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Life's Little Snippets

Anything the Other Asked

Second Year (Before the hookup)

Sound is a funny thing. Even the smallest of objects makes some sort of sound at some point, even if the ear cannot pick up the noise. Some people say sound is the accompaniment of life; people with musical ability may see this more than those without the musical talent. To Hayama Takumi, every single sound was like the soundtrack to life. He enjoyed the little noises of the sheets rustling and the wind blowing against the leaves. The music of nature was the same as the music of his violin had been.

Of course, just like for everyone, there was music he didn't like. The grating of a pencil in a notebook while trying to learn English was one of those sounds. Each time his pencil hit the paper and left a lead mark he was reminded of how poor his English ability was. Thus, no matter how much he tried, the melody that accompanied English learning was not music to his ears.

After failing on the verb conjugation for the umpteenth time, Takumi sighed softly and put his pencil down. Moments after his head found a place of rest on his hands, whereupon he closed his eyes. There was no way he was getting this without some assistance. The problem lie in that he didn't want to bother his roommate, even if the other boy knew English better than he knew Japanese.

Takumi stole a glance at the room's other occupant. As was expected, Saki Giichi was already finished with his English homework and seemed to be working on mathematics. If only he were that smart, then he'd also be done with his English and working on another dreaded subject.

"You can ask, you know." There was very little emotion to the voice, but it made Takumi lift his head and stare at Gii with interest. "I'm more than happy to help you, Takumi."

Saki smiled at his roommate, or as he liked to think, the object of his affection. He'd already confessed to the shy individual wrapped in a timid mound of flesh. Yes, he'd help Hayama Takumi do anything he wanted without a second thought.

"I didn't want to bother you," Takumi replied. "We're both busy and I don't want to be a bother."

Gii's eyes lit up at the comment. Takumi couldn't be a bother if he tried. Slightly thereafter he chortled, stood up, and walked behind the other. He took it as a time to get close to Takumi without the other trying to shove him away, even though the brown-haired boy tensed slightly.

"What's troubling you?"

Takumi didn't quite know how to respond. Having the other so close was a little unnerving, but he didn't react in a way to startle his companion. Instead he focused on the task at hand; figuring out the gap-fill exercise using the verb 'go'. The object of the paper was to fill in the missing verb, then write another sentence using the conjugation.

"You have these right, Takumi," Gii noted with pride. Whenever Takumi accomplished something he felt his whole being come alive.

"I don't know how to write another sentence…" In truth he was slightly ashamed to have been caught up on something that others found so easy. But changing the sentence I will go to the store tomorrow to a different tense just didn't sink into his brain as fast.

"Grab your pencil, and I'll help you," Gii commanded, lightly. Takumi grabbed his pencil and immediately his hand was covered by his roommate's slightly larger one. He couldn't even get the words in his head together to form a coherent thought at that. "Now, Takumi, what you need to do is copy the sentence down, except for the verb we're using. Just copy it exactly as it's written."

Together the boys copied the sentence exactly as the gap-fill portion showed. Each movement sent shivers up the slighter boy's arm and into his nervous system. In other words, he felt a tingling sensation throughout his upper body.

"Now," Gii continued after they had the sentence written, "What tense do you want to use, present or past?"

Takumi thought for a moment before answering. "Past?"

Again Gii chuckled. "Is that supposed to be a question?"

Hayama lowered his head slightly and blinked a few times. "I don't know," he admitted.

"That's okay; let's go with past tense then."

"Mhm." The sound came out with slight apprehension.

"Relax, Takumi, I'm just helping you with your homework," Gii reassured. Takumi nodded, giving his permission to continue. "We need to change this word from tomorrow to yesterday. You know that word, right?" Another nod followed and Takumi erased tomorrow and wrote in the word yesterday. "Now, you need to change will go to, to…?"

Takumi thought for a few moments, looking over his other homework problems. He knew this! Deep down he understood the correct response.

"Went!" he finally stated, proudly.

Saki laughed out loud and stood up from his hunched position. "If I didn't know any better I'd swear you did that just so I could get close to you and help."

"N-no!" Takumi squawked, turning a bright shade of red. "I-I…"

Gii clapped his hands together and sat down on the bed, mirth very clear on his face. "Relax, I'm teasing you." Takumi still shied away, highly embarrassed. "But you did good, Takumi. You need to have more faith in your abilities."

Takumi thought back to the prior year. He'd not had any trouble with English, so maybe Saki was correct in his observation. Which observation, Hayama didn't want to think about, but either one or the other or both could very well have been correct. The thought that he could have been comparing himself to Saki Giichi, thus hindering his own knowledge didn't feel good. At least Gii didn't degrade him in any way' Takumi knew he never would.

"Thank you," he mumbled, turning back to his paper. He'd finish it with no further assistance.

"Any time, Takumi," Gii said with a smile. After all, he really would do anything the other asked of him.