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Later, things got even more complicated.

"Marky, I'm waiting!"

"Coming, Alexi!"

Mark came tripping out of his bedroom wearing a loose tuxedo. His boss and girlfriend, Alexi Darling, fixed her hair as she looked into a nearby mirror. "Oh, Mark," she shrieked. She had this annoying, pitchy, mother-like voice that irritated…well, everyone. Mark hated when she talked that way. "Don't wanna be late for the big company meeting!"

Mark was working for Buzzline now. Alexi loved the film he made in 1996, and she hired him (against his will) as a journalist/director. He actually enjoyed his job…and he developed a certain "thing" for Alexi. They started going out, and after a few weeks, Mark sort of moved in. well, not yet, but he got most of his things in.

"Um….Lexi, can I tell you something?" asked Mark.

"Sure, Cutie," replied Alexi. "You can tell me how much you love me after you tell the staff how much you love working! We don't have time for flirting now, sweetie."

"No, I…Alexi, I want to work on a new film. I didn't wanna jump into it before…"

"Mark Cohen, you are a bloody little GENIUS! A new film, to advertise, commercialize, and just improve Buzzline! Fabulous! Bravo, Marky!"

"No, no, I mean for myself. Not for the company."

Alexi froze. "F-for yourself? Not f-for t-the c-company?"

Mark nodded. Alexi lost it.

"NO! You cannot, will not, make a film for yourself! It would damage the company's reputation. And yours. And MINE!"

"Alexi, I can't believe you're acting like this! You've always been so supportive of me and my films, I-"

"We are done talking about this. The an-swer is no."


"NO!" she calmed down and kissed him. "Please don't, Marky…for me…"

Mark didn't listen to her. "You'll star in the film," he said.

Alexi closed her eyes. "Fine, honey. Just this once…but it better not be one of your scripted movies. No offense, but you're not the best writer…"

"I know…"

"Fine," she kissed him and held his hand. "But I thought you were getting lucky tonight…"

Mark laughed. "You're sick!"

She giggled back. "You betcha! Sick and dirty."

"Let's just leave…"

It was about 5:00 PM, the same day. Right, on the street, Joanne pulled out a ring.

She proposed. Maureen stood, yelling.

"Pookie! What do you mean 'here'? We can't do it here! It's illegal here!"

"Maureen," Joanne started. "Don't make a scene right now! Scream all you want when we get home."

"But, I…I'm just…you're just…"

"Six years not enough for you?"

"It is, but-"

"So, no?"


"So, yes?"




And that's when the engagement began. Weird way to pop the question…

Moments later, they heard about Mimi…

"So, she said she'd let me do it."

"And you're saying you wouldn't without her permission?"

It was later that night, in Roger's apartment. Mimi was still on the phone with the girls, exchanging good news. Roger and Mark were talking and sitting by the countertop.

"You can't let her control you like that," said Roger. "Be a man, tell her your doing it whether she likes it or not."

He got out of his chair. "Beer?"

"Any ale or wine?" Mark asked back.

Roger started laughing. "It's like you're speaking to me in Chinese. Look at yourself! Alexi is exposing you to CLASS! And then, you'll think this place is the Ritz or something."

"Shut up…"

"Soon, you'll be outta here for good. Hallelujah."


Roger stayed still, as if not hearing. Mark grabbed his hat and left the countertop. They swore to each other that whenever news of a wedding broke, they would walk away from the two lucky ones. Being in the wedding party was torture for them. They agreed that if one was chosen, the other had to go with him. And this was Maureen and Joanne. No escape.

It was too late, anyway. "Mark, you're gonna be the best man!"

Mark was already halfway out the door.

"I can hear your footsteps…Maureen says you're not gonna get out of this that easy!"

Mark came back in. Now, Roger was heading out.

"Hold it, Davis!" Mimi called. "She ALSO says, that because of some deal you guys made, you need to be a groomsman. Or a bridesman, or…whatever they want to call it…Point is, you're doing it!"

The men didn't listen. They ran out the door, and into the streets. They called Collins on a payphone, and started heading to the DeForest Training School, otherwise known as DeVry…

Collins was the only single person they knew now. They weren't expecting him to be with someone.

But then again, no one expected Mimi to be pregnant…and it happened…