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Chapter 1: The Last Days of Krypton part 1

Space: 50 Million Light-years away

In a distant quadrant of the galaxy the giant red sun known as Rao, peacefully illuminated its five planet solar system. The powerful UV rays from the red star heated each of the 5 planets in various ways. The first two planets were so close Rao's rays that their surfaces were superheated to the point that no living creature could ever hope to survive and so both planets were devoid of any life. The third planet was within fairly good range of Rao but due to its specific location it was subject to violent meteor showers that happened in the solar system from time to time and so it was also unfit for life which left the last two planets. The only two planets that were capable of sustaining life on its surfaces were Dheron, the fifth planet from Rao and the fourth planet….Krypton.

Krypton itself was a rather large planet with a sea-green tint to its color and while being located at a perfect distance for the red sun to give off heat without cooking the plant, the surface of the world was rather icy and barren but that in no shape or form deterred the evolution of the scientifically advanced and militaristic race of people known as the Kryptonians who called Krypton their home.


Long ago the icy and barren world had naturally been a hindrance for the Kryptonians but as the generations passed and their intellect grew so did their ingenuity and soon the world of Krypton had been transformed into a hub of the most sophisticated science the galaxy had ever known. As their civilization rose so did several major cities on the planet, and those cities were: Argo City, Antarctic City, Borga City, Kandor and finally Kryptonopolis.


Kryptonopolis was the last city to emerge but despite that it quickly became the capital city of Krypton and shortly after that it became the largest city on the planet home to several million Kryptonians.

Kryptonopolis like all the other cities were composed of massive and giant ice crystal like structures. The crystal architecture adorned the technologically advanced cities across Krypton. The crystalline structures looked weak upon first inspection but in reality they were one of the strongest substances in the known galaxy, able to withstand a substantial about of impact and force, but not only were the buildings composed of the crystal material but the vehicles as well. Flying and hovering vehicles zoomed through the Kryptonopolis skyline, weaving in-between the high-rise buildings and hovering mechanized robots. Being the scientifically advanced beings that they were the Kryptonians had perfected the art of creating robotic mechanism and other robotic machines; their creations littered the sparkling crystal streets as well as in individual homes.

Within in the city there was no dirt or grime located anywhere. There were no poverty; no starving families or any major crimes…there was only peace. The people on the streets greeted each other with warm and kind smiles, everyone took the time to stop and talk to their fellow citizen and wish them a happy day or lend a helping hand. There was no division among any religion because everyone believed in one religion and that religion was Raoism. All of this, the peace and tranquility was thanks to their many inventions, their strong military and the Kryptonian Council that governs the planet.

Supreme High Council Hall

A giant crystal structure with sparkling interwoven crystals sat in the middle of Kryptonopolis and it was known as the Supreme High Council Hall. The Supreme High Council Hall was in the heart of Kryptonopolis, and in reality it was the heart of Krypton because within the crystal walls of the building were the Kryptonian Council, Kryptonians who have sworn their lives to governing the planet Krypton to the best of their abilities.

Inside- Supreme High Council Hall- Congressional Room

The Kryptonian Council was composed of dozens of individuals but in the brightly lit crystal congressional room, sitting around a circular crystal table were several people and these key people were the Ruling Council. They were named the Ruling Council because for generations their families have sat at the Council table and their families have directly affected Krypton in several dramatic ways. The ruling six houses were: The House of Us, The House of Ro-Zan, The House of Ev, The House of On, The House of Do, and finally the House of El. They were known very well across Krypton. Each of the houses on the Ruling Council as well as the other members of the overall Kryptonian Council had one head representative that had one vote and one say about the affairs of Krypton, however, the Ruling Council always had the final say, but they were always fair in their rulings.

For the House of Us, their representative was Jul-Us. He was an older man that appeared to be in his mid-fifties. He was 6'0, with gray hair, blue eyes, wrinkled pale skin, a long white beard that cascaded down his mouth, but overall he still had a good looking appearance. Jul-Us was dressed in an all white royal cloak with white pants and white shoes. In the middle of his chest was a blue and white family crest. The crest was a large white U with a bold blue background in the shape of a diamond.

Sitting next to Jul-Us at the Council table was the head of the House of Ro-Zan, and his name was Rozan. Rozan was another older gentlemen around the same age as Jul-Us. Rozan was a bit shorter though, he as about 5'7 and had stark white hair, blue-grey eyes, a light pale complexion and a short white goatee around his mouth. He was a plump man wearing a light gold royal cloak, gold pants and black boots. The final touch to his outfit was his family crest in the middle of his chest; the crest was a tri-colored crystal studded R with a gold background in the shape of diamond.

Next to Rozan was the leader of the House of Ev, a woman by the name of Pol-Ev. Pol-Ev was an attractive woman in her early 40s with long brunette hair that was kept in place by a crystal blue crown like tiara. She had green eyes and an age defying olive skin tone complexion. Pol-Ev had a slim but alluring build that was accentuated by the tight green royal gown. The crest in the middle of her chest was a bold green colored E over a light green background in the shape of a diamond.

