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Chapter 24: Every New Beginning

Hiei and I stared at each other in silence for almost a minute before I finally spoke up.

"Thank you, for saving my life," I said.

"Was I not supposed to?" he asked.

"I just remember back at Maze Castle when Yusuke nearly died trying to save Keiko and you sid you would never find yourself in a situation that warranted you giving up your life to save someone else, because what would be the point," I said. "So, obviously, I'm just a little flabbergasted that I'm sitting here alive having this conversation with you."

"You would've done it," Hiei said.

"But that's the whole point," I said, repositioning myself to sit on my knees. "Yes, I am an idiot. I would throw my life away for anyone unbiasedly because that's just what I do. But you are not that person. You don't throw your life away for anybody. . . So why did you save me?"

". . . Because I knew if you died you wouldn't come back," he said.

It was strange hearing Hiei be that honest, because he never had been for as long as I'd known him.

". . . Ichigo-," I started.

"I don't really care to hear about your Shinigami, Detective," Hiei said.

I nodded. "We broke up."

"And why would you do a thing like that?" he asked.

I shook my head. "I'm stuck. I really want to move forward and onward with my life, but I can't because of you. I was happy with my new boyfriend and my new school, but. . . I can't stop thinking about you. And it doesn't help that you say things like you'd miss me if I were dead and then acting completely out of character and saving my life. . ." I took a deep breath. "You just keep making me cling onto the hope that things would work between us."

". . . I am literally the most screwed up person you know," he said.

I nodded. "I know. . . But I like you. . . I wish I didn't. . . But I can't help it. . . Probably because I'm so screwed up myself."

Hiei walked over to me, and grabbed hold of my hand. He pulled me up on my knees so we were at eye level. He pulled me closer. For a moment, I wondered if he'd change his mind and pull away from. But he didn't. He kissed me slowly at first, and it felt strange, him being so tentative about this kind of thing. But he slowly lowered me back onto the bed and knotted his fingers in my hair.

We stayed that way for a long while before the familiar pangs of desire started to grow within me again.

I slowly slid my hands under his shirt and grazed my fingernails gently over his skin. His body was still as warm as I remembered it being the last time I'd touched him like this. I brought my hands around to chest and ran my hands all over him. Then I tugged at the bottom his shirt, alerting him to the fact that I wanted him to be rid of it. He broke away from me so I could pull the shirt over his head and toss it to my floor.

He left a trail of kisses down my cheek, to my chin, and all over my neck. He grunted in frustration as he reached the collar of my school blouse. He quickly went to work unbuttoning the pesky article of clothing. When he saw that I had a tank top on beneath it he stopped kissing me to pull me up into a sitting position.

"You wear too many clothes," he said pushing my button down away.

"I don't really like the idea of people being able to see my bra through my school shirt," I said. "I'm sure you understand."

His hands slowly went under my shirt and grazed my skin as he pulled my shirt over my head. "I trust we won't encounter this problem in the future, Detective or I'm going to make things very difficult for you." Hiei undid the clasp on my bra and dropped it to the ground. He then took one of my breasts in his hands. I inhaled sharply at the sudden contact. "I don't like to repeat myself."

"I'll try to remember," I said. Hiei pulled me into his lips as his hands explored my body. He ran his hands down over my shoulders before bringing them to my breasts and gently caressing them. His fingers then glided over my stomach and down to my hips.

I expected him to complain about the skirt, but to my amazement he did not. He ran his hands over my thighs atop the fabric of my skirt and then he slowly slipped one hand beneath it. He squeezed at my inner thigh tightly and I sighed deeply at the feel of him so close to wear I needed him to be. His hand moved higher and higher until he finally ran his hand over my vagina through the fabric of my damp underwear. I moaned into his mouth and I felt a smirk on his lips.

"Exercise a little patience, Detective. You're all wet already," he whispered into my ear, still gently caressing me beneath my skirt.

"I want you so bad," I replied.

His touch became faster and more aggressive and ran my hands up his chest to his shoulders, squeezing tightly to try to remain in control.

"I'll give you want you want," he said pulling my skirt away. "But you won't really enjoy it if you don't relax."

"If you could feel what you're doing to me you wouldn't be telling me to relax," I said.

Hiei chuckled and he pushed me onto my back.

"I haven't even begun to make you feel anything yet," he said. He placed a kiss on my lips before moving down to my neck and then slowly down over my collarbone.

Next he took a handful of my breast and squeezed it tightly, causing my whole body to shudder. But then Hiei turned his attention to my other breast where my pink nipple was standing at attention. An audible gasp flew out of my mouth in the moment that he ran his tongue over it.

