his mark, planted on the back of his neck. Cirucci's eyes nearly bulged out of her head.


Ichigo turned and grinned at her, pullin his hood back up. The next hour the two spent talking and getting to know each other's tendencies. Though she wouldn't admit it, Cirucci was starting to take a liking to the guy. It had been so long since she just had a civil conversation. Maybe serving under him wouldn't be so bad after all. He was levelheaded, calm and reserve, unlike most of the other Arrancar, who were nothing but war lusted, bloodthirsty brutes. Maybe, just maybe, she could find her own kind of redemption serving under him, only time would tell…"Where are we going Ichigo-sama?" Cirruci asked.

Ichigo turned and scowled. "Stop calling me that!"

She smirked. She actually enjoyed getting under the almighty Cero's skin. He was completely different from what she expected, but in a good way. He was a lot better option then most of the espada. They had just came from Aizen's chambers. He had instructed them to interrupt the battle between Tier Harribel, the Tres Espada., and 10th squad captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya.

"Why would Aizen-sama want you to interrupt them?"

"Not a clue. Maybe he wants to see how I'll do against two high-level fighters. All I know, is that I got to stop them from fighting?"

"How?" She asked.

"By stepping into the fight myself."

She frowned. "You really think it's going to be that simple?"

He laughed. "Of course not. When is anything simple in war? With the captain here, the lieutenant wont be far behind. And you know Harribel's Fracción don't stray too far from her either."

She heard of said Fracción. They say Mila Rose and Apacci couldn't take two breaths without saying three insults to each other. Sung-sun was the quiet one of the bunch. Mainly scolding or insulting Mila-Rose and Apacci. Yet at the same time they could put away their differences and fight as a well oiled machine, when need be.

"Well that still doesn't explain where we're going! I thought we were going to the real world!"

"We are. But first there are two more people I would like you to meet. They have wished to join you, as my recruits."

Cirucci nodded. "And where just might these two be?"

Ichigo turned and grinned. "Right behind you."

Cirucci turned to see two nearly identical female Arrancars.

"Cirucci, let me introduce you to, Yin and Yang."