The next person at the table was the leader of the House of On, a young man by the name of Bary-On. Bary-On was 28 years old and was one of the youngest members to sit on the council. He was 6'0 with medium length brown hair, brown eyes, and light brown skin that was without any spec of facial hair. Bary-On had an athletic build that could be seen through the dark purple royal jacket on his shoulders, the black pants and dark purple boots. The jacket that he wore was closed and the closed jacket formed a crest in the middle of his chest. The crest was a purple crystal O with a red background in the shape of a diamond.

Next to Bary-On was the head representative of the House of Do, a man by the name of Jun-Do. Jun-Do was 36 years old and stood at 5'9 with short dark hair, obsidian eyes, and a light tan complexion that gave him the appearance of being of Asian descent. Jun-Do was wearing a yellow and black tunic, with a red sash around his waist and black boots. The house crest in the middle of his chest was a crystal black D with a yellow background in the shape of diamond.

And finally, to complete the ruling council were the two representatives of the House of El. Jor-El was the leader of the house of El, however, he was not currently on Krypton and so acting as his proxy for when he was absent was his chosen representatives and they were his wife Lara Lor-Van El and his younger brother Zor-El.

Lara Lor-Van was a beautiful woman in her mid-to late 30s; she stood at 5'10 with luscious medium length blonde hair. She had vibrant blue eyes, full lips and a generous even tone skin complexion that many women were envious of even though they would never admit to having such thoughts. She had a slim yet curvaceous build that could be seen through the form fitting blue and white royal gown on her body. The House of El crest on her chest was a red stylized S on a bold yellow background in the shape of a diamond.

Standing next to her was her brother-in Law Zor-El. Zor-El was a handsome man that had just turned 33. He was 6'2, with dark hair, blue eyes and a tan complexion with no facial hair. He had a slender but strong athletic build that could be see through the red and black tunic that adorned his body. Like his sister-in Law he had the House of El crest on his chest which included the red stylized S on a yellow background in the shape of a diamond.

They were the Ruling Council and they had just recently finished a heated debate and were now awaiting a final response. The Council members looked back and forth between each other for another long second before Jul-Us stood and broke the silence that had formed between the 7 of them.

"Nay" he stated strongly while turning his eyes to the right and looking at Rozan. Rozan stared at Jul-Us for a second before nodding his head in agreement.

"Nay" he said, turning away and then looking at the next council member. Pol-Ev shook her head in a disagreeing manor and let out a sigh.

"Yay" came her sweet sounding voice.

Bary-On linked his hands together and he studied the two older Council members for a minute, his eyes locking with the both of them before he turned his head and met the eyes of Jun-Do, who only stared back at him.

"Yay" Bary-On said whiling turning back to the older members of the Council who allowed a look of disappointment to briefly cross their face before giving their attention to the next council member.

Jun-Do stood up and linked his hands together behind his back.

"All of you know how I stand on this matter. I say Yay" he answered.

Jul-Us, Rozan, Pol-Ev, Bary-On and Jun-Do all turned their heads to the last two members of the council and awaited their answer.

Lara-Lor Van let out a long sigh and then turned to meet the eyes of her brother in-law who shook his head, signaling to her that he disagreed with Jun-Do. Lara-Lor bit her lip and then raised her head and looked at the Council letting her eyes roam over each of them but once she got to Jun-Do she stopped for a second and lingered on him, her vibrant blue eyes piercing him, trying her best to read him. Jun-Do shifted a bit under her intense stare, her eyes felt like they were looking through him. He felt even more uncomfortable as he saw her narrow her eyes slightly but he quickly shook that feeling away before clearing his throat and speaking again.

"What say you House of El?" he asked meeting her gaze.

Lara looked away from him and back at the other Council members.

"The House of El say Nay Jun-Do. We say Nay" she stated firmly.

Jun-Do allowed a small look of surprise to cross his features, he was a bit shocked at her answer but he pushed it to the side and pursed his lips into a thin line then shook his head.

"That is unfortunate" he replied.

"Nevertheless, it is our answer" Zor-El stated.

Jul-Us reached up to his face and gently stroked his long beard.

"We are yet again tied upon this particular matter" he said, his old weathered voice echoing just slightly in the ice-crystal congressional conference room, "We must vote again"

"No, we can not vote again." Jun- Do sternly replied, "This is the 5th time we have voted on this matter, this year, we can no longer waste time voting we must make a decision."

"We must all agree" Rozan countered.

"No matter how long it takes, these are how things work Jun-Do" Jul-Us finished.

"But he does have a point though Jul-Us" came the baritone voice of Bary-On "How much more time are we going to waste on this matter. We've all heard the reason for this decision and we've all heard the reason against it….we've voted, voted and voted and still nothing. We have to make a definitive decision and be done with it"

"I concur" Pol-Ev "Too much time has passed and a decision must be made now"

"How do we go about making this decision if there is equal number of votes?" Lara-Lor asked.

"We could always bring in the other Council Members" Zor-El offered "And have them weigh in on this matter as well"

"No" Jun-Do answered quickly "This is a Ruling Council matter"

"I'm inclined to agree with Jun-Do" said Pol-Ev, "We are talking about a seat at our table. A permanent seat in the Ruling Kryptonian Council"

"All the more reason they need to be let in on a decision of this magnitude" said Lara-Lor Van.

"Not necessarily Lara-Lor" Bary-On replied "If a house wants a spot at our table then we the ones at the table should be able to choose without the other Council Members weighing in on the decision"

"This is for us to discuss, not the other members" Jun-Do said again.

