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Life's Little Snippets

In the Other's Arms

(Second Year)

Normally it was Saki Giichi who woke up first. Takumi would listen to his roommate (lover) move about the room for a time and then he'd slowly open his eyes and smile at whatever Gii happened to be doing in that moment. The same routine always followed: Gii would smile himself. He'd walk over to the bed and sit next to Takumi. Then he'd start to stroke the half-way sleeping boy on the head or lean in and kiss him. Takumi relished the "Good Morning, Takumi" ritual that Gii had started, even if it embarrassed him quite a bit.

Only, this time he woke up and Gii wasn't padding about the room. In fact, the other was still lying in bed with his blanket drawn around his head. Now, Takumi may have been shy, but if Gii was still sleeping then he could start his own "Good Morning, Gii" ritual, or copy the ritual the other did and try it on the one who usually woke him up.

Takumi smiled and jumped out of bed as silently as possible. He crossed the short distance to Giichi's bed and sat himself down. Then he tentatively reached his hand out and placed it on his boyfriend's cheek. Within moments he pulled his hand away and then placed it on the other's forehead. Saki Giichi's hair was wet with perspiration and his head was hot with fever.

"Gii?" The worry was evident in his voice. Takumi's heart was racing and he could feel his own body heat up. When the sleeping Gii didn't wake up he rubbed his hand up and down the other's cheek and whispered a little louder, "Gii, are you okay?"

Slowly a pair of usually dazzling eyes started to open and take focus. Relief rushed into Takumi's brain and he let out a breath he hadn't known he'd been holding. The eyes looked tired though and it scared Takumi.

"Gii, are you okay?" he asked again.

Saki Giichi smiled, painfully, and tried to nod his head. In truth he felt like he was dying, but he couldn't very well tell Takumi that. That'd send the kid into a panic and Gii wasn't in any condition to try to calm his lover down if he did start to hyperventilate.

"I'm…fi…ne…Ta…kumi," he breathed, shifting slightly so he could see Takumi face on. Gii worried for Takumi's sanity with the way that he was freaking out silently.

"You can hardly talk," Takumi pressed. The brown-haired boy wanted nothing more than to call the hospital and get his lover the best of care possible. As the younger brother he always had someone looking out for him when he was small. Being presented with the opposite was a little daunting. "We should get you to a hospital," he suggested.

A forced laugh emanated from Gii's mouth. His boyfriend was so cute when he was worried. "I'm…okay. I just…need sleep."

"But…" Takumi didn't finish his sentence thanks to Gii's finger appearing before him and pressing against his lips.

"I'm okay, Takumi…you go…to class. I…will…sleep…" Gii, even in sickness gave a dazzling smile which made Takumi's heart melt. The smaller boy leaned in and placed his head against Gii's forehead and took in a deep breath of his lover.

"Okay, Gii." There was a sadness in his voice as he stood up and got ready for the day.


In what had to be the longest day of his life Takumi managed to forget homework, zone out during class on multiple occasions, and think about Gii non-stop. He didn't quite know when he'd gotten so attached, but when the other boy wasn't around he felt lost. On multiple occasions he'd been stopped by his friends to make sure he was okay. By the end of the school day he was overly pale and ready for nothing more than to get back to his room and make sure Giichi was okay.

Without so much as a by-your-leave he ran from his cleaning duties and all but crashed through the door of his shared room. Eyes wide with worry he jumped across the room and all but fell on top of his sleeping boyfriend. In truth it was rather lucky that Gii was awake and able to catch Takumi so their heads didn't knock together.

"Takumi?" Giichi giggled, holding the boy to his chest. "Was it really that bad?" He was feeling better, but still a little weak.

"I don't like it when you're sick, Gii. I miss you," Takumi admitted into the taller boy's shoulder.

Saki leaned down and kissed Takumi's head. "I missed you too, Takumi. Not getting to see you for a day was a punishment."

Hayama wanted to roll his eyes. How his lover could make such embarrassing comments never ceased to amaze him. But what really made Takumi wonder was why he relished every single comment the taller boy made, even if it was corny and belonged in a shojo manga.

"I didn't know what to do, Gii. I wanted to help, but I didn't know how." Tears started to stream out of his eyes and he wiped them away with the back of his hand.

Giichi wanted to hold the boy that much closer. He never could have asked for a better lover than the tender Takumi. The boy was never going to get away.

"Play for me, Takumi," Giichi stated.

Takumi pulled back from the hug slightly and eyed the other, perplexed. "Play what?"

Another laugh found its way from Giichi's mouth. "You are so cute, Takumi," he beamed. "Play your violin for me."

What a suggestion. Takumi didn't know how his playing would be of any help, but he couldn't turn down such a request. Without even trying to get Gii to explain further he pulled from the hug and stood up from the bed. As if on autopilot he fetched his violin and pulled it from its case.

"I think it might be better if I did something else for you, Gii," he complained, embarrassed.

"No…Takumi," Gii said with a smile. "Your playing is the best medicine."

The violinist blushed and lowered his head slightly. No matter what, Gii was able to make him turn red and cause his heart to race with just a few words. Any sort of comment the man made was like music to his ears. He placed the violin and drew his bow, took a deep breath, and started to play. A whimsical melody erupted from the instrument and he let the music transport him from their room to a waterfall crashing against the boulders.

Takumi looked up and saw Gii standing near the waterfall. He was in the nude, sun reflecting off the water droplets on his body. In a word he was magnificent. Takumi watched as he dove into the pool below the falls and swam around with the grace of a beaver in the foam. Saki Giichi looked up and flashed a brilliant smile at Takumi and invited him in the water, but he knew if he followed his desire then the fantasy would fade. He rather preferred Gii when he was healthy, a sick boyfriend scared him more than anything else in the world.

Gii watched as Takumi continued playing, a peaceful look on his face. What he wouldn't give to be in that boy's head with him. It didn't really matter though since he was content to watch the other play the violin and gaze at the ghosts of his mind. The sick closed his eyes and let himself drift off again. When he woke up he was sure to be better and they could imagine different fantasies together.

Once finished with the song Takumi opened his eyes and lost his little world. Gii was asleep and breathing peacefully. He put the violin away and walked back to the bed. After a quick check of Gii's temperature via the back of his hand, Takumi curled up on the bed with his boyfriend and let himself fall asleep. The boy who used to be afraid of touch didn't even feel his lover wrap him in his arms. He wouldn't have pulled away anymore because he felt complete in the other's arms.