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I found you

I like my life

Not many people say that these days .in fact, they're only content when they're rich, or someone else is miserable.

And that is just sad.

I'm neither. Rich or miserable, that is. No, I get up everyday, work a lot, my paycheck is of the size of a mouse and my house needs serious repairs.

Do I complain?

Not as much as a normal people should.

But, I guess, I just see things differently.

From Mondays to Wednesdays I work as a nanny; from Thursdays to Saturdays I work as a helper on the local nursing home .And there are days when I work at the local buffet, when they need an extra hand.

Why should I complain? My jobs are great!

I simply adore people! From the little ones to the elders. They just have so much to teach us.

My parents died a few years ago. Since I miss them so much, I went to live in the small town that my mother grew up, and never left ever since.

It's just so quiet and peaceful .It really gives me a lot of time to focus on my painting .I'm no Frida Kahlo, but it's fun .I guess, it helps me to put my thoughts in order .Sometimes, I feel like I have so much going on my mind that I'm going to explode .Guess this is why the kids love my stories so much.

I like them, to be able to protect them.

"And so, the little mouse heard the…"It was my night with the Gerard twins .I was just finishing another of my inventions of a story, which they liked very much, when I heard the strangest sound.

"Paige, Henry, stay inside" Slowly, I picked my cell, ready to dial 911.

"What was that, Jane?" I smiled, reassuring them that it was probably nothing. And it was just a car that broke .But no one can ever be sure.

"Nothing darling, I'll go outside and check. Now, you stay here with your sister, and lock the door when I'm out, ok?" I kissed their foreheads and slowly made my day to the door. Good thing that Mr. Gerard keeps a baseball bat near the door. I may not seem very frightening with a yellow polka dot dress, but I'm scary enough to frighten a burglar.

This is so weird.

I heard something .I know I did. But, there is no place to hide here, so no car, nothing.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid.

"Jane?" The kids! Poor things, they're worried.

"It's alright, it was nothing" I shout to their bedroom, still looking for something. "Who's ready for another story?" I guess even the neighbors heard us now.

As I said, I like my life.

I like the place where I live, the town, the people.

And one of my favorite things I like to do is get up early in the morning and go to the park, before the kids go to school, so I can sit on the swinging and draw before work.

Most of them I babysat, so their parents stop and talk to me.

It's a small town, and I like it.

Just as I like to small talk to everyone. Unfortunately, it was very early, and no one was around.

At least I could paint a bit in quiet. All the kids like them, but their parents don't understand. It's ok, I'm no artist .i just like to paint.

And it was with that thought in mind that I carefully make my way to sat on a blue swinging and start my work.

Which surprise me was that I was not alone.

There was a man there, all by himself. Should I go to him? He might be lost .He doesn't seem to have anything with him .Maybe he is.

"Excuse me?"

I should have never looked into his eyes

Because when I did, everything else changed.

He looked as startled as I was his big eyes, boring straight into mine. Like I've seen him before .But it wasn't his features that struck me.

His eyes.

Such sorrow.

"I'm so-sorry ,I…"I didn't realize that my notebook feel on the floor, neither that the children were making their way to school, even less that one of my little friends came to talk to me.

"Jane!" only a shout could break our stare. And I'm not sure if I was glad for it.

"Hi Sasha" My voice was trembling .Which is ridiculous, because, so far, the stranger didn't say anything to me. "Are you going to school?" She made an are-you-really-asking-me-that-question face, and I mentally slapped myself. Of course she was.

"Let me walk you there" I took her lunchbox and quickly excusing myself for the awkward situation ,but not before turning once more to the man, this time not looking into his eyes ,but rather at his bow-tie.

"Sorry to bother you" And took off .Like a coward.

"Who was that, Jane?"

"Just keep walking, Sasha"

"Are you listening to me, Jane?" what was wrong with me today?

"I'm sorry, Jeff. What were you saying?" Jeff is one of the oldest citizens, and a good friend of mine .On Tuesdays he likes to invite me over to play chess.

"Just because I'm old, doesn't mean that I'm deaf too, girl! I asked about your donations for the town street fair" His tone was soft, even though he was scowling me. Such a sweet man.

"Yes sir, I just put two boxes on your front porch. David will pick them up later." He was going to win this one. Again .And he knew it.


Saved by the bell! Literally.

"Will you please open the door for me, Jane? It's probably David, to pick things early so he can go see his slutty girlfriend." Jeff was a tiny old man, but he had such a dirty mouth.


"What? It's true!"

I expected to open the door to my friend, not to the stranger from earlier.

"Oh…Hello" He was watching me, intensely. Too intense for my taste.

"Can I…help you with something?" Why was I stuttering so much today?

"Hello" His cheerful tone caught me by surprise, and I smiled. That was news "I'm The Doctor" Wait, was Jeff sick?

"Is Jeff sick?" My hand went straight to my heart. I didn't know that?

"Who is Jeff?"

"I'm Jeff!" We turn to see the man himself, now beside of me. "And who are you?" f there is one thing that Jeff doesn't like, is a strange person. Believe me, I know.

"Hello Jeff. I'm the Doctor, your Doctor to be precise" and then he did the strangest thing: He showed a piece of paper in white to us. Who does he thinks he is?

"Is this some kind of joke? There's nothing there! Are you trying to take advantage of an old man?" How could he? And here I was, thinking this was a nice man.