"Yes, I see want you're saying Bary-On but…." Lara-Lor started before heaving a breath "But because of how much our decisions at this table affect Krypton and all of her people and the rest of our people that are across the galaxy we should at least allow them to have a chance to say who should sit here with us; it was generations ago that the people elected our houses to sit at this very table."

"True, Lara-Lor, but that was then and this is now" Jun-Do replied completely brushing off her speech.

Zor-El shook his head and scoffed.

"I'm confused" he suddenly stated causing everyone to turn to him.

"What are you confused about Zor-El?" Rozan asked.

"I'm confused as to why Jun-Do vehemently wants someone like General Dru-Zod to have a seat at the Ruling Table" he said turning his eyes to Jun-Do.

"Careful Zor-El, that sounded a lot like judgment in your voice" Jun-Do replied.

"Don't dodge the question Jun-Do. Answer it" Zor-El stated, not taking the previous bait.

Jun-Do released a sigh before sitting back down in his seat; he crossed his legs and then linked his fingers together in front of himself. He glanced to the left to see Jul-Us, Rozan, Pol-Ev and Bary-On looking at him. He turned to the right to see Lara-Lor and Zor-El looking at him as well.

"I've made my reasons clear on several occasions." He answered slowly "Must I make them again?" he asked, locking eyes with Zor-El.

"Yes" he said quickly.

"I'd rather not waste the Council's time. Look Zor-El, Dru-Zod is an upstanding Kryptonian. He has led our people into battle without question and has helped bring peace and the understanding of Rao to several savage solar systems. Now, I think…no, I believe that he and his family should be rewarded by being granted a seat at our table"

"His family." Zor-El said with a raised eyebrow "You mean the same family that spurred forth Admiral Zod the scourge."

A silence fell at the Ruling Council table at the mere mention of Admiral Zod, Dru-Zod's grandfather. Admiral Zod staged a coup against Krypton and the Kryptonian Council years ago. He became mad with power and wanted to abolish the Council and democracy and become the singular ruling power of Krypton. He was however, defeated and banished to the Phantom Zone.

"That was one ancestor Zor-El. One."said Jun-Do

"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree Jun-Do; wasn't Dru-Zod's father forcibly discharged from the Kryptonian army because of and I quote "Questionable orders"; Cruel and Unusual Punishment.", imagine what Zod will do if he were to sit at this table"

"Enough" came the voice of Jul-Us. All the council members turned towards the eldest member, "I say that we take a break and reconvene at a later time to discuss the admission of General Dru-Zod to this…."

"Jul-Us" Bary-On interrupted. The elder leader turned his eyes to the younger man.

"Yes Bary-On"

"If I may. I have a suggestion on how to solve this matter once and for all" he said.

"Please…the floor is yours" said Rozan

Bary-On nodded his head and stood from his seat.

"I suggest that we allow Brainiac to make the final decision."

The Council members reacted with shock for a moment at the suggestion but one by one they each started to nod their heads in agreement, everyone except the House of El representatives.

"Council I advise against this course of action" Lara-Lor stated.

"As do I, Brainaic should not be used for a decision like this he…it was not created for….." Zor-El started before being interrupted by Jun-Do

"He is the perfect solution to this problem. Brainiac can make a decision that is not based on how one feels about General Zod but on cold hard facts and the fact of the matter is that he deserves to be on the council. So the house of Do says Yay"

"House of Ev says Yay as well" said Pol-Ev

"House of On says Yay"

"Yay says the house of Ro-Zan" came the voice of Rozan.

"The House of Us says Yay." Said Jul-Us leaning back in his seat "It has been decided by majority vote that we will leave the decision on whether or not to add Dru-Zod to the Ruling Council in the capable mind of Brianiac"

"THIS IS A MISTAKE!" Zor-El shouted leaning forward on the crystal table.

"Calm yourself Zor-El!" Rozan yelled.

"This is why Jor-El's presence is sorely missed" Jun-Do said "He isn't so easily prone to outburst. What would your brother say to behavior?"

"He would say that it's justified." Zor-El growled.

"You're just afraid of what Brianiac will say" Jun-Do smugly scoffed.

"Just as you're afraid of what the other Council members will say" Zor-El shot back staring directly into Jun-Do's face. Zor-El continued to look at him until he felt a soft hand on his shoulder; he turned his head to the right to see his sister-in-law with a soft look on her face.

"Be calm Zor-El" she said to him, "I apologize on behalf of my brother in-law Council, his passion sometimes gets the best of him. We respect the Council's vote" she finished in the most diplomatic voice she could muster despite the fact that she herself felt the same as her brother in-Law about using Brainiac.

Jul-Us nodded his head at her apology.

"Apology accepted." He replied before tilting his head up a bit "Brainaic…we seek your guidance" he announced loudly.

From the icy crystalline ceiling several long crystals lowered down towards the circular crystal table that held the Ruling Council. The long crystals stopped about half-way towards the table and the sharp tips glowed a bright green.

In the space between the crystal table and the long crystals an image of three giant silver spheres connected by vibrant green energy appeared before them.

"Brainiac Systems Online Awaiting Query" a mechanical voice boomed through the congressional conference room.

