To all readers who have made it thus far: Thank you, and congratulations. This section of my notes has been sent separately to each village, and is not available for general consumption. If you are reading this, then you have been judged by your village leaders to have both the appropriate skill and rank to learn the techniques within. Contained is a small portion of my own personal techniques, as well as one or two contributions from some of my colleagues. This scroll is sectioned by rank, and will be shown to you piece by piece as you progress.

E Rank: These techniques are very simple, and it is very likely that you already know one or two. These techniques are simple enough to be taught to academy students, and, at least in my own village, are taught as academy standard. As with all E Rank ninja arts, you would be well advised not to disregard them, but their primary value is in simplicity. After increasing in skill, most people will find techniques that do the same job with much better results, i.e., discarding the simple clone jutsu for more advanced elemental clones. This section, as well as the next, are typically open to anyone who has been accepted into the ranks of their village.

E Rank: Sealing Art: False Sight: A seal which creates an illusion around whichever person or object upon which it is placed. Ex, a handful of pebbles can become a swarm of shuriken.

D Rank: Techniques suitable for Genin, these are simple, but effective. Many of them, despite the ease with which they can be preformed, may become some of your favorite techniques, placeholders in your arsenal. Their low difficulty and good utility make them excellent for introducing new students to the abilities of seals.

D Rank: Sealing Art: Thunder Crash Seal: A simple seal, despite the imposing name, designed primarily to be placed on kunai. A few seconds after creation, the seal will emit both a bright light and a loud smashing sound, disorienting the opponent. As a side effect, most Doujutsu users will be blinded, due to the chakra-based nature of the flash. Depending on the amount of chakra the seal is infused with, it can be made to wait longer before detonating, but it will only detonate when it runs out of chakra. Unfortunately, this defect means that this seal cannot be mass produced, as it must be applied on site.

D Rank: Sealing Art: Surface: A simple barrier seal designed to create a solid surface on an open space. Classified as a D rank technique due to its simplicity, powerful shinobi are capable of creating powerful shields with this technique, and, due to that same simplicity, skilled practitioners are capable of projecting this seal from any point on their bodies, making it extremely difficult to successfully wound them.

D Rank: Sealing Art: Chakra Drain: A seal placed on the opponent which acts as an open window, releasing the opponents chakra into the air around them. Less effective on drained opponents, as well as those with lower chakra reserves. More effective when placed closer to the center of the body, or near one of the Eight Gates.

D Rank: Sealing Art: Razor Shower: A containment seal containing numerous shuriken, kunai and senbon. Useful when placed on a demon wind shuriken.

C Rank: These are more complicated, and can be somewhat difficult to learn. Short of the extremely gifted, most ninja capable of these techniques will be at least Chunin in rank. Similarly, it is mostly Chunin who will be granted access to these techniques. If you have made it this far, then you are skilled enough for me to advise this: you need to start making your own techniques. Examine the basic seal types, and modify them to suit your needs and desires.

C Rank: Sealing Art: Earth Style: Sinkhole: A powerful containment seal that absorbs large amounts of dirt and rock under a designated target to create a deep pit.

C Rank: Sealing Art: Fire Style: Hell Gate: Similar in concept to Razor Shower, but performed with large amounts of sealed fire.

C Rank: Sealing Art: Lightning Style: Heavens Wrath: A lightning style counterpoint to Fire Style: Hell Gate.

C Rank: Sealing Art: Bodily Containment Seal: A containment seal modified to work effectively on human skin. There are, of course, numerous applications to this, but I would warn against heavy modification without very careful testing. The changes made to the containment seal to allow this technique are both complex and somewhat rigid. Attempting to modify this seal without an advanced understanding of sealing juts can be extremely dangerous.

C Rank: Sealing Art: Attraction Seal: A seal which, when applied to a target, will cause a weapon marked with the second half of the formula to be drawn directly to it. Can be enhanced with elemental chakra. Multiple weapons can be attuned to a single mark by using the same target. In essence, if the target is seal A, and the offensive portion is seal B, then you can draw seal B any number of times, and attune them all to act as the second half of a single seal A. (credit Truly Human)

C Rank: Sealing Art: Lightning Style: Current: A seal placed on a thrown weapon containing large amounts of lightning chakra. The seal can be released in the air to surround the weapon with electricity, or on impact to direct it into the target.

C Rank: Sealing Art: Stitching: A medical seal which acts as a bandage or clamp to cover a wound or hold skin together. Can be turned into a B rank technique by modifying the seal to constantly release medical chakra into a wound. If the user of the technique lacks medical training, the seal must be pre-made with a medic present for this variation.

