I sat in the front seat of the U-Haul, looking at my old home in Arizona. It seemed like such a shock we were moving. Ella-my sister- and I grew up here. But now Mom was packing us up, to move to Colorado, of all places. Ella sighed next to me, setting her paperback novel on her lap. Her brown eyes radiated sadness.

"I can't believe Mom is making us move," she said, brushing back her black/brown hair from her face.

"She got a job opportunity, Ells," I replied, as Mom slid in the drivers spot. Ella scooted closer to me with a huff. Mom ignored her, and started the truck. I sighed, and plugged in my iPod headphones.


After hours of driving, -stopping every night in a hotel- we finally saw a sign saying : "Welcome To Denver, Enjoy Your Stay!" And, by God of Pancakes, it was the most awkward trip ever. My mom and Ella still weren't talking. All because Ella had to leave her boyfriend, Sam, and our best friend, J.J. Denver looked pretty populated by the looks of it.

My mom deftly drove to a neighborhood filled with done-up Victorian houses. Rich neighborhood. Great. She drove to the end of the cul-de-sac, and there sat our house. It looked sort of like the house from Don't Be Afraid of The Dark. The U-Haul came to a rest in front of it, and my mom smiled.

"This is our new home, girls," she said grinning.

"It's gorgeous, Mom," Ella said, pushing me out the door, and onto the sidewalk.

"Yeah, Mom. Very horror movie like. My bet's on that Ella goes first."

" Maximum Ride," Mom said, walking up next to Ella and me. I ran up the walkway, and to the front door, which was locked. Mom laughed faintly, her greying dark brown curls blowing in the wind. She walked up the steps, unlocked the door, and threw them open. The interior was even more beautiful that the outside. I felt like I was in Cotton Candy Land, it was that amazing.

"Your room's our next to each other, on the second story, last two lefts. Ella and Iran to our respectable rooms. My room was still empty, but had a view of a garden with a small lake next to it. The garden was abuzz with life, seeing as it was early fall. I hoped the lake was still warm, I loved swimming.

"Ella! Max! Come help me with the stuff!"


I faintly heard the doorbell chime, so I closed my laptop, and made my way down the stairs. Throwing the door open, I saw a guy around my age. He had shaggy black hair, olive skin, and obsidian colored eyes. He smirked, seeing my staring.

"See something you like," he asked in a deep voice.

"Not nearly," I snapped, raising an eyebrow at him.

"I live next door, and my mom made me come drop this by," he replied, holding out a covered class pan.

"Oh, thanks. What's your name," I asked, taking the pan.

"Fang Walker."

"Fang? Are you Dracula's son? Cousin?"

" Something like that. Anyways, what's your name?"

"Max Ride," I replied and slammed the door in his laughing face.