The Brain InterActive Construct or Brainiac, was the single most sophisticated creation the Kryptonians have created to date. Brainiac was an artificial intelligence system that was first proposed by renegade and later exiled scientist Jax-Ur, however he wasn't built until several years ago by two brilliant Kryptonians, the first kryptonian was a man named Vril-Drox and the other was the Ruling Council's own Jor-El. Brainaic was created to be a computer system that stored and sorted data but he quickly evolved into something more, he evolved into Krypton's central hub of intelligence. He held all of Krypton's knowledge within his systems, he coordinated the Krytonian military, the Kryptonian schools and Universities, Libraries, Laboratories and in recent years he had at times become the Ruling Council's political problem solver. The Majority of Krypton hailed Brainiac as something of a Godsend but there were a few who were concerned that Brainiac was evolving too quickly and operating too far outside his original function.

"Brainiac" Jun-Do announced loudly "In your honest opinion….do you believe that General Dru-Zod should be allowed to sit upon the Ruling Council?"

"Processing. Processing. Processing. General Dru-Zod of the House of Zod should be allowed to sit upon the Ruling Council" Brianiac's voice boomed.

"Give your thoughts as to why Brianiac" said Rozan.

"Dru-Zod has invaluable knowledge about the Kryptonian army and knowledge about alien species that could prove useful in the coming times"

"Coming times?" Jul-Us questioned "Explain Brainiac"

"The coming times that I….that Brainiac speaks of are the times of war. As the Kryptonian ways spread, the only natural course for foreign Alien powers is to attack and revolt against Krypton and Kryptonians. Dru-Zod may possibly be a deterrent." Brainiac answered.

"Brainiac, hold on. Do you expect me to believe that if we do not allow Zod on the Council table….war will possibly break out?" Zor-El asked.

"Yes. However, there is a chance that war will not come, but the probability of war is much greater."

"But you believe that we should let him have a seat?" Jul-Us asked.


"Thank you Brainiac that is all" Jun-Do stated.

The image of Brainiac disappeared and the glowing ice-crystals recede back into the ceiling.

"No, wait that isn't all" said Zor-El "BRAINIAC!"

"Yes, it is Zor-El" came Jul-Us's voice, "Brainiac has made the decision and I shall follow his decision. I change my answer from Nay to Yay on the matter of Dru-Zod sitting on the Council"

"I as well will follow Brainiac's decision, he has never steered us wrong. I change my vote to Yay" said Rozan.

"It is unanimous then" Bary-On said.

"Council Please…I urge to reconsider this…." Lara-Lor Van started before being interrupted by Pol-Ev.

"We've considered enough, Brainiac has spoken. Zod shall sit at the table" she said rising from her seat, "I call for this session to come to an end"

Zor-El opened his mouth to protest but he was yet again stopped by the soft hand of his sister in-Law. He turned to her and she shook her head. Zor-El released a sigh and turned away from the Council table.

Jul-Us stood up from his seat and he linked his hands behind his back.

"If there are no objections then I hear-by call this meeting adjourned"

The rest of the Council members slowly rose from their seats with the intentions of leaving the Council Chambers. Zor-El pursed his lips together in anger and he quickly stormed towards the exit with his sister-in-law right behind him. The young man was a whirlwind of emotions but he kept himself composed long enough to make it out of the conference room.

Jun-Do watched from his spot as the House of El briskly made their way to the exit and as they left he allowed a smug smile to appear on his face.

Hallway- Outside of the Conference Room

Zor-El stormed down the ice-Crystal hallway of the Supreme High Council Hall, he passed intricate moving murals, beautiful portraits and high rise sparkling crystal sculptors of great people from his Kryptonian culture and normally he would've taken the time to admire the artistic talents that adorned the interior of the building but after the meeting that just took place he didn't want to do anything but leave.

'Ignorant' he thought angrily to himself.

"Zor-El" Lara-Lor called from behind but her words went unheard as Zor-El continued to storm towards the quickly approaching exit.

"ZOR-EL!" Lara-Lor shouted.

Zor-El hearing the shout finally came to a stop and allowed her to catch up to him.

"What is it Lara?" he asked turning to her.

"First, I want you to calm down"

"Lara how can I calm down when they just allowed someone like General Dru-Zod onto the Ruling Council"

"I think you're being far too judgmental of Zod, Zor-El."

"And I don't think you're being judgmental enough." He shot back.

"Look, I understand where you're coming from. I do but..."

"I don't think you do Lara" Zor-El interrupted.

"Are you forgetting that I've known Zod since I was but a child? I know that he may come off as abrasive and arrogant but deep down at his core he is not as bad as you're making him out to be"

"I haven't forgotten that he is your friend Lara, but I think you're just letting your feelings of friendship cloud your judgment on this issue."

"Cloud my judgment. I agreed with you" said Lara-Lor

"But not as strongly as you could have….nor as passionately as I've seen you protest about something you're whole heartily against."

Lara-Lor looked at him and then averted her gaze away from him. He had made a true statement, she did protest against Zod having a seat but she didn't protest as strongly as she could have, Lara released a sigh and then turned back to her brother-in-law.

