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Chapter 1-The New Girl


Being the new girl is never fun. Especially when you don't even know your brother. My name is Rose Hathaway. I came to live with my brother Eddie (that I didn't even know I had) after my parents died in a house fire. I was the only survivor. I woke up to the smell of something burning and smoke. When I woke my parents up, they told me it was nothing to open my window. The next morning I woke up in the hospital with no answers. The doctor walked in and told me I had passed out from the inhalation of all the smoke. When I asked where my parents were, the doctor and the nurse both had that look on their faces that told me that my parents had not made it. Two days later they told me I was being sent to live with my brother in Montana. I looked at them like they were crazy; I didn't have any other siblings. But, apparently I did. I had a brother named Eddie that was a year older than me who lived in Montana. So the next day, I had what they could get from the house and I was on my way to Montana.


"Eddie! What are you doing?!" my mom busted in my room yelling at me. It was 10:00 AM which meant I was still in the bed.

"Sleeping mom, what's it look like?" I asked.

"You were supposed to up an hour ago and ready because we have to pick your sister up at 11:00 and you know how long it take to get to the airport." She said.

Shit! She was right. My sister was coming to live with us today. Up until two days ago I didn't even know I had a sister.

"Okay mom, I'm up." I said.

"You better be ready in five minutes young man." She said and walked out the door.

Ten minutes later I was ready and in the car.

"You better be polite and say something nice Eddie. Your sister has just gone through something very traumatic and she could some support." My mother said.

I hadn't even thought about what I was going to say to her. How was I even supposed to know what to say? I had never met the girl in my life and now I was all the sudden supposed to be brotherly and show her support? She doesn't even know me and I'm sure she doesn't want all of us to smother her with too much support.


It was now 11:02 and I was coming off the plane. I wasn't ready to meet new people, what were they thinking? I had just lost my parents and now they wanna push me off on some other family? This was not going to go over well. I see a family waiting, two boys, a mom and a dad. I move toward them and they all just stare me down. The boy about my age is the first to speak up.

"Hey Rose. I'm Eddie, this is my mother Haily, my father Ben and my brother Mason. Welcome to the family.."

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