Hello, I'm...

Jane's POV

It was such an odd feeling, this on I Just had. Some people might call it women's intuition, others sixth sense. Sadly, Evert time I felt something like that, something bad usually followed. This time I had a feeling that would be no different.

"Is everything read out there?" Mark ,one of the sponsor of the party yelled as we got closer to the gates ,almost everyone was there .it was a clear day, most of the seats were occupied and everything was looking bright and shinny; as good as new. Why would I feel bad about something as trivial as a hunch?

Because, you're always right.

Oh dear. It was nothing, it couldn't be. Which is why I decided to leave my concerns for when the party was over and ran to help the others. To my surprise, the newcomer, Mr. Doctor was already there.

"Hello Doctor, looking for someone?" he seemed pale, well…more than he already is. His eyes were huge and he was frantically looking for something.

"Do you want to buy something? The bids will start in a few minutes, but we can make…"

"No, no. That's quite alright, Jane. I was looking for you actually" Ok, now he really seemed troubled "is there some place we can talk?" I was going to respond, but something (apparently behind me, caught his eyes) "why don't we go over there?" And he pushed me to one of the storages.

I'm not overacting! This…Doctor, whom I barely know, was pushing me into empty places .And, to my surprise, he was extremely strong; because I couldn't take my hold out of his grip.

"Now, you listen to me mister, unless you calm down and don't tell me why you're acting this way, I'll start screaming" This was all so strange! I mean, like I said, I barely knew this man, but he didn't seem like the kidnapper type. Oh God, kidnapers don't have a type .What have I gotten myself into?

"Please, Jane. I won't hurt you .I promise .I just want to ask you something? "He reaches to his pocket to get…

A gun, oh Lord I'm going to die!

A box! A box that actually was too big to fit on his pocket. How did he do that? The problem wasn't the box, it was the similarity of the design he was holding.

The colors…

And my name on it…

"Where did you get that?" I felt bile rising on my throat. He's been in my house. What was he planning on doing to me?

"It's not like that, I swear. I just want to ask you something. Please" I wasn't going to stay. I was planning on getting the hell out of there and call the police, as soon as I was out of his sight, but it was the way he said it. He was curious and possibly sad about something. What? There were only my draws on that box. What could he possibly want to ask me about them?

"Alright, I'll answer your questions" He seemed happy and motioned for me to sit in one of the chairs that we kept there. I didn't, and neither did he.

"Thank you." His voice was hoarse as he took the first draw "Do you have a name for this picture?" It was only a cartoon I've made of a robot that looked more like a vacuum cleaner with little balls on it's side. What was it so important?

"I do, I call it…"Wait, I had, have a name for it. It's on the tip of my tongue!

Why is it hard for me to remember it?

"It's a…a…I call it…"And then, it clicked. I remembered the name, and a sudden sad emotion came over me.

"Dalek" I felt a single drop on the corner of my eye that I quickly dismissed by saying it was the dust from the place .The Doctor hands started to shake as he held the second picture.

"What about this one?" it showed a group of men and women all wearing red and orange tunics with peculiar hats.

"The High Council" I said, without a blink. Weird names, I know. But to me, in a strange manner, they all made sense.

To my surprise, I heard a sob, coming from the man in front of me as he held the picture of one of my most estimate pictures .It was an explosion of colors, shapes and size ,and I had real proud of it. The name was a bit off, but as I said, it made sense to me, and it was for my own amusement, and no one else.

"And this one?" His eyes were puffy red by the time I looked at him and I had to take it from his hands, afraid his tears might stain my precious work. I smiled fondly at the memory of why I painted it and what I felt.

"I call it TARDIS"


He let my box fall on the floor and I quickly waste no time to collect my things.

"Oh no" Those drawings were my treasures. I don't think an outsider would understand, I may not have much in my life, but these drawings…are everything to me.

"I'm… so sorry .I…"But I paid him no mind. He knew whatever he wanted to ask me, right? So he could leave now.

I didn't expect him to stay any longer. This man clearly has problems.

So, not only he reaches to help me, but he enveloped me in a hug!