"You're right" she said "You're right I didn't protest as hard as I could have but….Zor-El, a few of the points made by the Jun-Do is correct. Dru-Zod has done his best to pull his family out of the cursed shadow his grandfather left upon them. He has been at the forefront of our military keeping anyone that would call themselves our enemy from ever stepping foot on Krypton. I believe that he deserves an award"

"That's what medals and banquets are for." Zor-El commented while folding his arms across his chest, "The man has done some great things but Lara….when I look into his eyes, I just can't shake the feeling that there is something lurking beneath…..something sinister and cold. He is not a man that can be trusted."

"Jor-El trusts him"

"Yes, well my brother is far too trusting period. He believes that there is good in everyone. I myself am not so convinced." Zor-El replied, he shifted in his spot and rubbed the back of his neck, "I miss Jor-El, I'll be happy when he returns from his deep space expedition later in the week."

"As will I" Lara replied letting a smile grace her lips as her thoughts drifted to her husband, "How do you think he will feel about Zod sitting on the Council"

"I don't know, but I do know that he will not be happy that to learn that Brainiac had the final say in the matter."

Lara-Lor nodded her head in agreement.

"I agree, he will be most un-pleased about that"

"He's told me on several occasions that he wished to the all mighty Rao that he hadn't invented him" said Zor-El.

"He's told me that as well"

"Brainiac is…." Zor-El started to say but he was interrupted by the ground beneath his feet beginning to violently shake and rumble. Zor-El and Lara-Lor both wobbled back and forth trying to keep themselves from falling to the ground.

"IT'S ANOTHER QUAKE!" Zor-El shouted as he grabbed Lara-Lor's arm and tried his best to safely guide her towards the exit.


All across the city of Kryptonopolis and the entire planet Krypton in general the ground beneath the Krptonian's feet violently shook, everyone was hard pressed to keep their footing. After a few more seconds of shaking the sudden quake began to subside leaving millions of confused and frightened Kryptonians because this was the 5th planet wide quake that has happened within the past couple of days.

Outside Supreme High Council Building

Zor-El released his hold on his sister-in-Law and he looked at her with concern in his eyes.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"I'm fine…you?"

"I'm alright." He replied turning his eyes away from her and looking at the city "By the spirit of Rao that had to have been the worst one this week" he said.

Suddenly, high in the sky an image of Brainiac appeared and he began to address the city.

Up Above

"Kryptonopolis and the rest of Krypton hear my words. The quake you just experienced is nothing more than the shifting of tectonic plates deep within Krypton's uranium core. There is no cause for concern or worry"

Supreme High Council Building

Zor-El stared up at Brainiac and he shook his head.

"Shifting of tectonic plates?" he questioned.

"You don't believe him?" Lara-Lor asked.

"I don't know…it's plausible, but, I don't know. These quakes are too close for it to be core tectonic shifts, I'll have to ask Jor-El when he gets back" Zor-El finished turning away from Brainiac and looking at Lara-Lor, "Do you need me to escort you back home?"

"No, that won't be necessary. Are you on your way back to Argo City?"

"Yes, Kara has once again gotten herself into trouble. I swear that girl is going to be the death of me" Zor-El chucked.

"She has her father's spirit" Lara-Lor replied with a smile.

"Don't I know it; anyway I will return to Kryptonopolis when Jor-El arrives"

"He'll be happy to see you."

"And I'll be happy to see him. Good-bye Lara"

"Good-Bye Zor-El"

Zor-El flashed her smile before he turned and walked down the crystal steps of the Supreme High Council Hall.

Later- Nightfall- Across Town- House of Do Residence

Jun-Do entered his luxurious crystalline mansion that was decorated in the colors of his family crest and upon his entrance he was immediately greeted by his small twin toddlers Mira-Do and Sisha-Do.

"DADDY!" they shouted while running to him.

Jun-Do smiled and bent down and scooped his children into his arms and lifted them up.

"HAHA! I've missed the both of you" he said happily kissing his daughters on the forehead.

"And what about your wife? Did you miss her too" came a voice.

Jun-Do looked over to see his beautiful wife making her way over to him. She was about 5'9 with long dark hair, brown eyes, brown skin, and a full figure build that was covered by a form fitting yellow gown. Jun-Do saw his wife and he couldn't help but let his smile grow even bigger.

"Milan-Do, everytime that I am not near you I miss you" he said sweetly as he met her lips in a kiss.

"How was your day at the Council?" she asked while removing Sisha-Do from her husband's arms and holding her within her own.

"Eventful" he answered truthfully, "How are things here?"

"The same actually" Milan-Do answered.


"Yes, Jun-Do we have a guest that has been keeping us company and telling us some of the most amazing stories that I've ever heard"

"Guest?" Jun-Do repeated curiously "Who is it?"

"Jun-Do….you're home. So good to see you again." came the deep yet charismatic voice from the left. Jun-Do turned to the left and from the crystal door that led to his study out stepped General Dru-Zod.

General Dru-Zod was an attractive man in his mid to late 30s that stood at a staggering 6'3, with short dark hair, thick eyebrows, two piercing green eyes and a goatee around his lips. The General had a powerful build that suggested that he worked out heavily; he was wearing a black form fitting Kryptonian body armor with is family's crest in the center of his chest which was a large white Z on a bold silver background.

