I ran down the stairs, trying to find Rebekah. She was sitting on the couch, a glass of blood in her hand.

"Rebekah, have you seen Damon?"

"No, why?"

"It's his birthday tomorrow," I said, adjusting my ears to hear any of his movement.

"Oh, why don't you check the Grill, sweetie," she replied, looking back down at her book. I nodded and dashed out the front door. His blue Camaro, so I knew he had to be somewhere at the Boarding House. He, however, wasn't in the house, so he must've ventured out to the forest.

"Damon," I called, wandering in the direction of the waterfall we always hang out at. Suddenly, I felt a quick breeze against my back. Smirking, I whirled around to find Damon, smirking as well.

"What do you want for your birthday," I asked, pulling my hair in a ponytail. His eyes widened.

"How do you know about th- Stefan, right," he said, " Nothing, I want nothing."

"You have to want something."

"Nope, I already have everything I want."

"Too bad." And with that, I pushed past him, and began back to the house. I felt a breeze again, meaning Damon had left.


Rebekah and I strolled around the mall, looking for a birthday present for Damon.

"How about this," Rebekah said, holding up a pair of Italian dress shoes.

"No, he has enough of those as it is." Rebekah nodded knowingly, her perfectly styled curls bobbing. Her heels clacked as she went to put the shoes back. I ran a hand over my face. Who knew shopping for a 161 year-old vampire who acts 12 would be?

"Let's get out of this store," I said to Rebekah, and we left the little Italian boutique. She slung an arm around my shoulder, her silk sleeves sliding along my bare arms.

"We'll find something, Elena. Don't worry."