"I can't believe it" He then mumbled incoherent words on my shoulder, refusing to let me go and putting me in a very strange position if anyone would see us right now.

"Oh Jane" it was all I could understand "Jane, Jane. I could kiss you right now!" If that wasn't awkward enough, my body decided to turn against me and my cheeks were red.

"That would be inappropriate, Doctor!" Somehow ,I managed to get out of his grip and stand up "Please ,explain to me what's going on" He seemed to realize his actions and stood up, straightening his bow tie, with the same success as I did to my hair(none).

"I can, and I will. Jane, I have so much I need to tell you…"If that wasn't unusual enough, a loud bang was heard and in the next second, the steel door was ripped and thrown to the ground.

"But not right now. RUN!" Before we ran, I could see a silhouette of a man. A very familiar man.

The same man that bumped into me.

That awful feeling came back.

Luckily, no one was harmed .in fact, it seemed to this person walked right at us, and none saw him. Which is impossible due to the amount of people there.

"Quick, in here" I told him as we entered the local church that was closed at this hour .The priest and everyone were at the event and the security of this place was almost the same as a fortress .I knew it because Jeff worked there for years.

"We should be fine for a few minutes .I just need to find the phone and then we'll call the police."

"Why would we want to call the police?" I stopped in my tracks. Was he serious?

"Doctor, there's a man chasing us, and he's probably armed. Don't you think we should call the authorities?" Somehow, the most obvious response made me feel like I was dumb as he looked at me. What wasn't I getting?

"Jane, he's not a man" He said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"A woman, then?" I could've sworn that I saw the shape of a man, but I can always be mistake.

"No" again, his conviction made me uneasy. "Not a woman"

Well, what is then?

"It's an alien. More specifically a member of the family of blood. Gaseous predators that could inhabit and control human bodies, not my favorites. I never met that one though" Oh God, I was running with a crazy person! This couldn't get any wor…


A green smoke started to surround us, and even with me being scared and completely not trusting this man, I couldn't help but not to reach his hand and make the right and most logical question of all.

"How do we stop it?" Even not being able to see him, I could tell he was smiling as we squeezed my hand and walked us further to the place, looking for a way out.

"First, we get out of here…"

"And then?" I was hoping to hear his entire plan. The situation kind of demanded it.

"I'll think of something on the way" I scoffed, but now that I could see him clearly trough the fog, I couldn't be mad at him .there was just something in his eyes.

"Well, that's a first" he pushed the wood behind the wall and we managed to escape.

"What?" We kept running, my hand still intertwined with his.

"You're the first person who didn't yell at me for not having a plan" His childish manner made me smile a bit, even with a crazy alien running to kill us.

"Yeah, good thing I'm here with you then, right?" I squeezed his hand back. Knowing where we could go.

"We can get some more time in here" I lead us to one of Jeff's houses he uses for rent .At the moment it was empty ,because of the renovation, and no one knew he owned it. So, it wasn't possible for the thing to track us that fast.

"Alright, so we have a little time. Want to explain to me?" I hated being the babysitter in this situation with a grown man, but I couldn't help it. It seemed the right thing to do. And the fact that he wasn't making eye contact with me didn't help. "Doctor!"

"Sorry, this is just…wow, I've never been speechless before .this is so strange!" I didn't know if I should be laughing, or freaking out with this.

"Yes, my apologies .Jane, you won't believe in what I'm about to tell you" Seriously? Not even after all we've been trough? "What if I tell you that the life you lead, the memories you think you have, are not yours?"


"Ok, Doctor, this is a little too much…"

"Please, let me finish!" He was shouting in a moment and the next he was beside me, taking my hands.

"I've been looking for you for so long, trough all space and time, and this is my chance. My only chance to do this right" Again, there was this glint in his eyes that made impossible for me to look away.

"Go on" Was all I said, without breaking any eye contact.

"You're probably thinking how does he think this? Right now. But I do, because of your pictures" He was still holding my hands, surprisingly, the touch was very warm.

"You mean my cartoons?" I wasn't moving, and neither was he.

