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Chapter 17: The Beginning of Something Sinister

Neo-Gotham- Night-Hotel- Gala Ballroom

Rupert Thorne smiled as the young photographer snapped a quick picture of him and a very influential land developer within Neo-Gotham City. The camera flashed and Rupert nodded to the young man before shaking the land developer's hand again. The old mobster wheeled himself away and through the thick crowd of the wealthy and privileged Gothamnites and directly towards the table where his true prized sat. A handsome man in his late forties by the name of Lincoln March, who had recently made it known that he intended to run for Mayor of Neo-Gotham city once Mayor Sam Young's term was up in the next year.

Rupert wanted to meet him because it had been brought to his attention by a very reliable source that Mr. March was a person who listened to reason and understood the order of things, unlike Sam Young and his cracking down on crime. Rupert needed to speak with Lincoln before his competition got wind of the same news. He wanted to have Lincoln's ear before any of them.

The singular path to the smirking Lincoln March was suddenly blocked by one of the many servants in the ballroom.

"Out of my way." Rupert commanded.

"I'm sorry Mr. Thorne but your granddaughter is in need of your presence right now. She says it's urgent, life and death matters."

Rupert tore his eyes away from the servant and to Lincoln was rising from his seat and walking away. He gritted his teeth a little before turning back to the servant and nodding his head.

"Fine, take me to her."

Upstairs- Penthouse Suite

Olivia Thorne stared through the large open balcony and at the heavy rain that pelted the marble flooring as well as to the sprawling, overpopulated, and futuristic city of Neo-Gotham. An intense gaze was on the rain and the storm which perfectly reflected her mood; suddenly there was a flash of lightening.

THOOOOM! Came the sound of the thunder hitting the ground in the distance after the flash. The alluring female mobster finished off the wine in her glass and she looked over her shoulder as she heard her grandfather Rupert Thorne roll himself into the darkened room.

"Olivia." He stated as he saw her facing the open balcony.

She turned around to fully face him.

"What do you want? I was just about to make contact with the person we discussed. And what are you doing standing here in the dark, turn on the lights and close those damn doors, there's a draft in here."

"There's more than a draft in here grandfather." She said in a serious tone.

Rupert looked at her in a confused manner for a second however it was cleared up as there was another flash of lightening. Rupert's heart skipped a beat as from the darkness in the corner closest to Olivia a tall figure stepped out of the shadows.

A twinge of fear crept along Rupert's spine as he instantly recognized the figure; the horns, the all black armored costume and the blood red bat insignia in the middle of his chest. At the sight of him, there was only one word that came to Rupert's mind.

"Batman." He whispered.

Batman stepped towards Olivia and he shoved her towards her grandfather. She went stumbling over towards him and once she reached him she whipped around and threw her wine glass at him. The glass missed and hit the floor next to his foot.


"You'll pay for this." She growled in anger "You think you can waltz into our suite like this…you think you can…."

"Olivia shut up!" Rupert commanded.

Olivia looked at him with the same anger but her anger wavered as she saw a small shiver of fear flutter through her grandfather. She remembered seeing the same thing almost two years ago at the meeting with the other criminal underworld heads but never to this extent. At the mere mention of the name she saw the fear and now at the sight of him, being face to face she could only imagine what he was truly feeling. She could see it because she knew him so well but to anyone else looking it didn't show on his face.

She was angry at being told what to do like she was child but she respected her grandfather enough to be silent as he faced the only man he has ever feared in his life.

Rupert cleared his throat and shifted a little in his wheelchair.

"You're trespassing."

"And." Batman returned in a deep voice.

Rupert swallowed hard and he narrowed his eyes at the response; in spite of being old he still had every bit of his memory and he remembered everything about Batman. He remembered every single detail, the voice pattern, the movement, the height, the muscular build and in this moment all of those details were serving him well because he was able to quickly deduce that the man before him was not the original Batman. He couldn't be.

"And you're not him are you?" Rupert questioned carefully before continuing "You're not the original. You may have the costume and the look but you're not the original Batman…..not tall enough."

Batman stepped a little closer and he closed the large gap between the two of them.

"I've been following you for a while Thorne." Batman stated, intentionally ignoring the accusation, "You and your operations and I have to say that you run a tight ship, unlike the others. Falcone. Maroni. And even Black Mask, plus your other friends. All of them have been falling over like dominoes but not you though. You've been smart and careful, very careful."

Rupert composed himself and smirked.

"You came all this way just to complement me? Heh, definitely not the real Batman."

"You're springing a few leaks though Thorne." Batman stated, ignoring Rupert's mocking tone.

A streak of lightening flashed across the sky behind the Dark Knight.

THOOOOM! Came the sound of the thunder.

Rupert swallowed a lump in his throat.

RINNNNNGGGG! Went the sound of Olivia's phone that was on the desk to the left of them.

Batman turned away from Rupert and Olivia and walked towards the open doors that led to the drenched marble balcony. He stopped at the threshold and glanced at the two of them.

"You might want to get that. I'd wager that on the other end its one of your associates at the waterfront, delivering bad news about your shipment of drugs that's currently at the bottom of the bay. Like I said you're springing a few leaks."

"Then I'll plug them." Rupert challenged.

"It won't matter. Ask me why."

"Why?" Rupert growled.

"Because, while I might not be the original Batman you remember. I'm still Batman."

A streak of lightening flashed across the sky illuminating the suite for only a second; Rupert and Olivia blinked and Batman was gone.

THOOOOOOOM! Came the thunder.

Down Below- Gala Ballroom

Damian Wayne slowly sipped on the champagne in the glass and smiled politely at the attractive brunette that was obviously trying to flirt with him. She was a thirty five year old oil tycoon by the name of Elizabeth Mallory, she was wearing a revealing black dressed that hugged her form nicely and showed a plunging neck line but her efforts were wasted because Damian was merely counting the seconds until she left or until he got word from Terry that the message to Rupert and Olivia Thorne had been delivered.

'181…182….183…Christ McGinnis how long does it take to scare the crap out of an old man.' He chastised in his mind.

"So Mr. Wayne…Damian, how about you and I leave this dull Gala and head back to my Condominium for a nightcap."

Damian opened his mouth to respond when the smile on her face suddenly disappeared. Elizabeth's lip quivered for a split second before she laid a hand on his shoulder.

"On second thought maybe some other time handsome."

Damian furrowed his brow a little in confusion as she walked away but a presence behind him caught his attention. He turned around and came face to face with a man that was about six three, salt and pepper hair, fair skin and a very familiar face. He had a broad shouldered muscular build that was covered by a crisp black Armani business suit. He had a strange aura around him, he projected confidence but there also something about him that was hidden beneath the smile on his face, something that was sinister.

"Mr. Wayne, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lincoln March."

Damian looked away from his dark eyes and to the hand that outstretched. He shook the hand. Lincoln gripped his hand and he squeezed, almost as if he was trying to break the appendage in half. Damian clenched his teeth but he never let the discomfort show on his face and he only returned the favor with his own squeeze.

A tense moment passed between the two men before they simultaneously released each other.

"Quite a grip you got there Mr. March." Damian started off.

"Likewise Mr. Wayne. I just wanted to be sure I have your full attention. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Glad to meet you too…officially that is, I've been hearing about you for some time now. You and your bid for Mayor once Mayor Young's time is up."

"Some would say he's reaching the end of his time right now."

"He still has another year left." Damian returned "And I'm pretty sure with the way the city has turned around in the last three years he has another four years ahead of him."

Lincoln smirked.

"I wouldn't be too confident in that thinking process. If there is one constant truth that I've learned in this life it's that…..things change."

"Not always for the better though."

"That's a matter of opinion Mr. Wayne." Lincoln replied.

"And in my opinion. You should probably quit while you're ahead, and save yourself the embarrassment of not getting elected for Mayor."

"We'll see very soon won't we?"

Damian narrowed his eyes a little as he stared at the slightly taller man for a long second; sizing him up and trying to get a reading on him but he couldn't get a clear reading. The man before him was too well guarded however his presence made Damian's skin crawl a little and that was enough for him to know everything he needed to know.

"I'm sorry to hear about your father." Lincoln stated suddenly, "You have my condolences."

"It happened almost three years ago. I've moved on, it's what he would've wanted."

"I was hoping to get a chance to meet him but at the time I was a bit…buried underneath Neo-Gotham and its infrastructures. My company Lincoln Ventures deals with foundations and other assortments. Anyway I was hoping to meet him because I've read up on him and I noticed that he and I have a lot in common, namely our shared past experiences."

"I highly doubt that." Damian returned.

"We both lost our parents at a young age and those tragic events help to…shape the men we are today."

THOOOOOOM! Came the thunder from outside.

Damian and held each other's gaze and another tense moment passed between the two of them before they both heard Lincoln's name being called. The taller man nodded his head and allowed his smirk to grow into a smile.

"It's been a pleasure but there are more people that I've been dying to meet. I hope to see you around."


Lincoln moved away from Damian and back into the crowd.

Elsewhere- Across the City- Old Gotham

Max Gibson ran through the heavy rain until she reached a dilapidated bridge where she hoped to shield herself from the cold rain. She let out a breath of cold air and looked around at her surroundings.

"Old Gotham." She whispered to herself.

Old Gotham, or more specifically Park Row, was much like the slums that were nearby and several places underneath the high rise and futuristic Neo-Gotham city. It was a place that had been forgotten by the general public and been violently ravished by the passage of time. The unkempt nature of the buildings and streets were a representation of how everyone wanted to forget how Gotham used to be and focus more on the future.

Max pursed her lips together and then took out her phone and held it up to her face. She looked at the map and the blinking dot that was few paces away however what really caught her attention was the fact that her battery was running low. The screen flicked before shutting off, completely out of power.

"Great. No phone." She said as she leaned against the concrete wall, "Now what Max, turn around and go home, or take a trip down the rabbit hole and see if the court of owls is on the other side."

THOOOOOOOOOM! Came the thunder followed by the rain falling even harder.

Max shied away a bit for running forward and back into the rain and further into the forgotten ruins of Old Gotham.

Old Gotham- Library

Max easily kicked open the door to the rotting and caved in building that was once a prominent and well kept library. She stepped inside and waved her hand in front of her, knocking down all of the spider webs that were around her.

Max, with her other hand reached into her wet jacket and removed a flashlight and flicked it on.

There were several bookshelves still standing but more of them looked to have been knocked over; old books were on the floor, thrown about in a careless manner. It seemed as if the library had been raided and knowing what she knew about old Gotham's past, it just might've happened.

Further and further Max wandered into the library; she felt the floor shake a little and that's when she noticed several loose wooden floor boards along with a medium sized hole in the ground.

Max kicked a small pebbled down into the hole and used her flashlight to peer through it. She spotted dirtier dusty floors and overturned bookcases down below.

"Well, I asked for a mystery and got the mother of all mysteries, time to see if it's here."

THOOOOOOOOM! Came the sound of thunder from outside.

One Hour Later- Down Below

Max shifted through several old books and magazines on a bookshelf in the bottom level of the library. She was in the historal section, specifically the history of Gotham City. She picked up a book and opened and skimmed through the contents and when she didn't see what she wanted or if the pages were too degraded to she tossed the book to the side. She opened another book and found a spider crawling inside; Max threw the book away in fright.

"Goddammit, what am I doing?" she asked herself breathlessly as she sat down and leaned against the wall behind her, "This is crazy. Court of Owls? I think I might've had a psychotic break or….or I might be onto something." She finished as she spotted a particular book sitting on the bottom shelf.

Max leaned forward and she grabbed the historical books on the shelf and she looked at the title on the spine.

"Gotham City Folklore's and Legends." She read.

She opened the book and looked at the table of contents and her eyes widen a little once she saw the court of owls heading. Max flipped through the pages until she found the right page.

Thoooom! Came the thunder in the distance.

"In the early 1900s, Gotham City had been home to many urban legends and myths but none more prominent than the Court of Owls, a secret organization that controls Gotham and its citizens from the shadows. There has been no proven fact that Court of Owls even exist and much like their legend no one truly knows when or where it actually began however everyone knows the old nursery rhyme told to children before they went to bed. The nursery rhyme went as follows: Beware the Court of Owls, that watches all the time. Ruling Gotham from a shadowed perch of granite and lime. They watch you at your hearth, they watch you in your bed. Speak not a whispered word about them, or they'll send…..the Talon after your head."


Max looked up from the old weathered book to see a tall, broad shouldered figure standing on the other side of the library in the shadows. She couldn't make much out in the darkness however she did see the owl themed mask upon his face. At the sight of him her blood ran cold and fear gripped every single portion of her body. Her breath quickened and she nervously swallowed the lump in her throat while she stood to her feet.

The imposing figure took one step and Max took off for the steps that would take her up to the first floor.



Max tore out of the old library building only to slip and fall into a puddle of water. She dropped the old book and it went sliding across the cracked path and right into a thick pile of mud. She cursed and was about to go get it when she looked over her shoulder to see the tall Owl figure standing at the threshold of the library.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed but it was masked by the streak of lightening and the sound of thunder.


Max quickly picked herself up off the ground and she continued to run, completely forgetting about the book because her only concern was escaping with her life.

SCREEEEEEEEEEEEECHHHHH! Came the sound of a Motorcycle pulling up on the curb.

Max stopped and she looked at the person on bike; he took off the helmet and to her surprise it was RJ.


"GET ON!" he shouted before putting his helmet on again.

Max, not thinking twice swung her left over the bike and wrapped her arms around his waist. RJ looked to his right and he saw the figure as well. He revved up his bike and then turned around and zoomed away from the old library, leaving the Owl figure standing there staring at the fleeing young adults.

Later- Hamilton University

THOOOOOOOOOOM! Came the thunder and lightening again.

Max got off the bike and stepped on the sidewalk at the entrance to her college. RJ took off his helmet and he looked at her.

"What the hell was that thing?" she demanded

"Something ancient and angry; you're a very curious creature Maxine Gibson, but your curiosity will be your downfall. You're trying to find out more about the Court of Owls before your indoctrination. They don't like that."

"What the hell are the Court of Owls? Are they really a secret society?"

"You'll find out soon enough Max, but in the meantime I suggest you cease your investigation, otherwise I may not be able to help you next time."

"I want out." Max stated

RJ shook his head.

"You've already bought a ticket Max, there is no turning back. The next time we meet you'll be brought into the fold. There are wheels turning right now and the machine can not afford any loose cogs at the moment. And trust me when I say that they're always watching."

Max let a distraught look cross her face at the true meaning behind RJ's words. He pursed his lips together in a thin line for a moment before leaning close to her ear.

"If you really want out, you'll have to solve this riddle."

Max furrowed her brow a little.

"A riddle?"

"Yes, a riddle. It was told to me by someone who also wants out." He replied.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Riddle me this, Riddle me that, what's the Owl compared to the Bat?"

Max shook her head a little.

"What the hell kinda riddle is that?" she asked.

RJ put his helmet back on his rain soaked head.

"If you can solve that riddle Max, you may just be able to save yourself. And me."

Max recoiled a little at his last statement however she didn't get a chance to press him further about it because he revved his motorcycle again and took off down the street.

The rained soaked Max pulled her soaked jacket closer to her body and she quickly started for her door room within Hamilton high unaware of the pair of eyes watching her from afar.

Elsewhere- Gordon-Young Household

"Am I dreaming?" Sam asked in a playful tone "Are the two of us actually at home, at the same time and watching a movie together?"

Barbara smiled a little from her spot on the couch and she turned to Sam as he sat down next to her with a bucket of popcorn.

"There must be a blue moon out tonight." She joked.

"Must be." He replied "There's been something I've been meaning to ask you and…"

"If this is about work I don't want to hear it." She interrupted "We agreed that there wasn't going to be any shop talk; tonight it's only you, me and this movie that's been burning a hole in our recording system."

Sam nodded his head and he scooted closer to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. Barbara grabbed the remote and was about to start the movie when there was a knock at their door. They both released a long sigh at the sound.

"I'll get it." Barbara grumbled.

Barbara walked to the door.

"Who is it?"


"Who is it?" Barbara asked again.

"It's me Barbara….it's Carrie."

A gasp escaped Barbara's throat as she heard the name; she touched the hand pad to the right of the door and it swooshed open, allowing her to lock eyes with a young girl she hadn't seen in four years, Carrie Kelley.

Carrie Kelley was a sixteen year old teen with short red hair, green eyes and fair skin; she had studs in her ears, nose, lip and tongue. Carrie had a slim build that was covered by a ragged rain soaked sweater, ripped jeans, and big military black boots. She wrapped her arms around herself a little tighter and let out a breath of cold air as a shiver ran through her body.

"Hey." She said, "I know it's been a while and I'm like the last person you want to see but…can I please stay here for the night. I've got nowhere else to go."

Barbara stood there with a shocked look on her face but she let it drift away as she saw the desperation in Carrie face and heard it in her voice. Carrie was right in the fact that she was still a bit upset with her from their last encounter which ended with the younger girl stealing several things that belonged to her father and some credits that she and Sam had stashed away in the house but in spite of all that Barbara's heart broke at the sight of young thrown away teen.

Barbara slowly moved away and allowed Carrie inside. Once she entered the home the doors closed behind her.

Across the Bay- Neo-Blüdhaven- Haly's Circus

Dick Grayson stood behind a podium in front of a large crowd of spectators, most of whom were Neo-Blüdhaven photographers and reporters who were gathered within the still under construction circus tent. All of them were eager to hear the reason for Blüdhaven becoming the new home for the world renowned Circus. The decision to make Blüdhaven the new home for the popular circus came as a shock to some but a joy to others. The Mayor of the City was happy that something positive was coming his way instead of more negative press.

Dick smiled and cleared his throat catching everyone's attention.

"Thank you all for coming. I know many of you are wondering why I would choose to move Haly's Circus here to Blüdhaven, in spite of numerous other cities I could've picked, but to put your minds at ease, I want to say that this isn't an arbitrary decision I made on a whim. This is a decision that I've thought about long and hard. I used to live in Blüdhaven a long time ago, when I was about forty years younger. So you can believe me when I say that I know Blüdhaven. I know it like I know the back of hand. It's not known for its technical savvy like Neo-Gotham nor is it known for its clean and virtually crimeless streets like Metropolis. It's known as the forgotten sister city. The black sheep of the family as it were or the city of fire and ash. In the past there was a saying that Gotham City got all of the good villains while Blüdhaven got everyone else. When I lived here I once lived next to a woman named Eleanor who always had something positive to say about this city despite everything and everyone else telling her otherwise…myself included. Every morning she would sit on her stoop and wave politely to anyone and wish everyone that passed her by a good morning or afternoon or evening. I once asked her why and she told me that she believed that there was more to Blüdhaven than drugs, gangs and corruption, there was good in this city, they just needed a leader to lead the way. She died not long after in a drive by shooting but she died still believing that there was something worth fighting for in Blüdhaven. I have returned here to show the rest of the world that there is more to this city than ash and corruption. There are good people here like Eleanor who only want to see their city flourish; there are people here worth fighting for they just need someone to believe in them and lead the way. I'm here with the entire Haly's Circus behind me to say that we believe in Neo-Blüdhaven and we're going to fight for this city and make it a decent place to live one show at a time."

"How do you plan to do that!?" came several shouts from the various reporters.

