An Introduction

I have noticed, in the time that I have spent studying the art, that there are few individuals with a true understanding of the art of sealing jutsu. There is no doubt that anyone who has examined their history has a healthy respect for the abilities of those capable of mastering it, but any widespread understanding of its abilities and limitations is largely limited to those seals which are widely used.

Unfortunately, this seems to be limited, as a whole, to the explosive seal, and the basic containment seal. What's more, the possibilities of the basic containment seal are largely unexplored, an inexcusable lapse by all five great ninja villages.

In the hopes of remedying this, I have compiled my basic notes in a small compendium, of sorts. It is hardly a definitive work on the subject, but it should serve to instill a greater understanding of the subject in the larger ninja world.

To begin with, I shall condense the majority of my notes (the full sum of which is quite vast), into a description of the rules and boundaries of sealing. Please bear with me in this, and understand that what you find within cannot be taken as absolute. This is an extremely complex art, and I know of no one capable of grasping its intricacies in full.

I shall also include notes on a number of usefull seals of my own creation, some of which are extremely powerful. I encourage anyone who wishes to learn the art to take and use what they can. (Just make sure to spread this little booklet around. Sealing is a woefully underappreciated art, after all.)

To you the reader, I hope that you find this guide informative and comprehensible.

Naruto Uzumaki
Sixth Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves.