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Chapter 13: Swann Song part 1

Two Days Later- Kent Farm- Kent House-Saturday

Jonathan Kent stood at the window of his bedroom looking out into the family farm. He watched intently as he spotted his son Clark going about his daily chores. Clark, with his strength plowed the field in no time. Jonathan, like his father before him was a bit old fashioned when it came to farming and so while all the other farmers used mechanized plowing to get the soil ready he used an old hand me down plough. It used to take him several grueling days to plow by hand but with Clark, it took a matter of minutes. He was a godsend.

Jonathan saw that the entire filed had been made ready; he saw Clark pick up the hand plough and zoom away with it and then zoom back with several dozen bags of seeds that would've normally taken someone like him several trips to carry at one time, but not his son.

Clark ripped open one bag grabbed a handful of seeds and proceed to plant them in the loose soil.

Martha came and stood next to her husband and handed him a cup of coffee. He took the cup and kissed her on the cheek before turning his eyes back to Clark.

"What are you doing?" she asked while looking out the window and at her son as well.

"I'm just watching our son." He replied "No matter how many times I see him work the field, it's still amazing."

"I know." She whispered while rubbing his back a little.

Jonathan took a sip of his coffee before setting it down on the window sill. A heavy thought struck him as he watched his son, it was a thought that was always in the back of his mind; one that he had often tried to ignore but now more than ever he realized that it was impossible to ignore. Martha felt her husband tense up.

"Are you alright?"

"…..he's not meant to stay here, is he Martha." He said after a long second, "He's not meant to be some…..country bumpkin farmer like me, is he."

She knew he was referring to Clark; she looked at him and saw him hefting the now empty seed bags back to the barn.

"Don't say that Jonathan."

"It's true though Martha." He said before turning to her, "Clark is meant for something more. And we've been trying to keep him from that."

"We've been trying to protect him, it's like you said the world isn't ready for someone like him yet."

Jonathan scoffed.

"The world will never be ready for someone like him. The only thing we can do is to have faith that in time they will come to accept him."

"Human nature is not something that's easily swayed Jonathan."

RING! Came the sound of the door-bell.


Clark dumped the seed bags into the trash.

"Finished." He said.

The teen looked around the barn and saw that all of his chores were finished and now that they were he was free to do what he wanted. And what he wanted was to get to the bottom of the visions that have plaguing him for the past couple of weeks; ever since his parents reveled his heritage to him.

The memory of being in that room, surrounded by men and being tortured stuck in his mind. He felt fear, unimaginable fear, hopelessness, and loneliness; but what he didn't realize until later was that none of those feelings were of his own, they were someone else's. He knew that someone was trying to reach out to him and he wanted to know who and his only clue was something called Veritas and a man named Dr. Swann.

"Beware Veritas. Dr. Swann." Clark whispered to himself.

He thought the phrase over again and the memory of being in that all white room struck him again. He stared forward for a second and then he took off at super-speed, across the field and away from the Kent Family Farm.

Kent House

"CLARK!" Martha yelled outside again but her eyes perked up a little as she saw a streak of dust zoom across the field. She quickly shut the door and she said a silent prayer.

"Mrs. Kent?" came a voice.

Martha turned around and she smiled at Lana Lang.

"Mrs. Kent is something wrong?" she asked.

"Uh no…no nothing's wrong. Clark's not here."

"I thought that you said…." She started.

"I was mistaken. I'm sorry Lana. He's not here but I'll be sure to tell him that you dropped by."

Lana's face a fell a little and she nodded her head and proceeded towards the front door.

Elsewhere- Task Force X Headquarter- Virginia

Jay snarled as he grabbed his superior officer Sgt. Casey by the front of his green uniform and shoved him into the wall as hard as he could.

CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! Went the sound of dozens of Task Force X soldiers cocking their weapons and aiming it at the speedster. He paid them no attention because he knew he was fast enough to dodge the bullets.


Sgt. Casey stared at him with a bored expression.

"She'll be fine as long as you stick with the program Garrick. Lately I think you've been losing your way."

"Well I'm not exactly sorry for taking no pleasure in helping you kidnap innocent children."

"These aren't children. They're threats to our country!"

"BULL!" Jay retorted forcefully, "They are children! They aren't a threat to our country in any shape or form. The problem is you and Bones just want to control every Goddamn thing around you and whatever you can't you deem a threat."

"So should we add you to the list then Garrick?" Casey returned dangerously, "Because you're getting awfully close to becoming a threat yourself. And if you're a threat who's to say that your wife isn't one as well."

Jay sucked in an angry breath and his hands trembled with rage.

"You have two decisions right now. Either A, you take your damn hands off of me right now or B, you get your ass in line. Make a choice."

Jay's eye twitched dangerously. He tore his eyes away from Sgt. Casey and looked over his shoulders at the gathered soldiers.

'I could take them all down and get to Joan in a blink of an eye…but what if that Corbin guy is lying in wait. All it would take is a split second and either Joan or I will be dead.' He thought to himself, 'Reign it in Garrick…need a plan first.'

Jay let the breath of air out and he slowly let go of Sgt. Casey.

"That's what I thought." Casey said as he straightened his uniform back to its crisp nature, "And if you ever put your hands on me again I'll consider it an act of treason. Are we clear?"

Jay flipped him the finger while turning and walking away.

Smallville- Chloe's house

Chloe gingerly turned away from her computer and she looked at Clark who was sitting on her bed with a serious thoughtful expression on his face.

"You know if I covered you in bronze, I'd be considered to the modern day Auguste Rodin."

Clark looked up at her and the smile on her face.

"You know Auguste Rodin he was a…"

"Sculptor." Clark interrupted "He created the bronze sculpture known as the Thinker. I know."

Chloe nodded her head a little.

"So he's cute and he has brains." She said with a laugh that quickly became an uncomfortable silence, "So…uh…what're you thinking about over there."

"A few things, namely this Veritas group, Dr. Swann and…."

"And." Chloe coached.

He got up from her bed and began to pace her floor a little.

"And the fact that…that I'm not sure if I want any of these abilities…the things I can do. I'm not sure I want any of it. A few weeks ago I was normal, relatively normal and now everything is different. I wanted to forget all of this but these visions…."

"Visions?" Chloe questioned, "What visions?"

Clark stopped his pacing and he realized what he had said. He thought about covering it up but he needed to talk to someone about it and the only person he could talk to was Chloe.

"Chloe I've been having some visions about this stuff you've been telling me."

"Is that one of your powers?"

"No. I don't think so." he answered, "I think this is something different. I can't really explain it but it feels like something or someone is trying to reach out to me."

"How is this connected to Veritas?"

"Whoever is trying to reach me told me to beware Veritas and they also said something about a Dr. Swann."

"And you're just now telling me this." said Chloe.

"Like I said I don't know if want any of this but I can't ignore it anymore, that's why I came to you. But so far you haven't told me anything much of value except they are out there, abducting people like us."

Chloe turned around to her computer.

"True, I don't have any new information. I told you there is only so much you can get on the net but now we have a lead."

Chloe, with a grunt of pain took her wounded arm out of its sling and she began to type into her computer. The first thing she did was a general search for a Dr. Swann. There were several results however the prominent one was about a genius astronomer and physicist Dr. Virgil Swann. She clicked on his name and came up to a page about him and read about him as well as all of the books that he published. And in just reading a few things about him she knew that he was the man that they wanted.

"Bingo." She said with a smile.

Clark walked over to her and her computer.

"Dr. Virgil Swann." He said "How do you know this is our guy."

"He has degrees in history, physics and astronomy. Also, now that I think about it, Veritas means truth in Roman Mythology. One of his books is about the true fall of Rome. This is him."

"It could be coincidence. We really don't know for sure." Clark said while putting a hand to his chin as he continued to scroll down the page.

"Alright then Clark, how do you propose that we know for sure that this is our guy?" She asked.

He glanced out the corner of his eyes.

"Do you think you can manage a road trip?"

"Road trip!" she exclaimed, "Where?"

Clark looked at the screen and then scrolled down to the bottom where the last piece of information caught his eye.

"Gotham City."

Clark, as gently as he could picked Chloe up; he made sure that her injured arm was away from him.

"Hold on tightly."

Chloe wrapped her good arm around his neck tightly and in an instant they were gone with a gust of wind in their wake.

Elsewhere- Nevada- Task Force X Base

Dr. Swann carefully sipped the drink that had been put before him. He looked at the guards that were stationed outside of his cell and he cleared his throat.

"I'm finished." He announced.

One of the guards entered the cell and took the tray however before he left Dr. Swann moved his chair closer to him.

"You know keeping me here like this is wrong." He said seriously to the soldier, "You know what's right son."

"I do." The soldier replied, before taking the tray and walking out of the cell. The force field appeared in front of the cell again. Dr. Swann made his chair roll close to the field.

"This is wrong!" he called out.

"What's wrong is trying to let that alien menace escape." The guard with his tray said sternly.

"He's not a menace. He's a living, breathing being who has suffered a tremendous loss. He needs help not imprisonment." Dr. Swann challenged.

"The alien is probably controlling you right now."

Dr. Swann rolled his eyes.

"You want to talk about control. You're superiors have you under their control. You have to think for yourself you…." He started then stopped when he saw that both the guards began to walk away.

The good Doctor rolled himself away from the force field and released a heavy sigh, 'God if you're listening, please tell me there's a way out of this mess.' He thought to himself.

Gotham City-Slums

"WHAT THE F*** IS THIS BITCH!" came the shout from a tall blonde shirtless man with tattoos going all across his chest. He had on red skinny jeans with a pistol tucked in the waist and black boots. He went by the name Komodo, and he was standing in front of two nineteen year old girls that were wearing skimpy clothing.

Komodo looked at the flimsy dollar bills in his hand and he threw it back at the girls.

"This is all the money you two made last night!" he exclaimed in anger.

The girls didn't answer.


"We're….We're sorry Komodo but…."

SLAP! Came the sound of Komodo striking one of them. The motion earned a laugh from the other eight thugs that were behind him. All dressed similarly but with shirts on. The laugher continued as Komodo stepped to the other girl and slapped her hard across the face as well.

Unknown to them they were being watched from a perch up above.

Selina Kyle, curled her fist up in anger as she watched Komodo and his band of idiots terrorize the two teens. She knew them, Madison and Molly; two runaways like herself that fell in with a different brand of bad crowds.

The young sixteen year old thief hopped off of the perch and landed on the fire-escape, where she quickly flipped over the railing and fell down below.

THUD! Went the sound of Selina landing in front of Komodo; she stepped to him and socked him hard in the face.

Komodo stumbled back quickly wiping the blood away from his nose before getting a good look at the teen in front of him. She was about five six with short dark blonde hair, a pretty face, complete with big green eyes and fair skin. She had a slim build that was covered by a leather black vest, with a purple long sleeve shirt underneath, black pants and boots.

He knew her, Selina Kyle better known on the streets as Cat. He tried to recruit her for his operation but she was already involved in something that was far more dangerous.

Selina was a rising thief in the underground world of Gotham and for someone that was so young she already had some impressive connections. Komodo nodded his head to her.


"Back off Komodo." She demanded, "Leave them alone."

"They're my property Cat, what's it to you."

"Not if they're working on Falcone turf. All it would take is a phone call from me and all of you would be in the back of the trunk with your throats cut."

"Falcone would never start another war with Maroni over this."

"You want to test that theory? You're on his turf stealing from him." Selina questioned, "I got his number right here."

"I think you overestimate your value."

"And I think you underestimate it, now kick rocks, before this gets bloody."

Komodo gritted his teeth, before snapping his fingers.

"Let's go guys. Next time Cat. Next time." He said dangerously.

Selina watched them go before turning around to Madison and Molly.

"Thanks Cat." Madison said timidly.

Selina's heart broke at the sight of the two of them but she kept a stoic look on her face. She wordlessly reached into her jacket pocket and she took out some money and gave it to them.

"Looks like the two of you've been working all night. I want you to take this and get something to eat and some sleep. I'll talk to one of my bosses about maybe setting you girls up with something different, something that'll take you away from that creep."


Selina said a curse as she heard her cell phone ringing; it only rang when she was late with one of her earnings. She answered the phone.


"You're late girl." Came the curt voice.

"I know. I know. I got sidetracked by some low life trash. I'm on the way to the place."

"You better be, I'd hate to ruin that pretty face and that tight little body Selina."

The line went dead and she rolled her eyes and put the phone back into her back pocket. She turned to Madison and Molly and smiled a little.

"Gotta go….duty calls." She said before staring out of the alley and the left.

Komodo and his thugs sat in a van watching Selina and as she left Komodo put his foot on the gas and slowly followed after her.

Gotham- Upper Westside-

SWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOSH! Came the sound of the gust of wind.

Clark carefully put the slightly frazzled Chloe Sullivan on her feet. The blonde had a huge smile on her face, in spite of her wild appearance.

"Again!" she exclaimed in joy.

Clark rolled his eyes however a small smile did appear. He moved away from her and he looked up at the high rise apartment. They were standing on the alley side entrance where no one could see them.

"This is it. This is where Dr. Swann lives."

"Wow. I've never seen a building this tall before…outside of you know, pictures." Chloe whispered.

"You haven't?" Clark questioned.

"Not all of us are blessed with super-speed Clark. I've never been outside of Smallville."

"Truthfully I've only ever been to Metropolis and Gotham. I want to travel the world someday."

"You just might get your chance Clark, come on. Let's find a way in this place and see if we get to the bottom of this mystery."

Down the street

Selina briskly made her way down the sidewalk, side-stepping the dozens upon dozens of Gothamnites as they all made their way to their jobs. Along the way she stole a few wallets, hoping that if she didn't find anything at her next score she would have enough to cover what she owed for the day.

She opened a leather wallet that she lifted from a business man that bumped into her. She grinned when she saw that the wallet had five hundred dollars tucked inside.

"Must be my lucky day." She whispered before taking the money and tossing the wallet in the trash.

The young thief came to a stop in front of a high rise apartment building; she stared up at it and then she spotted a fire escape in the alley. She made sure no one was paying her much attention before she shuffled off and up the fire escape making her way to her next score. Unknown to her several pairs of angry eyes were upon her as she made her climb.

Upstairs- Fourth Floor- Dr. Swann's Loft

Clark slowly opened the door to the loft with the spare key that he and Chloe found tucked inside a fake plant that sat outside the door. The two teens entered the apartment and closed the door behind themselves.

"Whoa." Chloe gasped as she looked around the large and fashionably decorated loft. It had several bookcases filled with books that were mostly most about astrology, singularities, and gravitational pull. There were a few on geology and archeology as well. On the walls were several plaques, pictures and degrees of accomplishment that Dr. Swann had acquired over the years. Clark walked over to the wall and he grabbed a plaque with a picture of Dr. Swann on it.

"This award goes to Dr. Virgil Swann for groundbreaking research and theories." He read off the plaque.

"Clark look at this."

He turned his head to Chloe who was standing on the far side of the Loft where there was a large telescope going through a large skylight that looked to have made specifically for the Loft. She looked through telescope and she could see a plane flying in the sky.

"Cool." She whispered "I bet this bad boy is awesome during the night. He could probably see the freakin moon if he wanted, or dream what it's like to fly. How exciting would it be to be able to fly?"

Clark shrugged his shoulders as he looked through the telescope.

"To tell you the truth I never gave it much thought."


Clark and Chloe heard the sounds and turned to the window where they saw a girl around their age climb through the window. She brushed herself off and took one step forward before she noticed the two of them.

"WHO ARE YOU?!" All three of them shouted at the same time.

Selina cursed her luck as she made her way to Clark and Chloe with an angry expression on her face.

"Hey. If you two are on the job, I got bad news for ya this is my turf. You all should know that!"

"Your turf?" Chloe questioned incredulously "What is this west side story? Although, you're definitely dressed for the part."

"Smart mouth you got there blonde, let's see how smart you are when my foot is down your throat."

Clark stepped in front of Chloe blocking Selina who stopped in her tracks. She looked him over for a moment before raising an eyebrow.

"There is no need for violence. We didn't know that this was your…turf, but then again seeing as how you came in through the window. I'm guessing that this isn't your turf either. Are you a thief?"

"No. I live here. My dad isn't in right now so if the two of you could you know, get the heck out of here it would be greatly appreciated." Selina replied.

"She's a thief." Came Chloe voice from behind him.

"I gathered." said Clark.

The teen went ridged for a moment because he heard the sounds of guns being cocked and feet not only running up the fire escape but down the hall as well.

"Uh Oh." He whispered just as the door was kicked open and several men entered in through the window.

Selina whipped around to see Komodo and his thugs aiming their guns at her.

"Oh crap." she said.

"Friends of yours?" Clark asked.

"Not really." Selina replied

"Cat. I think you and I have some unfinished business. I can't let you go opening that pretty little mouth to Falcone."

Clark heard the sound of their fingers pulling the trigger of their weapons. He gasped, while Selina closed her eyes and Chloe screamed. The bullets fired out of the gun but to him it seemed like everything was moving in slow motion.

He ran forward and smacked each of the bullets down to the ground and away before circling back and dealing with the thugs. He pushed one into the wall, while grabbing another and throwing him into two of his friends. He rammed his shoulder into another, tossed another one into the bookcase and finally he pushed Komodo and he went flying back through the open door where he slammed into the wall denting it a little.

Selina and Chloe blinked and one moment Komodo and his men were there and the next they were on the ground with Clark standing in the middle of them.

"Whoa." Selina whispered, "Awesome."

Chloe had a worried look on her face. The mysterious thief had seen Clark and worrying that she might tell someone she tapped Selina on the shoulder and as soon as the she turned to her she punched her with her good hand.


"OW!" Selina shouted as she put a hand to her busted lip.

Chloe grit her teeth and shook her throbbing left hand.

"Not like the movies. Not like the movies." She said through clenched teeth.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Selina shouted as she cocked her fist back getting ready to punch her back when Clark appeared in-between them again.

"Don't hit her." He said strongly.

"TELL HER DON'T HIT ME THEN!" Selina exclaimed, "And how the heck did you do that, what are you….some kinda…"

"Please don't say freak." Chloe chimed.

"I wasn't going to say freak, I was going to say…."

"Look, uh, Cat. It's not really important what I am; those guys were trying to kill you."

"And they didn't thanks to you handsome." She replied before quickly kissing him on the cheek and then swiftly moving away.

Chloe watched her walk across the room and towards a portrait of Dr. Swann with a pretty brunette woman.

"I don't like her." She whispered.

Clark looked at her as well and their eyes widen as Selina took the portrait off of the wall only to reveal a large wall safe.

"Bingo." Selina said.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Chloe demanded.

"I'm a thief remember."

"I'm calling the cops."

"Do you want to explain to them why you're here in this guy's house as well? You're not calling anybody blondie, now shut up and let me concentrate. This is a complicated safe, but luckily I can break into anything. This is gonna be a huge payday."

Clark narrowed his eyes a bit; it didn't really sit well with him that Selina was there to rob Dr. Swann however her last statement caught his attention.

"What do you mean by payday?" he asked.

Selina let out a frustrated sigh, at the question. She glanced at Clark for a minute before rolling her eyes and going back to breaking into the safe.

"Since you saved my life I'll tell you. Some suit came to my boss a week ago looking for him to acquire a book or journal or something from this Swann guy. My boss came to me, told me to break in and find it. I was here the other day looking for it but I didn't see it on the selves but I found this wall safe before I left."

"Why didn't you take it?"

"The girl in the portrait showed up. She seemed pretty upset about something, saying her father is missing. I don't know I didn't really stick around to listen."

Clark and Chloe turned and looked at each other.

"GOT IT!" Selina shouted as she opened the wall safe however to her horror it was empty, "DAMN IT!" she exclaimed.

Clark and Chloe saw that the safe was empty as well.

"I'm guessing the woman in the portrait got to it." Said Clark.

Chloe walked towards the portrait and she looked it over, studying the young woman. She grabbed hold of it and tilted it forward and that's when she saw the inscription on the back.

"To my beloved daughter Patricia." Chloe whispered.

WHOOOOOOOOOOO! WHOOOOOOOOOOOO! WHOOOOOOO! Came the loud sound of cop cars.

"Ah crap, someone called the cops." Said Selina as she quickly ran from the wall safe and back towards the window she climbed through, but before she left she turned back to Clark and Chloe, "Thanks again for the save handsome…maybe we might me again someday and then we can get to know each other a little better."

"Maybe. Hey, you know most people would be shocked by, what I did, but you don't see all that shocked. Why is that?" Clark asked.

"Buddy, this is Gotham City, home to the weird and wicked. On a good day, whatever you did to those goons can't top what this city has going for it on a daily basis. It was cool though, but call me when you learn how to fly."

And with that she was gone.

Clark let a small smile appear on his face.

"I really don't like her." Chloe said.

"I think she's interesting."

"I guess it's true." Chloe sighed.


"Good guys fall for bad girls."

Clark just looked at her and rolled his eyes. He swiftly picked her up and then they too were gone.

Nevada- Task Force X-Base

Dr. Swann calmly looked around his new home, wondering when he would be let out but knowing that it would never happen. He knew too much about Task Force X which meant in their eyes he was a liability. However, they couldn't just outright kill him, not yet at least. He still had friends in high places, namely the Veritas group, which is something that Fairchild and the others in Task Force X wanted. They were still a mystery to them but they had managed to find out that he was part of said group and they did everything in their power to persuade him to reveal names, but he still refused to do so. Dr. Swann knew that they wanted Veritas because of their vast wealth and influence, not just with politicians and senators but with the public as well.

Dr. Swann didn't want them to have that and so he remained tight lipped about Veritas and their doings.

'I bet if I came clean right now they'd let me out. I'm thinking that's exactly what they want as well, but I'm not going to give them what they want. I just have to hope the traveler got the message to stay away from Veritas. And I also have to hope that Patricia got my message as well to get all of my notes and journals and burn them. I can't risk Lionel or anyone else in Veritas getting my notes. I just have to wait this thing out. If there is one thing I've learned in life is that sometimes patience is truly the best course of action.'

Gotham City Park

Clark and Chloe sat on a bench in the large and luscious Gotham City Park. It was located next to the Gotham City Preparatory school that was just now letting out it's students. They watched the students file out of the gothic like building however they weren't really paying attention. The two of them were discussing the new found information they got from Selina just a few minutes ago.

Clark leaned back and shook his head.

"Well, we've gone from one mystery to another Chloe. Dr. Swann is apparently missing."

"We don't know that for sure." Chloe said while she was patiently waiting for a good wi-fi signal, "Little miss thief might not have known what she was talking about or maybe she might've been lying."

"She wasn't lying; everything she told us was true."

"How do you know?" Chloe asked.

"…super hearing makes for a great lie detector." He said after a minute.

Chloe went back to looking at her phone and a smile graced her lips.

"Look at this. Dr. Swann's daughter is name Patricia Swann and she's a student in Metropolis."

Clark took the phone from her and looked at the screen.

"How did you find that out?"

"The portrait had an inscription on the back. I did a general search for Dr. Swann and did a quick cross reference and…look the point is all we have to do is go talk to her."

"No." said Clark "We don't want to spook her. And I'm not too eager to reveal my powers to anyone else just yet. We're gonna have to figure something else out."

Chloe put her good hand to her chin.

"Well, I could hack into the school system and find out what room she's in and from there it would be a simple matter of hacking into her phone or computer and maybe seeing if she's gotten an email or anything from her Dad and then tracing it to his last location."

Clark didn't like the fact that Chloe was so casually about hacking into someone else's computer and invading their privacy but he desperately wanted to get to the bottom of these visions or memories that were plaguing him. And so he had to relent.


"YEAH! KICK HIS ASS!" came a shout.

Clark turned towards the sounds and he saw a group of Gotham Preparatory boys fighting each other; upon closer inspection Clark saw that it was four against one. He watched as two of the four boys jumped on the one and started kicking and punching him.

Clark narrowed his eyes and stood up from the bench and before he knew it he was walking over to them.

"CLARK!" Chloe called but her voice fell upon deaf ears.



The head of sixteen year old Bruce Wayne snapped to the side as the hard punch went across his jaw. The coppery taste of blood filled his mouth but he wasn't going to go down without a fight. Bruce gritted his teeth and he threw out a punch but the boy he was fighting ducked and then socked him in the gut. A second teen stepped in then kneed him in the face.

Bruce went down to the ground and that's when they started to stomp and kick him all the while shouting at him.





They kept hitting, kicking and taunting him until a new voice caught their attention.


The four boys turned to see Clark standing behind them.

"Who the hell are you!? This isn't your business!" one of them snapped.

"I'm making it my business." Clark replied strongly.

One of the boys grabbed one of Bruce's fallen books and then threw it at Clark's face. It harmlessly bounced off his head and landed on the ground behind him. He stood there unfazed.

The bullies moved away from Bruce and began to surround Clark who looked at all of them. A real tense moment passed between all of them with no one moving however before anything could happen Chloe shouted to all of them.


The boys looked between each other, then to Clark and finally Bruce who was getting to his feet and wiping the blood from his nose.

"Next time Wayne. Next time." One of them said before they turned and ran away.

Once they were gone Clark looked back to the bloodied and bruised Bruce, who had a scowl on his face.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"I didn't ask or need your help!" Bruce snapped angrily.