"Yes. But they're not cartoons, they're part of your suppressed memory .Your subconscious is trying to reach out; to tell you something that you already know" This couldn't…he didn't…

This couldn't make sense. But it did, somehow I knew it.

"And how do I make sure of what you're saying is the truth?" If possible, his smile grew larger than before, his tears running free.

"Your fog watch" I blinked a few seconds before realizing what he just said.

"I'm sorry, what?" A watch?

"Your fog watch. You must have one. It's an old watch with a cord; yours probably have symbols in it. They may sound strange, like circles on the back"

"I don't think I have this kind of…"

"Oh" Was all I said

"Can you remember where it is?" He looked so hopeful, that I hate being the barer of bad news.

"Yeah, I never paid it much attention, so I put on the donation box for the aucti…"

He never let me finish my sentence, before rushing us out of the door. We should have look behind us, because we'd have seen the familiar right beside our shadows.

"But Doctor, I don't understand what does a fog watch has anything to do with this?" We were barely at the front gate when I gathered the energy to ask him. The man can run!

"It's where your memories are stored. Us, Time Lords put our every memories, dreams, basically who we are inside of it .And we can not loose it. I can't believe you did that, Jane!" Why was he angry at me? I didn't know that we could…

"Hold on, you said Time, what?" This was getting stranger and stranger as the minute passed.

"What are you exactly Doctor?" We reach the back of the stage where all the products were kept before the show, so it's got to be there.

"I may have forgotten this part .Jane, you and I, we're the same. We belong to a race known as Time Lords .Well, Time Lady in your case ,we are keepers of great knowledge and significance in the universe and it's out job to look for the watch right now, or else I'll…"But he couldn't stop his speech because I started to laugh.

A lot, out loud.

"What's so funny?" Luckily, since it was a party, no one paid us any attention. We seemed just two people having fun.

"You. Oh man, I can't believe this. This entire story is just…"Unreal, hard to imagine, crazy? All of these were true. How could I not laugh under this circumstance?

"How can you be laughing, we're being chased by a killer being, your memories are lost and we can't find it in here" The minute he said it, my laughter increased and he joined me.

"Oh Doctor, you…"Could this day get even stranger?

I really shouldn't have said it because, we decided to look deeper backstage, and found none other than Jeff, crouched down the steps of the stairs that lead to the attic.

"Jeff?" His face was of pure pain. He wasn't looking straight at us .Instead; he seemed focus on something that was emitting a light out of his hand.

"Jane, look" I sat beside him, and he immediately flinched.

"It's ok Jeff, it's Janey, remember? Your friend" Something was terribly wrong. I looked to the Doctor for assistance, but he didn't look much better than I was.

"Look at what he's holding" From his white knuckles, I could see ,even though he was squeezing so hard the object ,a small ,gold fog watch.

"Why don't you hand me th…"But he flinched again. Only this time, he started to speak a foreign language. A language that made the Doctor drop on his knees besides us.

"Jeff, you need to listen to me .Hand this watch to Jane, and this will all be over" What was happening? Why were they crying? What were they saying .I couldn't understand!

"Doc…"His attention was entirely on the man in front of us. His face was a look of pure terror, and even tough he wasn't mouthing a word, the pain was evident in his features.

"What will happen if I take this from him?" The strange golden light that was hitting him was my main concern. "Doctor, what is he seeing?"

"I really don't know Jane" What made everything worse was the way that he looked at me "And I didn't expect this" What does that mean? That's my friend that is in pain, and I need to help him.

"Jeffie, please, it's me, Jane. Remember me? I helped you after you fell from on the sidewalk and break your hip. Remember when he spent the whole night watching musicals? You always said that you danced better than all of them together." This caused some interesting and he let his grip a little loose, but not enough.

"Remember that you tried to set me up with your son when he came to visit? I was so embarrassed that I didn't talk to you for two days and then you barged into my door saying you've had enough of my silence." He couldn't speak, but his eyes were on me. "It's me Jeff, please let me help you"

"I…can't" His voice was barely present as I took hold of his hands, feeling the pain reach straight into my veins.

"Yes you can, please let us help" His face held so much agony, but I couldn't go back now. Whatever it may happen, it was worth to help my friend.

"It…hurts…everywhere" The Doctors emotions were the same as mine, and something else I couldn't describe.


"Doctor, what is he talking about?" It kills me to see him like this.

"There is something wrong with the memories." Was all he said, without looking at me.

"The pain…it's too much .Don't look" The Doctor didn't say anything. He could have when we were running to find this watch all the dangers that could happen, but he didn't, and now my friend is paying for this.

"Doctor, is this supposed to happen?"

"No" That was helpful. But I knew that, the way he was looking at me, he was asking me a question.

I couldn't let my friend suffer.

So I made my decision

Doctor's POV

I watched, feeling helpless, and Jane collapsed on the floor, with pain.

"Jane, oh God, what's happening to her?" Jeff, without the watch affect, quickly regained his senses, though he seemed rather disturbed with whatever he might saw.

"Her hearts are adjusting her body" I took her, as delicately as I could and ran straight to the TARDIS, so she could adjust with the proper assistance.

"Her what?" But I didn't' have time to explain. I didn't have time to anything really. All I care about was to get Jane safe so she could properly heal. If I wasn't so engrossed on running with her and finding my ship, maybe the impact that threw us out of the way wouldn't hit me this much.

"What the bloody hell was that?"

"Oh Jeff, you might not want to turn around right now" The familiar was nearly there, and thanks to him ,Jane fell from my arms ,to another place, near the rest of the boxes ,while I was at the other corner, with Jeff. Her screams were diminishing, but that didn't mean she was feeling any less pain.

"Did you think you could run away from me that easily?" The familiar said, with it's natural voice, a guttural sound that could be confused with a barking noise.

"I know, and I'm sorry. But, I'm here now, so why don't you take me to your ship, and we can talk?" I had to get them out of danger, for as long as Jane needed her time to recovery .Getting their memories back is an extremely delicate procedure that, if not performed correctly, could kill you. And she was already out of my TARDIS, so it'd hurt twice as much.

"I'm not talking to you, male .I'm talking to her" That was, really bad! If the familiar were here for Jane, then…

But she wasn't on the floor anymore.

She was nowhere to be seen.

Oh, she's clever!

"WHERE IS SHE?"I could tell that the familiar was near his end. His eyes were almost white and his skin color was almost green, revealing his true form. He was desperate, and that wasn't a good thing, with Jeff being around.

"Who? Oh, the girl! She was here just a moment ago" If I could reach my sonic screwdriver, maybe I could create a diversion an…

"DON'T LIE TO ME!" For a being that is nearly dying, he sure has a lot of strength. "WHERE IS…"

"Now, now .that's not the proper way to behave" We heard a soft voice, gentle, giggling, from…above?

"Where are you, Time Lady?" It seemed that it was coming from the roof .But she couldn't have got there so fast.

"Oh I see, we're using gender species now." And now it was coming from the ground "I'll have you know, Godson, that it's extremely impolite to imprison other people" It was almost as if her voice was surrounding us.

"You need to be taught a lesson" Her laughter was everywhere now, distracting the familiar.

"I'm not afraid of you!" He was easily altered by it, and as a matter of fact, so was I.

"Fear?" She was really close, but where? "What do you know about fear?" Suddenly, all the little light that was left was gone.

"Well, what are you planning on doing to me? Slice me open and take my life force? Trade me on the market? Or maybe stuck a bunch of needles and see how loud I can scream" Her voice was far from us, and then it was near again "No, I don't think those options work for me very much" She was amazing! Taking charge of this situation .Who is she?

"Close your mouth, please, Doctor. We are not a codfish" She could see me? Where was she?

"What's your name?" For a few minutes, silence .I was thinking she might have gone, and this was only a distraction .I was wrong.

"Me?" She was getting closer; I could feel her breath on my face when she gracefully jumped from the roof towards me "Hello!" Her smile, if I didn't think of it before, I certainly did now; it was contagious.

"I'm The Nanny"