Hello there. These are the ways to annoy, harass, and generally confuse...Dylan! Brought to you by Angel and Violet.(me)

#1 Make sure he cannot remember Max has a clone, and do the whole switching thing.

It was a nice, summer day, when Angel walked up to Dylan. "Yes, Angel?" He asked. "You will not remember that there is Max 2 unless I tell you to remember her. Do you understand?" She said, in her, what Max called, "creepy little girl voice." Dylan nodded, a misty look in his eyes. Then he was back to normal. "Hello Angel" he said. "What do you want?" He asked. "Could you please take me to the ice cream place?" She asked sweetly. "Sure thing, Angel" And so of they went. Little did Dylan know...

Max and Maya had decided that they must get along, because otherwise it would be harder to save the world, and they did not want harder. So they had decided to go...to the ice cream place. When they got there, they would try to talk normally, get to know each other, and generally try not to kill each other. So as they went, they seemed to do a pretty good job of it.

When they got to the ice cream place, Max ordered chocolate, and Maya ordered Vanilla. Little did they know what Angel and Dylan were up too...

Angel and Dylan were walking down the road, right where Max and Maya had been a couple minutes before. They entered the shop, and Dylan walked in a beeline forwards to Max. It was only then he noticed Maya.

"It's a Max 2!" He yelled, causing Maya to frown with irritation, and the public to stare at him. "I go by Maya now, you know that, Dylan!" Maya saifrostily frowning. She returned to her ice cream, grumbling under her breath as she ate.

"But..but...there is only supposed to be one Max! Not two! This is bad! Are you an imposter!? Are you going to kidnap the real Max and take her to the school? I won't let you!" He yelled at her, pointing. " Maya stood up. "Look, Dylan,I don't know what your thinking right now, but I am MAYA! Not Max." She growled. And then she jumped on top of him, and started beating him up. In the corner of the room, Angel was meanwhile filming all of this. She was trying not to laugh.

Finally Maya got tired of beating up Dylan, and left the store with Max. Dylan was laying on the floor, apparently knocked out. Angel went back home, leaving Dylan on the floor, and made a wall on YouTube that said: Dylan funnies. And then posted the Video on it, and watched as It got hundreds of likes. Later when Dylan awoke, and sat up to go home, he found that wherever he went, people were laughing at him. When he finally got home, he tripped over a wire at the door, hit his head, and fell unconscious. Angel also put this on her YouTube wall, which was becoming quite popular. Dylan finally went to bed, saying he needed rest.

Me and Angel: Teehee.

Dylan: What did I do?

Me: You disrupted the Fax! That was unacceptable!

Angel: Yeah!

Me:Angel, I think we should recruit Fang to help us. He would be very happy to!

Angel: Yes! R&R!