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Chapter 1

How to Win a Guy's Heart

Technically, she should be feeling happy.

But she wasn't. And that was the main thing.

Amy Rose slumped on her desk, resting her head in her hands. Her hair flopped forwards, over her eyes, causing her to groan. The light from the bedroom window was flooding into her room, creating a pretty, dappled lighting effect on the carpet.

Tapping her fingers against the wooden surface and staring at her reflection in the mirror, Amy seethed about the events of the day.

Her love — Sonic the Hedgehog — had saved her, again. That was the good part.

The bad part — which was making the pink hedgehog sob and sigh — was that he had dashed off without a second glance at her.

And, even worse, this wasn't the first time that he had done this.

She pouted. It wasn't fair! He didn't notice her in the same way that she noticed him. Why couldn't he see how much she loved him?

Amy smiled, pitifully. Everyone except Sonic could see it. When they had been sent to Chris' world and they'd gone on that cruise ship, the old man and said that she obviously loved Sonic. He could see it; why couldn't Sonic?!

That was the problem though, wasn't it?

He could see it.

He just didn't want to.

What was wrong with her? She wasn't ugly; she wasn't young; she wasn't stupid. Granted, she wasn't drop-dead gorgeous, she was a year younger than Sonic and she wasn't the genius that Tails was. But, surely, Sonic didn't expect such a girl to exist? Let alone love him to the same extent which she did.

Because if there was one thing that Amy was, it was that she was in love with Sonic.

Rouge had once claimed that it was a phase and it would pass. But she was wrong — Amy knew it. Once, a long time ago, she had started to doubt herself. She had wondered if she truly loved Sonic. And, because of that, she had almost given up on him.

That was during the week, after they came back from Earth, when Sonic didn't return.

But on the morning of his return, she knew. She knew that she loved him and she knew that she would wait for him. However long it took for him to come back to her.

That's what she had said.

That's what she had believed.

That's what she had hoped.

"Stupid Sonic..." She mumbled against her arms, "'Didn't even say goodbye."

It was true. Only an hour ago, he had carried her out of Eggman's exploding lair, bridal-style, and traveled back to her house, before placing her on the ground. Throughout the journey home, Amy had been ecstatic. There she was, in Sonic's arms, blood tingling and heart thumping against her chest. She couldn't help but stare at Sonic's emerald eyes and fall deeper into the depths of love. He had given her a quick smile and concentrated on running.

Because that was all that their relationship ended in.


As they both stood outside of her house, Amy had hoped that he would want to hang out — or, at the very least, just talk for a moment. But he had stared off into the distance and, just as Amy was about to ask him on something akin to a date, he was gone. Like a word in the wind.

Not looking back.

At first, she was mad. Anyone would be. The love of her life had raced off and not even said goodbye to her. Talk about rude. (And heartbreaking.)

It didn't help that none of her friends knew how she was feeling. Cream was her best and most trusted friend, but she was a little too young to understand it all. Sure, it was highly probably that Cream had a crush on Tails — but she wasn't in love with him. Amy had always suspected that Blaze liked Silver, but she wasn't a very close friend, as she was often away in the future. And Rouge was far too flirty and stubborn to admit to loving someone. Amy didn't even know who she had a crush on. She spent an awful lot of time with Knuckles on Angel Island — but, five seconds later, she had her eyes on the mysterious Shadow the Hedgehog.

So, whenever Amy was in this mood, she didn't feel that she could unload onto her friends. Cream would be comforting and Rouge would try to persuade her to move on, but it didn't help. She didn't feel any better and she just couldn't move on.

Who could move on from Sonic the Hedgehog?

And who was there to move on to? The rest of the guys weren't like Sonic. Tails and Knuckles were Cream and Rouge's love interests. There was Shadow, who was similar to Sonic, but his personality was completely different. He hardly spoke and, if he did decide to speak, he was always very pessimistic. Vector was definitely not her type. Charmy was Cream's age and wasn't the most mature person. Espio hardly said two words to her. The Babylon Rogue boys were too cocky and annoying. Big was a good friend of hers, but he wasn't exactly Mr Right. Not for her, anyway. Silver was sweet and she got on well with him, but he was hardly ever around and probably liked Blaze.

She wanted a guy who was heroic. Cocky, yet kind. Funny. Gorgeous.

And blue?

"No!" Amy groaned, rubbing her temples, "I'm not going to think about Sonic. I'm not!"

Despite her claims, Sonic always managed to cross her mind. It seemed like everything was linked to Sonic, in one form or another. That colour of paint? It was the same shade as Sonic's quills. That field? Not as bright as Sonic's eyes. That aeroplane? It wasn't as fast as Sonic.

The pink hedgehog let out a troubled sigh. She couldn't take her mind off him.

So moving on wasn't the answer. And the fact that she was one of Sonic's best friends meant that she spent a lot of time with him — she couldn't just leave, for a while, to clear her head. He would worry. Underneath all the running away from her, he did care about her and did want to be her friend.

Amy simply wanted more than to be friend-zoned.

There were times when Amy was able to focus on her daily life. Banishing thoughts of Sonic from her brain, she would concentrate on hanging out with Cream and Cheese. Or shopping with Rouge. Or perfecting her hammer skills. But then Sonic would come along and get her hopes up by flirting with her — only to back away when her romantic feelings flared up again.

It seriously sucked.

"Well," Amy frowned, "it's going to be different, this time. I'm going to make Sonic see that he's mad not to love me back."

How she was going to do that, however, was another matter.

"There must be something that I'm missing," She stood up from her chair and paced around the room, thinking, "Something that will make me more of a love interest to Sonic."

Nope. Nothing. She couldn't think of anything.

What did other people do? How did they win peoples' hearts?

...The only way to find that out was to ask them.

"I'll ask the people who are closest to Sonic!" Amy slammed her fist against her open palm, victoriously, "They know Sonic. And they've gotta have at least one idea, between, them, which will work."

There were ten of them. Rouge, Shadow, Knuckles, Silver, Blaze, Vector, Espio, Charmy and Tails. They had to have an idea which would be worth a shot.

Her previous plans hadn't worked. So maybe it was time to try someone else's tactics.

But who should she go to first?

Someone who knew a lot about guys. Someone who knew a lot about twisting men around their little finger. Someone like—!

"Got it!" Amy raced out of the room, heading towards the front door of her apartment. She swiped her purse from the kitchen counter and pulled on her boots. The destination wasn't far, so a brisk walk would lead her to the perfect plan to win Sonic's heart.

"This can only end in success," Amy mumbled, stepping out of the door and locking it, "This will work. I can feel it."

And Amy never dismissed her feelings. Ever.

Especially when it came to Sonic the Hedgehog.