C Rank: Sealing Art: Graveyard Blade: A containment seal designed to spread along a surface at high speed and release numerous weapons along a wide area. As it is a storage seal, it must be pre-made and carried into battle with the user. (credit Beast Keeper 9)

C Rank: Sealing Art: Body Puppet: A seal placed upon the opponent to force their body to mimic the users movements, largely inspired by the Nara Clan's shadow possession. The placement of the seal decides the amount of control afforded to the user. Any limb with a seal is placed under the users influence, or the seal can be placed on the spinal column, preferably the back of the neck, for an increased area of effect. A seal placed on either the center of the body or the forehead will allow for direct connection to either the brain or the center of the chakra network, allowing full control. As a rule of thumb, to determine the limits of control, follow the chakra system and the nervous system outwards. I have theorized about a possible variation using the circulatory system, but deemed it superfluous for my own purposes.

B Rank: Jonin techniques. If you have made it this far, you are almost certainly a Jonin or Special Jonin by now. You should also have created at least one or two techniques of your own, and now the real work begins. If you intend to continue on this path, you can no longer be content with simply modifying the purposes of the basic seals. You will now need to start blending them, mixing the effects of one with another, and layering one seal over another. Like the techniques that follow, much study and effort will be required.

B Rank: Sealing Art: Wind Style: Storm-Riding Blade: A demon wind shuriken with wind seals layered in a precise pattern that allows for remote direction as well as enhancing the blade itself with wind chakra. Unfortunately, the complexity of the seals themselves, as well as the concentration required to control them, typically force the user of this technique to remain stationary for the duration. Please note that any ranged weapon can be used for this technique, and that I list the demon wind shuriken for example only, as it is my own personal preference.

B Rank: Sealing Art: Multi Sectioned Bodily Containment Seal: An enhanced Bodily Containment Seal designed with multiple "compartments" so as to be able to seal and unseal individual items separately, as well as using up less space. At this level, I doubt I have to warn you of the risks involved in reckless experimentation.

B Rank: Sealing Art: Reverse Force Seal: A particular type of training/combat seal which absorbs the effort exerted by the muscles, forcing greater effort for less benefit. This absorbed force is stored within the seal, and can be released in short bursts for increased strength and speed during combat. (credit Truly Human)

B Rank Supplementary Jutsu: Sealing Art: Dancing Blade: A technique designed to be used in conjunction with the Attraction Seal. Emits a medium range field of chakra from a thrown weapon. Any objection which blocks the weapons path to its target is automatically avoided once it enters the field. Be warned, close range defense is still possible, since the field is designed to retract once it approaches the other half of the array out of necessity. (credit Truly Human)

B Rank: Sealing Art: Scrambling: A technique loosely classified as a paralysis seal. The seal scrambles all nerve impulses past the point it was placed on. Managing to place this seal upon the back of the neck carries a high risk of death for the target.

B Rank: Sealing Art: Misdirection: A barrier type seal designed to redirect the momentum of any object. Can be overpowered and broken by powerful techniques.

B Rank: Sealing Art: Sensory Deprivation: A seal placed on the target that shuts off the senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. As with all seals which affect the nervous system, affecting any part of the body requires the seal to be placed between the target area and the brain. (partial credit Truly Human)

B Rank: Sealing Art: Water Style: Hidden Eddy Jutsu: A water style technique designed in honor of the Hidden Eddy Village. Similar in concept to Earth Style: Sinkhole, but with the containment seal drawn in a spiral pattern in order to create a powerful whirlpool.

B Rank: Sealing Art: Force Transferral Seal: A two-part seal that transfers force applied to one point to be applied two another. For example, if the receiver array is placed on the chest of one opponent, and the primary seal is placed on the palm of your hand, then catching a powerful blow would deal damage to the first opponent instead. This is a two-part seal, and not a double seal, which means that the technique is one-way. Best used as a defensive/counterattack technique, although there are many more complicated applications. (credit Truly Human)

A Rank: If you have made it this far, then you are fast approaching the point where there will be little left to learn from scrolls. Only the most gifted Jonin will be granted access to this part of the scroll, and there is truly only one more step for you to take. You must now abandon all preconceived notions and designs. You must move past the seals themselves, and begin to study their pieces, their components. It is this that will allow you to create the truly powerful seals, the complex and varied masterworks. In truth, the techniques to follow are only inspiration. The true master has no need to rely on mimicry.

A Rank: Sealing Art: Wind Style: Storm-Dancing Blade: Full mastery of Wind Style: Storm-Riding Blade will allow the user to move and fight while controlling the technique. Extreme training and focus is required to master this technique.