Seeming pleased with my reaction, he moved on, dragging his lips all over my abdomen, slowly moving further and further down until he reached my hips. And then he stopped. He looked up at me, a mischievous glint in his eyes. Then he slowly slid my panties down from my body.

He ran a single finger slowly over my entrance and I let out a sigh in response.

"You want me touch you, Detective?" he asked, running his finger over me again.

"Hiei," I pleaded with him.

"Come on, Detective. Use your words," he teased me. "Tell me what you want."

"I want you," I answered quickly.

"What do you want me to do?" he asked planting kisses on my stomach, still teasing my entrance with his finger.

"I want you to touch me," I moaned.

He planted one last kiss on my stomach, biting at my skin a bit as he did. His hands abandoned my wetness and he grabbed my hips and scooted me up the bed slightly. Then he leaned up to my ear.

"Tell me how bad you want me," he said.

Hiei was making an unreasonable amount of demands to be distracting me so much.

"I want you so bad, Hiei," I said.

"No, that doesn't sound believable at all," he said squeezing at my inner thigh causing my body to seize up momentarily. "Tell me the truth."

"I need you to touch me so fucking bad right now," I said, my hands squeezing at his shoulders.

"So, you need me now," he said moving to graze his teeth over my neck again.

"Hiei, please," I begged.

"I don't think you need me just yet, but I can make you," he said.

He abandoned my lips and his spot next to me on my bed to get on his knees in front of me. He gently pushed my legs apart and I briefly wondered what exactly he was up to until he kissed the inside of my thigh.

This was unprecedented and as he moved closer and closer to my wet folds anxiety grew within my body. I didn't know what I was going to feel or what to expect, I just knew I wanted to find out.

Hiei ran his tongue over the entirety of my pussy, from my entrance up to my clit and my back arched itself in response as a loud moan erupted from me. He did this several times driving me mad until he finally focused his attention solely on my clit. He traced slow circles around it with his tongue, building up more and more pressure inside of me as he did. Suddenly, he sucked on my clit, hard, almost causing me to scream.

He quickly returned to licking my whole pussy, pulling me back from the edge where he'd pushed me and building me up again. Hiei actually meant to torture me. He'd go from gently caressing me with tongue to roughly sucking on my clit and stopping when he could see I was close to my release. He'd been right. I hadn't needed him before.

"Hiei, I need you now," I said. It was almost a demand.

Hiei ran his tongue over my clit one last time before kissing his way up my body to my neck. I brought his lips to mine; I could taste myself on him and it only fueled my desire more.

"Hiei," I started, running my hands down his body to his pants.

"You sure about this?" he asked me. I pulled his lips back to mine again, but he stopped me, looking into my eyes, a serious expression on his face. "No, you have to tell me you're sure about this. I won't do this if you're not."

I was slightly shocked. He was actually being considerate of me. He was actually thinking of the long term consequences of this situation. He was being sweet.

I kissed him again. "Yes, I'm sure. You asking just makes me more sure. . . And it makes me want you more."

I pulled him back to my lips as he removed his pants. He pulled me closer to his chest and I could feel his warm cock pressed against my thighs as an involuntary moan leapt out of me.

Without warning, he moved us both into a sitting position and pulled me over so I was straddling his lap. He was pressed against the front of my entrance, driving me insane with wanting. I involuntarily ground my hips against him, urging him on.

He grabbed hold of my hips, raising me up to position myself over him. I could my body aching with anticipation. My fingers wrapped around his shoulders and kissed at his neck, having no other outlet for the anxiety that had built up in me.

"You ready?" he said, lowering my slightly to tease my entrance. My whole trembled in response.

"I can't stand it any longer, just do it," I said, biting at his neck.

Slowly, he sheathed himself in me. I knew that now I was probably digging my nails into him so deeply and biting him so hard that I was probably hurting him, but he made no move to stop me and I selfishly didn't care. I could feel him pushing deeper and deeper into me, and much to my shock, the feel of him stretching me sent more than a twinge of pain through my thighs.

Hiei paused for a moment, probably sensing that I was in pain, but I'd hurt much worse before, and I knew pushing past this pain would be worth it.

I released my vice grip on his shoulders and his neck tenderly kissed his lips before moving to the part of his neck that I hadn't yet devoured.

"Please don't stop," I urged him.

He grabbed hold of my hips again, and slowly thrusts in and out of me. The pain soon became nothing more than a memory and I found myself slowly building to that familiar climax again. Hiei's paced quickened and each of his movements became more forceful.

