A girls toy, huh?

The host club was already closed, but Tamaki insisted that they should stay. He said that he found something that might interest them. " He said that it was from France." Kyoya said, scribbling something in his note book. The twins yawned and asked, "Where is he?". Mori stood next to Hunny as always, looking as stocic as ever. Tamaki burst in at the speed of light, stopping at a screeching halt as he neared the table. Out of breath, he panted as he placed colorful dolls on the table. After closer examination, it turned out to be colorful dolls of...Ponies? They looked silly to Haruhi, but Hunny found them to be very cute. Picking out a pink pony with curly hair and a ballon mark on her flank, Hunny asked, "Whats her name?" Tamaki looked at the pony and answerd, "That one is Pinkie Pie. She loves parties and fun." Hunny ran away to show Usa-chan the cute pony that he picked out.

Mori, seeing that Hunny had picked one out, also grabbed a pony. She was a tannish-yellow color, the mark on her flank was three apples. Mori held it up to Tamaki, who then said, "That one is Apple Jack. She is a hard worker and very honest." Mori just stood there, looking at the toy with much intensity.

The twins looked at the ponies, thinking of what they could do with them. Both picking the same pony, held up a blue pagasus with a rainbow mane and a rainbow bolt mark. "Hey, I picked her first!" They both shouted. " Woah, you two can share her. Her name is Rainbow Dash. She is one of the fastess fliers in Equestria!" The twins skipped away, holding Rainbow Dashes hoofs, chanting, " We're going to do something very entertaining." (Yes, I know this is getting long, its almost over.)