Damon wrapped his arms around my waist, making the art of cooking dinner very hard to concentrate on. He kissed my cheek, and my fingers fumbled on cutting the lettuce.

"Would you stop seducing the chef," Rebekah called from the kitchen doorway, grinning. Yes, Rebekah. After her and Stephan got together they still felt the chemistry from the 'Roarin' 20's'. As for her angsty brother, Klaus, him and Caroline were perfect for each other, and they sometimes stopped by the Salvatore-Gilbert-Mikaelson house. As for Damon and me, we were soul mates.

"But where's the fun in that," he replied, holding me closer. I rolled my eyes playfully at Rebekah, who was probably my new best friend. What happened to Bonnie? Well, she just couldn't handle Damon and I together, and Caroline's so wrapped up in Klaus.

"The chef agrees. Stop seducing her," I teased him playfully, starting to mix the salad.

"Oh well," he sighed, pulling away. Rebekah walked into the kitchen, clutching her wine glass close to her chest. Her pale blond hair fell in it's natural curves around her face, and not for the first time, I felt a pang of jealousy. I set about pulling the chicken out of the oven, forgetting to put on gloves.

"Ouch," I hissed, cradling it to my chest. Damon rushed over, and grabbed it to inspect it. He brought it up to his lips, and gave it a soft peck.

"All better now," he asked faintly, pulling me in for a small kiss.

"All better now," I copied, pulling down plates from the cupboard. Damon grabbed the wine glasses and the bottle of wine for the fridge, and with Rebekah grabbing the food, we headed toward the dining room.

Everyone set down their respectable items on the table, while Stephan set down his voluminousness novel. We sat down, and began getting our food ready.


Later that night, Damon and I headed out front to look at the stars. I was laying with my head sideways on Damon's chest, my chestnut hair splayed over his chest. Our hands were intertwined, and laying on my stomach.


"Yeah, Damon," I said, my brown eyes meeting his blue-bottled-glass coloured ones.

"I love you so much. More than I should actually," he declared, flipping us so he was on top of me, and pulled me in his arms.

" I love you so much more than I should too," I whispered, and kissed his nose.

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