"What? No, no! That's impossible! How can you not see it?" Was he talking to us or to himself? It was hard to tell.

"Look, mister, I think it's time for you to leave" Jeff's grandsons are from the police, and they wouldn't take two minutes to get here.

"Please, wait. I'm sorry .I must've confused my papers .I've been traveling for too long. I was just looking for a place to stay" Oh, so now he uses the whole "bed and breakfast" of Jeff excuse. Damn!

"I only receive in cash" Jeff! Traitor.

"Very well sir .I won't be staying for long" He smiled right at me, as my friend went to prepare the room.

Something doesn't seem right.

I stayed.

I don't trust that man alone here. That's why I called my work and explained the situation.

"This is ridiculous! I'm a grown man, my dear Jane" I helped Jeff with the preparations .And the man, who called himself, the Doctor, didn't leave his room. So, at this moment, I was helping to tuck my 79 year old friend to the bed.

"And then people say you don't have a boyfriend. It's because you like the old ones, right?" His smile made all the difference .Jeff has been a widow for 10 years now, and he never complains; but every time someone asks about his late wife, his smile lights up the entire room.

That's right, you got me old man" I winked and take a chair next to him. Still, not sound of the tenant.

"Hey, what do you say on telling me one of those stories of yours? Just for tonight" I knew it. I knew he liked those .every time I told his grandchildren, he was always n the corner of the hallway, and I always pretended that I wasn't seeing him.

"Alright, just for you" somehow, I felt older than him. And all that emotions when I tell a story appear once more.

"There was a small cat. she lived happily with her family ,in the woods ,everything there was bright; the flowers had a glorious scent, you could almost pick up the orange and blue flowers scent ,for it was so thick and wonderful that smelled for days" My description must be helping him, because he was starting to doze off.

"One day, there was a competition on the woods, to see who had the most beautiful apple tree. The winner would be rewarded with the most prized possession of the king" My throat was becoming dry .i had to stop for a second.

"And the looser?"This was a new story. I haven't thought about the end yet.

And the looser

"Well, the looser, looses" He smiled but probably halfway on the sandman land now.

"So, all the cats got to gather on the Miulfilat rout for the competition, and…"it wasn't important. Jeff was sleeping. Besides, I had a feeling that the story wouldn't take a turn that he'd like.

And the looser

"Sleep well, my friend" I tucked him in, and put his daily medicine on the table, ready to wash the dishes.

But not ready to come face to face with the tenant.

"Oh my God!" It was a nasty knock.

"Are you trying to scare me to death on purpose?" I'd laugh if the situation were any different .He did.

"I'm sorry .I'm really sorry" He helped me stand up, but didn't let go of my hand. i didn't let go of his either. "Seems like every time I see you, I'm apologizing" It was true.

"What are you doing here, at this hour? Don't you find your room comfortable?" It was past midnight, and if he was going to the fair tomorrow, as Jeff kindly invited him, we all would be able to get up early.

"No, I mean, yes-of course it's comfortable. I just come down to hear your story" That was a surprise .There was no joking, he seemed sincere. Almost childish.

"Really? Not all grown ups like to hear my story" I blushed, it was almost like a compliment, and I wasn't used to it.

"I'm not like all grown ups, Jane" He does look like a kid, but why was his cheeks that shade of pink?

I probably need to stop starring.

"It's just stories I made up" I told him, leading to the kitchen, where the dishes were, wow, for a single individual to make this much mess, I really must like Jeff.

"Here, let me help you" I didn't expect to see the tenant getting up his sleeves to help me .I really didn't.

Maybe he's not as bad I thought.

"Thank you .But you don't have to do that"

"No, I like it. Dishes are cool. Forks are cool" There was something about him, this infant nature that captivated me.

"Your bow tie is cool"I told him and he instantly turned that shade of pink again.

"So, do you help your friends a lot?" We finished the dishes in relatively fast.

"Yes, don't you?" His smirk was cute, but there was something else that I couldn't picture it.

"Can I ask you a question?" it was beyond bed night now, and none of us seemed in the mood to sleep, so we sat on the sofas at Jeff's living room.

"Of course" His tone was quiet, what was he expecting me to ask?

"I don't this may sound strange but, do I know you from somewhere?" It wasn't his eyes, his hair, his size, or anything that I find familiar.

But there was something

"Sorry, but no .That'd be…"

"Impossible, right" I don't know why I finished his sentence; the sleep must be getting on me now.

"Right, I must be going then. We need to wake up early. In a few hours actually" I was turning around, when he reluctantly called me

"Wait .I also need to ask you something" And then, he took my notebook from his jacket (what a large jacket)

"My notebook! Thank you! You're a lifesaver!"

"Did you always draw there?" He pointed to some f my early paintings .I didn't see the problem with that.

"Yes, but its juts a hobby. Do you not like it or…"I didn't finish my sentence, because he started to wave his hands in a mix of astonishing and excitement.

"No, I LOVE it! I just never see pictures like yours"

"Oh, I just draw them of my head. We don't have any place like this around here, if you haven't noticed" I pointed to the orange sky with two suns.

"So, what do you call this place?" His tone was so hopeful .Maybe one of those pictures made him remember of something. A place he grew up maybe.

I never told anyone the name I had for this place. I guess it wouldn't hurt to tell him now.


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