Dru-Zod was a very well known figure throughout Krypton and certain portions of the galaxy that had been visited by the Kryptonians in their exploration. He was the brilliant leader of the vast Kryptonian army but he was known to have something of a violent streak. He was quick to use excessive force against the enemies of Krypton or at least against those he had deemed enemies of Krypton. On several occasions he had been called to answer for his use of force and each time he had been able to give a believe answer but perhaps they weren't always the most truthful.

While his military background was well known his family's reputation was known even better. Dru-Zod was the grandson of the infamous Admiral Zod who was the scourge of Krypton because he staged a coup against the Council. Admiral Zod was defeated and sent to the Phantom Zone but in the wake of whole ordeal the Zod family name had been tarnished. The name Zod was spat upon and outcasted, so growing up was not very easy for Dru-Zod to endure and compounded upon the fact that his father was kicked out of the Kryptonian military. As he came of age Dru-Zod had to work twice as hard than any other Kryptonian and it took decades before the name Zod could be spoken of in a civil manor again but he never let any of his hardships get him down. He endured and learned how to bury his emotions and in doing so he became the strong and cold General that he is today.

"Zod" Jun-Do addressed upon seeing him, he gently lowered his daughter down to the ground and smiled at him "Its good to see you as well. Milan-Do I will attend to our guest"

Milan-Do nodded her head and watched as he walked over to Zod and shook his hand before leading him into the study. Several long crystals rose up from the ground and formed a door closing off the two acquaintances.


"Would you care for a drink Zod?" Jun-Do asked walking away from the General and to an ice-crystal table with several bottles.

"A drink would be fine" Zod replied while making his way the seat that was in front of a crystal desk and taking his seat.

Jun-Do quickly filled two glasses with a green liquid and then walked over to the General and handed him a glass before sitting down on the edge of the desk in front of him. The two took a sip of their drinks at the same time.

"Are you about to make a happy person Jun-Do?" Zod asked while lowering his drink.

Jun-Do nodded his head and smiled.

"Congratulations General you are now the newest member to the Ruling Council"

"Excellent!" Zod exclaimed a smile gracing his lips.

"But you should know that it wasn't easy" Jun-Do replied taking a sip of his drink again.

"I told you that you would have your work cut out for you. Who was against my joining the table the most Rozan or Jul-Us?" he asked.

"They were against you but thanks to Brainiac's support they eventually came around. Believe it or not it was the house of El"

"What!" Zod shouted, shocked at what he just heard "Wait, which was against me joining the most. Lara-Lor Van or Zor-El"

"Zor-El…the little…." Jun-Do started before being interrupted by Zod.

"Ah, Zor-El. He and I have never really gotten along; I've never really liked him myself. I put up with him for my best friend Jor-El's sake."

"Lara Lor was against you sitting at the table as well" Jun-Do stated.

"Only because she was supporting Zor-El I'm sure." Zod said quickly.

"If you say so" Jun-Do said taking another sip of his drink. Zod stood from his seat and he looked Jun-Do directly in his eyes with a hard stare.

"I know so. She would never stand against me sitting on the Ruling Council neither would Jor-El…which is why I wished you would have awaited until his return but nevertheless. I have the results that I wanted. When will they make the announcement?"

"I'm not sure…maybe at the end of the week. The same time I hear that Jor-El is returning from his expedition"

"Perfect" Zod stated while setting his drink down on the crystal table Jun-Do was sitting upon, "Thank you for the drink. Consider your debt to me paid in full. I've seen to it that your younger brother will never see the battlefield."

"Thank you. My brother means well but I don't think he's strong enough for war."

Zod only smirked and then turned and started for the exit.

"Zod wait!" Jun-Do called out.

Zod stopped his walking and turned his head so he was glancing at Jun-Do out of the corner of his eyes.

"I never asked you before because I was only concerned about my brother but I have to know. Why do you want a seat on the Council?"

Zod looked at him and then turned away.

"Ambition" he simply stated before starting towards the exit and leaving the study.

Few Hours Later- House of El

Standing in front of the window in the living quarters of her home was Lara-Lor Van-El. She stood there staring out of the window and at the soft glow of the two moons that orbited Krypton.

"Jor-El" she whispered longingly. Lara-Lor missed her husband greatly, he had been gone for so long that it seemed like an eternity and during his prolonged absence she had become very lonely especially when the night cycle rolled around. She heaved a heavy sigh and turned away from the window and walked through the living room with the intentions of heading to the master bedroom but she was stopped when she heard the sound of the door bell ringing.

"Computer who is at the door?" she asked out loud.


"General Dru-Zod of the Kryptonian Army is at the front Entrance" came a computerized voice, "Shall I let him enter?"

"Yes" she replied turning towards the front entrance.

The ice-crystal's at the front entrance horizontally parted and revealed General Zod who swiftly entered the House of El.

"Hello Lara" Zod greeted as he made his way over to her and pulled her into a hug.

"Dru? What are you doing here?" Lara-Lor asked as he hugged her.

"Do I need an excuse to see one of my dear friends" he replied genuinely.

Dru-Zod and Lara Lor have known each other since they were small children attending the same school. When all of the other children stayed away from him she was one of the two children to break the mold and actually approach and befriend him. Since that fatefully day Dru-Zod has done everything in his power to hold onto that friendship.

"I didn't even know you were back on Krypton" Lara said truly in shock of seeing him.

"The skirmish with the Kroloteans was resolved rather quickly" he answered.