"It sure didn't seem that way. It looked liked you really needed a helping hand." Clark replied calmly.

Bruce angrily grabbed his fallen books and then the one that was in Chloe's hand before he turned to Clark again.

"I had it under control. I was waiting for the right moment to do a counter attack and I would've beaten all of them. Now thanks to you they'll be back to tomorrow, probably with more guys just in case someone like you shows up. In the future, if you really want to help…..don't."

Bruce brushed past the two of them and he stormed away with a scowl still plastered on his face.

Chloe quickly turned to Clark and hit him in the shoulder.

"What was that?" she asked.

"What? I just wanted to help."

"Clark, when someone throws a book at you, at least act like it hurts. That's the second time you've…you've been you."

"He was in trouble."

"Yeah, he was but…but what about that Cat girl. She saw you."

"Who's going to believe her? She's a thief."

"The government might." Chloe answered curtly, "You don't know these people."

"Neither do you."

Chloe shook her head and looked away from him.

"Just be careful okay, I told you these people will do anything to get people like us. I can only imagine what they'll do if they got someone like you."

"You say that like I'm something special." Clark returned.

'If you could only see what I see' she thought to herself before walking away, "Come on, let's get to Metropolis."

Metropolis University

Patricia Swann stood in front of the shredder that was in her private dorm room. She hesitated debating with herself on whether or not she should follow her father's orders to the letter or keep his documents. She adored her father, he was a brilliant man, and some times a bit too intense when it came to his work but once he explained the significance of it to her and showed her the evidence of life among the stars she found herself drawn to finding out more.

The young college woman had read through the journal in her hands several times since taking it from the safe. At first it looked like gibberish, there were dozens of glyphs and symbols that were foreign to her but based a few of her father's scribbling in the journal she quickly realized that it was some sort of code or rather an alien language all together.

Patricia's arm quivered as the book dangled in front of her. She knew something had happened to her father because of the cryptic email he had sent her and their phone conversation a few days prior. It had everything to do with his journal and the secret group she knew he was apart of. She needed to destroy it but it was, the language was beautiful and in truth she couldn't destroy something so beautiful.

"I can't." she whispered to herself as she placed the journal on her desk and shut off the shredder, "I'm sorry dad."

Across the Street- Josie's Café

Clark looked away from the University building in the heart of the city of tomorrow and to Chloe who was on the internet. She had explained him that she had to bypass the University's internet security, locate her room and then from there it was a simple matter of hacking into the satellites. He understood most of what she was saying but not all. He just wanted her to hurry.

"How long is this going to take?" he asked.

"Clark, you can't rush perfection. I have to do this right otherwise we're gonna get caught, alright."

He heaved a sigh and shook his head.

'We're so close.'

Task Force X- Nevada

'We're so close.'

J'onn opened his eyes as the thought reverberated through his mind, and a small sense of hope swelled within in, but along with that hope was a sense of dread. He wanted to be free however he did not want his rescuer to be caught as well. J'onn tried to reach out through the connection again to tell him to stay away and not come for him but he was weak and the dampener's power had been increased. He was helpless. A sense he could feel coming from Dr. Swann as well.

Metropolis- Café

"Okay, here we go. I've hacked into her laptop and it looks like she received an encrypted email. It should only take me a second to decrypt it and….there. It's a warning from Dr. Swann." Said Chloe

Clark looked at the screen.

"Burn it. Burn it all. They found me." He read.

"Well I guess that clinches it." Chloe responded "You think it was Veritas?"

"I don't know, the only way we'll find out is to find Dr. Swann. Can you trace where the email came from?"

"I already did it." She said with a small smile "Dr. Swann is good but his Taekwando is no match for my Kung-Fu. The email bounced off of a few satellites and was redirected a few times but I managed to piggyback the point of origin to a cheap motel in Nevada."

"Nevada?" Clark questioned.

"So are we going?" she asked.

Clark shook his head.

"I'm going, but you're staying here."

"What!? Why?"

"Maybe because we got shot at the last time we went somewhere and we don't know what we're walking into now." Clark whispered back to her, "Look if something happens I need to be…free."

"Wow, I didn't know I was such a burden."

"Those are your words not mine." He said over his shoulder as he moved towards the door.

Chloe watched him go and once he was outside the café he was gone in a blink of an eye. She leaned back in her seat and turned her attention back to the map on her screen.

"Be careful Clark."

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