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Rainbow Dash was the first to get up. She felt dizzy and light headed, and her eyes needed to adjust to the gloom. "Uh, where are we?" She asked as she soon saw her friends, all fainted and sprawled out on the ground. Apple Jack got up limply and reached in a fruitless atempt to grab her hat from behind Honey. She soon gave up after seeing that her hat was too far to reach from where she was sitting. Rainbow Dash shook the others awake, and as she did so, glanced at their suroundings. It was dark and dusty, like an old temple. The vines were the only plant life that grew here, and there were out of place pots here and there. Pinkie Pie hopped around the room, stopping here and there to laugh at a rock. Honey frolicked along with her, and the others streached their sore muscles.

"Where are we?" asked Tamaki. "It looks like something out of a Zelda game." Haruhi said after a minute of scilence. "What is a 'Zelda game'? Is it fun?" Pinkie Pie shouted, skipping in circles around the group.

Does that pony ever run out of energy? Thought an annoyed Kyoya. He didn't like the pink pony much. "Well, where ever we are, we need to get out and find Princess Celestia and get Discord." Twilight Sparkle declared. She and Haruhi were the first to move to a much larger area with torches. Three torches were not lit out of the four, and Haruhi knew very well that this meant to light the other torches.

"Wait for Daddy, Haruhi!" Shouted Tamaki as he dashed to the room Haruhi was in, followed by the others. "Woah, what's with these torches?" asked Kaoru and Hikaru. Rarity complained about how gloomy the place looked and was hushed by AJ. "Quiet, ok? We need to know how to open these doors!" She gestured her hoof to the stone door, and Twilight looked at Haruhi for help.

Haruhi saw the lavender pony's pleading face and sighed. "Alright, I know what we have to do. All we need to do is light these three torches." Twilight realized that that was the only thing they could do and felt a bit embarassed. "Twilight, can you cast a spell with your horn to light these torches?" asked Honey. She nodded and stood in a ready stance. She was weakened by her previous spell but managed to light the first two before running out of power. She plopped down onto the floor, and stayed. She needed rest.

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