"It didn't involve blood shed did it?" Lara-Lor asked with a raised eyebrow.

Dru-Zod smiled at her and shook his head.

"No. No bloodshed was necessary. I simply made them an offer they couldn't refuse, but enough of that how are you fairing."

Lara-Lor backed away from Zod a bit and looked at him.

"I'm fairing well, but I'll be better when Jor-El arrives later in the week"

"Ah yes, it'll be good to see Jor-El again. I've missed my best friend."

Jor-El was the other child who broke the mold of his peers and approached the friendless Dru-Zod and befriended him. Zod took a moment to let the thought of his best friend pass across his mind before he turned his attention back to Lara-Lor.

"Well you'll alert me when he arrives won't you?" he asked.

"I'm actually thinking of throwing him a welcome home celebration."

"Oh?" Zod questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, and I'm sure he would be delighted to see you there" she said with a smile.

"I'm sure he would be but I doubt…..Zor-El would be happy to see me" he replied turning away from her and walking towards the couch.

Lara tilted her head to the side and let a knowing smirk cross her lips.

"And what makes you say that?"

"Besides the fact Zor-El has an intense dislike of me." Zod answered while sitting down on the couch.

Lara-Lor ventured towards the couch and she sat down next to him.

"Don't be absurd. Zor-El holds you in high regard" Lara-Lor stated looking at him out of the corner of her eyes. She had known Dru-Zod for years and she knew when he was fishing for answers. Usually when Zod was in the mood for a friendly visit he would call ahead of time and announce his arrival but on times when he was trying to gain information from Jor-El on things that happened in the council he would drop by unannounced and make some small talk before revealing his true intentions. It was a game that he played that she had noticed long ago but Jor-El was a bit slower in spotting the games that Zod played, Zor-El's words about him being too trusting of his friend ringing through her head.

"That's nice of you to say but that's not exactly what I heard."

"And what did you hear?" she asked.

Dru-Zod looked at her and he stared into her eyes.

"How goes your Council duties?" he asked suddenly.

"Jor-El is more suited for the Council"

"That he is." Zod said with a smile "Tell me something….do you think he would object to….someone like me sitting on the Council?"

Lara-Lor scoffed and then turned to him.

"Who told you?"

"I beg your pardon?" he asked with feigned shock.

"Dru…I know you. You've obviously discussed with someone the proceedings that happened today."

Zod let out a sigh and shook his head.

"Never could get one passed you Lara." He said with a smile, "You were always a double threat, brains and beauty"

"Dru, you know I can not discuss Council proceedings with you and whoever you discussed them with is in violation of a several kryptonian laws"

At the mention of the laws Zod began to chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Lara Lor asked.

"The Lara-Lor I knew wasn't always one to abide by the rules, that's Jor-El rubbing off on you." He answered while still chuckling.

"I was an immature child then Dru as were you….but we're adults now; the rules are there for a reason and…"

"Okay, Okay; I get it Lara. No need to give me a speech…I get enough of them from Jor-El I don't need one from you, I apologize for bringing it up" he said quickly standing up from the couch and walking a few steps away from her "It's just that I can't believe my best friend does not want me at the table"

"Dru…" Lara started letting out a sigh and hanging her head a bit "That's not…"

"What? True?" he asked glancing over his shoulder at her, "I should hope not, I mean Zor-El I can understand he and I have never really gotten along but you Lara…my friend…"

"Enough." Lara chimed standing up from the couch and making her way over to him, Zod turned around and faced her as she approached, "Yes alright yes. I was against you joining the Ruling Council but it wasn't personal reasons but political. Dru…you know what the people think of you and once word gets out that you're on the council it could divide us."

"It would not divide us…the people of Krypton respect me"

"Respect yes…..but not many of them like you….or more specifically your family, like Zor-El many of them see you and they still see your Grandfather and if you were to sit at the table….."

"BAH!" Zod shouted suddenly, shocking Lara-Lor a bit at his outburst, he stormed away from her and he began to pace the crystal floor frustration visible in body language "Have I not done everything to crawl away from the shadow of my Grandfather….have I not done everything to ensure the safety of our people and….and…"

"Yes, I know that, you know that and…..they know it as well but….but you have to put it in their perspective. Your Grandfather almost brought Krypton to the brink of destruction and….sigh…..Dru why are we even discussing this you got what you wanted. You're on the Council"

"But I don't have your support….which is everything." He replied stopping his pacing and turning back to her.

"You don't need it."

"Yes, I do, especially for something of this magnitude."

"You need Jor-El's support."

"And yours, I value Jor-El's opinion but I've always held what you think in high regard…the highest regard." He said softly.

Zod closed the distance between them and he stood there towering over her and staring into her eyes. He lifted his right hand and gently placed it on her cheek while using the other hand to brush a stray strand of her blonde hair out of her face. He heaved a long sigh and shook his head a bit while letting a solemn expression cross his features.

"What went wrong between us Lara?" he asked "Why aren't you the one by my side?"

Lara stared into his eyes and she slowly reached up to his hands and placed her hands on top of his, she let her fingers linger for a moment before gently removing his hands from her face.

"Your ambition for greatness drove us apart." She answered.

"Hmph, and into the arms of my best friend."

"Who is…and will always be the Love of my life."

Dru-Zod took a step back and he heaved another sigh.