"We're going start by giving away several free shows a month for middle class and underprivileged families. We're going to donate half the proceeds from each show we give back to Blüdhaven to help rebuild some of its infrastructure, plus numerous other projects that I plan to put in motion after discussing it with the Mayor and the rest of city council of course. One thing I can promise all of you is that big changes are coming to Neo-Blüdhaven and I hope that all of you will help me usher in a new era. Thank you."


Dick stepped away from the podium and he waved kindly to the crowd as they all followed him trying to get another statement.

Nearby- Roof-top

Sitting in the rain on the edge of building with one leg dangling over the side was a man with wavy blonde hair that draped over a solid red cloth like bandana that was covering his face. He was dressed in military gear complete with a black sleeveless bulletproof tactical vest that had several pockets and knives; strapped to the side were two gun holsters that held his custom golden colored HK pistols. He had on beige tactical pants that held more knives and clips for his weapons; and finally he was wearing black military boots with metal tips.

He lowered the binoculars from his eyes and he took the listen device from out of his ears.

The man, who went by the name Grifter, scoffed and placed his high-tech ear piece and binoculars back into their spots on his gear and shook his head.

"There's no way in hell he believes the crap coming outta his mouth." He said in a very cynical tone, "This is Blüdhaven and everyone's got an angle and I intend to find yours Mr. Grayson, even if I gotta break a few rules to do it."

Down Below- Haly's Circus Tent

Dick had managed to slip away from the camera flashes and reporters deciding to let his PR people handle the press. He ventured further into the Haly's Circus tent where many of the crew hands were still doing set up. He spotted Brian working on the pommel horse and he quickly made his way over to him.

"I caught your speech." Brian said as he used his upper body to twirl himself around on the pommel horse.

"What did you think?" Dick asked as he watched him do his warm up routine.

"Did you mean any of it?"

"Every word." Dick replied "There is good in this city but you have to dig deep and I mean deep to find it. I want you to understand that this city will pull no punches."

Brian spun and then flipped off the pommel horse and landed in front of Dick.

"Neither will I." he said with confidence.

Dick smirked.

"We have a lot of work to do Brian; a lot of work, so why don't we get this ball rolling."

"Just tell me what to do." said Brian.

"You need to build up three things, strength, agility and speed. You can start by giving me twenty more flips."

Elsewhere- Metropolis- Intensive Long term Care Facility- Night

A small house fly flew through the pristine and well kept long term care facility with no particular destination in its mind. The fly circled around the lid of an open cup of coffee before being waved away by the nurse; the insect flew away and down a long corridor until it slipped under the door of the room at the end of the hall.

THOOOOOOOOOOOM! Came the thunder and rain on the outside.

Inside the room-

The fly flew around the dimly lit room circling above the bed of the single occupant who was hooked up to several machines that were keeping track of his breathing. The small insect flew downwards and to the comatose man and it landed on his chalk white forehead, just below his long green hair. The bug lowered its mouth onto the man's head touching it for a brief second before flying away.

The eyes of the green haired, chalk white man snapped open and shot up from the bed instinctively grabbing at the tubes that where in his mouth and nose.

"GAHHHHHHH!" he gasped as he yanked the tubes out.

He sat there for a long moment breathing heavily and on his own for the first time in years.

THOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Came the thunder.

The green haired man heard the thunder and he turned to his left and looked towards his window where he caught a glimpse of his reflection in the dim light. A streak of lightening flashed across the sky illuminating the room and allowing him to see his reflection a bit better. The thunder sounded in the distance.

He shakily threw the covers off his body then ripped the IV's out of his arm and stumbled towards the window and his reflection.

He placed a chalk white hand on the window; his dark eyes roaming over the sight of his green hair, his wrinkled, aged, chalk white skin and ruby red lips.

"Heh. Heh. Heh. Ha. HA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" he laughed.

THOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Came the thunder and lightening.

He laughed and he continued to laugh hysterically even as he opened the window and jumped out, disappearing into the night.

The small fly landed on top of a clipboard hanging off the edge of the bed that had the man's name plastered on the front; the name of the green haired, chalk white man was none other than Timothy 'Tim' Drake.

THOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Came the lightening and thunder.

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