My arms wrapped around him and I tried to steady my breathing as it became more and more labored. My head was starting to go fuzzy and I could feel myself starting to give way. His name rolled off my tongue and I clung to him tighter, feeling the sweat of his body against my own. The warmth of his flesh set mine ablaze. I tried to fight it, to control myself, to hang on a little bit longer to prolong the feel of him inside of me, but my body was inexperienced and eager and I could no longer hold back. The dam broke and my climax hit me like a tidal wave, rushing over my entire body. I cried out as he continued to torture my body.

Hiei slowed before rolling me off of him onto my back. He quickly reclaimed my hips and slammed into me, causing us both to moan in pleasure.

It became apparent quickly that Hiei had only been acting on my behalf before, restraining himself so that I got my release first, staving off his for now. He was much more aggressive now, pushing himself all the way into me with much more force.

My head melted into my pillow as I felt my second climax approaching. My fingers curled around the bed sheets.

"Hiei, I'm gonna—I'm gonna," the word were tumbling out of my mouth like a reflex, but my mouth had no time to finish the sentence as my release hit me again, this time more powerful than before and my words got tangled and lost in a sea of moans and breathy gasps.

Hiei followed moments later, his breathing becoming erratic, his movements became frenzied and a deep groan erupted from his chest as he spilled into me. His body slowed as he savored the pleasure of his climax before finally sliding out of me.

He collapsed onto the pillow next to my head and I tried to catch my breath once again as my body trembled, recovering from the experience. My hearing was going all fuzzy from the blood rushing around in my head and as my body cooled it shivered from the dampness of my skin.

Adrenaline was still racing through my system, I felt energized, but at the same time my whole body felt like it had been turned into jelly. I felt weak and vulnerable. I curled myself up against Hiei's chest and he kissed the top of my head.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

I nodded into his chest. "You do know you're incredible, right?" I asked him.

"So I see you can speak again," he said. I giggled and pressed myself closer to him.

"Are you cold?" I asked. "Because I feel a little chilly."

"That might be alleviated if you had on some clothes," he replied. He kissed the top of my head once more and then sat up from the bed. He found my panties and tossed them to me. I quickly slipped them on before getting my feet as he pulled his pants back on. I found his shirt on the floor and picked it up. He turned and stared at me for a moment. I held it out to him before snatching it away just as he reached for it.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

I motioned him closer and he obliged. I pulled him down into a kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck, still holding onto his t-shirt. His hands ran down the length of my bare skin to ass and he grabbed hold of my thighs. He lifted me off the ground and I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him deeper into the kiss.

When we finally released each other, he snatched the shirt away from me and then pulled it over my head.

"What's this for?" I asked.

"To amuse you," he said.

I rolled my eyes at him and laid down on my bed. I patted the spot next to me beckoning him to join me.

He laid down next to me on his back and I quickly placed my head on his shoulder, using him as a pillow.

"How are you not exhausted? I barely did anything and I'm wiped," I said.

Hiei wrapped an arm around me and placed it gently on my back. I felt so good and relaxed lying here next to him, basking in the afterglow of the moment.

"Hiei. . . You can't leave again," I said rolling over to look him in the eyes. "I mean you can't just disappear again like last time. I was so mad when you left last time, but this is different. I went through with this because. . . I trust you not to play me again. I trust you to not completely take advantage of me. To not disappear into the night with my virginity like some asshole."

"Calm down," he said gently.

"No. . . Just. . . I just. . . I know better than to set my expectations high with you so I don't ever expect you to admit out loud that you actually care about me and I don't expect you to call me your girlfriend or something because I know you won't," I said. "But. . . I expect you to just be here. Be with me. Not to leave me again. To actually act like my feelings matter to you if you're not willing to admit that they do out loud? And if you do decide that you want out and that you absolutely cannot do this anymore, can you just do me a favor and give me a heads up next time so I'm not sitting around like an idiot waiting for you to come back."

Hiei nodded. "You have my word."

"Are you sure?" I asked. "I don't want to have to kick your ass later, or rather, have Kurama kick your ass."

"Kurama?" Hiei asked.

"He's kind of not a fan of yours, not where I'm concerned anyway," I said. "He's told me that repeatedly since you showed back up. I'll probably hear about this later."

"Last I checked, you were capable of making your own decisions," Hiei said.

"That doesn't mean everyone is going to necessarily agree with them," I said. "And you haven't really given anyone reason to think that I'm making a good decision. Not even me, really."

"Then why would you trust me?" Hiei asked.

I shrugged. "I guess, I'm just an idiot."