"Jor-El doesn't know how much Rao has blessed him" he said "I should go" he continued quickly while turning and heading towards the ice-crystal door.

"Dru…wait." Lara-Lor called out.

Dru-Zod stopped in his tracks and he looked back at her.

"You'll always have my support….and my friendship" she said to him.

"I suppose that'll have to be enough" he replied before nodding his head at her and then turning and walking through crystal door.

Days Later- Space- Above Krypton

The calm and stillness of outer space was interrupted by a massive and colorful wormhole that suddenly opened in the space between Krypton and the planet Dheron. The wormhole swirled for a long minute before closing however right as it was about to close a ice-crystal ship emerged from the circular center and made a direct line towards Krypton.

The ship left a flaming trail behind it as it sped through space and towards the green tinted planet.

Krypton- KAARC- Kryptonian Astronomy and Research Center


"Incoming craft state your business" came the voice the director of KAARC. He was a plump man in a form fitting silver and white outfit. He had a diamond shaped crest in the middle of his chest with a large silver L in the center.


"This is Jor-El of the House of El returning from a deep space mission."

"Jor-El! It's good to hear your voice."

"As it is good to hear yours Von-Lei, but we have to cut the small talk short. My ship has been damaged and my trajectory is off…I've done some quick calculations and I'm heading for the Krypton Sea."

"Krypton Sea!" Von-Lei exclaimed.

"Yes, please send the retrieval team to pick me up."

"Right away." Von-Lei replied as the communication line was cut.

In the Air

The flaming ice-crystal ship flew through the air at a break neck speed; crystal flaps on the side of the ship extended in an attempt to slow down the fall but the speed was too great and the flaps broke apart. Once the flaps broke the ship began to go into an uncontrollable barrel roll. The ship rolled and rolled through the air with fire and smoke swirling all around it as it spiraled downwards and towards the approaching green tinted body of water known as the Krypton Sea which was the largest body of water on the planet.

THOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Went the sound of the ship hitting the water.

Few Minutes Later

A massive crystal-metallic ship sped through the Krypton Sea at a brisk pace and towards the column of smoke that was rising in front of them.

Retrieval Ship

Jon-Lei, a young man in his early 20s stood on the bow of the ship looking at the Column of smoke. The young man narrowed his eyes as he saw a small crystal pod floating in the water going away from the column of smoke and heading towards the approaching ship.

"STOP!" Jon-Lei yelled at the top of his lungs while turning around and looking towards the Captain.

The Captain heard the shout and he quickly hit the levers to drop the anchor. The anchor, hanging on the side of the crystal-metallic ship dropped into the ocean and dragged along the ocean floor for a second before it effectively stopped the ship.

2 minutes Later

Jon-Lei stood at the starboard side of the ship and in front of the ladder with a smile on his face. He waited a few seconds more and from the ladder a hand rose up. Jon-Lei grabbed the hand and helped the man onto the boat.

"Jor-El." Jon-Lei stated.

Jor-El, the head of the House of El family was a very handsome man in his mid-to late 30s. He stood at an impressive 6'3, blue eyes, thick jet black hair, and a fair skin complexion that was devoid of any facial hair. He was wearing a form fitting blue and white suit that showed off his strong build, and in the center of his chest was his family's crest; a red stylized S on a yellow background.

Jor-El was a legend on the planet Krypton, not just for his part in creating Brainiac but he was often regarded as the smartest man on Krypton. He was known for being a brilliant scientist as well as being an understanding and compassionate diplomat.

Jor-El smiled at Jon-Lei and pulled him into a hug.

"HAHA! It's good to see you Jon-Lei" he greeted, "How have things been at KAARC?" he asked breaking the hug.

"You know the usual." Jon-Lei replied with a smirk.

"That boring huh?"

"Pretty much."

"Don't worry, with the data that I've collected….you and everyone else will have much to do." said Jor-El.

"JOR-EL!" came a shout.

Jor-El turned his head to the left to see the Captain of the ship and Retrieval team heading for him.

The Captain was in his forties and wearing a form fitting green outfit, he had a crest in the middle of his chest as well. It was a bold green E over a light green background.

"Mil-Ev, how are you?" Jor-El greeted friendly holding out his hand. The Captain known as Mil-Ev smiled and grasped his hand and shook it politely.

"I should be asking you that question. That was some crash….we heard all the way from port."

"The dangers of wormhole travel I'm afraid" Jor-El replied shaking his head, "I'm fine though the interior padding and shielding protected from most of the impact."

"That's good to hear. Well, let's get a move on then…everyone will be happy to see you"

"Before we leave though we have to retrieve my ship."

"Why?" Mil-Ev asked.

"The data drive on my ship…I need it, it is the utmost importance that I have that drive."

Mil-Ev nodded his head and turned around a bit.


"AYE AYE SIR!" the first mate responded.

The anchor on ship quickly raised the ship began to move in the direction of Jor-El's crashed ship.

Jor-El turned around and looked at the crash site with a smile on his face.

"Jor-El" Jon-Lei called out.

Jor-El turned to him once again.

"Yes, Jon-Lei?"

"It's good to have you back."

Jor-El's smile grew on his face and he placed a comforting hand on Jon-Lei's shoulder.

"It's good be back. It's good to be home."

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