Please don't leave

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It was just a regular day in Fairy Tail. Natsu and Gray were fighting, Erza was eating cake, Elfman was screaming something about being a man, and etc. But on person was missing. Lucy Heartfillia. The blond mage was still in her apartment. Recently, she and Team Natsu had gone on a mission. While the rest of the team was fighting, she was struggling with her opponent. She would've been killed had it not been for Natsu.

Yet again she was saved from the fire dragon slayer. She was sick of it. She was contemplating leaving or not by this point in time. All her stuff was still packed She could just leave for a while. And that's exactly what I'm going to do. She stood up and left the guild, making her way down strawberry street. She didn't even summon Plue!

She opened her door and pulled out her suitcase, adding more clothing. She then sat down at her desk and pulled out a sheet of paper, beginning to write.

Dear Fairy Tail,

I'm sorry you had to find out this way. I didn't have the heart to tell all of you. I'm sorry for always being hurt and having you guys save me. It's funny. All of you have gotten stronger in one way or another and I've just been in the stuck. You guys are leaving me in the dust, which is why I'm leaving. I'm going to leave the guild so that way I don't hinder you guys anymore than I already have. But before I go, I want to say thank you. All of you. Team Natsu, thanks for being awesome teammates. Please don't cry. I'm not leaving because of you guys so don't blame yourselves. Master, don't blame yourself either. This had nothing to do with anyone but myself. Anyway, thank you minna. You've been the best.


Lucy Heartfilia

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she finished writing. She had yet to notice a pink-haired mage climbing in through her window. The mage had a frown on his face as he saw Lucy's packed bag. He looked over her shoulder quietly and read the note. His onyx eyes widened in surprise. Lucy felt his body heat radiate of off him and gasped as she turned around. "Natsu," she sniffled "what are you doing here?"

Natsu just looked at her. "Checking on you Lucy. Why do you have your bag packed? Going on a mission?" he asked faking his obliviousness. She just faked a smile and nodded. "My rent's coming up soon and I want to try going on a few solo missions, you know." The girl continued to lie, hoping he would fall for it. The dragon slayer just smirked, deciding to continue his act even though he knew she was lying.

"Can I see which one is it," he asked. She stiffened ever- so- slightly and gave her head a shake. "Why not Luce," he asked before she could come up with an excuse. "Is it perhaps that you're lying to me? That you're about to leave Fairy Tail?" he asked again. Her eyes widened in shock. He knows! She screamed mentally. Her face darkened as she was revealed. "Why Luce? Don't you like Fairy Tail? Are you being threatened?"

"Natsu. It's just… I'm a burden to everyone. I'm always in need of saving."

"And? Lucy you're stronger than you think. You've put up with a stripping ice mage, Titania, and me. Sure you aren't physically strong-"

"Natsu that doesn't make me feel better-"

"Let me finish. Now like I was saying. You're mentally strong. You're good at strategy, not combat. You're the brains of Team Natsu," he grinned, "we need you. I need you Lucy." Lucy just smiled sorrowfully. "Thanks for the speech Natsu but I've made up my mind. But I want you to know one thing before I go," Lucy looked up towards him," I love you Natsu Dragneel. Always have, Always will." She kissed his cheek and grabbed her suitcase.

The boy went into to shock before grabbing her wrist and yanking her back. "Lucy. Don't leave me. I love you too. Please don't leave me," he begged. She was about to protest before he kissed her swiftly. It was desperate yet passionate all at the same time.

Lucy was in complete and utter shock.

Nastu was kissing her. This was the man who was well known for being hotheaded, stubborn, dense, and a whole list of adjectives along those lines. And he was kissing her. She honestly didn't know what to think.

So she kissed back.

They stayed like that. Lips locked in a dance of fiery passion. Lucy's hands rested on his shoulders as Nastu's hands gripped onto her waist tightly. The need for air left them until Natsu pulled back.

"Now how can leave since you did that," Lucy panted greedily gasping for air. "You can't," Natsu hugged her tighter. Lucy sighed before smiling. "I'll stay Natsu. I'll stay," she gave up. Natsu smiled at her a kissed her forehead gently "Good. Because I was going to drag you back if I had to." Lucy gasped and looked at Natsu with a shocked expression. Nastu just laughed and kissed her again, unaware that a certain blue exceed was already on his way to inform a certain guild.

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