A Rank: Sealing Art: Reversal: An absorption seal which is preformed with both hands extended, touching at the wrist, and with the fingertips pointing straight up and straight down. Once an attack has been absorbed, the hands are flipped, and the attack is fired back at it's creator. Chakra draw depends on the size/power of the target attack. Skilled practitioners can perform this technique with a single hand, however, a proportionate amount of extra chakra is required to stabilize it.

A Rank Forbidden Jutsu: Sealing Art: Conversion Seal: A seal that converts energy to chakra. Classified as a forbidden jutsu due to the risk of damaging the users chakra network if too much energy is absorbed at once. (credit Truly Human)

A Rank: Sealing Art: Fire Style: Blazing Field: A fire style variant of the graveyard blade technique.

A Rank: Sealing Art: Lightning Style: Inverse Heaven: A lightning style variant of the graveyard blade technique.

A Rank: Sealing Art: Wind Style: Rising Hurricane Blades: A wind style variant of the graveyard blade technique.

A Rank Forbidden Jutsu: Sealing Art: Oblivion: A seal placed upon the forehead which completely wipes the mind of the victim, leaving them in a vegetative state. Classified as a Forbidden Jutsu on moral grounds.

A Rank: Sealing Art: Doorway: A seal designed to create a portal between two points in space. A set of seals is placed at point one, and a second set is placed at point two. Both sets of seals must have the same number of seals, and must be in the same shape. For this reason, the recommended number of seals to a set is three. Once the seals are activated, a portal between the two will open until the technique is deactivated or disrupted.

A Rank: Sealing Art: Hyper Activation Seal: A seal designed to be spread in a network over the body. The seal is designed to absorb any excess chakra and use it to expand the limits of the body, bulking the muscles a certain extent to increase speed and strength. The gain in mass is noticeable, but slight. If the seal is properly utilized, there should only be a minimal loss in flexibility. Designed as an aid to seal masters whose combat style focused on taijutsu, it has the added bonus of masking an individuals chakra signature, making it useful for stealth work as well. Despite this, prolonged use puts a heavy strain on the body. Using it while heavily injured should be avoided, if possible, and keeping it active at all times can have severe side effects.

As per the agreement made when these scrolls were sent out, if you are reading this, then you are the Kage of your village. These seals are my masterpieces, some of my best work. Attempting to learn them without proper instruction is not only dangerous, but foolhardy. If you have progressed this far, then you have little need of my jutsu to wield vast power by using seals. The techniques listed below are meant, not even as an inspiration, but as an example of what sealing jutsu can truly be.

S Rank: Sealing Art: Refraction: A large seal array crafted in front of the user which gathers and concentrates ambient light from the surrounding area, to be released in a focused and highly damaging forward blast. Variation possible. Further experimentation may require classification as a forbidden jutsu.

S Rank Forbidden Jutsu: Sealing Art: Destruction: A seal that destroys all matter within a set radius. Requires large amounts of chakra to perform. Any seal set to more than a few feet becomes extremely chakra intensive, to the point of exhausting Kage level shinobi. If you have been cleared to read this, then you should know this: I lied when describing the explosive seal. This specific seal works by making use of the phenomenon that I described previously. It absorbs all matter within a set distance, and expels it at great speed, only to reabsorb it and repeat the process. Each cycle increases in speed and diameter, until the technique reaches critical mass, and implodes. Classified as a Forbidden Jutsu due to it's potential for immense collateral damage.

Variable Rank Seals: The following seals are ranked differently depending on the situations in which they are used. Due to their unique nature, this section of the scroll will be shown to anyone who passes a case-by-case evaluation.

D-S Rank: Sealing Art: Remote Sealing Technique: A technique used to create a seal at a distance. The difficulty of this technique increases exponentially with the difficulty of the seal being created. Most A rank seals are considered impossible.

A-S Rank Forbidden Jutsu: Sealing Art: Chakra Siphon: A seal placed upon a body which constantly absorbs and stores a portion of the users chakra, to be released and used in times of great need. Classified as a Forbidden Jutsu due to the difficulty of properly controlling such massive amounts of chakra without self-harm.

To everyone who has favorited and followed me thus far: thank you. I apologize for the enormous wait between updates. The list itself took time to compile, and just when I was getting ready to post it, my family switched computers on me. Since I hadn't posted this to the doc manager, I didn't have access to it until recently. Thank you all for being so patient with me. Also, any C rank techniques and below are fair game, but I would like you to ask permission before using any B ranks or above in your own stories. This permission does not, of course, include techniques that I did not create myself.